January 24, 2020

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Franklin Calleja, a respected male vocalist whose ascent to the top of the local music scene has been well documented through the depth of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, has taken his residency on "Ħadd Għalik" to a whole new level by virtue of performing a previously unheard original song, one which was submitted for the national selection in 2014. "Made for You", composed by Elton Zarb to the lyrics of Miriam Christine speaks about two individuals who are made for each other, and need to find a way to be together at all costs.

The emotional ballad, which has a beautiful arrangement, somewhat reminiscent of "Where Are You Christmas?" by Faith Hill, did not get through to the final stages of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014, even through Franklin did manage the feat, with yet another stunning ballad "Love Will Take Me Home" co-written by Glen Vella, Beatrice Eriksson, Marcus Frenell, and Michael James Down. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news from the local music industry.

Source: Ħadd Għalik, WE Media


Published in Local Music News

In just a couple of days, various areas of the world will be celebrating Christmas, a joyous holiday which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. An original song with the title "Milied ta' Tama", composed by Philip Vella to the lyrics of Peppi Azzopardi, was originally published in 2011 featuring the vocals of Petra (MESC 08, 11, 13), Mikaela, Mike Spiteri (ESC 1995), Pamela (MESC 05-09, 14), Neville Refalo (MESC 05) and Vince Fabri, but now been re-recorded.

In this new version, one could note the Ekklesia Sisters (MESC 15), Gaia Cauchi (JESC 13), Federica Falzon (JESC 14) and two upcoming stars in the form of Destiny Chukunyere and Veronica Rotin. With a fresh new coat of paint, the song is very much relatable to the season, whilst acknowleding a local element. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the local music scene.

Source: XarabankMario Mintoff (Photo)


Published in Local Music News
Sunday, 21 September 2014 18:12

Malta: Sophomore Single Release from Norbert

Norbert, a male singer/songwriter has just published a brand new single, "Find a Way", co-written and produced with Ramzi. The upcoming vocalist, nominated for Best New Artist at this year's edition of the Malta Music Awards alongside Maxine Pace, Andi and eventual winners Plan Zero, has been on an extremely busy promotional campaign, with the release of an accompanying music video, and a series of radio interviews.

"Find a Way" offers a glimpse into a music direction which best suits the young singer/songwriter, showcasing his abilities in the best possible way. It is extremely radio-friendly and will surely find no problem in garnering airplay. A definite thumbs up! There is sheer quality in the way that both the song and the accompanying music video have been executed, largely signally the local music industry into a new modern forum. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Norbert (Official Facebook Page)


Published in Local Music News

Ħadd Għalik, produced by WE Media, and hosted by Angie Laus, has always been supportive of Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest and the preselection that precedes it, and therefore, it comes as no surprise to see the finalists of this years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest divided into two (2) groups as they compete against each other in a series of fun games, and light-hearted entertainment for all at home to follow. The programme kicks off at 12:10 CET and runs till at least 15:30 CET.

On behalf of escflashmalta.com, Marc Calleja Bayliss made a guest appearance on the programme, asked about his work in relation to the Eurovision Song Contest and the Local Music Scene in general. This portal would like to thank WE Media for their support in the recent months with the sharing of articles and so forth. If you live abroad and would like to watch the programme neverthess, you may access the official website of Television Malta, and watch it through LIVE STREAMING but remember, the programme is in Maltese. Guest vocalists on the programme include none other than Eleanor Cassar, a former Malta Eurovision Song Contest finalist and Kevin Paul, brother of Kurt Calleja, representative of Malta back in 2011. Stay tuned for more of the latest news.

Source: Ħadd Għalik


Published in Local Music News

Gaia Cauchi, Malta's representative at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the track The Start which she helped co-write with Elton Zarb, Matt Mercieca and Gillian Attard will be undergoing the final rehearsal prior to the competition tomorrow evening whilst the programme, Xarabank produced by WE Media reveals the names of the twenty (20) semi-finalists in next years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. This rehearsal in particular will be relatively pivotal when denoting that it will count for half of the scores that will be given during the showcase tomorrow evening.

Attention turns to Malta though as seventy (70) entries will be shortlisted by fifty (50) with the semi-final list set to incorporate twenty (20) artists, whether soloists or groups. There are several intriguing names which have garnered entry into the second phase, amongst them former Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest representatives. One should always keep in mind former finalists of the selection procedure and artists who have been successful on local radio stations and are aiming for a larger music market. For anyone who has followed the announced in the past two years, a snippet of each of the semi-finalists will be played for the artists to recognise the track. Moments after, the singer is asked to go on stage and perform a one minute clip.

Some Kind of Wonderful - Wayne William (Wayne Micallef)

City Lady - Ryan Paul Abela (Paul Abela / Joe Julian Farrugia)

Brand New Day - Davinia (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Let The Sunshine In - Sophie (Sophie DeBattista / Adam Pakard / Alex Dew)

Hypnotica - Jessika (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Invisible - Raquel Galdes (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

One Last Ride - Daniel Testa (Stephen Rudden / Lawrence Peter Bridge)

Pin The Middle - Debbie Stivala (Peter Paul Galea / Debbie Stivala)

Oblivion - Chris Grech (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Until We Meet Again - Deborah C (Elton Zarb / Matt Mercieca)

Because I Have You - Amber (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Lovetricity - Christabelle (Magnus Kaxe / Gerard James Borg)

Coming Home - Firelight (Richard Micallef)

Safe - Miriam Christine (Mark Scicluna / Emil Calleja Bayliss)

Addictive - Romina Mamo (Ylva / Linda Persson)

Now and Forever - Andreana (Vinny Vella / Karl Spiteri)

Love Will Take Me Home - Franklin (Glen / Beatrice Eriksson / M Frenell / Michael J Down)

Ten - Corazon (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Take Me - Pamela (Boris Cezek)

Just No Place Like Home - Fabrizio Faniello (Johan Bejerholm)

Following the revelation of the twenty (20) semi-finalists, one could easily denote some a mixture of upcoming and established artists, all of which are gunning to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. On the other hand, some other names missing from the competition are those of Eleanor Cassar, Natalie Gauci, Dorothy Bezzina, Kaya and Domenique. A detailed analysis of the twenty (20) semi-finalists will take place by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Xarabank, the most popular television show in Malta, produced by WE Media and hosted by Peppi Azzopardi has been given the opportunity to reveal the names of the twenty (20) semi-finalists who will be competing in next years’ edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. This type of announcement also took place with respect to the national selections in the past two (2) years and is known to keep the general public on edge. This weekend in particular could be quite intriguing especially due to the fact that Malta is returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Gaia Cauchi and her entry The Start co-written with Elton Zarb, Matt Mercieca and Gillian Attard.

Television Malta, the flagship station to support events related to the European Broadcasting Union will definitely be giving the twenty semi-finalists everything that is required in the sense of exposure. Since the Public Broadcasting Services took over the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, the results have seemingly improved as witnessed earlier this year when Gianluca achieved eighth place with the track Tomorrow co-written by Dean Muscat and Boris Cezek.

In the meantime, submissions for next years' selection procedure sky-rocketed to a 210, out of which 70 had been shortlisted into the second phase. The list included several newcomers, along with established artists, some of which have also been to the Eurovision Song Contest in the past. Make sure to switch on Television Malta (TVM) this evening at around 20:45 CET through the official website and watch the programme Xarabank. Also, log into escflashmalta.com for rolling live updates as they are aired throughout the programme.

Source: WE Media, Television Malta