January 28, 2020

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Patricia Kaas, the voice behind the song Et S’il Fallait Le Faire, which represented France at the 2009 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow and finished in the eight (8th) position, is planning on making a comeback next fall.  The new music project is the result of two years of hard work, which will pay tribute to the world renowned French artist Edith Piaf, will develop into a world tour of the symphonic album.

November 2012, the 50th anniversary from Piaf’s death, will mark the official launch of this project, entitled Kaas chante Piaf meaning Kaas Sings Piaf.  Initially, Kaas will release an album consisting of twenty (20) cover versions accompanied by a symphonic orchestra of 80 musicians in London, where Kaas hopes to revive some of the most influential Piaf songs, such as Non, je ne regrette rienLa vie en rose or L’Hymne à l’amour, for instance.  The album is arranged by Abel Korzeniowski. He has emerged quite strongly in the Hollywood music scene, after being nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on Tom Ford’s A Single Man while also having composed the music for Madonna’s second feature-film W.E. The album is slated for release on the 5th November 2012.

Kaas will kick off her world tour of more than 150 concerts in London’s Royal Albert Hall, followed by several of the most prestigious venues in the world, including Berlin’s Admiralspalast, New York’s Carnegie Hall, Moscow’s Opereta and Paris’s Olympia. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news coming from former artists who made it to the Eurovision Song Contest in the coming days, and weeks.

Source: Patricia Kaas Official Website


French representative Anngun has taken a new approach to market her entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Echo (You and I), releasing several versions of her song, the last of which features Niels Brinck in a duet adaptation.  The different but very complementary voices provide a new dimension to the song, giving it a more harmonious sound. Brinck is not a new name in the history of Eurovision having represented Denmark in 2009 with his song Believe Again which was written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Larsson Moller and Ronan Keating placing at thirteenth place.


Anngun, on the other hand, has already achieved international success in the late 90s appearing on worldwide charts and touring with artists such as The Corrs, Toni Braxton and Sarah McLachlan, releasing 5 albums from 1997 up to 2011. On the 10th of March, Claudia Faniello announced on her personal Facebook profile that she will also be recording a duet with Anngun in the near future.  Anngun will compete directly in the final on May 26th, on the 9th spot of the running order, since France belongs with the “Big Five” and therefore they are automatically exempted from having to compete in the semi-finals.

Source: Official Anggun Website


The eighteenth representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, since it has stopped participating as Yugoslavia in 1993, is none other than the beautiful and experienced Maja Sarihodžić, known with the stage name, Maya Sar. The song which will be representing her country was revealed yesterday to be entitled 'Korake ti znam' in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The song is written and composed by Maya Sar herself and arranged by Adriano Pennino who is one of Sanremo Festival’s music producers.

Before she started her solo career, Maya Sar was a backing vocalist for two previous Eurovision entries for Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Deen in 2004 and Dino Merlin who placed at a respectable sixth place in last year’s final. The finalisation of the song is expected to be done in Rome next week and, according to BHRT, the resulting product is expected to be premiered between the 10th and the 15th of March. Together with Malta, Bosnia & Herzegovina will be participating during the second half of the second semi-final, on May 24th, and May Sar will be competing for a place in the final that would make Bosnia and Herzegovina one of the countries that has never been eliminated in the semi-finals so far.

Source: BHRT

Saturday, 18 February 2012 21:32

Latvia: Anmary Wins Final and off to Baku

Latvia has chosen a winner.  Anmary has emerged victorious from the national Latvian final with her Beautiful Song, when she competed against the top three in a super-final on the same night, with the winning song chosen by 50/50 percentage between a professional jury and the Latvian televoting public.  Similar to the Maltese final, Latvia had guests from Azerbaijan in attendance and the Swiss representatives, Sinplus, also performed their entry.

This will be the thirteenth entry for Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest, since their debut in 2000.  The country has also won the festival in 2002 with Marie N and the song I Wanna, which was the same year when our own representative, Ira Losco, placed second with 7th Wonder. Anmary will have the opportunity to redeem her country which has been out of the final since 2009.  Latvia will perform in the first half of the First Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, on Tueday 22nd May in Baku.

Source: LTV

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 17:49

Armenia: Mid-March Decision

Debuting successfully in 2006 with the song, ‘Without your Love’ by Andre’, which placed 8th in the Finals, Armenia was one of only three countries that had always placed in the top ten since the introduction of the semi-finals.  This record was however broken in last year’s edition, when similar to what happened to the Maltese delegation with ‘One Life’, the Armenian entry failed to qualify by just one point.

Following last year’s disappointment in not making the Finals with Emmy’s entry, ‘Boom Boom’, Armenia decided to participate in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in the very last moment, since their application was submitted on January 17, right before the list of participants was published. AMPTV head of delegation Gohar Gasparyan has confirmed that the country’s selection procedure will be disclosed before the end of January allowing for the representative to be chosen by mid-March who will eventually join the other 42 countries’ representatives in Baku for the 57th edition of the contest.

Source: AMPTV

Saturday, 28 January 2012 23:32

Hungary: First Four Acts in Final

The 28th of January marks the fist semi-final of Hungary’s “A Dal” which takes us a step further to knowing who will be the tenth Hungarian representative in the 57th edition of the Eurovision in Baku, Azerbaijan.  One of the four finalists that have been announced will be following the legacy of Kati Wolf who represented Hungary in Düsseldorf last year with the song “What About My Dreams?” placing at 22nd after managing to proceed to the finals.

Wolf herself was one of the juries tonight along with Jenő Csiszár, Philip Rákay and Viktor Rakonczai who had to choose three of the finalists by rating the songs giving points from 1 to 10, leaving the other finalist to be chosen by the public.  The jury’s choice consists of Compact Disco with “Sound of our hearts” (39 points), Gábor Heincz with “Learning to Let Go” (38 points) and Caramel with “Vízió” (34 points).  The fourth and final finalist qualifying by televoting is Gabi Tóth with his song “Nem Kell Végszó”.

One of these finalists will be chosen during the second semi-final of this year’s “A Dal” which is scheduled for the 11th February on 20:15 CET where we'll be seeing who will be getting the desired ticket to Baku.

Source: MTV

Friday, 03 February 2012 17:00

Malta Eurovision 2012: The Semi-Final - LIVE

The 2012 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place in just a couple of hours time and the final setup is now being prepared to host the biggest event of the year in the local cultural calender which will ultimately go onto select the act and the entry that will ultimately represent Malta at the prestigious music event which is set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The semi-final stage of the competition features a total of twenty four (24) acts all of which have already passed two judging phase, one through a prior recording and the other through a live rendition held at the studios of the Public Broadcasting Services.

This evenings' showcase is set to be hosted by Ron Briffa and Elaine Saliba whilst Frank Zammit will be doing the commentary from backstage, meeting up with the participants and seeing how they felt on stage and how they feel before going on. The postcards are simple yet direct the message accordingly noting the title of the song, the name of the singer and also the songwriters in order to promote each entry to the maximum possible output. The streaming of the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will take place through Television Malta (TVM) and also through online news and media website DI-VE. It commences just after the evening news at around 20:30 CET.

And the Eurovision starts with a walk on memory lane with Glen Vella's One Life, showing clips from rehearsals, tour, promotional clip, performances and finally on stage with his trademark white wayfarer glasses and shiny blazer.

The presenters have come out on stage with Ron looking sharp in a classic black and white suit and Elaine dazzles with a sparkling black jumpsuit which however clashes with the pink gloves, in my opinion, always.

The Jury is introduced and we proceed to the first song.

Running Order

01. Seven Days - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella)

Unfortunately not a very strong beginning vocally, however Danica looks quite dashing in her red dress and long wavy black hair.  The backing vocalists also look quite smart with their black one shouldered outfits. Not bad, not bad.

02. You Are My Life - J. Anvil (George Platon)

Change of style, change of image...Janvil looks quite toned down in his maroon or red velvet, blazer, not really a good look but his vocals are quite good and the song is quite catchy.  The backing vocalist however stands out a little, does she belong there? His dance moves however, not my cup of tea.

03. Walk On Water - Isabelle Zammit (Paul Giordimaina & Fleur Balzan)

Isabelle, hmm, is that your outfit from One Life?  No, it has pink, well, not bad but could be improved.  Her hair looks good though. The backing vocals however give a gospel feel to the song which I actually like, not bad overall.

04. Take Me Far - Francesca Borg (Marco Debono & Doris Chetcuti)

Francesca dear, you did your hair! I like it, keep it up.  I also like the dress, quite dashing in white I must say.  The song is also quite powerful and the vocals are also good, the key change is amazing and this song really stands out so far, the backing vocals are good too and look smart in black however I didn't understand all the lyrics.  But really good, I liked this.

05. No Way Back - Klinsmann (Paul Abela, Klinsmann Coleiro & Jonathan C. Spiteri)

New haircut, not bad, quite smartly dressed and the song is more grown up than usual, still I don't feel the power that he is trying to convey with the song.  Quite a good performance though, it is however a bit repetitive, but quite an improvement, good choice.

06. Look At Me Now - Richard Edwards (Jan Van Dijck & Richard Micallef)

Richard lost his ponytail, *sigh* I liked it.  Looking quite smart in his black and white outfit, he delivers quite a strong vocal performance, shaky at first but then it was quite good, I liked it.  I also liked the fact that he had a female pianist, nice touch Richard.

BREAK - Ron and Elaine come back on stage and Elaine's hair is too pulled back in my opinion, she would have looked better if her shoulders and face weren't totally bare since her neckline is quite low, a bit of balance would have done the trick, but she looks quite gorgeous otherwise.

07. Whoop It Up - Annalise Ellul (Elton Zarb & Deo Grech)

Sparkles! Nice moves but vocals and diction, well, if it weren't for the backing vocals I wouldn't really understand anything.  Image well done, the song is catchy, I like it but, Helena Paparizou anyone?  There's nothing wrong with Helena, of course, but it's as repetitive as the lyrics.  Whoop it up ollej!

08. This is the Night - Kurt Calleja (Johann J'amtberg & Kurt Calleja)

Addiction to Facebook to a whole new level, and those pants? Is that leather?  Quite nice blazer and tie though and I like the way the team on stage are dressed, not bad vocally I must say, quite catchy, not bad not bad, could use improvement.

09. DNA – Romina Mamo (Michael James Tanczos & Gerard James Borg)

Nice hair Romina, I actually like it, and I like the James Bond image, reminds me of Morena and Vodka for some reason, nice dancing too, risque, I like it, not really powerful but the vibe is really good.

10. Can’t Get Away - Nadine Bartolo (Philip Vella)

Blue lace dress, well shows your figure but I don't like it, sorry.  The song is quite flat too , not bad vocally but the performance of both Nadine and the backing is too stiff in my opinion.

11. In Your Eyes - Lawrence Gray (Philip Vella & Cher Vella)

Lawrence, dear, you're trying too hard to look younger with that hair.  It's an improvement but I don't like it sorry.  The outfit is really smart though and as usual a very strong vocal performance, deserves a better song to showcase his voice though, could be better but I like it.

12. First Time - Kaya (Gorgi)

Olivia Lewis? Is that you? Excuse my Deja Vu...So, Kaya looks like she's the Queen out of Snow White.  Quite strong vocally and the song is quite good too, nice performance.

BREAK - Elaine is still in her pink gloves.  Why?  I still don't get it.  Ron, however looks really smart, and now I want an iPad.

We're back and the presenters are still in the same clothes, the gloves are growing on me, might get a pair. yeah right.

13. Pure - Claudia Faniello (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)

More sparkles! Claudia hid her assets but she looks stunning in her long silvery dress and the song is nice but desperately needed a key change.  Vocally it's performed quite well but it's too repetitive for me, sorry.

14. Dance Romance - Jessica Muscat (Phillip Vella & Jessica Muscat)

Aluminium foil, crumbled and made in a dress, just add a ribbon on the back and it's cute,  That's what she thought, I think...not sure... Vocals, well it's about the show not the song, that's what she thinks, of course.  I felt sorry for the solitary backing vocalist...forever alone, poor her.

15. Time - Wayne Micallef (Wayne Micallef)

Simplicity works, this is proof.  Maybe a bit too mellow and personal for Eurovision but I like it.  I don't like the blazer, looks weird sitting down, oh he stood up, yes that's better.  He gives a really strong vocal performance and the backing vocals are a bit distracting at times, not bad though, I like it.

16. Autobiography - Dorothy Bezzina (Magnus Kaxe & Gerard James Borg)

Qowoo Qowoo I like how catchy this song is, the dress has an interesting colour, and the backing vocals look really good too, what a voice! Maybe she deserved a better song but it's really cool and the performance was cute an bubbly, I was pleasantly surprised.

17. Petals On A Rose - Gianni Zammit (R. Abrahamsson, A. Aly, N. Numhauser & T. Fenech)

The image is a bit too uniformed for my tastes, they look smart but they look like too much alike in black and white.  The style is quite fresh for Malta, I like it, but it needed to be stronger for me to actually love it.

18. I Will Fight For You - Fabrizio Faniello (J. Beoerham, N. Edberger, R. Uhlmann, W. Fenech)

Fabrizio, are you wearing the same top that Nikki from Azerbaijan was wearing in the beginning of the show? *awkward moment*  On the other hand, quite an energetic performance performance and the song is better than his legacies, the dancing, well it just doesn't fit right? awkward break dancing...but not bad.

BREAK - still with the pink gloves Elaine? Please take them off.

19. While Her Eyes Still Glow - Janice Mangion (Elton Zarb & Rita Pace)

Quite dull colours but nice dress, a bit bland but flattering, doesn't look comfortable though, at least she's not moving.  The hair is nice too and her voice is really strong but the song doesn't do it for me, loved the vibrato at the end, not bad.

20. I Want To Run Away - Eleanor Cassar (Paul Giordimaina & Fleur Balzan)

Don't hate me, but the dancers, well, give them a red mask and we'll do One Life again, same colour scheme too but Eleanor's voice is really strong and I like it over all, the backing vocals are quite pleasant too, but I was expecting a bit more to be honest.

21. Mystifying Eyes - Corazon (Paul Giordimaina & Fleur Balzan)

Corazon looks quite pretty and the song reminds me of I See You from Avatar, which I love by the way, so it's a compliment.  The backing vocals give a gospel feel which creates a mellow, soft and peaceful vibe, she could have stood up a little though, but not bad.

22. You Make Me Go Uh Uh - Deborah C ft. Leila James (David Vervoort & Patrick Reiner)

Forget the vocals, you have two air hostesses going uh uh ah ah, just pretend you're one of the awkward looking dancers in the background and dance, no seriously, this song is catchy, cheesy but catchy.

23. Still Waiting - Anna Azzopardi (Samuel Bugia Garrido & Athanasios Nakos)

I like Anna's hair, I admit it's wild, feisty and all, looks heavy though. The song is a bit repetitive, not bad but her voice can do a little better, the clothes I think I have mixed feelings about...they're not horrible but well, too patchy and there was too much going on for my tastes.

24. Answer With Your Eyes - Amber (Ray Agius & Alfred C Sant)

Amber, are those flamingo feathers on your shoulders? not a bad dress, quite sexy actually, and the hair looks really good!  Her voice is also very good and the backing is also very fitting for the song, quite a forgettable song though.

BREAK - Yeah the gloves are back! No, dear, take them off!

The Show (Part 2)

And we're back! and so are the gloves! I give up.

The Green Room, or the black and grey room, why so serious?

Gianni vs. Ira...Ira anytime.

This part would be really boring without Ron, he's quite funny, not as much as Elaine's gloves but still funny.

Did Jessica's dress really light up during the song? That thing I didn't see...well, Christmas was just two months ago, still in season.  Happy Christmas everyone.

Dear Airport Impressions, when will you compete? Seriously guys, please.

Sinplus, oh you're Italian! that's why I didn't understand the lyrics...We teach English here if you want, se volete noi possiamo insegniarvi l'Inglese, siamo Maltesi, siamo bravi in tutto noi.  And Elaine, after taking off your gloves, stop flirting and asking random questions about chocolate, for all our sakes.

This evening marked the beginning of the first night of the 2012 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest held under the hospice of the Public Broadcasting Services who in the meantime organized it through a series of sponsorship with leading companies in the country. Nevertheless, the show was a huge success with Ron Briffa, Elaine Saliba and Frank Zammit fitting in their roles perfectly, coming up with a script which was just right for the formality of the evening itself. There were twenty-five artists at the beginning of the evening with twenty-four songs but then again, as a new day dawns, there will be only sixteen (16) in contention to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan.

It is important to point out that the evening was attended by the Swiss representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest; Sinplus who sang their entry 'Unbreakable' and also the leading band in Malta at the moment; Airport Impressions who recently headlined and won at the Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards. Something that the Public Broadcasting Services have failed to acknowledge this year is the fact that this will be the 25th act to represent the country at the nationwide event yet no former winners for example were called and this caused some disappointment amongst the fans that expected something.

After the gloves finally thrown away, the list of qualifiers from this evenings show in the order they were revealed are as follows:

01. You are my Life - Janvil

02. Look at Me Now - Richard Edwards

03. Mystifying Eyes - Corazon Mizzi

04. Autobiography - Dorothy Bezzina

05. First Time - Kaya

06. Answer with Your Eyes - Amber

07. Pure - Claudia Faniello

08. In Your Eyes - Lawrence Grey

09. Time - Wayne Micallef

10. You Make Me Go Uh Uh - Deborah C ft. Leila James

11.  Take Me Far - Francesca Borg

12. This Is The Night - Kurt Calleja

13. 7 Days - Danica Muscat

14. Petals on a Rose - Gianni Zammit

15. No Way Back - Klinsmann

16. I Will Fight For You (Papa's Song) - Fabrizio Faniello

The list in itself is quite interesting and some people might regard the fact that there are some surprises which need to be adhered to so to speak. The draw for the final is yet to be announced because it will now be worked upon according to the backing vocals, dancers and so forth in order not to have a respective clash in terms of performances. This evening was a huge success but all eyes will be on Malta tonight or rather, more eyes will be on Sweden since the Melodifestivalen might end up attracting quite a larger audience figure as they have done in recent years.

A press conference was held just after the showcase in which the Chairman of the Public Broadcasting Services being none other than Joe Mizzi announced that the final tomorrow night will be transmitted live through Ictimai Television which is something that will be happening for the very first time in terms of a local television production. Following the annual thanks to those who support the competition along with the presenters of the evening being Ron Briffa and Elaine Saliba, the draw for the running order was conducted in a manner where it is still somewhat undecided as they were in pots and groups once more.

Running Order:

01. In Your Eyes - Lawrence Gray (Philip Vella & Cher Vella)

02. You Make Me Go Uh Uh - Deborah Cft. Leila James (David Vervoort & Patrick Reiner)

03. Autobiography - Dorothy Bezzina (Magnus Kaxe & Gerard James Borg)

04. Petals On A Rose - Gianni Zammit (R. Abrahamsson, A. Aly, N. Numhauser & T. Fenech)

05. Pure - Claudia Faniello (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)

06. Seven Days - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella)

07. I Will Fight For You - Fabrizio Faniello (J. Beoerham, N.Edberger, R.Uhlmann, W.Fenech)

08. Mystifying Eyes - Corazon (Paul Giordimaina & Fleur Balzan)

09. Look At Me Now - Richard Edwards (Jan Van Dijck & Richard Micallef)

10. First Time - Kaya (Gorgi)

11. Answer With Your Eyes - Amber (Ray Agius & Alfred C Sant)

12. Time - Wayne Micallef (Wayne Micallef)

13. This is the Night - Kurt Calleja (Johann J'amtberg & Kurt Calleja)

14. You Are My Life - Janvil (George Platon)

15. No Way Back - Klinsmann (Paul Abela, Klinsmann Coleiro & Jonathan C. Spiteri)

16. Take Me Far - Francesca Borg (Marco Debono & Doris Chetcuti)

I wish all the best to the sixteen finalists and I will be commenting later on tonight! Until later, I wish all the readers goodnight!

Source: TVM

Saturday, 04 February 2012 17:55

Malta Eurovision 2012: The Final - LIVE

The elimination on some singers last night was reported to be quite tough especially some of the marquee names in the local music industry but then again the preparations continued this morning at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre as the finalists comprising of sixteen (16) acts in total took to the stage for a final run through based on a running order as announced by the Public Broadcasting Services. All of the participants are winners to have made it this far passing through two judging phases, one with a studio recording and the other with a live vocal rendition as organized at the studios of the Public Broadcasting Services.

The showcase this evening is set to be hosted by Ron Briffa and Elaine Saliba whilst Frank Zammit will be whisking away his backstage commentary by getting all the acts ready, seeing their reactions as they finish their performance and so forth. The attire will always be intriguing as surely was last night especially from the female host but then again, this evening, everything will be organized on a larger scale. The postcards feature the acts getting acquainted with their new look and so forth as opted by stylist Carina Camilleri whilst the banner shows the title of the track, singer, and the respective songwriters so that promotion is presented well. The streaming for tonight will be either through Television Malta, DI-VE, Eurovision.tv or Ictimai TV.

The Show (Part 1)

Annalise Psaila opens the show with her rendition of 'Melodija ta' Hajti', one of my favourite songs from the television series D.R.E.A.M.S. followed by other members of the cast who perform a medley of the sings from their show.  They give a good performance and I really enjoy the fact that we're hearing songs in Maltese for once, however I'm not sure how they're related to the Eurovision...Quite a poor opening for the festival in my opinion, I like the Glee feel and the colours but anyway let the real show begin!

Yeah! No gloves! Elaine looks amazing in her blue dress and I love how she she makes fun of yesterday's gloves, nice sence of humour, good for you!  Ron also looks smart in black.

The jury is introduced by Keith Demicoli and the order is shown graphically and the songs are introduced, among cheers from the audience.

Running Order:

01. In Your Eyes - Lawrence Gray (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

Lawrence Grey comes on stage, looking smart with better hair hopefully he'll feel better soon!

Shaky at first but he picked up quite quickly and even if he has sometimes given a better vocal performance his voice is still strong giving the song a really good power, the backing vocals are also really really good and I wish I could see more of them, really good beginning, poor Lawrence lost his voice, get well soon and goodluck!

02. You Make Me Go Uh Uh - Deborah C ft. Leila James (David Vervoort / Patrick Reiner)

Deborah C is now on stage, talking about shoes, women and their shoes...

Weird dancing and not really strong vocally but they do look quite good on stage.  I'm also sure I'm not the only one who has been going uh uh ah ah all day, it's as catchy as the tune from an ice cream truck!  There's a lot of jumping around and clapping, and the backing vocals look a bit weird but it was a very energetic show, just dance mate! Good Luck!

03. Autobiography - Dorothy Bezzina (Magnus Kaxe / Gerard James Borg)

Dorothy is on stage looking cute and talking about food, anyone craving pasta? I know I am.

Qowoo Qowoo Wooo, I love this, so cute, fun and bubbly, it should be a summer hit or something, the backing vocals also look really good with their simple and yet really effective dance moves dressed in purple matching the underside of Dorothy stunning outfit.  This girl can sing!  Amazing vocals, maybe a bit repetitive but it's really good and fun! Good Luck!

04. Petals On A Rose - Gianni Zammit (R. Abrahamsson / A. Aly / N. Numhauser / T. Fenech)

Gianni is now on stage looking smart but sounding a bit cheesy with his KISS-fan talk, sounds too rehearsed and acted in my opinion.

All men are too similarly dressed in my opinion, they're smart but come on, only The Bealtes can pull that idea off.  Vocally it's not bad and I like the style, can be more powerful though, liked the mini-solo there too. Woqqow Woqqow, see they all have a catchy phrase, Good Luck!

05. Pure - Claudia Faniello (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)

I love the presenters this year, they're fresh and funny but not overdoing it.  Claudia looks dazzling in her sparkly dress and long wavy hair.

Claudia has a power ballad which in my opinion needs more power, it's good but it lacks something.  She delivers a strong vocal performance but the graphics on the back are both weird and distracting, 20 Claudia faces on stage...well, a bit awkward but I like it, Good Luck!

06. Seven Days - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella)

Danica is now on stage, looking dashing in her little red dress.

Not really strong vocally and the song is a bit too childish in my opinion, it's cute but maybe it's too cute for Eurovision, vocally it's better than yesterday and I feel she's more confident and it shows in her stage presence, the backing vocals look and sound good too, not impressive but quite good.  Good Luck!

07. I Will Fight For You - Fabrizio Faniello (J. Beoerham / N.Edberger / R.Uhlmann / W.Fenech)

Ron cracks me up! and Fabrizio is on stage with his Eldar-inspired-weirdly structured and weirdly coloured top.  Love Elaine's struggling with names, she's really cute.

Oh my, sweat patches on his top...vocally it sounds a bit too strained for my liking but you've got to admire this guy's determination, not bad over all, quite catchy and energetic! Good Luck!

08. Mystifying Eyes - Corazon (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

Corazon shows off her blue outfit for the first time, it looks good and smart.

This song is like a happy lullaby, Disney would be proud.  I love the gospel feel that is given by the backing vocals and Corazon looks really pretty while she smiles and sings, some singers need to look at her and learn.  The graphics are also quite pretty and fit the song really well, Good Luck!

09. Look At Me Now - Richard Edwards (Jan Van Dijck / Richard Micallef)

Richard is on stage looking smart, except the pants man.

I love everything about Richard but this song doesn't do it for me.  He deserves a stronger song in my opinion, I also can't really understand the lyrics, maybe that's why I don't understand the whole 'look at me' thing, vocally he's not bad but after last year I know he can do better, I still like it though, Good Luck!

10. First Time - Kaya (Gorgi)

The queen and her minions are now on stage.  Kaya, wearing her Disney-Olivia Lewis inspired dress gives a strong vocal performance but this song is a bit too static for me, I believe that she could do better.  The Backing vocals sound good but I don't really like their clothes, a bit too masculine, I think, but it was a really good performance, Good Luck!

11. Answer With Your Eyes - Amber (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

Ok Amber, the tick in the eye was a bit disturbing.  Looking quite stunning in her long black dress with pink feathered accents, Amber delivers her song with an Amy Winehouse influence which actually works, The backing give a really nice dimension to the song, it feels goth, gregorian and jazzy at the same time, nice vocals and nice image but the song itself is quite forgettable in my opinion.  Good Luck!

12. Time - Wayne Micallef (Wayne Micallef)

Mellow, soft, charming and simple, I really like this but I feel it's a bit too personal for Eurovision, great vocals though it lack a bit of stage presence before he stands up, a really good performance, a bit bland but I like it! Good Luck!

13. This is the Night - Kurt Calleja (Johann J'amtberg / Kurt Calleja)

I will try that move later, hopefully I won't hit my toe...a bit of a lame comeback with qeeqee and puree but oh well.  So, Kurt looks really smart, except for the pants of course.  Some funny air-kicking-moves but a very energetic performance, the one syllable the girl sings seems out of place, the female drummer however is a nice touch and the vocals of both Kurt and his backing are really good, not bad over all, Good Luck!

14. You Are My Life - Janvil (George Platon)

Janvil, dear, Baku is in Azerbaijan, that is where you want to go, but leave that blazer behind please...So, a different style but you havent changed your dancing and funny arm gestures, seriously they don't fit with the song, it's happy but not that happy, not my thing.  The backing vocal looks a bit weird too, I'm not sure she belongs there, maybe she got there early or was meant to be with Kurt.  The song on the other hand, is quite catchy and I actually like it and it was delivered quite well vocally.  Good Luck!

15. No Way Back - Klinsmann (Paul Abela / Klinsmann Coleiro / Jonathan C. Spiteri)

So this is a theme song for divorce?  I didn't get that feeling yesterday...Anyway, Klinsmann looks really put together in his smart outfit.  Quiete a good feeling overall, feels and looks much more grown up than usual.  Nice vocals too, I like this, not bad not bad.  Good Luck!

16. Take Me Far - Francesca Borg (Marco Debono / Doris Chetcuti)

I've read a lot of prejudiced comments about Francesca, my response? listen to the song before you speak! Her hair looks amazing and she looks really good in her mini white sparkly dress as she's accompanied by three backing vocalists clad elegantly in black.  She's singing with a passion which in my opinion is unprecedented among her contestants.  The key change works perfectly and her vocals are amazing even though I can't really understand all the lyrics, which is a pity.  A really great performance overall.  Good Luck!

The Show (Part 2)

Talking with the contestants, as cheesy as it can be, y'all get a luck charm, you never know who asks what it is.

Glen!!! his blazer reminds me of Amber's dress and his high heels, erm...oh they're all wearing high heels, so it's ok...right? no, that's a No No. Nice song though lalalalalalajj

ANIMAE!!! The best thing that ever happened on our islands, such soul and passion in these people's voices that I just stood up and started singing my heart out, such talent in one place is too much for me to take at once.  Michael would be proud of you guys, give me a sparkly scarf and gospel blue outfit and I'll join you in a heartbeat.  I'm swaying, singing and clapping at the moment so excuse my excitement, these people make me so happy.

Tia Carrere from Relic Hunter is now on stage singing in French, or is that Anggun?  She looks quite good in her mini dress or short skirt, I think, and sky-high boots and she seems to be really enjoying the performance and there's a whistling sound in the background which is really catchy, her vocals are really good too and I really liked this song and she seems to be really friendly and I love how funny Ron is.  Like Shakira, she seems to be a good looking performer with a nobel cause, fighting hunger that is.  Good for you mademoiselle et Bonne Chance!

Running Scared, such a pretty song

New song, sounds like he's singing Gozitan to me, I like it

This is cool and Nikki looks stunning!

And FINALLY may the result come in, oh wait, you have to wait a bit longer apparently...

This is the Night at the top of Televoting!

Turkey's 12 points go to Amber

Pure gets 12 Points from a Maltese Jury

Pure gets another 12 points

Another 12 points go to Claudia, this is getting close

Kurt gets another 12 points making him lead again



Monday, 06 February 2012 15:04

Romania: Rules and Regulations Published

The official rules for this year’s Romanian Selecţia Naţională have just been announced today by the national broadcaster TVR.  Their official website will soon publish their Artists’ Wish list and songwriters are encouraged to participate in this competition by writing an entry for one of the artists mentioned on the list.  February 28th and 29th will then be the days were the pre-selection of entries will take place, while the finalist will be announced online on the 5th of March.

TVR has announced that prospective participant should submit their entry between today and February 23rd which will then initiate the process of verification that the rules have been obeyed and this will then lead the songs to proceed to a short-listing process by a jury of mass-media professionals.  If rules are found not to have been obeyed, the entries will be automatically disqualified.  If the jury considers the artist as not appropriate for the song, they will recommend another artist from the list for the final.  A participation fee of 150 RON (€34.50) is being perceived. The wish list for the Romanian broadcaster has now been published:

  1. Aurelian Temişan
  2. Akcent
  3. Alex Velea
  4. Alexa
  5. Alexandra Stan
  6. Alexandra Ungureanu
  7. Alin Vaduva
  8. Alina Eremia
  9. Annamarie Dancs
  10. Anda Adam
  11. Andra
  12. Andreea Bănică
  13. Antonia
  14. Blaxy Girls
  15. Bogdan Bradu
  16. Cătălin Josan
  17. Claudia Pavel
  18. Connect-R
  19. Costi Ioniţă
  20. Cristian Sanda
  21. Cristina Vasiu
  22. Dalma
  23. Dan Bălan
  24. Delia
  25. Desperado
  26. Direcţia 5
  27. DJ Project
  28. Dya
  29. Edward Maya
  30. Elena Gheorghe
  31. Ellie White
  32. Fly Project
  33. Giulia
  34. Holograf
  35. Horia Brenciu
  36. Hotel FM
  37. Inna
  38. Ionuţ Ungureanu
  39. Irina Popa
  40. Jasmine
  41. Kamelia
  42. Keo
  43. Laurenţiu Cazan
  44. Laurenţiu Duţă
  45. Leo Iorga
  46. Liviu Teodorescu
  47. Lora (Wassabi)
  48. Loredana Groza
  49. Lucia Dumitrescu
  50. Luminiţa Anghel
  51. Mandinga
  52. Marcel Pavel
  53. Maria Radu
  54. Mihai Trăistariu
  55. Miki
  56. Monica Anghel
  57. Mona and Liviu Hodor
  58. Morandi
  59. Natalia Barbu
  60. Nico
  61. Nicola
  62. Noni
  63. Ovi
  64. Pasager
  65. Pasha
  66. Paula Seling
  67. Pepe
  68. Proconsul
  69. Răzvan Krivach
  70. RedBlonde
  71. Silvia Ştefănescu
  72. Simona Nae
  73. Smiley
  74. Ştefan Bănică jr.
  75. Tabasco
  76. Taxi
  77. Tavi Colen
  78. The Marker
  79. Tica Alexe
  80. Tony Tomas
  81. Tara
  82. Voltaj
  83. Vunk
  84. Zero



This will be the fourteenth representative for Romania following Hotel FM who represented the country last year with the song “Change”, placing 17th in the final.  The new Romanian ambassador for Baku will be chosen during a national final on the 10th with the help of public televoting and national jury.


Source: TVR