September 18, 2019

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In these past couple of weeks, people have been treated to prerecorded shows of Radio International but then again, everyone is indeed entitled to a vacation especially when it comes to the summer season. Nevertheless, the weekly Ultimate Eurovision Experience continues this evening with the show returning on 106.4FM and Digital Cable 41 in The Netherlands whilst also being available as an audio or a video feed to an international audience through their official website. It is to be noted that the show will commence at 20:00 CET and will run until 23:00 CET respectively. One main highlight for this evening will surely be the inclusion of an interview with the 1997 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Katrina Leskanich whom the team of Radio International recently met in Setubal, a city within Portugal. 

Love Shine a Light was a resounding winner of the Eurovision Song Contest when the event took place in Dublin, Ireland and the track remained one of the highest scoring in terms of points until more countries joined the competition in the following years. It had managed to garner a total of 227 points receiving the maximum points from no less than ten countries and creating a 70 point gap between it and the first runner-up. The programme in the meantime will be continuing with all of the latest news brought forward by our colleagues, escXtra with Luke Fisher called live on the show to discuss all of the latest news interrelated to the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be taking place in Malmo, Sweden following the victory of Loreen with the track Euphoria, a major hit in several European countries.

Sweden have had quite the history in the Eurovision Song Contest, having only failed to make it through to the final only once, that coming in 2010 when Anna Bergendahl had performed the track This Is My Life finishing in eleventh place. The Scandinavian country won the competition five times kicking off with ABBA's Waterloo in 1974, followed by The Herreys ten years later in 1984 with Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley. Then with Carola in 1991 when she won with Fangad Av En Stormvind before more success continued in 1999 as Charlotte took the honours with Take Me To Your Heaven and of course most recently in 2012 noting the Loreen victory with Euphoria. Apart from these successes, Sweden has managed to finish in the top ten on a large number of occasions becoming one of the most notable nations when it comes to the event.

One other thing which the people will surely enjoy is an interview with Samuel Bugia Garrido, a songwriter who was in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the track Still Waiting by Anna Azzopardi. He is organising this years' edition of the Home Composed Song Contest and will be speaking about the competition. Should you wish to submit your entries or have any queries, direct your emails This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline has been set for the 10th October 2012. Therefore, we would like to invite all of the readers to tune into the programme, submit their music requests, take part in the quiz and ultimately listen to the respective interviews which the team have carefully prepared in their comeback. Stay tuned for more of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Team of Radio International

Sweeping statements tend to hurt credibility of any individual within his respective line of work but then again, it has been noted on various occasions that there is a lot of local talent found in foreign waters due to the fact that several Maltese people had left the country many years back and thus ultimately creating their own respective families abroad where they would find their soul-mates. It seems that one of the latest discoveries in terms of artists in the scene is none other than Lauren Aquilina, a talented seventeen year old who is still breaking out with a raspy vocal very much in the vein of Birdy whose debut album Skinny Love reached number #1 in Australia, Belgium and The Netherlands as well as number #5 in France and #13 in the United Kingdom. Following the incredible vocals of Ira Losco, Natalie Gauci, Kevin Borg, Joseph Calleja, Fabrizio Faniello, Kurt Calleja and Chiara whose albums and singles have hit the charts abroad, here comes someone else, a completely new name and one which will definitely not remain unknown for too long.

Lauren Aquilina comes into the British music scene with the original track Fools which will be the debut release of an extended play which will be following in just a couple of weeks with October being the date put forth on the official Facebook page of the performer. The young teenager is extremely talented, so much so that a management has taken her under their wing and will be working to make sure that she receives all of the promotion possible. Malta has been looking for a fresh vocal who would be willing to do the honour at the Eurovision Song Contest and I must say that this would be a great representative, achieving what could be an extremely positive result but that is up to the people and the jury to decide in the long run. We are proud to carry her debut single which we urge you to purchase through iTunes and wish that you stay tuned to for more news in the days weeks to comes.

Source: Official Facebook Page

Saturday, 22 September 2012 04:06

United Kingdom: Successful Tour for John Galea

Talent is already a blessing for any individual due to the fact that it is expressed publicly for the enjoyment of flocks of people but when it is exported to foreign shores, it takes a different dimension, one which should be appreciated even more with several more individuals getting to know about the artist along with the respective culture brought about through personality and biography. One of such singers is surely John Galea, who lives in the United Kingdom and has Maltese heritage. Over the past couple of weeks, he has supported acts such as McFly, Lemar, Marcus Collins and also Heather Small whilst on his promotional tour known as The Scrapbook Tour, one which he is currently hoping to bring about to the Maltese Islands to give something back to his nation. The tour is in support of his debut release, an extended play known as The Scrapbook.

At the moment, John Galea is busy working in the recording studio with none other than Philip Vella, composer of five entries for Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest those being Desire performed by Claudette Pace in 2000, 7th Wonder sung by Ira Losco in 2002, On Again .. Off Again performed by Julie & Ludwig, Vertigo interpreted by Olivia Lewis in 2007 and last but not least Vodka sung by Morena in 2008. He also composed this years' runner-up at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Pure by Claudia Faniello which rose to number #1 in the local iTunes in just hours following its release. The brand new track should be released in the beginning of the new year and one will definitely hope that the like of John Galea will try his luck in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 noting that the regulations have now been released. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it is available.
Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

The British Broadcasting Corporation sough to alter yet another disappointing result in the 2011 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and therefore appointed none other than the British Boyband Blue to carry the hopes of the country in Dusseldorf, Germany yet it is quite intriguing to note that for the very first time ever, there was no song selection and the record label alongside with the chosen representatives chose the entry themselves. Ultimately, the promotion was very strong noting that they traveled all around the continent and achieving an astonishing fifth place in tele-voting only to rank in twenty-second place with the jury and thus pushing them out of the top ten to finish in eleventh place at the end of the evening following what seemed to be an extremely below par performance of the track I Can which was a hit song in Germany, Austria and Switzerland reaching number #7 and #8 respectively.

The track which was also a minor hit in the United Kingdom and Ireland where it charted at number #16 and #32 respectively was the promotional single of their yet untitled fourth studio album which they are currently working on with none other than producer Red One who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Pixie Lott and Enrique Iglesias amongst others. The very fact of the matter remains that Blue have a lot of expectations to live up to now especially after their first three studio albums peaked at number #1 in the British Charts. Speaking to Digital Spy, Simon Webber stated 'It's taken a year and it has been a long process but we feel it's the strongest one we have done. The single will be out in October and the album will follow in 2013. We have one collaboration on there at the moment and are looking to add another one or two.'

In the meantime, it has also been stated by the producer Red one that this is the best boy-band album that he has heard since Millennium was released by the Backstreet Boys back in 1999 and therefore, things look rather positive for the group who took the baton and represented the United Kingdom in Dusseldorf, Germany. The group have already performed a brand new track entitled Hurt Lovers whilst in China earlier this year. It is believed that this will be the lead single of the album but there has been no confirmation of this news although you can listen to the track as performed during that same concert through viral website, Youtube. Stay tuned to in the coming days and weeks for all of the latest news with regards to stars of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Digital Spy

Thursday, 23 August 2012 12:53

Malta: Successful Tour for Sophie in the UK

Sophie burst onto the local music scene thanks to her participation on behalf of the country at the 2006 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the track Extra Cute which received glowing reviews from the journalists attending the competition that year despite finally achieving what could be described as a mid-table placing. Nevertheless, six years onwards, the star of the performer is definitely rising noting that Sophie traveled to the United Kingdom earlier this year for a promotional tour. She chose this year specifically due to the fact that there have been a number of occasions which celebrate the nation in the best possible way. One could definitely note spectacular events such as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and the Paralympics. The nationwide tour has taken the young performer to a staggering twenty two locations actually and each place has somewhat given her a positive experience. The tour is coming to an end now noting that her last performance will be given at the Manchester Pride on Bank Holiday Monday 27th August 2012.

Sophie is one of the youngest prodigies that the nation has managed to come up with in recent years noting that she is signed to 'Thru The mill' Record Label whilst also having her own publishing music house having started work with some of the most promising names in the industry. It is quite astonishing that she has also met none other than reigning X Factor star Marcus Collins at the Liverpool Pride recently, being asked on how she could sum up the emotions of the summer stating 'I feel such a lucky girl to have received all this love and support from fellow Artists, Press, Radio, TV and the lovely people here in Britain. I keep thinking that this all a dream and will be waking up any moment, but then when I realise it’s all real, I feel like a Gold medalist, totally ecstatic!! With this tour nearing its final stages, I don’t see it as an end, but as the beginning to what I hope will be a long lasting career in music!! Thank you so much Britain, I love you !!'. One of the titles that has been showered on the young artist is 'The Maltese Pop Princess' and indeed, she is looking to live up to the name as she released her brand new track Sunny, a cover version of the Bobby Hebb Classic which will be available through Absolute/Universal Music very soon. Stay tuned to for more about local artists in the upcoming days and weeks.
Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

One of the most intriguing music exports that Malta has to offer at the moment is surely none other than the young, talented and gorgeous looking Sophie whose vocal talent and general charm have helped stun many people in the United Kingdom in the past couple of weeks. The city of London is somewhat gearing up for the Olympics and that means that there is a lot of positive energy going around, so much so that concerts are being organized by the dozen and it seems that we have managed to take in a slot at a number of festivals with Sophie being invited to perform at three particular events which have included performances from acts such as Lemar, Marcus Collins and The Wanted amongst others. 

Sophie is really making a name for herself standing out from the rest of the performers for bringing a cheery disposition from everywhere she goes actually noting that people such as popular designer Chelsea Leigh have gone onto social networking website; Twitter saying 'you're actually amazing you need to come back to Luton!!!<3xoxo'. It seems that the attention continues to grow with each performance because after her last run to London for the World Pride, World famous fashion icon Gok Wan said "Sophie, you look amazing. Great performance". The Anglo/Maltese singer/songwriter was signed to a British Music and Management Company known as 'Thru The Mill' quite a couple of months ago and it seems that despite being new to the music scene in the United Kingdom, she is quickly getting used to the idea of touring and sharing her music with other people. She will soon be visiting counties like York, Norwich, Doncaster, Liverpool, Rugby, Huddersfield, Dunstable, Manchester and Weymouth.

It is also important to point out that Sophie was just in the recording studio not too long ago putting the finishing touches on her debut album which has been self-penned and produced at Freetime Studios in Malta. She will be releasing a brand new single entitle Sunny, which is a cover of a song by Bobby Hebb yet made into a completely new track. The release has been set for the end of summer. If you would like to continue following the latest news about Sophie and her exploits in the United Kingdom, we encourage you to visit her Facebook as well as her Twitter pages. In the meantime, also stay tuned for all of the latest news about local artists on as soon as it becomes available. 

Source: Press Release

The British Broadcasting Corporation are set to be quite disappointed with the result achieved in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest having decided on sending the world renowned superstar Engelbert Humperdinck with the song Love Will Set You Free which unfortunately finished in twenty-fifth position with just twelve points in total. Despite all of this though, the viewing figures were still quite high but not as much as they were in 2011 when the United Kingdom were represented by the group Blue and the track I Can which finished in eleventh position and amassed a huge audience for the broadcaster. It seems that according to the local tabloids that they will be returning back to a national final type of formula so that the result achieved in the long term would not be blamed fully on the British Broadcasting Corporation with the public having a say in the final pick.

There have been a number of issues at the main British Broadcaster and this is due to a ratings flop when it comes to hit reality show The Voice which has lost a lot of support during the weeks. All of the coaches are apparently being removed except for winner Tom Jones, as his experience seemed to draw on the final result but nevertheless, the rumours about the Eurovision Song Contest continue as the BBC will not be withdrawing from the event. What many people forget is that the country reached the top five just three years ago in 2009 when Jade Ewen sang the beautiful ballad It's My Time composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and penned by Diane Warren.

The last time that the United Kingdom hosted a multi-song final was actually back in 2008 when Andy Abraham represented the nation with the song Even If finishing in last place with just fourteen points but again despite the people finally selecting him, it is to be noted that he had been initially removed and only brought back as a wildcard by renowned selection host and former Eurovision commentator, Terry Wogan. It will be quite interesting to see who would be sent ultimately because well known acts do tend to submit in the selection such as Simona ArmstrongMichelle GayleLiz McLarlonAnthony Costa and Kym Marsh amongst others.

Source: Daily Mail

During the past weekend, the annual Eurovision Song Contest was taking place and we were proud to welcome Sophie as part of our special guest commentary team noting that they brought about the flair of being a performer to the overall reporting. It was one of the things she did before heading to the United Kingdom where she is currently representing our country as part of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations which are taking place this weekend over a long stretch that will continue until Tuesday apparently. Malta, having been a colony of Great Britain and still presently part of the Commonwealth realms have also been included by the Royal Family for a visit noting that the Duke of Gloucester ascended onto our country a couple of weeks back. 

Sometimes, it is extremely hard to remember that Sophie is just eighteen years old noting that she has been performed for quite some time representing Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest way back in 2006 with the song Extra Cute whilst trying to go a step further by taking part with Love to Love You within the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. She is quickly being dubbed by many as the nations' Pop Princess and is doing her best to put Malta on the map at the moment by virtue of performing in two (2) music events. Yesterday she had the opportunity to perform at 'Picnic on the Park' in King's Lynn where she joined a star studded line-up including none other than the world renowned Classical-Crossover star; Katherine Jenkins. 

On Monday meaning, tomorrow, she will be joined by a number of professional dancers from the Yada Dance Company as they appear at Reading Carnival alongside BBC Radio 1xtra sensation ‘Seani B’ amongst others who will be joining in the celebrations. It is important to note that this is just the beginning of a nationwide tour for Sophie during the summer she the young Anglo/Maltese artist is hoping to crack the music market as she releases her new single 'Sunny' on the 'Thru the Mill Label' which distribution taking place through Absolute Records which is a Subsidiary Label of Universal Music who have helped launched the likes of Irish Twins Jedward. The single will also be followed by her debut album in late 2012 so stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the career of upcoming stars like Sophie and many others.

Source: Thru The Mill

These English don’t live without the Eurovision. That’s a fact. After Engelbert Humperdinck’s  ‘flop’ last Saturday (with only 12 points, finishing second from the bottom), BBC was unsure whether it should continue participating or not. Nevertheless, big names are already emerging as ‘favourites’ to represent the country next year in Sweden … and let’s face it, it’s the 5th time Sweden will be hosting the Eurovision, and I think that they are ‘experts’ in organizing a great and superb contest, thus no country should miss this showcase contest in such a ‘Eurovision expert’ country!

UK should really choose it’s representative well this time round. Ok, big names are big names, but they are repeatedly doing the same mistake, year after year. They were ‘favourites’ to winning last year’s contest since world-known boy band Blue participated, but … instead … all their high hopes ended at position number 11. 

Funnily enough, American pop band ‘Scissor Sisters’ have vowed to end UK’s Eurovision crisis. A big statement indeed. Well, rules state that contestants do not have to actually be from the country they are representing. This rule was also opted from the Swiss, when in 1988, Celine Dion, despite being a Canadian, was chosen to represent the country with a French song (Ne Partenz Senza Moi – Don’t Leave Without Me), and eventually won the contest. Jake Shears, Scissors Sisters’ singer, told BBC Radio Five Live that he would go for the Eurovision if he was asked to do so, “If I was asked I would gladly do it for you. I would love to. I’d be happy to.”

Another big name tipped to represent the country is Sir Cliff Richard, who was also a favourite for this year’s edition, but since he has been busy with personal commitments, he preferred to leave this ‘mission’ in someone else’s hands. Sir Cliff Richard, 71, has carried the nation’s hopes twice before. A BBC insider said: “Cliff has been approached and there is potential interest. He’s obviously one of our most respected performers and he’s certainly among the frontrunners for 2013. Cliff is a real perfectionist and would have to be convinced he has a strong song to work with. Hopefully he won’t be put off after the disappointment at the weekend.”

Sir Cliff finished second in 1968 with Congratulations and came third in 1973 with Power to All Our Friends. “There’s a sense of unfinished business for Cliff at Eurovision as he’s come so close to winning in the past. Hopefully it will be third time lucky,” said the insider.

The UK hasn't won Eurovision since 1997, with our entrants finishing last in 2003, 2008 and 2010. Well, one thing the UK must make sure to avoid this time round … another disappointment from yet another big name. Between Scissors Sisters and Sir Cliff … I think I’ll prefer the second, although his past achievements in such a prestigious contest don’t really ‘predict’ his future achievement if he was to be the chosen. In that, Scissors Sisters would be the ‘modern’ choice for the Brit’s in 2013. Let’s hope they’ll make the best choice! ;)

Source: Daily Express,

There has been a lot of fuss in recent years over the participation of the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest especially due to the fact that one of the largest music markets cannot manage to achieve consistent results. The British Broadcasting Corporation has been said to be making quite an extra amount of effort although it seems that they are not really meeting the budgetary spending that they should paying much more for a series of other things and therefore putting the competition on the backbone of their strategy. This morning, the British media has gone all negative and sour about this years' participation noting that Engelbert Humperdinck only managed to garner twelve points from four countries putting him in twenty-fifth position.


The history of the United Kingdom as the prestigious event is definitely not worth retiring upon with five victories and fifteen runner-up finishes to their name although the last time they did finish in the top three was way back in 2002 with Jessica Garlick and her track Come Back although one has to note that they also finished in fifth place in 2009 when Jade Ewen performed the song It's My Time penned by Diane Warren and Andrew Lloyd Webber. British viewers took to social networking websites and also message boards calling for the broadcaster to withdraw from the event with the well known Philip Schofield also going about saying 'It’s time to pull out. Not even Robbie Williams could win it for us, it's too political'.

Nevertheless, it seems that the general consensus is that Engelbert was not the right choice to represent the United Kingdom because it showed that the country was somewhat old fashioned instead of promoting a new array of perfomers which somewhat dominate the British music scene at the moment including acts such as Hurts, Pixie Lott, Leona Lewis, Jessie J and of course Adele who has taken over most of the charts with a huge number of hit tracks. The very fact of the matter is that some people like to say it was political voting but the top five was relatively strange and whilst there might have been an interesting element of this kind of voting this time round, it has been acknowledged by a British Broadcasting Corporation spokesman that the affect was only on 'mid-table positions'.

One of the most influential men in the world of Eurovision is surely Paul Gambaccini who despite being an author of a book about the competition, is also a presenter on BBC Radio 2. He speaks about the possibility of a world class singer and songwriter chosen to represent the United Kingdom adding that while he does not expect starts like 'Adele to sign up', he believes that there is the possibility of finding the 'modern equivalent of Cliff Richard and the songwriter team behind Congratulationrs, Bill Martin and Phil Coulte'. His idea was backed by none other than 1997 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest;  Katrina Leskanich who would love to see songwriter Cathy Dennis write the song for the United Kingdom having written hits such as Toxic for Britney Spears and Can't Get You Out of My Head for Kylie Minogue. 

Source: The Telegraph