January 27, 2020

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Now that the National Final season is over, we can officially say that it’s time for the chosen artists to promote and try their hardest to showcase their entry and make their country proud. During the National Final season many fans had different opinions about the song that should of been chosen. Fan favorites sometimes triumphs the Juries perspective of which entry should be in Copenhagen and vice versa. With this said everyone has their own opinion, likes and dislikes but we are going to review three scandinavian gems which shone during their national finals but ultimately placed as the first runner up of the competition.

Norway: Linnea Dale - High Hopes

The last time norway won the Eurovision was back in 2009. In 2013 they made a huge stamp in the contest by placing in the top 5 but now Norway is buzzing being one of the big contenders to get the contest to Oslo. Silent Storm sung by Carl Espen won the nation’s trust but it was a huge challenge since Linnea Dale was another favourite to win MGP 2014. Carl’s entry is a great one but I prefer if Linnea was chosen. What can we say about her entry …. well! It’s so modern that  it would have shone in Copenhagen. One might say High Hopes resembles I feed You My Love because it is considered to be the same genre. 

Although she actually does nothing on stage except some hand movements, the song overpowers that fact and captures you in the moment. Dark sounds, vocally near perfect and simple staging …. elements that would do very well with the European audience. I am sure that this will be one of the summer hits over the Scandinavian region. On the night she dressed nothing to flashy. Linnea just showed off her vocal ability and her presence was enough to be one of the four super-finalists of the night. At the end Carl won the golden ticket but it wasn’t a landslide like last year’s winning national song. We still have yet to see Carl’s entry on the big stage and anything could actually happen but I would have predicted a close win or a top 3 with Linnea.   


Sweden: Ace Wilder - Busy Doin’ Nothin

Well what can I say about Ace. She stormed into Melodifestivalen like there was no tomorrow and made a huge impact. During the month of November/December, when the names were announced for the 2014 edition of Melodifestivalen, the odds on Ace were pretty much horrible. This was understandable since the entry wasn’t out for the public and nobody exactly knew much about Ace since she is kinda new to the solo music scene. Once the snippets were published, odds were still not favourable, but once she hit that stage everything changed. Calm and relaxed she performed her entry like she didn’t even care if she qualified or not but made the audience warm and crazy for her. 

After making it through the final directly, she straight away because a hot favourite to take the crown and fly off to Copenhagen. But she had a very tough opponent, Sanna Nielsen, seven time participant and was another hot favourite to win. During the final Ace won her toughest challenge, getting the juries on her side. Yes, the juries chose a funky and modern song but ultimately Sanna won the nation’s heart and triumphed over Ace with a very close margin of 12 points. Don’t get me wrong, Sanna’s entry is just pure brilliance and in-fact she is one of the big contenders to win in Denmark but I also believe that if Ace was chosen she too will have a top 3 result on her hands.  


Denmark: Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez - Wanna Be Loved

Denmark is the host city of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and obviously expectations are high especially when watching the quality of their National Final this year. Unlike other years, their national final was quite weak and you could have handpicked the entries which would of done great to represent their country on ground soil this year. The Danish have chosen Basim with his entry Cliche Love Song to be their ambassador after fan favorite Wanna Be Loved lost in the final hurdle. The entry from Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez was a bit similar to Europe’s smash hit Mr. Saxobeat but their live performance had that Umph that would have done great on the Copenhagen Stage especially in the Euroclub. 

True that she dressed a bit similar to Cascada but Natascha oozed brilliance and the segments with the saxaphone were pure genius in this upbeat anthem one might say. Vocally it was strong, their presence was absolutely brilliant and although we still have no idea how this year’s contest will shape and due to the mediocre quality, I would say that this entry would have made it in the top 10 to say the least. At least one can head over to iTunes, purchase this tune and listen to it over and over during the summer months.


Good Morning! escflashmalta.com is always looking for new opportunities to speak to artists who could potentially represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore, we took up the chance to speak to Bryan Rice who will be returning to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix for the second time having narrowly missed out on the ticket back in 2010. This time round, his entry entitled I Choose U is pure pop, a genre which has been presented in the continental competition time and time again. In this interview, Bryan chats to us about his career in music, his life away from music and what his aim in the industry is, amongst other things.

Hi Bryan! Thank you for taking some time from your busy schedule to do this interview with us. Can you tell us how did you kick start your music career and who were your inspirations to start this career? 

You’re welcome, it is my pleasure. My mother says that I have always been singing. That kind of kid who has a song for every moment and every state of mind. Singing is my therapy, meditation, way to express my state of mind etc. So singing is something I have always done, and I have always been encouraged to sing, which is very important! My inspiration would have been myself… I believe that you should follow your dreams and keep trying as hard as you can. If you really want something and work hard, you will succeed.

You participated in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2010 with the song ‘Breathing’ and finished second with a magnificent performance. What encouraged you to try and represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest back then? 

The right song, first of all. And then the fact that I would like to take a step ahead and show people that it’s ok to participate even though you already have a career and songs, it’s a competition with pop music, so why shouldn’t I participate?


Four years later and you are one of the finalists in the 2014 Danish selection with the entry ‘I Choose U’. What made you come back to this competition? 

Trying to achieve a double victory for Denmark? Yes, again it began with the right song. Then Emmelie got the ESC to Denmark and I started thinking that this might be the year for my second try. I was given a silver medal in 2010 and I have always known that one day I should try to turn it into gold. With all your support I suddenly knew that this is the year! Yes, My goal is to keep ESC in Denmark for one more year, that would be historical!

From the snippet which was released this week, one can notice it is a happy and upbeat song. What can you tell us about this entry? 

It’s a pure pop love song as I love them. A song about being hit by real love with 300 km per hour, about finding the one and only and saying it to that person. I’ve tried it myself and it feels so good that I needed to sing about it! The track is uptempo and with a lot of challenging vocal features that I’m looking forward to sing for you. It’s happy and positive and with my choir on stage I want it to make people smile and feel good.


How are you preparing yourself for the final which is due to be held on 8th March? 

I’m focusing very much on my body, voice, sleep, training, eating well, getting massages etc. Just like a sportsman up to an important competition.

What can the fans, who will be watching you in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, expect from your performance of I Choose U? 

I hope to be able to deliver something safe, good looking and sounding, a happy performance with great vocals and positive attitude. A kind of ‘Friends’ mood on stage… furthermore I have something enormous on stage…and I can walk on it!


Although this is your comeback year as a singer, last year we saw you part of Albin’s team which his entry ‘Beautiful to Me’. How does the pressure differ from a composer and a singer in a competition big such as Dansk Melodi Grand Prix? 

There’s a big difference. But to be honest I love being on stage myself the most. But writing for others is also great, seeing them blossom and owing the song is awesome. Being the idea man behind the song, show, styling, light etc is awesome!

You were already a popular artist in the music industry. Do you think it was a risky move to take part in such a competition that eventually would have led to the Eurovision Song contest? 

No, not at all. Everyone knows that I do what I want. It’s my career and my choices. To release a new single and play it for 2 mil viewers in one night is a good choice in my eyes. I know that my supporters have my back, so it’s all good :-) I mean, it’s like the EM in pop music, why shouldn’t I be there?


You have recorded four albums so far in your music career, ‘Confessional’, ‘Good News’, ‘Another Piece Of Me’ and ‘A Piece of Me Live’. Every single you released from these albums was always a hit. How was your experience recording each album? 

Writing and recording is an extremely funny, creative and lovely process. I have been doing it on and off since Breathing and Another Piece of Me, and my fifth album is almost done now. So now I can’t wait to go out and sing live, ‘cause that is what I love the most. Feeling the audience, seeing the smiles and tears...

We recently saw yourself and Guena LG Beat with a song titled Stay Awake. How did that collaboration come about? 

GG wrote me one sommer 2 years ago if I wanted to start a collaboration, and I love trying new things. My life is all about setting out small ships in the ocean an hoping they will grow into big super tankers. Some of them sink, but some grow, and the Guena LG thing is growing fast and now we’re out in many countries including the US with awesome results! These days we’re hoping for a Billboard chart entry soon...


Any plans for a fifth album? If so can you share some details with us? 

Yes, indeed. I’ll never stop! ‘Hear Me As I Am’ is almost done and will be out later this year.

How do you prepare yourself before performing your songs to a huge audience? 

I focus, smile, breathe slowly and try to take it all in. I love being on stage more than not being on stage, so it’s not difficult for me.


Do you have a lucky charm which you take with you on stage?

Not one in particularly. In 2010 my mother gave me a stone, maybe I’ll bring it to Odense as well :-)

If you had to mention one achievement that you are most happy about … which one would it be? 

It must be the fact that I got to live from the one thing that makes me the happiest man on earth, music. I aimed for something and every day I fight to maintain and enlarge my career. Having the fourth most played song in Denmark in a decade (No Promises) is also something that I am proud of.


People and fans know Bryan Rice mostly from your music but obviously, work is not everything. Who is Bryan when you have some time to spare for yourself? 

I am just a man with a lot of things that I want to share with you. With a mission to touch and make a difference for as many people as possible. But also a man that needs to be with my friends and family and do the things that everyone do.

Finally, what would you like to say to your fans and our readers at escflashmalta.com? 

I’m Super! happy for your support. It’s the gasoline that makes my engine running! You’ve made me what I am and I’ll keep on giving you my music. Please join my Rice army at www.bryanrice.com :-) I need you all, and I would love to sing for you! And if I end up in ESC 14, please vote for me, I’ll do my best to make a difference.

Source: Bryan Rice (Facebook & Twitter), Nalle Vikström & Jim Lyngvild (Photo)


Saturday, 01 February 2014 00:55

Malta: ESCflashmalta Invited to Clint on ONE

Marc Calleja Bayliss, Editor-In-Chief of escflashmalta.com has been invited as the special guest of the radio programme, Clint on ONE, hosted by Clint Bajada on ONE Radio 92.7 considering that this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is officially a week away. Twenty (20) acts will be vying to represent Malta at the prestigious international competition which is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark following the victory of Emmelie de Forest and her entry Only Teardrops.

Marc Calleja Bayliss will be discussing the latest news about the 2014 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest which will also incorporate a series of special guests including none other than; Gaia Cauchi, Ira Losco, Gianluca, Maria Yaremchuk, Emmelie de Forest, Winter Moods, The Crowns and Red Electrick amongst others. He will also be shedding some light on the escflashmalta.com awards presented by ONE Radio 92.7 which features the votes of the general public, members of the local and foreign media as well as the critics whose tally is being added up to give a clear result. Whilst the full results will be revealed in due course, we can reveal that it has been a very close race between the competing entries. Clint on ONE kicks off at 11:00 CET and runs on ONE Radio 92.7 which you could stream live through their official website. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: ONE Radio 92.7


On the official website of the Public Broadcasting Services, along with a simulataneous announcement on the hit television programme Xarabank, it was revealed that the star guest for both the semi-final and the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be none other than Emmelie de Forest. The Dane, winner of the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Only Teardrops co-written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen and Thomas Stengaard is also set to be a guest act at the German national selection later on this year, in what seems to be an extremely busy year for the singer/songwriter.

On the night of the semi-final, it is expected that Emmelie will perform her winning entry of the international showcase, but the Public Broadcasting Services has secured an exclusive performance of a brand new track entitled Rainmaker, which will in turn be used as the theme song for the 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Also, the finalists of the national selection in Malta, meaning the fourteen (14) left after the show on Friday will get the opportunity to perform with the renowned vocalist. Emmelie will not be the only guest act during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Winter Moods, The Crowns, Red Electrick, Gianluca, Ira Losco, Gaia Cauchi, Maria Yaremchuk and the winner of the Swiss national final this evening all taking centre stage. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news.

Source: Public Broadcasting Services


Late last week, we saw Valentina Monetta treat her fans with a wonderful present. A brand new video! No, not for her entry for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest but a sublime collaboration with Joshua Alamu entitled, A Kiss. During the recent days, some of the familiar artists to have graced the stage of the international showcase have released new material in the form of singles and videos, respectively.

The 2005 Greek entrant who went to will the whole contest that year which was held in Kyiv, Helena Paparizou presented a new video called De thelo allon iroa. This is the fourth release from her latest album Ti Ora Tha Vgoume?. This genre is quite different from what we usually from Helena, but yet again, her latest seventh album is a flavour of different experiments for the artist. After years of speculation and rumours, Helena will try her luck again to be at the Eurovision Song Contest but this time for Sweden. She will be competing at the 2014 edition of Melodifestivalen with the song Survivor which will be presented during the 1st Semi-final.    


This year Belarus was represented by Alyona Lanskaya who successfully qualified to the final night in Malmo with the song Solayoh that ended up 16th. After that night, Alyona released an English album with the same title as her Eurovision Entry, Solayoh, and now has released a video called Speak. This song can be found on her latest album and once again this Eurovision star has released some material with a different style that we normally associate her with. Alyona shows a more mature and fashionable side in this video and has released it in 2 languages, English and Belarusian.


During the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest we saw Serbia being represented by 3 female artists that formed the group Moje 3. One of the female artists from this group, Mirna Radulovi, has released a new single titled Slusaj Dobro and recently also performed it live. Mirna performed her new single on a Serbian show called, Your Face Sounds Familiar, and showcased her performance in an extravagant Las Vegas way. Mirna is not the only female artist from Moje 3 to release a new single as Nevena Bozovic also released a single called Znam da Nocas Gubim te. This is a jazzy uplifting song which show cases some strong vocals from Nevena.  This is her second single released after her time with Moje 3.


Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as the local music scene which is set to flourish in the first quarter of next year with events such as the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Malta Music Awards and L-Għanja tal-Poplu amongst the items which we will be covering in great depth and detail. Make sure to Like our page on Facebook, and also Follow us on Twitter.

Source: escflashmalta.com


escflashmalta.com is planning a series of interviews from all across Europe with the aim being to speak to as many artists competing in national finals as possible. Thus far, we have been given access to speak to participants in Sweden and Finland and will therefore be bringing you their interviews as soon as possible. Kicking off things is none other than Lili Lambert from Finland, a newcomer to the scene who is set to compete with the song Let Me Take You There which she co-wrote with Joonas Kaikko and Lasse Piirainen.

You are quite new to the Eurovision scene especially for Eurovision fans out there, so can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Lili Lambert, an R&B-singer from Finland. I sing for a living, so I get to do what I love every day and now I get to do what I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl, which is to be an artist. I’ve done plenty of background vocals and bands, but now it’s time to step out with my own music, which is really exciting. UMK 2014 is the first time I’m introducing my own music as an artist. 

You had taken part in the Voice of Finland under the name Jepa with your excellent and sharp gospel voice. Do you think your experience in this show has prepared you for a bigger showcase such as Eurovision?

I do! I believe every experience makes you grow as a person and every singing performance teaches something. The Voice of Finland was a really good experience for me. I stepped out as a soloist for a bigger audience for the first time.

Can you tell us about your time and experience during the series The Voice of Finland?

It was really interesting to see how such a tv show was made. I got to know really amazing people and to sing with awesome musicians. I got really good advice from my mentor, rapper Elastinen and learned a lot. I had performed to big audiences before but performing for the cameras was totally new and it’s actually really hard. And in a show like the Voice (and Eurovision), that’s where the votes come from. I’m still learning. 

What made you decide to write a song in order to try to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014?

I have spent about a half a year writing music with my good friend Joonas for me as an artist. I only decided about a week before the UMK’s deadline that maybe we should try and send something we had done or started. Let Me Take You There was still only a beat but after a day with Joonas and Lasse, it was pretty much demo-ready. So we sent it. UMK was a good chance to get me started as an artist if we got through... and we did! I’m so happy about that!

You have composed your entry together with the help of Joonas Kaikko, Lasse Piirainen but the lyrics are written by yourself. Do these lyrics have a story behind your eyes and how will this translate on stage during the Finnish National Final (UMK)?

We actually all composed the melody together. Joonas had an idea for a prechorus melody which he sang to my phone and Lasse helped with the hook. After I had those in my head, I went home and did the rest of the melody and lyrics. These lyrics definately have a story and it means something to me. I see the lyrics in two different stories but the feeling is the same. The whole song is about a small moment where you feel a lot and you want to shout it out loud but you’re not sure if you have the guts. I really hope I can relay the emotion to the cameras and audience when I sing it. 


Presentation is always important in every performance especially during National Final festivals since juries or televoters would need convincing before casting their vote. Have you thought on how you will present your song on stage?

I think about it all the time. My first live performance is in two weeks! I sing to the mirror and try to work with my eyes (and my high heeled shoes), but I guess in the end I just have to believe in myself and be Lili Lambert. 

Do you have any plans to release a debut album in the near future and if so can you tell us some of these plans? 

I have some songs in my pocket and I’m planning to a lot more, so I really hope that I get a good record deal in the near future and I can get them out there. 

Are you a Eurovision fan and if so can you tell us some of your favourite songs from the past editions?

I’ve always watched the Eurovision with my little sister and we always give scores and everything. It’s entertaining and I always find good songs from there. My favourite song last year was Norway’s entry (even though Krista did a great job) and 2012 I really loved the winning song, Euphoria. I sing it a lot if I do cover gigs.

Who inspires you most as a famous singer and why so?

I have many singers that inspire me. Maybe Mariah Carey comes first. She has songs that speak a lot, especially the ballads. Her technique is sick... it inspires me to keep practising and not give up. She worked as a background singer and she was “the white girl” with soul but she made it to the most successful singers in the world.

And finally … Do you have a message for the readers of escflashmalta.com?

I really hope to make it to the great Eurovision stage so that you can see my performance there, but if not, I hope you get to know my music through Spotify on January 1st, 2014. Happy New Year, it’s gonna be a great one!!

We would like to wish you the best of luck in UMK 2014.

Thank you! And thank you for the interview! Good questions!


After a two year absence, TVP, the Polish public broadcaster has confirmed their return to the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2014. They have confirmed that a submission to be present in Copenhagen was made and details for a national final shall be announced sometime in January. Poland made their debut in 1994, when Edyta Górniak represented this country with the song To nie ja!. She managed to make Poland's debut a successful one by achieving 2nd place on the final night.

After that year Poland achieved a string of disappointing results except 2003 when Ice Troje feat. Real McCoy achieved 7th place. When the European Broadcasting Union made a number of amendments to the format of the Eurovision Song Contest, adding the semi-final stage to the competition, the results became even more disappointing with qualification assured only once, in 2008, with For Life performed by American/Polish singer Isis Gee. Poland's last entry at the Eurovision Song Contest was Jestem sung by Magdalena Tul back in 2011 but unfortunately, it did not garner a lot of support and finished in last place. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: TVP


In recent days, the Public Broadcasting Services and Sveriges Radio Television announced the participants and the songs taking part in their national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest and as an announcement was taking place on Television Malta, Belarus decided to make their own revelations. Fifteen (15) participants have been shorlisted to represent the eastern country in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Earlier this year, Alyona Lanskaya managed to take Belarus into the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Solayoh written by Marc Paelinck and Martin King. Alyona has spoken positively of the experience on several occasions and has the honour of being only the third artist to take the nation into the last stage of the competition, an honour which is shared with Dmitry Koldun and the group 3+2. In recent weeks, Alyona released her first English studio album aiming to please her fans locally and abroad.

  • Matvei Bondarenko
  • Yuri Vashchuk
  • Alexey Gross
  • Daria
  • Janette
  • Max Lorens & Didyulya
  • Anastasia Malashkevich
  • Artem Mikhalenko
  • Alina Moshchenko
  • “NAPOLI”
  • “Nuteki”
  • Natalia Odintsova
  • Elena Siniavskaya
  • Natalia Tamelo
  • Switter Boys

In the meantime, the Belarusian broadcaster also revealed that the date for the national selection, presumably entitled Eurofest will be taking place on the 10th January 2014. All of the fifteen (15) acts will compete against each other with the hope of winning the ticket to represent the nation at the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, being stage in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for the latest updates and exclusive news.

Source: BTRC


In the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Norway was represented by Margaret Berger with the track I Feed You My Love. This entry was a huge hit across the continent, finishing in fourth place during the final night, only ninety (90) points shy of the elite first place. In the lead up to the event, the Scandinavian country was one of the favourites to win the event, and will surely be in a similar position as new betting odds are presented in a couple of weeks time.

Since then, Margaret was given the opportunity to sign with Ultra Music, an Americal Music Label, giving her exposure worldwide. Her genre is considered current, and thus will surely be a hit. After signing with Ulta Music, she released a brand new song entitled Human Race, which is similar yet different from her entry at the Eurovision Song Contest. I Feed You My Love is also being released for the American market as previously expected and Ultra Music saw it fit to record a music video, in order to give it more of an American feeling. 

I Feed You My Love was written by Karin Parker, Robin Lynch and Niklas Olovson. The latter had success with the likes of P!nk and Justin Timberlake, two of the most popular artists in current times. Margaret is currently finalising her new studio album, which is set for release towards the first quarter of next year. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest news about eurostars and the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Source: Ultra Music


The very first winning country at the Eurovision Song Contest, Switzerland, will hold their national final on 1st February 2014.  The national final is a linked between four broadcasters in Switzerland that are the Swiss-German broadcaster Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), the Swiss-French broadcaster Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), the Swiss-Italian broadcaster Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI) and the Swiss-Romansh broadcaster Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR).

In a diffentiated approach to the one that has been used in recent years, a set of experts will now be called upon in order to ascertain the quality of the entries as selected by either the general public or another professional panel of judges. For example, with regards to the Swiss-Italian broadcaster, one well known figure was Paolo Meneguzzi whose Era Stupendo at the 2008 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was a clear fan favourite, unfortunately falling at the first hurdle.

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)

3forAll – Together Forever

Arxpendida – Mercurii Diei

Gosia – I’m Not Afraid

Hot connection – Music From The Sixties

Martin Kirchberger – Yourope

Nino Colnna – La Luce Del Cuore

One day remains – Alpha

Swissters – Celebration

Yasmina Hunzinger – I Still Believe

Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)

Christian Tschanz – Au Paradis (In Heaven)

Lola Sparkes – Baby Can’t You See

Joël Murner – In My Life

Natacha & Stéphanie – Une Terre Sans Vous

Paula Marengo – J’Ai Envie De Toi

Tanita – Another Day Alone

Radiotelevisione Svizzera di lingua italiana (RSI)

Jasmine Mossier – Higher Love

Sebalter – Hunter Of Stars

Valentino Alfano – 103 Parole

In the final set of the competition, set for the 1st February 2014, in the Bodensee Arena of Kreulingen, there will be six entries, three (3) from SRF, two (2) from RTS, and one (1) from RSI. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news and also about the revelations happening at the 2014 Swiss National Finals. It is also worth pointing out, that today is also the final day for broadcasting members of the European Broadcasting Union and several countries are either confirming their presence of withdrawing from the competition completely.

Source: RTS, RSI, RTS, SF


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