January 27, 2020

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Emil Calleja Bayliss

Emil Calleja Bayliss

Christina Magrin took the stage earlier this morning for her second rehearsal, and the Maltese team has done some drastic changes to the performance. The Maltese team has decided to ditch the five dancers Christina had accompanying her during the first rehearsal and one got to admit that everything looks like things are falling into place for the Maltese team.

Christina looks serene, oozing confidence and is all smiles during all her runs. She belts out ‘Parachute’ to perfection and the press believes she is surely one of the best vocalists in this year’s Junior Eurovision. The Maltese team seems to have also changed a number of camera shots in order to adapt to the new changes. 

Also, some of the lightning changed on stage and one must admit that everything is looking better with each run. There are only a few camera shots that need sorting, but this should easily be done by the next run of rehearsals for our country.  There’s a general buzz, that all the changes Malta has adopted have surely benefited the performance and definitely improved Malta’s chances. 

During the press conference, it was highlighted how Christina Magrin was involved in every stage of the process, and all the changes done were all done through consultation with her, who apart from being the singer, she is also one of the songwriters on the song. Her maturity is surely a key in having the right attitude on stage and also off stage with the journalists.

Christina was asked to sing in one of the twelve languages she sings in, and she picked Maltese over the other languages, she wowed the press with her own version of the Maltese classic ‘Kemm Hu Sabiħ’. After the press conference Christina was all smiles as she sat for a number of interviews for different media outlets and signed a couple of copies of her CD single ‘Parachute’.

We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Christina Magrin and her participation in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in Valletta.

Source: junioreurovision.tv


Wednesday, 16 November 2016 18:31

JESC 2016: First Rehearsals on the MCC Stage

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest rehearsals kicked off yesterday at the Mediterranean Conference Centre with all countries being allocated forty minutes each and divided over two days. Escflashmalta.com was on site to bring you a recap of the first run of rehearsals. 

Italy kicks off the rehearsals with a simple performance yet one must note it is extremely effective and works well with the song. The singer delivers a strong vocal performance this early in the morning and there’s nothing much that is hindering this from doing well. 

Ireland is about next and the focus here is once again on the singer’s interpretation of her number. She does a good job at it. They are keeping things simple here yet again, with the use of smoke. I feel this might not appeal to the kids voting unfortunately, although they’re doing nothing wrong.  

Cyprus follows Ireland and the singer is oozing confidence on stage. He follows an extremely busy routine yet he his vocals are nearly spot on. Visually it is looking good and the dancers give the song the boost it needs. I guess this will go down well with kids. 

The Netherlands delivers an energetic performance, vocally the singers are quite strong yet in certain parts of the song it is looking a bit too busy on screen, possibly cause of their outfits and the backdrop which seem to clash a bit. I guess with a bit more work this could do well.

Israel is the first country to rehearse after the break and the duo does a great job at it. The focus is on the voices and ensuring they connect well with the audience at home. Great camera work and everything looks very polished for Israel. They look sweet and surely enjoying this experience. 

FYR Macedonia is up next and delivers strongly during her runs, she is has on stage three dancers and they all seem to be having a good time on stage, perhaps some shots need adjusting but overall it is a great effort for this number and it will probably appeal lots to teenagers.

Malta is next on stage and Christina is slowly adjusting to the stage, she is accompanied on stage by five dancers and the backdrop is rather colourful. Christina does a great job on the vocals for the first day of rehearsals. One would expect the whole act to be polished by Sunday.   

Poland is last to rehearse today and the singer sings her heart out, simple visuals yet effective for this kind of song.  Not sure on how this will grab the kids jury, but she is surely doing everything the way it should be done. 

Russia kick start the rehearsals for today, they have a strong message and the four girls do a good job in delivering their entry. Some of the moves they are doing looked too rehearsed and slightly unnatural but things that surely can be fixed by Sunday. 

Ukraine are next on stage and the whole act is rather impressive, the dancer gives the song the extra boost it needs and the singer delivers an emotional performance of this lovely ballad, apart from a couple of shots everything looks great and I guess it will be a contender on Sunday. 

Albania is third on stage and the girl stands there and delivers her entry strongly. The visuals really compliment the whole performance and the girl’s vocals are rather impressive. I guess this might not appeal to the kids’ jury but it is impressive anyways. She surely has the cute factor in her favour.

Belarus take on the stage with a extremely slick performance – the song is a catchy one and they deliver one of the best performances we have seen so far. The singer is extremely confident and seems to be having a great time on stage. There’s some camera work that needs to be adjusted but will surely be done by Sunday.

Bulgaria is up next and there seems to be a certain buzz around this one, the singers sings her heart out, she clearly looks like she is enjoying her performance and everything blends really well. I would surely say this has a great chance of winning the contest this year. 

Armenia, the girls can surely sing and they give a good performance. They are surely not holding back and all of them seem to be having a great time on stage. This number has a retro feel to it and the graphics boost this element. Good to note, that only one of the singers is currently on voice rest to ensure that she is hundred percent by Sunday.

Georgia takes the stage next and the girl has some of the most controlled vocals this year, the song is nothing extraordinary but has a good buildup after the grand opening. It is good to point out that this song will be closing off the show so that might give a slight advantage. 

Serbia is up next with one of the most infectious numbers at this year’s Junior Eurovision, the girl has some strong pipes and she really performs her number well. She starts off on a hover board and she gets off it toward the latter part of the song. Stands a good chance of doing well I guess as the kids will be singing along to this number after the first minute. 

Australia picked up yet another strong song to represent them at a Eurovision event. The singer delivers the song really well and her charm comes across on camera. She takes the stage alone but it does not hinder the performance at all, one would expect that this scores well.

That brings to an end the first run of rehearsals for each and every country, each delegation will be looking at what they can improve and better, so tomorrow each and every element will be finalized before heading into the run-throughs of the rehearsal. 

We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Christina Magrin and her participation in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in Valletta.

Source: escflashmalta.com, junioreurovision.tv


Tuesday, 15 November 2016 22:53

JESC 2016: Christina Delivers in 1st Rehearsal

With the first day of rehearsals coming to a close, Christina Magrin took to the stage at the Mediterranean Conference Centre to perform her colourful number ‘Parachute’, an original song which she co-wrote the lyrics with Matt ‘Muxu’ Mercieca set to the music of Florent Boshnjaku.

It comes as no surprise that mouths gasped at listening to Christina’s vocal range, despite very much knowing that these first rehearsals are done in order to get the technical details sorted as quickly as possible. That said, the five dancers accompanying Christina already have an idea of their stage positioning and most likely, everything will look slick and polished by Thursday.

There’s a lot of positive energy on stage, something that Malta is always known for having, and with that note, there’s no reason to believe why the tiny nation state, the smallest competing country, can’t repeat the success of recent years. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Christina Magrin and her participation in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in Valletta.

Source: junioreurovision.tv


Tuesday, 15 November 2016 22:17

JESC 2016: The Final Running Order Made Public

During the opening ceremony which took place last night, the allocation draw of the Junior Eurovision which will be taking place on Sunday, 20th November was decided. During the show, they actually chose at random the country singing in first place and the country singing in last – Ireland drew first, whilst Georgia drew last. 

The other countries then were either drawn in either the first half of the show or in the second part of the show. Malta was drawn up in the first half of the draw. The final running order is determined by the producers of the show. The running order of the 2016 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is as follows: 

01. Ireland: Zena Donnelly - Brice Ar Bhrice

02. Armenia: Anahit & Mary - Tarber

03. Albania: Klesta Qehaja - Besoj

04. Russia: The Water of Life Project - Water of Life

05. Malta: Christina Magrin - Parachute

06. Bulgaria: Lidia Ganeva - Magical Day

07. FYR Macedonia: Martija Stanokjkovic - Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta ne Vodi)

08. Poland: Olivia Wieczorek - Nie Zapomnij

09. Belarus: Alexander Minyonok - Musyka Moih Pobed (Music is my Only Way)

10. Ukraine: Sofia Rol - Planet Craves for Love

11. Italy: Fiamma Boccia - Cara Mamma - Dear Mum

12. Serbia: Dunja Jelicic - U La La La 

13. Israel: Shir & Tim - Follow My Heart

14. Australia: Alexa Curtis - We Are

15. The Netherlands: Kisses - Kisses & Dancin'

16. Cyprus: George Michaelides - Dance Floor

17. Georgia: Mariam Mamadashvili - Mzeo

Throughout the week, escflashmalta.com will be on hand at the Mediterranean Conference Centre proving you with recaps of the events that take place during the day, while giving extra attention to Christina Magrin, who is representing Malta at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned to this portal even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: junioreurovision.tv


For the fifth consecutive year, the Beland events are presenting The Beland Music Festival in aid of Puttinu Cares. From the 27th till the 30th of May 2015, at Bulebel Zejtun. Four jam-packed festival dates. The festival has now made a name for itself as one of Malta’s main music events, bringing together a number of full blown concerts attracting thousands to the normally quiet area of the outskirts of Zejtun.

The event will kick off with a special concert by Airport Impressions on Wednesday 27th May where they will be supported by MilkMi and Xarulù.

All Pink Floyd fans will surely not want to miss the show on Thursday by the UK’s Number 1 Pink Floyd Tribute band - Think Floyd, with a brand new show featuring a complete performance of the 1975 album “Wish You Were Here”, arguably one of the band's finest albums, along with the whole range of classic Pink Floyd ranging from “The Dark Side of the Moon”, “The Wall”, “Animals”, “The Division Bell” and much more. Think Floyd will be supported by the band Paradox.

Ira Losco, together with her band, are preparing for another one of their unforgettable concerts on Friday 29th May. This is planned to be the greatest show of one of a limited number of appearances Ira will be doing this year – It is surely not to be missed. Ira Losco will be supported by Funk Initiative and Infinite Loop.


Europe's No.1 Tribute To Bon Jovi, Dream Company will be closing the festival with another one of their massive concerts – with a set list of more than 3 hours featuring all the Bon Jovi classics. It’s going to be one wild night!

The whole event is being held at Bulebel, Zejtun and is on a free entrance basis while donations will be collected in aid of Puttinu Cares. Whilst urging you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter, we would like you to check out the full programme of events at www.belandevents.com

Source: Press Release


Wednesday, 01 April 2015 01:24

Malta: Amber Hints Vienna Stage Presentation

The Maltese representative has been busy with her preparations for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest and the team behind her has been working hard in making the 2015 experience a positive one. Amber is working hard with her vocal coaches, lyricist and composer in making sure that she delivers a strong performance on stage. 

A lot of rumours have spreading around about Amber’s presentation and something which always catches the attention of a lot of people is certainly the outfit for the final night. The whole team behind the song has been working hard in improving on every sector and has taken each and every comment on board to ensure that the song has the desired visual impact needed to impress on the Eurovision night.

Something that a number of people criticized during the final night back in November was that her outfit was too common and far too dark especially with the general setting of the stage for the song. In fact after a number of consultations with industry professionals, the team is working on making sure that she will impress with what she would be wearing on the actual night.  In a recent interview, Amber quoted saying that she will be a true warrior. 

This interview generated loads and loads of interest and Amber was heard saying ‘off air’ that the team got the inspiration from ‘Xena the Warrior Princess’ hence the reason why she is working daily on her fitness routine, in order to look the best possible way. It seems that the team of designers will be taking a modern take on the warrior princess’ costume as they clearly want to highlight that Amber is a good warrior who is there to inspire others.

Whether the outfit is the best way to highlight this is yet to be seen but it is surely something on the right track. Malta and its people have proved to be warriors over the years, decades, centuries and it is believed that Maltese history will be taking the forefront for Malta’s visuals on stage with numerous sights and locations. Amber is going to be Malta’s gladiator in Vienna and she will truly represent Malta, its history and its beliefs by one dynamic performance.

No matter what the result would be, Malta this year is being represented by a strong independent woman with strong beliefs who loves ghost hunting and judo… one would never know but these two hobbies can surely come in handy in Vienna. Maybe she will have the opportunity to communicate with Mozart’s spirit who will give her some guidance in order to secure herself the victory whilst she fights her way thanks to her judo skills against some of the competitors.  

Update: On behalf of escflashmalta.com, we would like to wish Amber and the Maltese delegation the best of luck for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. We trust that the team is surrounded by the right individuals in ensuring that Amber's outfit and stage presentation is of high caliber. Those who were left wondering whether Amber will be ghost hunting in Vienna and using her judo skills against them, rest assured she will definitely be focused on the task at hand. For yet another year, we have brought you a light article for April Fools Day - always good to have a laugh on such days.

One thing is for sure, Amber will be Malta’s true warrior in Vienna as she will dress, look and act like one. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about Malta’s participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.


It is not an everyday occurrence that a child’s dream comes true but at this Junior Eurovision a 12 year old’s dream did actually come true. Tome Kindler is a big fan of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and has been following it since 2012 which also happens to be the last year her home country Israel, participated in the contest itself. 

escflashmalta.com was at the right place, at the right time yesterday evening to witness all this because as soon as one of our editors walked into the official hotel where all the delegations are staying he found a sight which surprised many. The 12 year old Israeli, managed to make her dream come true when she got to meet our shining star Federica Falzon. 

Malta is a small country but Tome never expected that from the airport to the hotel she will be chauffeured in Federica Falzon’s mini-bus and when the parents told the driver the reason for their visit, Federica’s uncle phoned his brother to arrange the meeting and make Tome’s dream a reality.  The girl was in fact gobsmacked and at first could only hug Federica as tears streamed down her face but the shy timid girl quickly built her confidence and started chatting to one of her idols.

Tome has waited to come to Malta for quite a long time since this was the present she asked for her 12th birthday.  Her parents are very supportive and thought that this would be the perfect environment for her since she will get to meet other children from all over Europe to celebrate this musical journey together. After finding out that Federica Falzon will be Malta’s choice, the young girl from Israel researched her performances on YouTube and was instantly hooked. 

It was never a question on who she will support at this years’ contest and she believes that ‘Diamonds’ should win the competition hands down. She managed to meet two of the songwriters behind the song, Gillian Attard and Matthew Muxu Mercieca, both expressed their gratitude at Tome since she knows the lyrics by heart. It was a great surprise for the Maltese delegation that made sure that the girl takes with her some merchandise and an autograph by our star Federica. 

Apart from meeting the Maltese representative, Tome also got the opportunity to meet the Dutch and Cypriot representative. She enjoyed the rest of the night at the EuroClub running around and playing with Federica Falzon and her friends. On Saturday, she will be definitely be rooting for Federica Falzon and holding our flag high; maybe Tome will be Malta’s lucky charm this year. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter.

Source: escflashmalta.com, junioreurovision.tv (Official Facebook Page)


Tuesday, 11 November 2014 16:50

JESC 2014: First Run of Rehearsals Complete

escflashmalta.com has always been present to bring you the latest updates from the local music industry and with the Junior Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Malta, it should not come as a surprise that this event will be wholly covered as well. Members of the editorial team have been viewing the first rehearsals, and have recapitulated their thoughts. LIVE blogging will kick-off as from tomorrow through Facebook and Twitter.

The Netherlands kicked off proceedings yesterday and things surely started on a positive note as Julia gave a strong vocal rendition of her up-tempo number. The visuals on stage are spectacular and the predominant colours are orange and red. This will be closing the show on Saturday and it is surely one to watch out for.


Sweden have stayed true to their craft with the choice of song, noting that there is a mixture of dance, and pop, something which Thomas G:son is very much known for. Julia is joined on stage by four female dancers, whose choreography is very well adapted to the tune. The vocals are good, and the overall outcome is positive but the song is not too memorable to place highly.


The song from Bulgaria has been considering as one of the favourites heading into the event. Sadly, we did not get to hear the singer sing live as she is currently unwell and we wish her a speedy recovery. The visuals of this one are once again strong and the predominant colours are purple and blue. The main attraction is definitely the huge castle projected on the screens.


Russia sends Alisa, the young girl in the white dress with a big ballad! Last year’s winning formula for Malta. It is a very strong song and its orchestration is fantastic. The visuals are simple and let the singer be the focus of this song. The vocals are good but nothing extraordinary. Russia still remains as one of the favourites for this Junior Eurovision but they need to up their game to stand a chance.


Vincenzo Cantiello took the stage all alone for Italy and it is quite remarkable that he is the only guy in the competition. He sings his big emotional ballad right from the heart and impresses everyone present with his big voice. He went all out in the first rehearsal but held back on all the other takes. It seems that blues and red will be used for this number. He is surely one to watch out for as he has got the total package. 


Ukraine’s Sympho-Nick singers are the first ones to make full use of the stage as they also use the catwalks. The intro and the end of the song remind me of ‘Gravity’ yet the three girls do a very good job vocally. The visually are impressive and suit the song perfectly. Not sure on how this will do but few if any think it stands a chance of doing well.


The smiling girl from Armenia is surely having fun on stage. She truly feels at home and it shows in every run. The backdrop is extremely busy and might distract a bit but it still manages to transmit the positive energy of the song. She is accompanied on stage by five dancers and towards the latter part of the song she joins in the routine despite this she does a good job on the vocals. This might surprise on the night!


Sophia from Cyprus seemed to have been eagerly waiting to get on this stage for a long time as she nails every take she does. The visuals are surely one of the very best and although she is all alone on stage she makes full use of it. She is surely having fun and making the most of this experience – the only drawback this song has is that she is early in the draw and people expect to see dancers other than that she has everything going for her. 


And the second day of rehearsals kicks off. It’s a happy day for Georgia as Lizi had a good rehearsal this morning. The graphics scream Junior Eurovision but blend well with the thought behind the song. Lizi is accompanied on stage by four dancers. She gives a good vocal performance yet the song seems to lack something and it is a tad too repetitive.


Montenegro are embracing the fact that from this year the Junior Eurovision is aiming more towards adolescents as their two female teenagers take the stage. Their vocals are on but the girls look uncomfortable on stage – they seem to be over rehearsed and the simple routine they have makes them look awkward. Hopefully things get better for them.


Josie from Croatia took the stage with Game Over and she is accompanied on stage by two dancers. The song is repetitive and some might find it boring. The visuals are quite particular and naturally feature graphics from games with different codes. This is another number which few people see it doing well. Sadly, it is very difficult at this stage to make significant changes. 


Up next was San Marino and their girl band ‘The Peppermints’. This is surely another number which one would consider weak. The girls did a good job on the vocals yet nothing impressive. Their staging looked a bit all over the place and they definitely need to work on that area. The visuals are good and the graphics look good but that is where it stops.


Serbia’s Emilija starts on stage sitting on the piano and then moves on to centre stage. She delivers her song to perfection and surely makes it one of the best entries rehearsing today. Her vocals were spot on and the graphics although plain they really blend in well with the entry. Nothing much to criticize here, one can say simplicity at its best. 


Ula, the sweetheart from Slovenia is up next and this is another strong rehearsal. Some of the media in the press centre expressed a liking to this song. There is nothing outstanding about it but it is a song performed well and everything is coming together on stage. The visuals are dark and one expects the girl to wear something light in order to let her be the focal point.


Federica for Malta was on next and she proved why she is one of the hot favourites to do the double for Malta. She tried her song four times in total and she delivered vocally every single time – it was truly impressive. The journalists in the hall were as impressed and it seems like they all gathered here for Malta’s rehearsal which is definitely a good omen.


Belarus is up next and this is a surprise today. Visually it looks really strong and the same thing can be said for the choreography. The song is catchy and surely has a lot of potential to do extremely well. The singer is confident and looks great on screen. The visuals are impressive and this is another song that has the whole package. A very pleasant ending for the first round of rehearsals!


#Together is a slogan which greatly encompasses the feeling felt throughout the venue, whether among the technical staff, members of the press or the delegations. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news about the 2014 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Ira Losco is back and she is back to stay – she took a substantial break from releasing anything new but around a year and a half ago she returned to the scene with the hit single ‘What I’d Give’ which released tones of airplay and occupied the top spot in the Bay Charts for a very long time – the rest was history. After lots of determination and hard work, Ira Losco set her sights on rewarding the public with their support through a concert something which she had not done in a long while; the public had plenty of opportunities to catch the star at of the gigs she gave in the past months but your own concert is always special.

The concert sold out in four days, quite impressive although admittedly Ira Losco is riding a wave of success and this was undoubtedly no big surprise. The venue chosen for the concert was ‘Pjazza Teatru Rjal’ which has been hosting some of the best concert on the island – the history of the place, along with the set up give the venue an intimate feel which electrifies the positive vibe. Ira Losco along with Jagged House Management used this to their full advantage and created which was undoubtedly one of the best concerts of the year. The playlist was well thought out and the artists chosen to join our local star could not have been better. 

Some might think I am patronizing but from the get go the venue was buzzing with positive energy and the audience surely felt the vibe as they were mesmerized by the whole thing. The set up was truly idyllic – with a perfect combination of lights and projections that changed according to the mood and theme of the song. This was surely something which aided and enhanced the whole spectacle. Ira’s set list was mixed with the right combination of popular songs from her repertoire, a few covers and some duets with her guest stars which included Sanremo runner-up Irene Fargo, up and coming local starlet Alex Alden, well renowned Maltese beat boxer Dana McKean and the popular Ivan Grech and Gianluca Bezzina. 

It is not an easy feat to hand pick a few stand out moments from the concert as each song proved to be special on its own merits but there were some songs that they surely a bit more magical then the others. For starters, the duet Ira Losco sang with Dana McKean was breathtaking – I could only watch and listen carefully in awe at how talented Dana is. I have watched her before but I had never watch her perform live and when she hit the stage with Ira Losco it left me yearning for more but that was just the beginning as more surprises were in store for the crowd who were all listening attentively.


The crowd did get over excited when it was Gianluca’s turn to hit the stage – the guy oozes charisma and his sympathetic smile makes you fall in love with him instantly. He has reached new heights after his Eurovision success and when he duets with Ira, you can almost feel the sparks in the air. They are special and insanely talented in their own merit but when they came together to do ‘Let Her Go’ and ‘Say Something’ the venue was in complete utter silence – listening attentively to each and every word! At the end of their performances, some parts of the crowd even rewarded them with a standing ovation but the others I guess were still in awe stuck to their seats, that is the only viable explanation I can think of for not standing up to salute these two great artists. 

Ivan Grech joined Ira to sing her hit song ‘Waking up to the Light’ and then she reciprocated with singing along one of Winter Moods’ hits but the special moment came when Ivan joined Ira and Gianluca on stage to perform the Maltese hit ‘Xemx’ – a song where the audience sang their heart out along with the main stars. Another highlight was when Ira sung the Italian classic ‘Almeno tu nell’universo’ with Sanremo star Irene Fargo – Ira’s and Irene’s vocals were a perfect match on this number in particular and unquestionably it went down well with those present. Italian is a language enjoyed by many locals and Ira’s raspy touch when singing in Italian works wonders. 


Apart from the duets, Ira Losco’s solo performances were equally strong and entertaining and the crowd got going from the get go. The only negative thing about this amazing concert was that since everyone was seated one could not loosen up and enjoy the great vibes Ira was passing. Everyone was tapping away, yearning to stand up at the edge of their seats. Something the audience did on Ira’s last number of the night – when she sang her hit single ‘What I’d Give’. Thankfully the roof was brought down a number of years ago because with so many strong and breathtaking performances, Ira would have brought the roof down over and over again during this astounding concert. 

I start finishing off by saying it was not an easy audience to please but Ira knows that whenever she performs, the expectations are high as she continues to raise the bar higher every time she performs but she did prove that she is undeniably one the very best artists ever to come out of this island.  Those who missed the concert should be on the lookout for Ira’s upcoming gigs and maybe a second run of this concert – rumour has it they might hold it again in September. We urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even through Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news on the local music scene and beyond. Surely this should be your one stop site to keep yourself updated with all the latest activities.

Source: Ira Losco (Facebook), CNG Photography


In the past couple of months, Ira Losco has been nothing short of unstoppable, having released a brand new studio album entitled 'The Fire' which peaked at number #1 for several weeks on iTunes as well as co-hosting the Malta Eurovision Song Contest alongside Gianluca Bezzina. Well, the tone has been set for her first concert of the year, that being on the 30th May. Ira Losco will be joined by a ten-piece band and several guests, performing some of her greatest hits under the name 'An Evening with Ira Losco and Friends'.

"I am excited about this concert, the best part about writing an album, is what follows...performing it. The beauty of being able to creatively direct my concert is that I see my body of work in a completely different light." said an enthusiastic Ira Losco.  Many will remember Ira Losco's sold out "Unplugged Concert” at the Hilton which was also captured in her DVD release. Numerous concerts, including those outside our shores, have confirmed Ira Losco’s strength within the realm of her Live performances and this event will promise nothing short of that.


Ira will not only be performing songs from 'The Fire' though with such an extensive repertoire at her disposal. In the meantime; Gianluca Bezzina, Ivan Grech of Winter Moods, Alex Alden, Dana McKeon and the internationally acclaimed Irene Fargo are amongst the guests confirmed for the show. The female singer/songwriter is ready to perform to the masses who will be present at this concert, aiming to promote upcoming local talent, succeeding abroad with the likes of Alex and Dana flying in specifically for this show from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


“I wanted to have a mix of different guests where I can stretch my boundaries. Both Alex and Dana for example are 2 female artists whom I consider as hard working  artists. I’m also a fan of their work and I genuinely want to support what they do. Every performance with my guests is going to be special and a one-off experience.’ She added.  We hope that you purchased tickets to this event considering that Jagged House revealed that the show is sold out. In the meantime, we urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com even on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

Source: Press Release (Jagged House)


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