November 21, 2019

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Ruslana, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 with the track Wild Dances which she co-wrote alongside Aleksandr Ksenofontov, Jamie Maher, Michael Fayne and Sherena Dugani is currently preparing for the release of her next international album, that entitled My Boo which is being published through EMI Music. Ruslana, a successful singer/songwriter has seen her music top the charts in Ukraine on four occasions, the most recent being in 2012 with the release of the studio album Ey-fory-ya which also contained an anthem used during the EUFA EURO 2012. In the past two days, she graced the stage of the World Outgames and the Antwerp Pride in Belgium where thousands of people were gobsmacked by her astonishing performance.

This is Euphoria, the lead single off her new album is co-written with Stefan Orn, who was also one of the songwriters behinf the track Running Scared, winning entry of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Azerbaijan. It is important to denote that the Ukrainian version of the song was released before Euphoria by Loreen came about and therefore, there is was theft of intellectual property involved. You may purchase the brand new single from the local iTunes store here and you may also watch the official video found on viral website, YouTube through this link. In the meantime, collaborator, Olivier Vanhoutte sent us a video message specifically designated towards our audience where Ruslana speaks of her love towards Malta, Chiara, the three time Eurovision Song Contest representative and also a possible visit.

Source: is currently in an exclusive position to reveal that three former representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest have been invited by Belgium to perform within the World Outgames 2013 which are being held in the city of Antwerp. Chiara, Glen Vella and Hera Bjork will be headlining a particular day as decided by the committee, one which will be taking place on the 9th August where fans are invited to join in the spectacle and perform their favourite entries from the Eurovision Song Contest. These three stars will be acting as the jury for the respective event. The event known as Eurovision@WorldOutgomes is part of a multitude of activities which will reach out to the public in various demographics.

Glen Vella and his entry One Life represented Malta in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, failing to get through to the final for just one point, finishing in eleventh place behind In Love for a While performed by Anna Rossinelli for Sweden. Chiara on the other hand is a three time Eurovision Song Contest having finished in second place back in 2005 with her self-penned entry Angel as well as in third place with the track known as The One That I Love composed by Jason Cassar and penned by Sunny Aquilina. Hera Bjork represented Iceland in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the track Je Ne Sais Quoi finishing in a mid-table position. The females are signed to the same record label and therefore, it goes to show that opportunities will come by their wayside. also has the honour of pointing out that during the closing ceremony of the Outgames, there will be a number of surprise appearances from stars from the Eurovision Song Contest including a former winner. Stay tuned to our portal for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available. 

Source:, World OutgamesJJ Chircop (Image)