October 24, 2019

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Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:53

BMA 2012: The Songs Which Stand Out

The features with regards to the upcoming edition of the Bay Music Awards officially come to an end with the revelation of the tracks which the radio station has selected to represent the best elements of the industry for the past couple of months. Separate categories have already been well represented by solo artists or bands, those of which have already earned the right to be called established as well as those who are ready for their big break. In recent years, tracks released by local artists have been earning several positive criticism from foreign members of the press and this is due to the fact that there is more thought put in behind every piece of lyric and every note within the composition in itself. Record studios have become much more professionalism and production is sometimes even conducted abroad in order to have that perfect enhancement. 89.7 Bay has always been on the front line to promote the best possible tracks, ones which the people would enjoy listening to and are easy on the ear. Therefore, it is not surprising to note that for the ninth edition of the Bay Music Awards, the Best Song of the past couple of months will be given an award during a ceremony which is taking place at the Bay Arena on the 12th December 2012 hosted by Ben Glover, Dorian Cassar and Nathan D, the latter of which is pictured below.

It is important to note that this is the only category which only comprises of four entries and kicking off things is none other than Ira Losco who earns a second nomination, this time for her track What I’d Give which is a different tune to what the people have come to expect from the former Eurovision Song Contest representative whose hiatus from music was somewhat well adapted for a major comeback. In fact, it is important to note that the genre of the new track, the lead single off her yet unnamed album is a mixture of soul, funk and a little bit of reggae making it extremely distinguishable from anything else on the market. Ira Losco has been around for quite some time noting that she first emerged in the local music scene by virtue of winning the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza before finishing second in the Eurovision Song Contest. Upon her return to Malta from the latter event, she joined forces with Howard Keith of Jagged House and together have created magic for many to enjoy. As previous stated, she is set to drop a brand new album in the beginning of next year.


Two nominations during the evening are quite intriguing because one would definitely hope to end up finishing in the top position within both or at least one. The second act to garner a nomination is the group Red Electrick who have invented themselves in the past couple of months, coming up with brand new material which shows versatility in composition and vocals. As a matter of fact, one of such results is surely Paul which was a major hit earlier this year. Creative control has been the major element in their success having left on good terms with their management Jagged House with the idea to change their genre and ultimately be more mature in their decisions. Their debut single entitled Who The Heck Is Rek was and remains a crowd pleasure and is included in several of their playlists but then again, their recent album The Unplugged Sessions shows why the group have decided to take up issues in their own hands. The acoustic feel has saw them gain an edge over several other bands in the country.  Matthew and Peter have co-written the track Never Walk Away for Chris Grech in the next Malta Eurovision Song Contest.


My World has been described by critics and one of the most notable tracks to have been released within the summer months and this is surely the case according to the thoughts put forward by the people. Gaining a nomination in this category was no mean feat especially when one considers that a number of tracks were omitted from the list despite having the airplay and the credibility. Carlo Gerada is no newcomer to the music scene and has worked on several tracks in the past whilst Jan Cortez is slightly more fresh having come off a talent show a couple of years back where he did his best to prove his talent. This is a duo which has worked well and could be described as a combination of pleasure and hard work. As a matter of fact, despite being nominated for the best song category, it seems that they are heavily favoured to come out on top in another category featured earlier on, that being the one of Dance Music. They have definitely worked hard to show that they indeed could be successful and a possible double is not out of the equation especially with a large fan-base. 


One would say that leaving the act for last means that they are the best and Scar have truly well represented the local music industry for several years with the band name stretching back a couple of decades and still proving successful. This band has always managed to remain at the top of the peoples’ acclaim due to the fact that they are current and promote music which the people enjoy. In their careers, they have been noted to participate in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest back in 2007 with the track As Long As You Know which managed to finish in sixth place whilst they prepare for a second participation next year as they participate with Superstar which is written by Konrad Pule who just happens to be the lead vocalist in the band. There is a certain aura and a chemistry which also makes them extremely likable and if they continue this acoustic feel to their songs, it also shows maturity, but one which is very different to that being presented by Red Electrick. The song which has garnered the nomination is a gem entitled White Lie and had also lead the charts a couple of weeks back.


The was the fifth and last in a series of features that escflashmalta.com has planned for the 2012 edition of the Bay Music Awards and that is because people have to party as if it's the end of the world. Voting officially came to a close at midnight on Wednesday and therefore, votes cannot be cast but if so, they will not count and may still be charged. We hope that you have already cast your vote though. Nevertheless, you can also be part of the Bay Music Awards as a spectator by virtue of entering in our competition which could see you attending this years’ showcase. The question we’re asking is; Which female artist nominated for the Bay Music Awards has been to the Eurovision Song Contest? Send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by not later than Saturday 8th December 2013 at 23:59 CET. In the meantime, stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: 89.7 Bay, escflashmalta.com

Published in Local Music News
Friday, 21 September 2012 16:00

Malta: Scar Scaling the 89.7 Bay Local Chart

One of the most difficult elements that the Public Broadcasting Services has faced during the years is the opportunity to get bands to participate in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest but then again, this eventually changed slightly back in 2007 when the popular band Scar submitted the track As Long As You Know, making it through the semi-final stage, eventually finishing in sixth place following a public say in the proceedings. Since then though, the group has been somewhat inclined to release more material having attracted more listeners to their pop/rock kind of music with a funky guitar and drums sound somewhere in between. Their latest release off their album Breaking Radio Silence bears the name White Lie and now finds itself at number #1 in this weeks' local chart on 89.7 Bay for the second week in a row following a three week stint by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Ira Losco with her latest single What I'd Give.

Scar have enjoyed major success throughout their career noting that their establishment came quite some time ago. Nevertheless, they have managed to keep with their relatively strong standards whilst still adapting to the present generation. It will be quite intriguing on whether White Lie will manage to keep its' position for yet another week in a couple of days time but we will be keeping an eye out to see what happens. In the meantime, Konrad Pule himself also participated in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest as a soloist in 2000 with the track Going Strong and also in 2003 with the song Everywhere You Go. It is also to be noted that he was the composer of the song Searching The Seas for Karen Polidano way back in 1998 meaning that his career in the competition dates back quite a while. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available. 

Source: 89.7 Bay


Published in Local Music News
Friday, 27 July 2012 00:30

Malta: 'White Lie' Released by Scar

It seems to be somewhat a year in which comebacks are back in fashion especially when it comes to music noting the return of Ira Losco earlier this year with her signature summer track What I'd Give but then again, it seems that artists who have a connection with the Malta Eurovision Song Contest are continuing to develop their own style more and rather being true to themselves and their fans who know that loyalty is key to success when it comes to music. The group that had made a comeback is Scar and the track which they have just released bears the name White Lie comprising of a soft guitar in the backdrop of husky vocals which create a dark yet extremely invigorating ambiance.

The band does not need to be introduced especially having been around in the local music scene for around thirteen years in total now managing successful feats in Italy as much as they have in Malta especially when it comes to the RAI Radio Station where their track Time To Know was being used as a jingle for one of the programmes which was broadcast. Nevertheless, the band grew in experience through time and continuously succeeded in presenting people their best material. Following a number of local appearances in all of the events organized in the country by major companies, in 2005, the band signed a distribution deal with Cargo Records based in Germany in order to sell their albums abroad achieving extremely positive feedback from the foreign media on the records that they were releasing on a consistent basis. It is also important to note that they did what no other band has did and that is take part in the Malta Song for Europe competition with the song As Long As You Know finishing in sixth place behind Olivia Lewis back in 2007. This brand new single entitled White Lie is the eighth single off their sophomore record Breaking Radio Silence and will most likely be the last release preceding brand new material in the coming months. It is currently ranked at position number #7 in the local music charts on 89.7 Bay. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for more new releases from local artists.

Source: 89.7 Bay, YouTube, escflashmalta.com



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