December 16, 2019

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In 2014, Nadine Axisa released "Velvet", a twelve track collection of original songs in smooth jazz style. Since the launch of the album, the veteran female singer has kept herself rather busy both locally and overseas.

She performed in "A Night of Modern Jazz" (May 2014), Perugia (July 2014), the Italian Jazz Festival in Berlin (December 2014), 'SONGS' (January 2015), and the Mediterranean Literature Festival (August 2015), among others. Her most recently performance was in Frankfurt in December 2015 at the European Cultural Days of the European Central Bank.

The album received favourable reviews including a four star review on the UK's Jazz Journal. Moreover, it was featured on local and international radios; the latter include (a radio station dedicated to female jazz vocalists, Netherlands); 'Mainly jazz' on Alive 107.3fm, UK; RTP Play which is Portugal's official radio station and Channel Radio, UK.

On the 11th and 12th March 2016, Nadine will be performing the album 'Velvet' in its entirety at Robert Samut Hall Floriana, accompanied by four excellent musicians who will bring a wealth of experience to this performance.

For those who are already familiar with the album tunes, the event will be an opportunity to listen to the tunes interpreted by different musicians, with slight but effective and engaging changes to the arrangements. For Velvet first timers, it will be a night of smooth jazz tunes, fresh and relaxing melodies; an exquisite infusion of swing, latin and ballads.

Nadine will be accompanied by Joe Debono (piano), Oliver Degabriele (double bass), Joseph Camilleri (drums) and Walter Vella (saxophone and flute). These four jazzmen have studied their own discipline; they hold a track record of recording and performing with various artists both locally and internationally.

In order to obtain tickets for the event, costing €14 (or €12, early bird) please visit, we urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

It is fair to say that musicians have a yearning to record an album while active in the music industry, and although this feat is not easy to achieve, it is not impossible. This statement is echoed by several, but most recently by Nadine Axisa, a veteran female singer whose work in the festival circuit has been well documented throughout the past twenty years. “Velvet”, a subtle name which evokes a sense of peace and tranquility is the name that the female artist chose to name her debut album, a collection of 12 original songs, all of which are ‘jazz-infused’.

12 months on, and Nadine Axisa is still riding high on the positive critical acclaim received, so much so, that the project has led to the release of a music video, this time for the song “Stormy Night” with music and lyrics by Kris Spiteri. The professional cut is mainly based on the sound, rather than theatrics and hence, one could see a cluster of musicians, well representative of those who were involved in the production of the song. We urge you to watch the music video below, purchase a copy of the album through iTunes, and also stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News

On the 23rd and 24th January, Nadine Axisa and Vinny Vella will be coming together in two concerts, “Songs”, which will be hosted in The Music Room at the St James Cavalier. In the past 12 months, both have released studio albums, with Nadine Axisa putting out “Velvet”, and Vinny Vella releasing “Another Way”.

The renowned duo, extremely good friends, will also be entertaining the audience with a series of covers, some of which are popular. Nadine, a veteran of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, had performed with Vinny in his critically acclaimed project “The Beatles Works” and “A Groovy Kind of Pop”.

The rest of the entourage will be featuring; drummer Joe Micallef, who definitely needs no introduction, having successfully performed in the Malta Jazz Festival on several occasions; bassist Edward Ellul, also another veteran, who currently plays with the band The Residents, and has also performed at the Malta Jazz Festival with another band Noir.

The evening, for which you may purchase tickets here, will also be featuring two special guests, Kris Spiteri and Andreana DeBattista, the latter having been a participant in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with a song co-written by the aforementioned Vinny Vella. We urge you to stay tuned to even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Press Release

Published in Local Music News
Thursday, 27 February 2014 01:00

Malta: Nadine Launches Debut Album this Evening

On the 27 February 2014, the album Velvet by local singer Nadine Axisa will be launched. The album includes twelve original songs in the ‘easy listening jazz’ style, penned by various composers and authors. The album features a total of 38 top musicians renowned in the local jazz scene such as Dominic Galea, Sandro Zerafa, Charles ‘City’ Gatt, Paul Abela, Vinny Vella and Paul Giordimaina amongst others. Nadine is also collaborating with foreign musicians in this album, where two tracks feature bass player Roberto Badoglio and saxophonist Gabriele Comeglio respectively.

Although all tracks fall under the jazz idiom, there is a variation in the style of songs which include latin, swing, blues, ballads and funky tunes. Eleven tracks have lyrics in English while one song (1) entitled Għanja is in Maltese and boasts a certain musical charm. This was in fact the tune which Nadine launched as a single a couple of weeks ago. The album was named Velvet after one of the tracks which talks about the passion for music, which in turn is compared to velvet.

This album is a very special project for Nadine since it reflects her passion for this style. It encompasses the experiences she lived for the past ten years with some of the musicians she collaborated with in events such as the recording of other albums, gigs in Malta and outside Malta, and the Malta Jazz Festival. The album shows her versatility and brings together the talent of local composers and authors together with the ability of all these musicians. Nadine admits that this project is a dream that became a reality and thanks the Malta Arts Fund and other contributors for their support.

Nadine enjoys an interesting track record both in Malta and abroad, however she considers this project to be the most satisfactory accomplishment she has experienced until now. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by David Vella at Temple Studios. For more information on the album, visit Nadine's Facebook Fanpage whilst the event page encompasses the creation of the concept to the actual release of the album. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news and a review of the album to follow in the next couple of days.

Source: Press Release, Bernard Polidano (Photograph)

Published in Local Music News

Nadine Axisa; a veteran female vocalist in the local music scene, known to have accompanied Thea Garrett in the 2010 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest as a backing vocalist alongside Pamela and Jackie Pace Delicata, is just a month away from releasing her debut album Velvet, an album which comprises of jazz tracks, all of which are original and worked upon by local musicians, representative of the genre.

In support of the album, Nadine Axisa has decided to release a lead single, one entitled Għanja, composed by Walter Vella and Mark Attard to the lyrics of Joe Julian Farrugia. All the instruments in the record are played by different individuals with Walter Vella responsible for the soprano saxophone, Lawrie Simpson on the double bass, Joseph Camilleri on the drums and Mark Attard on the piano. Velvet, which will be released officially on the 27th February 2014 was recorded, mixed and mastered at Temple Studios. Ghanja's front cover has artistic direction by Matt Grima Connell, photography by Joe Smith and support from Label C, Natasha Polidano, Albert of Joes and of course, the Malta Arts Fund. Stay tuned to for all the latest news.

Source: Official Facebook & Twitter Pages

Published in Local Music News