December 07, 2019

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The song that will represent Serbia was revealed for the very first time this evening by the Serbian representative for Baku, Zeljiko Joksimovic. Joksimovic sang some of his most famous songs as well his representative song from Eurovision Song Contest 2004 ("Lane Moje") and guest performances of the Serbian representative in 2008- Jelena Tomasevic with "Oro", and Hari Mata Hari with "Lejla" (Bosnia Herzegovina 2006) since the songs were composed by Zeljiko himself. He is a renowned musician and choosing him was a step in the right direction.

The Serbian star is well known for his emotional ballades, full of Balkan spirit and folklore. The song that will represent Serbia in Baku is entitled "Synonym", or in Serbian "Nije ljubav stvar" ("love is not real") is a very emotional and beautiful ballad which is very familiar with Zeljko's style. There has been a lot of debate on what language to perform but most likely it seems that RTS, the broadcaster would like to keep it in Serbian for the event. The Ex-Yugoslavian nation will be competing in the second semi-final alongside Malta who will be represented by Kurt Calleja and his song 'This Is The Night'. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: RTS

Belgrade 2008 was the 1st time that San Marino participated in the Eurovision song contest with MioDio and the song "Complice", afterwards, they have participated only once more, in 2011 with a song by Senit entitled "Stand by". Both of the entries reached the bottom of the result sheets, but it seems like the San Marinese are determined to reach the top. They are ready to conquer the competition for the third time, and in fact, San Marino will be choosing their song and their artist internally by the end of this week.

San Marino one of the smallest countries in Europe (61.2km), launched a new national's broadcaster channel, SMTV, which started broadcasting by satellite since June 2011, broadcasting mostly entertainment shows 24 hours a day via Eutelsat’s Hot Bird video neighbourhood and the Eurobird 9A satellite. the viewers can watch the channel on hotbird system by satellite. Last year, the small nation gave Malta the maximum twelve points in the semi-final but this time round in Baku, Azerbaijan, they will be competing in the first semi-final whereas Malta is in the second semi-final. Stay tuned for more updates from Escflashmalta!

Source: Esctoday

The songbird from the Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia chosen internally by the broadcaster, Kaliopi, revealed tonight her song to Baku 2012- "Crno e Belo" ("black and white") in a show that was dedicated especially for her since she was chosen internally by MKRTV. Kaliopi is one of the most famous singers all over the Balkan and known not only in her own country, but also in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina and so on.

She was also one of the guests to perform at the Croatian song presentation about 2 weeks ago. The show was hosted by Kaliopi herself and lasted for one and half hours. the show included live singing by Kaliopi ,as well, entertainment parts that showed the Macedonian culture and Kaliopi's additional talent as an actress. Most of the years, F.Y.R of Macedonia sent ethno Balkan-Pop songs that makes you want to dance, this year, "Crno e Belo" is typical song for Kaliopi, it starts as a quiet ballade by the piano and ends as an emotional rock song, while showing off her phenomenal vocal skills.

Source: MKRTV

Unlike previous years, the Dora this year is going to be a bit different. Instead of having several shows and choosing at the end the representative singer and song, there will be a one night show that will take place in Zagreb, on Saturday, February 18th.

At the show, Nina Badrić will expose the song that she will be singing in Baku 2012. So far, there is no specific information about the song, only that the song is going to be in English. Nina Badrić is a well known and beloved singer all over the Balkans. She tried her luck several times in Dora and finished at 7th place in 1993 with "Ostavljam te" (I leave you), 10th place in 1994 with "Godine nestvarne" (Unreal years), 18th place in 1995 with "Odlazis zauvijek" (You are leaving forever), and 2nd place in 2003 with "Carobno jutro" (Magical morning). This year Nina was chosen internally by HRT,  so now she can make her dream come true and make her country proud of her, by representing Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: HRT