December 15, 2019

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Philippa Zammit

Philippa Zammit

It has become customary for the editorial board to engage professional individuals from the music industry to assess the songs competing in the Eurovision Song Contest as presented to the European Broadcasting Union during the Heads of Delegation Meeting. Greig Watts, Joseph Zammit, Sharon Vaughn and John Scott from the United Kingdom, Malta, Sweden and the United States have been entrusted with the second semi-final, comprising of sixteen songs and set to take place on the 8th May 2014 at the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen, Denmark. Making use of the running order and moving onto number #13, we catch up with Greece (NERIT) who will be represented by Freaky Fortune featuring RiskyKidd with the song Rise Up written by Freaky Fortune and RiskyKidd.

Freaky Fortune are Nikolas Raptakis and Theofilos Pouzbouris. Both 23 years old, both studied music since their early years. Theofilos plays the guitar and piano and owns a degree on theoretical music studies and music history, while Nikolas still takes vocal coaching lessons in the National Greek School of Music and composes with Theofilos all their songs. Their breakthrough in the global Internet community was a cover on the Perez Hilton's cover competition. Freaky Fortune Part Of Me (Katy Perry cover) was announced as a brilliant work by the Greek duo and the most "deadly" blogger on earth, Perez Hilton launched their fame across the music industry.

After their first success, in 2011, Freaky Fortune released three top-chart singles with top Greek artists. RiskyKidd is a 19 years old rapper, born and raised in London, by his Jamaican mother and German father. His actual name is Shane Schuller. As growing up in a multicultural environment with many and different music influences and experimental beats, RiskyKidd developed, since his high school years, his unique way of expressing in music, lyrics and rap. The past four years he is a Greek resident and his name got well known after his co-operation with Playmen and Helena Paparizou (Greek Eurovision Winner 2005) in the international hit All Time.

Freaky Fortune and RiskyKidd teamed up when Rise Up was still on the composing process. Their creative combination heightened the outcome and Rise Up was born! Freaky Fortune, Theofilos and Nikolas, both composed and wrote the lyrics in Rise Up and RiskyKidd wrote the rap parts. Rise Up is filled up with youth’s energy and the Greek participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is full of positive energy. The urge to rise up above all difficulties and jump out of what keeps us down, the need to pass all over Europe the Greek spirit of never giving up, is all over this dance song!

Greece, one of the most successful countries to partake in the Eurovision Song Contest since the millennium with one victory, coming back in 2005 at the hands of Helena Paparizou and the song My Number One, and a series of top ten results, which was officially ended back in 2012 as Eleftheria Eleftheriou performed the song Aphrodisiac which accumulated sixty-four points to finish in a disappointing seventeenth place. Since then though, Greece have returned to their top ten form, with Koza Mostra managing a sixth place result in Malmo, Sweden.

Professional Critics Voice their Opinion

Rating: 64%

Greig Watts: Interesting old feeling start, and boom into a dance record! Builds nicely, so chorus????? Oh it’s a riff, bit disappointed, but its memorable, so lets go with it, actually enjoying its party feel, sure this one will qualify, although has Greek done enough to appeal to its traditional voters. Can definitely hear this song in the charts, and it’s a modernish song full of hooks rather than the verse, bridge, chorus format., I wish it exploded a bit more, but good potential.

Joseph Zammit: And there goes my good mood. If Greece's plan this year was to put up a Summer hit to be constantly played in the clubs throughout the whole season, they certainly achieved their goal with this song, and believe you me, they went all out. This song has all the ingredients to create a long lasting dance song to be played at beach parties as inebriated teenagers dance wildly and throw up all over the place. Its got the upbeat, the baseline, a high pitched whistle and the ever essential repetitive horn tune.

Personally it is not my taste, however, I know that I'll be hearing a lot more of this song, so part of me feels I'd better grow to like it, at least a bit, or otherwise it'll haunt me throughout summer. God knows it's going to take a while for that tune to get out of my head now.

Sharon Vaughn: This must be a big hit in Greek dance clubs already.

John Scott: Very catchy. Not as unique as some entries, but the hook stays in your head. 


Valletta Dramatic Company's 8th edition of the impulsive 'Kantapoli' concert will be held at the Catholic institute in Floriana on Saturday 30th November and Suday 1st December. It is to be hosted and directed by renowned television personality, George Micallef.

Performing some of the best Neapolitan songs in this edition are last year's participants Joseph Aquilina, Laura Bruno and Angele Cristina. Also joining the line-up this year are none other than; Debbie Scerri and Ludwig Galea, who both represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest. These talented artists will once again be accompanies by a great 24 piece orchestra under the direction of Mrs Arcibald Mizzi. Booking is open at the Catholic Institute Theatre. For more information please visit the official website or call on 21234555 / 99429447

Source: Press Release (Frederick Zammit)

Strummin is an annnual musical event which aims to showcase young people's talents whilst working for a good cause. The event's mission is to help young workers grow and overcome everyday problems by finding just solutions. Some of this years' line-up include none other than Rachael Tedesco Triccas, a television actress with a stunning background in musical theatre and former Malta Eurovision Song Contest participant Ryan Grech.

In the past, the idea was to have a concert with a choir of guitarists strumming to popular songs whilst raising funds for a good cause. Since the first event, the guitarists still remains the main focus of the concert, however, each year the concert strives to improve its strandard and promote young talents more and more each year. Even though the concert always aims to prepare a professional event, nevertheless it ensures that participants are enjoying themselves while preparing for it.

Every year, new guitarists, singers, band members are welcome to join this event. Past notable performers include Dana McKeon and former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Gianluca Bezzina. The project relies on money received through donations, sponsors and ticket sales. This year, this edition will be held on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta at 8.00pm.

Tickets are on sale from or ticket hotline 79244418. As always, the proceeds from the tickets sales will be donated to a worthy cause and Strummin' has teamed up with Hospice Malta for the 12th edition of the concert. We urge you to stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Press Release

The Earth Garden 3-day festival will this year be returning on Friday 31st May till Sunday 2nd June after last year’s break. The 6th edition of this festival will be taking place at Ta’ Qali national park, as in previous times. This festival , which has been described as ‘the local green finger festival’, uses Arts, Music and Culture as means of holistically showing an interest in the state of the environment. Attracting locals and foreigners alike, the Earth Garden Festival has increased in popularity since the first edition and is now more abundant in terms of attendance, artists’ participation, performers, organisation and production. In fact, the first weekend of June has now been marked permanently on the national cultural calendar as the Earth Garden Festival weekend.

The theme for this year’s festival, in collaboration with the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, is ‘every breath we take’. This EU slogan relates to air quality and intends to bring awareness to an issue which affects a healthy environment. Earth Garden will consist of 2 main area: The Greek Theatre Main Stage and the Open Village which includes The Roots Stage, The Electronic Sphere, Camping Area, The Remissa Chill-out Corner, the Why Not?Jamming Area, The Arts Area, Ethnic Market and the Kid’s Area. There will be an entrance fee of 5EU for the Open Village, which will be valid for the whole weekend, while the fee for every show held at the Greek Theatre Main Stage will be 15EU (children under 15 FREE).

The festival will kick off on Friday at the Open Village at the Roots Stage, with a party hosted by ‘Juuls’. Together with this reggae vibe, internationally successful local band Mana Tapu will also be performing. Also on the night, Espionage will be hosting the Electronic Sphere. In the meantime, a Pink Floyd tribute show will take place at the Greek Theatre. Malta Music Awards winners Tribali will be performing at the Greek Theatre on Saturday 1st June. The band is expected to carry out a spectacular show which will leave the audience wanting more.  16 other acts, featuring Spanish, Latin rhythmic bands,  will be performing on The Roots Stage while the Electronic Sphere will feature world’s known German  Boom Shankar and some other locally outstanding acts such as Duncan F, Rod Minus and more.

On Sunday, the closing day of the festival, YADA will put up a dance show named ‘The Summer of Love Woodstock Edition’ which is directed and produced by Felix Busutil. UK’s  girl band and ‘frontrunners of the new British acoustic scene’ Moulettes will be taking over The Roots Stage in the Open Village that afternoon together Manu Tapu, The Creepers, the Busker, Zalza Kukkanja,  Irie Flo and locally renowned indie band Stalko. Perpendicular has once again been invited to close off the Earth Garden Weekender at the Electronic Sphere.  Perpendicular’s new guest Danjeli will be Opening the afternoon to a more chilled vibe and the Perpendicular boys Carl Lautier, Nicky SLiM & MATO will follow, showcasing different genres throughout the day and night. 

The Remissa Corner: This is the new corner where one can simply chill and relax in a laid-back ambience. This captivating environment will be accompanied by different music selections and live acts such as ‘Bibita’ .

The Why Not? Jamming Area: This is a space where all music and all art forms are explored and enjoyed. It is the area where it ‘all started’ and where artists get to express themselves. 

Ethnic Market: This consists of vendors displaying an abundance of ethnic items such as paintings and sculptures.  The Ethnic Market offers much more to the visitors than the chance to stock up on beautiful ethnic items. The Holistic Section, located within the market itself, will give the visitors a peaceful heaven to sit down and relax. Workshops, NGOs and educational stands will be present in this section.

This festival that voices care for the environment through Arts, Music and Culture in a holistic way should definitely not be missed! In the meantime, it is important to note the main sponsors for this years' event, these being; FCM BANK, the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Cisk Export Premium Lager, V18, Vamp and Bay Radio. Stay tuned to for more news about such local events.

Source: Press Release

After last year’s concert was proven to be a great success, a group of young adults within St.Pauls’s Band club of Safi shall be once again organising this concert. One of the main organisers, Joseph Barber, willl be the presenter on the night. It shall include different singers to last year’s show, but will none the less consist of some of Malta’s greatest talent, with the most anticipated participant being Gianluca Bezzina. 

This concert will be embellished with amazing voices which are familiar, particularly to viewers of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Four main vocalists will be headlining the event this time round. Danica Muscat, a two time Malta Eurovision Song Contest participant, mainly known for her participation in the television programme, Io Canto on Canale 5. Glen Vella, who represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2011 with the track One Life composed by Paul Giordimaina and penned by Fleur Balzan. Amber, second runner-up in last years' national selection with Answer With Your Eyes composed by the same team behind Glen's entry. The surprise guest of the show is surely Federika Falzon, winner of a competition in Sanremo along with the Zodiac Dancers who will provide further entertainment away from a vocal stand point.

This years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest saw an artist rise to the occasion with Gianluca coming out as the winner with Tomorrow co-written by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat. Next month, Gianluca will be represent Malta in Sweden but prior to that he will make a special appearance at this event in particular. The concert will be divided into two sections, where in each section every singer will sing their three most successful tracks. This two hour long, taking place at the Safi Primary School on Friday 19th April, 2013 will begin at 8.30pm. Tickets can be obtained from Safi’s St. Paul’s Band Club or Local Council at the price of 8EU. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Press Release

Saturday, 02 March 2013 19:00

Hungary: A Dal 2013 - LIVE

Hungary is one of the participating countries in the Eurovision Song Contest whose appearances have been quite sporadic with this years' entry set to mark a milestone in being the third consecutive entry without any breaks necessary. A Dal, the selection process established last year returns for another outing with three preselections heats and two semi-finals leading to the selection of eight entries, all of which will be hoping to become the eleventh entry of the Eastern nation. Whoever is chosen has somewhat large shoes to fill noting that for the past two years, this is a nation which has managed to qualify to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, albeit finishing in a mid-table and a lower-end position. Magyar Television (MTV) is putting a lot of effort into the participation and this will be seen in this evenings' grand final.

The jury will be quite pivotal this evening noting that following a first round of performances, they will be selecting the top four entries in their respective opinion and therefore, this brings down the field by half considering that there are eight entries in contention this evening. When the super-finalists are selected, the public will be the ones to make the final decision. This mixture of public and jury voting has somewhat worked in the past and has rarely been touched due to the fact that there is a consensus in realistic terms. Gábor Gundel-Takács and Éva Novodomszky will be taking on the main role as hosts this evening with Márton Buda interviewing the artists backstage. Amongst the members of the jury there are Magdi Ruzsa from 2007, Viktor Takonczai from 1997 and Csaba Walkó, lead singer of the group Compact Disco who took to the stage in 2012. The show will be shown on the Official Eurovision Website.

The Show (Part 1)

An opening sequence depicting this evenings' contenders is currently shown on screen to introduce the final of A Dal with the background music being The Sound of Our Hearts. A huge set up and it seems that this will be quite the formal evening with our female host wearing a stunning lilac dress complemented by the male who is wearing a stunning tuxedo. Once more, the broadcaster is really promoting the artists competing this evening as they are invited onto the stage in the running order sequence. Well, it seems that the introduction is going to be relatively long but we'll be hanging on to follow all of the proceedings as they unfold on MTV. It seems that we've got some commentary going on between the front and the backstage and whoa, that is one big cake with the logo of the selection!

Running Order

Tamás Vastag - Holnaptól

Vastag Tamas takes the stage all alone in the setting mimicking a street bench as the song progresses he is joined by four backing vocalists, males and females as he moves to centre stage. He is perfectly in tune throughout the song. The song picks up a more interesting pace towards the climax as all five voices together create a heavenly sound. This was definitely a good start to the show with a great song, amazing vocals and a cute singer.

Ildikó Keresztes - Nem akarok többé játszani

The song is introduces by a piano player on a grand piano. Ildikó Keresztes's voice soon enters into the mix, as do the rest of the band and backing vocalists. The song has a classical vibe, with the use of instruments such as a cello and violin. As the song progresses more attention is given to the singer's powerful voice. The emotion in the song builds up, and ends at a high point.

András Kállay Saunders - My baby

The song begins with a cheerful tune, accompanied by a number of backing singers, a cello, clapping, and András Kállay Saunders himself. The setting of the stage consists of a red, black and white colour scheme and flashing hearts. The singer as well as the accompanying group are very charismatic and show amazing chemistry between them. The song is very catchy and, together with the performance, puts a smile on the watcher's face. The song makes one want to sing and dance along with the performers. This song definitely has a chance of being the song that will lead Hungary to Malmo.

Gigi Radics - Úgy fáj

This is the second classical style song of the night.  Gigi Radics is accompanied my a grand piano and cello, but the song has a more modern vibe due to the beat provided by a set of drums. Also on stage are two backing vocalists. Gigi's voice has a sweet quality complimenting her looks. She is dressed elegantly in a floor length black gown, while her long tresses are blowing in the wind. Her voice is very powerful but she maybe seems to be trying a bit too hard to impress us with it. 

Gergő Rácz - Csak állj mellém

Gergő Rácz opens the song singing whilst playing a guitar. As the song picks up he lets go of his guitar, takes centre stage and is joined by 4 backing vocalists. This song is an easy listener with a poppy vibe. It is pleasant but probably not powerful enough to be the song to represent hungary. Overall the performance was well coordinated and Gergo's good looks might win him some extra points.

Szilvi Agárdi & Dénes Pál - Szíveddel láss

Szilvi Agárdi & Dénes Pál are the first singing duo of the night. The song begins with a very monotonous tone. Denes begins singing, and is joined by Szilvi. They are colour coordinated in monochrome. Four backing vocalist compliment their voices. The singers have chemistry between them, though the performance is quite static, maybe because of Szilvi's visual disability. The song did reach an emotional climax but in comparison with the good songs we have heard so far tonight, it has little potential to be the winner.

Laura Cserpes - Élj pont úgy

 Laura Cserpes opens the song with herself and her voice at centre stage. She is the focal point, with an angelic look consisting of a white gown and blonde curly locks. Her 4 backing vocalists compliment her look in white. The song has a heavenly, angelic vibe which is increased by the video graphics consisting of many visuals of the singer herself and bubble like graphics. This is the first ballad of the night which was sung perfectly. Laura's super in-tune voice lent  perfection to the song, with its magical quality. 

ByeAlex - Kedvesem

The song is opened by a singer and a guitarist. The pair have an indie look, consisting of nerd-look glasses, skinny jeans, a mo-hawk and a beanie. The song is simple but has a pleasant ring to it. The setting compliments the playful element of the song, with artsy cartoon graphics. The singer's good vocals were complimented by a backing vocalist. The song did not really have a powerful climax but was however, pleasant throughout. Even though the song is not a typical Eurovision song, it could possibly be successful in the local charts. 

The Show (Part 2)

All of the performances from this evening have just come to an end and now both the jury and the public will be selecting the top four songs, the ones which made an impact and will be given the chance to compete for the role of the Hungarian representative at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The jury are very attentive at the moment as they cast their votes in this evenings' edition of A Dal. They have to select wisely because they do not have a vote in the super-final. András Kállay Saunders won the judges vote, closely followed by Gigi Radics. The other two finalists are ByeAlex and Tamás Vastag. Live entertainment is taking place while the public is casting its vote with Compact Disco taking to the stage with last years' entry Sound of Our Hearts.


ByeAlex - Kedvesem

Gigi Radics - Úgy fáj

András Kállay Saunders - My baby

Tamás Vastag - Holnaptól

Saturday, 26 January 2013 19:45

Iceland: Three More Qualifiers and a Wildcard

RUV, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest has been taking the competition very seriously in recent years and this has shown in consistent qualifications. Following the success achieved by Yohanna and her entry Is It True? The country has never looked back and with an increasing amount of submissions received this time round, the panel of internal judges as picked by the broadcaster is finding it more difficult to select which tracks should make it to the live stage. This evenings’ second semi-final will follow where last night left off in terms of song quality and will be hoping that the three qualifiers chosen by the public will ultimately be worth their place. Due to the fact that the entries are all in Icelandic, it is expected that the winning entry will be translated to English for international recognition.

RUV, the broadcaster has somewhat decided to change the hosts this time round maybe believing that after four years, some individuals needed to be given a chance considering the high viewing figures and has tipped Guðrún Dís Emilsdóttir and Þórhallur Gunnarsson. There were no real surprises last night, except maybe for Yohanna who had represent the country in 2009 with the track Is It True? Her entry was not as strong this time round and it showed when it came to public perception. Diversity is the key for success in any selection process and there are several genres represented albeit being on a slower path than somewhat expected. The second semi-final could be followed by the international audience through the official website at around 21:00 CET. Three entries will make it through to the next stage of the competition, with the possibility of an additional wildcard from any semi-final to be decided in due course.
Augnablik - Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir 
Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir Iceland: Second semi finalists (Photo: RÚV)
Closed the night with a more traditional song. This may attract the older crowds. The voice is quite powerful, especially at the climax of the song, but the singer herself lacks stage presence and is quite stiff throughout. Lights on the stage created an atmosphere which complemented the music.
Ég Syng! - Unnur Eggertsdóttir
Unnur Eggertsdóttir Iceland: Second semi finalists (Photo: RÚV)
Unnur Eggertsdottir's performance is the most lively of the night so far, and the first to include dancers. Together with her backing vocalists and dancers, life was brought to the stage. The performance lacked the maturity that other contenders possess but the upbeat melody may win over the younger crowd.
Skuggamynd - Klara Ósk Elíasdóttir
Klara Ósk Elíasdóttir Iceland: Second semi finalists (Photo: RÚV)
Klara Ósk Elíasdóttir took on the stage solo accompanied by 4 backing vocalists. Here live performance included an extravagant outfit with a train that almost covered the stage. The rhythm of the song was  reflected by the wind movement of the train. The vocals were quite good indeed but nevertheless, this needed a little bit more of a strong point for it to stand out more, nevertheless, a good entry.
Stund Með þér - Sylvía Erla Scheving
Sylvía Erla Scheving Iceland: Second semi finalists (Photo: RÚV)
Sylvia Erla Scheving  began the performance quietly but as the song reached a climax, she was joined by 5 backing vocalists. These were necessary since her voice lacked power. Her bright red outfit attempted to bring more live to the performance but it's effect wasn't felt.
Til þín - Jógvan Hansen and Stefanía Svavarsdóttir
Jógvan Hansen and Stefanía Svavarsdóttir Iceland: Second semi finalists (Photo: RÚV)
Jogvan Hansen and Stefania Svavarsdottir performed their powerful duet. Their vocals blended in together perfectly due to their amazing chemistry. They were wearing colour coordinated outfits consisting of black and blue colours. This duo is very very likable to win since load roars were heard from the audience at the end of the song.
Vinátta - Haraldur Reynisson
Haraldur Reynisson Iceland: Second semi finalists (Photo: RÚV)
Haraldur Reynisson takes the stage accompnied by his acoustic guitar and two female vocalists. The performance has an intimate and seductive feel with a candlelit stage. It is not your typical Eurovision song but has a soothing and mellow ring to it. Regardless of this, the song lacks that winning element that a song requires in such a contest.
The Show (Part 2)

The selection process of the showcase has just come to an end and therefore, the tele-voting has just begun in Denmark as three entries will be selected this evening to join the songs that had garnered a pass to the final last night. Amongst the contenders there is none other than the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest representative, Birgitta who is hoping to succeed in her comeback bid. A recap of this evenings' entries has just been shown on screen. The show progresses with backstage interviews. Discussions about the performances follow. Iceland really know how to prolong their semi-finals to be honest, with some meaningless discussion which international viewers cannot enjoy. whilst the votes are being assorted, a band has taken the stage to keep the audience entertained whilst the eagerly await the announcement of the qualifiers.
  • Til þín - Jógvan Hansen and Stefanía Svavarsdóttir
  • Vinátta - Haraldur Reynisson
  • Ég Syng! - Unnur Eggertsdóttir
  • Ekki líta undan - Magni Ásgeirsson
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 16:25

Malta: La Voix Academy Succeeds Internationally

Gillian Attard, has worked her way to become known in the industry noting that her most popular tracks include Xi Darba Min Jaf and Quddiem L-Inkwatru tal-Madonna. She denotes that the industry has been quite kind to her especially in local competitions where despite her sporadic appearances, she has always done well. Starting a family of her own has given her the mindset to work with children, a host of talented ones which could ultimately become some of the best talent the country could offer. The editorial board of has been in contact with La Voix Academy and learned some intriguing details about what is set to happen in the near future.


It is a known fact that it is hard for a Maltese artist to break out in the music industry internationally. Even though Maltese talent has been here for a while, it is now gaining greater exposure outside our shores. This time, it is thanks to La Voix Academy. Various Maltese singers who are a part of this academy will be showcasing their talent at the internationally renowned Italian festivals of Sanremo, which will be aired on fifty television stations all around the world between the 12th and the 16th February 2013. The first contestant to be given the good news was 18 year old Kelly Rotin who will be representing our country with an original song ‘Non mi Arrenderó’ which was composed by none other than La Voix’s own director Gillian Attard, together with Dominic Cini and R Pace. 

Apart from Kelly Rotin, other students from La Voix Academy have also been selected to take part in Italy’s esteemed festivals of Sanremo. These are Veronica Rotin, Federica Falzon, Kelsey Frrugia, Kylie Meliak, Kym Abela, Casey Schembri, Jasmar Cassar, Jean Claude Azzopardi and Clive Gauci. While representing their vocal academy, these talented singers will be showcasing Malta’s amazing talent at an international level. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about the local music scene as well as the younger generation which is seemingly becoming more intact with the foreign music industry as a relatively young age.

Source: Press Release

Greta Salóme, a 26-year-old Icelandic singer and violinist, is an up-and-coming artist with a classical background. She was first put into the spotlight when representing her country in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Her entry was a duet with Jónsi entitled Never Forget. This song made it to the Final on the prestigious event, reaching 20th place with forty six points in total despite being a fan favourite, ultimately winning an accolade for best group at the 2012 edition of the ESC Radio Awards. It is highly noticeable that she has raw talent, which she uses intelligently to produce pop music with a classical vibe.

The exposure Greta Salóme gained in the Eurovision Song Contest landed her a record deal which would allow her to release the album that she had already been working on for two years. Greta has just recently released this debut album In The Silence, which she began round around the time when starting her Master’s degree at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in early 2010. The album, produced by Þorvaldur Bjarn, is packed with emotion. Greta admits to being very proud of her album, saying that it combines joy and sorrow, and contradictions. The Eurovision song Never Forget, which earned Greta’s recognition, is part of the album together with the Icelandic version. The mysterious and powerful sound of this album gives the listener an amazing and unique experience and showcases Greta Salóme’s fascinating talent in combining classical with contemporary music. Stay tuned to for more news from artists who have been to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: Hands-Up Music