November 12, 2019

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Olivier Vanhoutte

Olivier Vanhoutte

Thursday, 20 September 2012 16:01

Switzerland: Constantinos Christoforou Submits

The German regional broadcaster for Switzerland, SF, most recently kicked off proceedings for the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmo, Sweden. Their online platform has been quite intriguing in the past two years but nevertheless, this time round, it seems that the pattern of submitting songs has not really picked up with only twenty (20) tracks submitted in total up to this point. Nevertheless, there has been a lot of buzz going around the fan community of the esteemed competition with three time Cypriot representative Constantinos Christoforou seemingly entering a track which bears the name I Still Remember.

Constantinos Christoforou first enetered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996, finishing in ninth place with the song Mono Yia Mas before returning in 2002 along with the boyband ONE performing the track Gimme ranking in sixth place. He made one final appearance in 2005 with the song Ela Ela achieving only eighteenth place and the maximum twelve points from Malta following his guest appearance at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest which Chiara had won with her self-penned entry Angel. It is widely known that he is a very big Eurovision fan so, will he do so under the Swiss flag next time? One will have to see of course but nevertheless, we urge readers to have a listen to the song here. Stay tuned for more about the latest updates as soon as they become available.

Source: Eurovision Platform

Thursday, 16 August 2012 09:55

Belgium: A Spotlight Shines on Lisa del Bo

Liefde Is Een Kaartspel is the name of the song that represented Belgium in the 1996 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and the performer of the track was none other than Lisa del Bo who is quite a well known figure in Belgium having released her debut single back in 1991 and continued released music until somewhat 2004 before taking an indefinite break from music or rather releasing new material, focusing on a number of performances around the country. Nevertheless, despite the several appearances, Lisa has not been on radio and television that much in recent years but now things will be changing especially due to the fact that she has changed the management company.

Amongst the new people that she is currently working with a number of new indivduals including none other than producer Patrick Renier who is not completely unknown to the Maltese public having been the composer of the song You Make Me Go (Uh Uh Oh Oh) performed by Deborah C and featuring Leila James which is still very much a huge success in Belgium noting that the track is currently charting on renowned station BayFM. Another leading credential which Renier brings to the table is the fact that he had worked on all of the major successful tracks that Belle Perez released including El Mundo Bailando which was used as a theme song for the show Pjazza produced by Where's Everybody a couple of years back.

The new track that Lisa del Bo is currently promoting bears the name Hemelhoog and could be translated into Skyhigh. The composer of the track is as mentioned before none other than Patrick Renier whilst the lyricist is Sabien Tiels, a former participant of the Belgian national final back in 1996, the same year where she was beaten by Lisa. The single is a really uplifting track and the reviews have been somewhat glowing. She is being booked all over the country to perform the song and therefore, it seems that her comeback is working wonders. There is also huge support in the weeks to come noting that digital broadcaster Anne has picked up on the track and will be using it as a theme song for some of their shows and adverts in the coming weeks. You can hear the track just below and let us know what you think. had the pleasure of watching Lisa perform live in the past couple of days and indeed, can vouch that she is indeed still remarkable. She is performing several songs from her repertoire as she kicks off the second leg of her career but then again, she would like to show that this is indeed a brand new chapter for her as an artist if the contacts that are made throughout the competition are then used to great effect of course. It also shows that despite the result that one achieves in the Eurovision Song Contest, it can still prove to be a successful platform in general. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news with regards to artists who have represented their country in the esteemed music event.

Source:, Lisa del Bo Official Facebook

There are several elements which prove the point that the Eurovision Song Contest is very much an individual type of competition noting that singers from a number of countries from the European Continent would ultimately be hoping to surpass others but there are a number of contacts made which are normally used after the event comes to an end so that music careers can continue to evolve and flourish. Alexander Rybak has been one of the most popular names in the Scandinavian music industry since winning for Norway with the song Fairytale a couple of years back but nevertheless, the second runner-up finish for Paula Seling alongside Ovi with the song Playing With Fire continued her epic rise to fame status in Romania and surrounding countries. They have most recently worked on a brand new track and they will be promoting it along with their solo work during a special visit in Belgium.

The event which they have been invited to perform in is none other than the 2012 edition of the Antwerp Pride on Sunday 12th August but it has to be noted that they will not be the only Eurostars on show during the event especially due to the fact that the organizers have also been in touch with none other than Kate Ryan who represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006 with the song Je t'Adore as well as Nicole & Hugo who had done the honours for the Benelux country way back in 1973 with the extremely iconic Baby, Baby. It is expected that Alexander and Paula will be performing their recent duet I'll Show You which was also written by the Norwegian singer/songwriter. We urge you to stay tuned into for all of the latest news about these Eurostars noting that they are succeeding on several fronts in Europe with their respective music releases.


Thursday, 01 March 2012 16:59

Sweden: Duels for 'Andra Chansen' Drawn Up

One of the most anticipated national selections each and every year has been the one held in Sweden and this is due to the fact that they tend to organize it in a very formidable way. The level in this years' competition has been noted to be slightly less enthusiastic than it has been in recent years but some tracks clearly stood out from the rest and made an impact by getting the votes from the public. Some of the choices are unconventional but the Eurovision Song Contest has presented many interesting songs in the past.

Late in the afternoon, TVR, the Romanian broadcaster responsible for the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest held the draw for the running order to the national final set to take place on the 10th March 2012. The show will be consisting of two parts in order to divide it well. The final decision on which artist and song will be representing Romania at the musical extravaganza will be made through an equal division between an appointed jury and televoting. All of the songs can now be heard through the official website of the selection process which will lead to a specifically open channel on viral website Youtube where full version clips have been uploaded.

Part 1

1) Catalin Josan - Call my name (Keo, Raflo, Bogdan Muresan, James Alexander)

2) Ana Mardare - If you find simple words to say (Tudy Zaharescu, Ana Mardare)

3) Viky Red - If you ever feel (Victor, Silviu, Craciun, Constantin, Razvan, Toma)

4) RPK - Singura care (Zmau Laurentiu Nicolae, Karoly, Mihai, Mihail, Augustin)

5) Lucian Oros - The best a man can get (Mats Tarnfors, Gerard James Borg, Oros)

6) Raluca Ocneanu - Time is on my side (Mihai Alexandru)

7) Electric Fence - Sun-ta (Antemir, Indre, Elena, David, Sandu)


Part 2

1) Ovidiu Anton - I walk alone (Ovidiu Anton)

2) Miss Mary - Rollin' (George, Bogdan Florin, Loredana, Paul, Maria Alexandra)

3) Mandinga - Zaleilah (Costi Ionita, Ionescu Elena, Secada Dihigo Omar)

4) T&L - Twilight (Bianca Purcarea, Karl Broderick, Ziga Pirnat, Andraz Gliha)

5) Ioana Bianca Anuta - Girls don't cry (Ioana Bianca Anuta, Gerard James Borg)

6) Tasha - Say my name (Mustiuc Sebastian Vlad, Stanca Andrei, Cristescu Costin Claudiu)

7) Bianca Purcarea - Don't say sorry (Marc Paelinck, Bianca Purcarea)

8) Ana Mardare - This must be love (Zaharescu, Poglajen, Down, Gladnikoff, Mardare)

The national selection will be presented live through TVR1, TVRHD and TVR International at around 20:00 CET but it is highly expected that the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest will also be showing the event live. We would like to wish all of the acts, the very best of luck with the competition but a special one to people who are locally related to the competition in the form of Gerard James Borg who wrote five of the entries that represented Malta since the millennium as well as Belgian composer Marc Paelinck who wrote 'What If We' for Chiara in 2009 along with producing 'Angel' in 2005. This should be quite the interesting showcase, stay tuned for more news on ESCflashmalta.

Source: TVR

The entry of the host country of the 2012 Eurovision, Azerbaijan will be revealed within the next two weeks. This has been revealed through the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest, Sabina Babayeva won the National Final in Azerbaijan on 12th February during a tv-show where our own Kurt Calleja was one of the guest performers. From then on the search for the perfect song for Sabina started and it seems this selection is coming into its final phase.

Obviously the announcement doesn’t come as a big surprise as in two weeks time all Head of delegations will be meeting in Baku to submit the different Eurovision entries. So this means that also by then the host country needs to announce officially their entry for the 2012 Eurovision. In the meanwhile, a video was released on Sabine where she talks about the international spectacle and about the city of Baku, the host city for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest can be seen through the official channel of the competition on the viral website Youtube. Stay tuned for more information about Azerbaijan and all of the other competing countries on ESCflashmalta.


Thursday, 08 March 2012 21:06

San Marino: Entry Revelation on Wednesday

The Preparations for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest are well and truly underway at this current stage. Earlier today, it was revealed through the official website of the event that that the entry of San Marino for the 2012 edition of the renowned competition is set to take place on the 14th March in a press conference which will be featuring a number of interesting events. The broadcaster, SMRTV decided on both the artist and the song internally.

It will be an event that will be aired at noon. The revelation will be made but the song and the video will not be made public for another two days noting that on the 16th March 2012, they will be airing a special programme at around 21:40 CET in which journalists can ask questions to the artist and also view the video for the chosen entry. This showcase will be webcast through the official website of the San Marinese broadcaster and the Eurovision Song Contest.

This will be the third participation for San Marino have been represented by 'Complice' and Miodio in 2008 and then by Senit and her song 'Stand By' last year. They have tried Italian and English but will it be a mixture this time round. This year, they will be in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the small micro-state and the event in general.

Source: SMRTV,

Saturday, 10 March 2012 08:39

Serbia: Zeljko to present song this Evening

Tonight RTS is having a special show called Evropska Pesma (European Song) where it will present the Serbian entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The singer who was selected internally by Serbian broadcaster is no less than Zeljko Joksimovic. Back in 2004 he ended second in Eurovision with Lane Moje representing then Serbia & Montenegro. Two years later he was the composer of Leila, the entry from Bosnia & Herzegovina performed by Hari Mati Hari ending in third place.

In 2008 Zeljko was the host for the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade alongside Jovana Jankovic, with whom he recently married. However the singer composed also Jelena tomasevic entry ‘Oro’, ending in sixth place. Zeljko will present his song for Baku but it is up till now a secret what the style will be. The singer will be joined by the RTS Symphonic Orchestra who will present new arrangements of many of his hit-songs. Guests will be Jelena Tomasevic, Bora Dugic, Ivan Bosiljcic, Hari Mata Hari as well as Halid Beslic. The song presentation can be watched through the RTS webcast but also through which is the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest. The show is expected to start at 9pm CET. Serbia will take part in the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Malta on 24th May 2012.

Source: RTS

Sunday, 11 March 2012 23:00

Moldova: Pasha Parfeny Garners Victory

Tonight TRM, Moldovan National broadcaster held its National Final in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The show was quite a nice to watch to and moved at a very good speed, something which has not been the case in the past. Overall there was a quite a good variety of songs to chose from with a number of genres represented during the evening. The final choice for the nation meaning, the representative for Baku, Azerbaijan was decided through a 50% Tele-Voting and a 50% Jury selection. The interval was somewhat too much prolonged in my opinion but then again, it was the choice of the broadcaster, TRM who for the future has to make sure that the local acts are not given that much attention in terms of time.

At the end of the evening, despite the fact that there was a strong line-up, the decision was made and Pasha Parfeny won the right to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest. This will be Moldova's eight time at the event. Pasha is not new to the music scene as he has been within the Golden Stag in the past, actually in 2009 alongside Maltese singers; Glen Vella and Claudia Faniello. The song that he will be performing in Baku is entitled 'Launar'. The choice from the Eastern nation means that another song from the first semi-final has now been selected for the competition. It has been quite an interesting ride which we would like to keep you posted on here at as we continue seeing the selections and the choices from across Europe before heading to Azerbaijan.

Source: TRM

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Valentina Monetta will be representing the micro-state of San Marino and this evening, it was announced that the song that she will be performing is entitled 'Facebook' written by Jose Rodriguez, Timothy Touchton and Ralph Siegel, the latter of which was responsible for the winning entry of the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest known as 'Ein Bisschen Frieden' performed by Nicole. This is not the first time that this performer has actually tired rto represent San Marino in the past noting that she submitted her interest back in 2008 with the track bearing the name “Se Non Ci Sei Tu“, but Miodio with the song 'Complice' were selected.

The song that she will be presenting in Baku, Azerbaijan has already received a lot of criticism from the fans of the music showcase due to the fact that it speaks about something which can be coined to be commercial. 'Facebook' is one of the most popular social networking websites at the moment and it will be quite interesting to see how such a song will be received. The singer herself spoke to the media, or rather to presenter Carmen Lasorella as did Ralph Siegel who spoke about the track in general explaining the meaning behind it. San Marino will be competing in the first semi-final of this years' Eurovision Song Contest so stay tuned to for more information in the coming days and weeks.

Source: SMTV

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