November 20, 2019

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Patrick Strouk

Patrick Strouk

In this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, France will be represented by Amandine Bourgeois, who in turn will be performing the track L'Enfer Et Moi composed by David Salkin to the lyrics of Boris Bergman. Despite the fact that the song and the artist fit extremely well together, it was the broadcaster that brought them together in an internal selection which features several music professionals. It seems that there were a number of possible choices but ultimately decided on this combination, which has also meant a return to the spotlight for Amandine Bourgeois who just signed a new record deal with Warner Music France. During most of the day, the French performer was attending the OGAE France meeting where the fans of the competition voted their top ten entries in this years' edition.

Earlier this evening, the editorial team of was proud to bring you the votes of OGAE Malta whose maximum points went to Denmark, followed by San Marino and it seems that the fans in France have a similar wavelength when looking at the points as seen below. Once more, it seems that Malta managed a mid-table position as it has missed out on yet another top ten position. Emmelie de Forest will be representing Drnmark with the song Only Teardrops whilst Valentina Monetta will do the honours on behalf of San Marino as she performs the track Crisalide (Vola). It is important to denote that these points reflect a portion of the actual votes which will be encountered in May owing to both the general public and the professional jury.

  • 1 point: Ireland
  • 2 points: Russia
  • 3 points: Finland
  • 4 points: Sweden
  • 5 points: Ukraine
  • 6 points: Germany
  • 7 points: Norway
  • 8 points: Switzerland
  • 10 points: San Marino
  • 12 points: Denmark

France will be competing in this years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest for the fifty-sixth time noting that they have emerged victorious on five occasions, the last of which being back in 1977 when Marie Myriam swooped up the win with her entry L'Oiseau et L'Enfant. In recent years, internal selections have taken precedence and in the 2011 edition of the international spectacle, France was the favourite with the track Sognu which could only muster up eighty two (82) points to finish in fifteenth place. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news about France in this years' spectacle.

Source: OGAE France,

Nearly two months after being chosen by an internal jury to represent France at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest set to take place in Sweden, Amandine Bourgeois will be releasing her entry L'enfer et moi tomorrow much to the delight of fans all across the continent who are anticipating an extremely competent entry. This is not the first internal selection for the Big Five country considering that this has very much been the case since 2009 when Patricia Kaas had been selected to represent the country, ultimately achieving their last top ten result with Et S'il Faillait Le Faire.

In the mid-morning, at around 10:00 CET, the song will be made available through the medium of Spotify. Just before though, she will be the guest star of the radio show Laissez-Vous Tenter which is broadcasted on RTL, the leading radio station in France. Within the show, she is expected to give some information about her participation along with a short preview of the song. The official video clip which will be accompanying the entry will be made available for everyone to view on the official France 3 website, on Thursday. It is also worth mentioning that Warner Music will again this year cooperate with France 3 to promote the French entry as has been the case within the past two years. Stay tuned to for all of the latest news.

Source: Warner Music France

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