January 29, 2020

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012 19:14

Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya off to Baku

Alyona Lanskaya, born 7th September 1985 has won the Belarusian national final “Eurofest” with her song “All My Life”. She beat five other songs in the final and will now represent her home country at the Eurovision Song Contest during the 2nd semi-final, which is held on the 24th May in Baku, Azerbaijan. The selection method used was that known as Eurofest, a system which was somewhat subdued and removed entirely following the failure of 2009 when the country did not make it to the final with 'Eyes that Never Lie' by Petr Elfimov.

The Eurofest final saw a number of Eurovision artists perform their songs. From Lys Assia, the very first Swiss winner, to Ell & Nikki, the Azerbaijani winners from last year. Alyona has won many music awards in Belarus and internationally. In July 2011 she has won first prize at a contest for young pop singers called Vitebsk 2011. She currently works at the producer centre Spamash. We also would like to thank BTRC for being such a great help towards the media this week. Good luck Belarus! Stay tuned for more information about the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and the Belarussian entry in Baku, Azerbaijan only on ESCflashmalta.

Source: BTRC, Eurovision.tv

Friday, 11 February 2011 19:15

Malta Eurovision 2011: Semi-Final

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has been given quite a lot of importance on our web portal this week of course noting that we always touching the local base quite strongly. This week, our Editor-In-Chief, Marc Calleja Bayliss, was present within the Press Centre at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta following all of the latest news with regards to all of the participating entries in this years' competition. There has been constant improvement for all songs but what has been highly acclaimed this week is the high level production by the Public Broadcasting Services.

Therefore, enough with the introductions and as they say in Malta, "Il-Lejla t-Tajba" and welcome to the live report of the semi-final of this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest which is being fronted by newscaster Keith Demicoli and popular presenter Valerie Vella whilst the green room host is none other than Committee member Peter Carbonaro who has been aiding with regards to the press relations of each entry. We will be following the twenty-four (24) entries in great detail whilst keep you posted on how the show will turn out.

The Show (Part 1):

The show starts with Thea Garett singing her 2010 Eurovision entry "My Dream". I still like this entry and it should've qualified for the final in 2010. It was the exact choreography from the Eurovision Song Contest. She sung the song perfectly and finished with the famous high note. She nailed it!

The hosts are now introducing the jury.

Running Order:

01. Amber - Catch 22 (Ray Agius / Godwin Sant)

A Jazzy song opens the show. The song starts slowly and then suddenly a beat pops up. The dress she wore at the beginning was being ripped of her body to reveal a latex looking pants. She is being accompanied by 3 male dancers and 2 female backing vocals. The lighting also fits the songs jazziness.

02. Kurt Calleja - Over and Over (Johan J'Amtberg / Kurt Calleja)

This song gives me a good mood with the guitar and great voice this singer has. A female drummer joins them together with two other guitarists and a backing vocal. I think the background is kinda weird but I think it represents arrows and has something to do with the song title.

03. Cherise Grixti - Heart of Glass (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

The first ballad of the evening. She's wearing a blue gown, but next time she should wear something else, because this dress makes her look a little fat and she's not. She's accompanied by 2 female backing vocals, a male & a female dancer. She has a nice voice.

04. Wayne Micallef - Everybody Sing (Wayne Micallef)

A great voice this singer has, he's accompanied by a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist along with two female backing vocals. The 'I' in the song sounds not so right to me, it sounds a little boring because of it's length. But it's nice to see a band on stage. The lighting fits the style of the song: rocky.

05. Claudia Faniello - Movie In My Mind (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

Well she has awesome make up to begin with. Her outfit fits the style of the song and I like it. I also like her voice and she can really sing! It's not my type of music but she's doing great. It's a song with balls. The lighting & background fit the song well.

06. Klinsmann and Ben - This Love (Klinsmann / Jonathan Spiteri)

This is a nice song. The two singers, who are seated, really fit together. Just like their outfits. The background is really romantic with pink hearts. In the middle of the song it changes to white flowers and they stand up. This was a feel good song, maybe the background was a little too girly or maybe they wanted to reach out to all the women.


07. Eleanor Cassar - Hypnotised (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

The four female backing vocals start the song in a dark blue with pink lighting stage. Then Eleanor starts to sing and she's doing great. This is a nice ballad and with those backing vocals it gives it something more. She's wearing a black and white dress in latex looking fabric by the way. If she's going to Eurovision I would suggest something else to wear. The song is finished and I think this has been an amazing performance.

08. Domenique - I'll Follow the Sunshine (Ralph Siegel / Bernd Meinunger)

This singer has four dancers with her on stage who are also her backing vocals. They are wearing a weird looking mask on the back of their heads.  It's a nice pop song and she's singing quite well. The dancers turn around and reveal their faces. She had some troubles with the high notes but there is enough time to work on that.

09. Rosman Pace - You'll Never Know (Stephen D Cook / Jordin Milnes)

He starts singing with three backing vocals all dressed in black, suddenly two female dancers join them dressed in a green glitter cocktail dresses. Nice touch. Nice vocals too. The lighting & background fits the song as always. The choreography looks a little messy though, but again enough time to work on that.

10. Raquela - If I Could Do It All Again (Marc Paelinck / Mathias Strasser)

The Pianist starts the song and then Raquela starts singing her ballad in a beautiful purple dress. Her four backing vocals are dancing a little, which is nice, you don't have to exaggerate with a ballad. They're also wearing purple dresses, but slightly darker than the one from Raquela. Meanwhile Raquela hit the high note at the end of her song. And to inform you a little this song is co-written by a Belgian (a fellow-countryman)

11. Sophie - Love to Love You (Elton Zarb / Sophie Debattista)

Five backing vocals for this singer. Nice pop sound. She's wearing a really short black dress on a dark background, maybe next time she should change the lighting a little or her clothes so she would pop out. It is a happy pop song, sung quite well so it deserves some popping out.

12. Petra - Unintentional (Elton Zarb / Rita Pace)

This reminds me of Jamaica with the melody and the colours in the background. But it's sung great, she has an amazing voice. Her backing vocals are also amazing. This was nice to watch to. What else do I have to say, it was great!


13. Baklava - Moon Dance (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

A violin opens the song, very Alexander Rybak. When the singer starts singing it becomes up-tempo with a drum, 3 basses and the violin off course. I really like it. All dressed in red and black they pop op from the background. Near the end it slows down a little to come to an end. The vocals were great. This was an amazing performance!

14. Jamie Tonna - Lost Without You (Mark Debono / Aidan O'Connor)

This is another ballad. The singer is accompanied by 4 backing vocals (2 male ones & 2 female ones). The red, whit and black background fit the clothes of the singer and the song. He has a special but great voice.

15. Amber - Touch Wood (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

The singer stands alone at first but then her 3 female dancers join her on stage. She begins to sing her song and 2 more female dancers join the others. It's a nice choreography and Amber is dancing along sometimes which I think is a good thing. She's wearing little green dress and it suits her. The song has finished and she sung her song with an amazing voice. Great performance.

16. Anna Azzopardi - Unfaithful (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit)

This singer is also wearing green, but a suit. While her 2 female dancers are wearing black lingerie like clothes on stage. Her 3 backing vocals are wearing 3 black cocktail dresses. Her voice is quite special and she's singing great. This was another great entry.

17. Marilena ft. Michael - He's A Demon (Anthony Grech / Michael Henry)

Marilena is wearing red while everyone else is wearing black. Four backing vocals are accompanying them (3 women and 1 man). The background is showing fire which suits the song. Michael has a very special sound and he's not singing a lot in this song. Marilena was singing quite nice but I was getting a little bored.

18. Glen Vella - One Life (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

This guy looks great in the red! 3 Female backing vocals and 2 male dancers are wearing black and a red mask. He's singing this song really good and he's even making the public clapping along so this means it's got a great melody, and it has.

19. JAnvil - Topsy-Turvy (A Zammit / N Mooney / J Gladnikoff / N Turner / D Grech)

He's got a special sound in his voice. I already like the melody and the starts in the background suit the song very much. A nice choreography too done by his 3 male dancers but the 2 female singers are doing a great job too. This is a high energy song. And the end with Maltese flag was SUPER!

20. Jessica Muscat - Down Down Down (Philip Vella / Jessica Muscat)

She's wearing a lovely pink dress and matching shoes! she's singing amazingly. She is accompanied by 3 female backing vocals and 2 male dancers. I like the fact that the dancers are wearing a touch of pink. This really is a great song sung really great. She has no trouble with the high notes. Amazing performance!

21. Kelly Schembri - Love Me Like Your Money

I already like the intro and the crowd started to scream a little. She reminds of Ani Lorak in that dress. She has 3 female backing vocals helping her. It's like she's holding back a little. I think she's got a lot more to give. But this already is a great performance. She has sometimes trouble to sing the notes but I say let's forgive her. She performed great.

22. Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender (Johan Bejerholm / Johan Stentorp)

I've already seen him at the Eurovision Song Contest, so he actually has the experience. But the song is amazing too, just like his voice. He's having fun on stage. The lighting fits the song great. Nice performance from his guitarist and 2 female backing vocals too. High energetic song. Will he return to Eurovision? He has a big chance.

23. Ally - Numb (Ally)

A slow start at the piano and then energy with her guitarists, drummer and with a keyboard. It's nice to see that they're all women. Her outfit is amazing and so is the lighting, it both fits the song. She has a great voice and has no difficulties to reach high notes, well done.

24. Richard Edwards - Finally (Jan Van Dijck / Richard Micallef)

Another piano start, then the singing starts. Amazing voice and a slower song after all that energy is welcome. The lighting fits the song perfectly. The band was pretty amazing too. They looked like they were made for each other. This was a great performance.


The Show (Part 2):

The second part starts with the hosts explaining how to vote I think (I don't speak Maltese). Then a recap of all the songs is being shown. After this recap we're now in the greenroom with Peter and all the artists. The lines for the tele-voting have just been closed and it's time for another break.


We're now back in the greenroom and Peter is interviewing the artists.

After this interview with the artists we're going back to watch Thea Garett. She's wearing an amzing dress and singing a great song. This would be great for Eurovision too, too bad she's not competing. After her song the hosts are interviewing Thea. When they're finished she's going to sing another song. It's a beautiful ballad and suddenly a male singer pops up. She has no trouble with the high notes. What a beautiful song. WOW!

Now the Polish Eurovision 2010 entry 'Legenda' will be performed by Marzin Mrozinski. He has a great voice, but it was never one of my favourites.

Time for a little comedy, a clip with former Maltese representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest but with humor.

Back to the greenroom for a little interviewing.

Now it's time for the results! The results have been revealed and it's the end of the show. I hope you all enjoyed this show, I know I did.

Thanks to PBS for this magnificent show and for all the artists to give their performance of a lifetime. Check back tomorrow to see a live report of the final.

Friday, 11 February 2011 21:08

Malta Eurovision 2011: The Finalists

Earlier on this evening, you were following my live report of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest semi-final here on ESCflashmalta and I must say that it was quite a great show with a lot of interesting emotions of excitement and anxiety. As the evening draw to a close with a new day dawning in a very short space of time, the acts which made it to the final of this years' Maltese selection were announced.

The incredible show was drawn to a close with these results actually. Please note that this is the order in which they were announced and not the order in which they will perform. We have our people present in the Press Conference to see how the final list will shape up though in the meantime, these are the names which made it through to the final in order of performance:

01. Eleanor Cassar - Hypnotised (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

02. Amber - Catch 22 (Ray Agius / Godwin Sant)

03. Jessica Muscat - Down Down Down (Philip Vella / Jessica Muscat)

04. Ally - Numb (Ally)

05. Fabrizio Faniello - No Surrender (Johan Stentorp / Johan Bejerholm)

06. Baklava - Moon Dance (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

07. Kurt Calleja - Over and Over (Johan J'Amtberg / Kurt Calleja)

08. Glen Vella - One Life (Paul Giordimaina / Fleur Balzan)

09. Marilena ft. Michael - He's A Demon (Anthony Grech / Michael Henry)

10. JAnvil - Topsy-Turvy (A Zahra / N Mooney / J Gladnikoff / N Turner / D Grech)

11.Claudia Faniello - Movie In My Mind (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

12. Richard Edwards - Finally (Jan Van Dijck / Richard Micallef)

13. Raquela - If I Could Do It All Again (Marc Paelinck / Mathias Strasser)

14. Kelly Schembri - Love Me Like Your Money (Gerard James Borg / Sven Lundholm / Erik Rydmark)

15. Wayne Micallef - Everybody Sing (Wayne Micallef)

16. Klinsmann and Ben - This Love (Klinsmann / Jonathan Spiteri)

Another dress rehearsal is set to take place tomorrow morning and be sure that our Editor-In-Chief will be present in the hall to see how that is going on especially noting that there will be a change of scenery with regards to the guests and maybe even some of the attire. Stay tuned for more information on the Maltese selection for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest here on ESCflashmalta.

Saturday, 12 February 2011 19:00

Belgium: Witloof Bay off to Germany

One of the nations which impressed within the last Eurovision Song Contest is surely Belgium whose "Me and My Guitar" performed by Tom Dice finished in sixth place within the final winning it's respective semi-final. Over the last couple of weeks, we have following what has been going on with regards to the internet selection and then the actual semi-final which took place just days ago actually.

This years' national final is entitled "Qui? A Vous De Choisir" signaling also the broadcaster which is hosting it being none other than RTBF. The entries which have made it to the final are of either quite average quality or of very good quality but that will be either for the people or the jury to choose actually. It seems like it is starting so 'Bonsoir mes amis' and welcome the live coverage of this evenings' Belgian selection.

The Show (Part 1):

The show has started and the host is explaining how the candidates have been selected, all in French of course. Then the jury is being introduced with Sandra Kim who won the contest for Belgium in 1986 with her song J'aime la vie. The numbers have been shown on the screen to vote your favourite song.

Running Order:

01. Steve Linden - C'est la musique

A Circus act just like Spain last year is actually funny. He's singing really great, I love the sound of his voice and I think this song has something special. He's accompanied by a male and female backing vocal who are singing really great too. The "lalala" in the song gives an international feeling to the song. And about his outfit, it fits the song perfectly. Now the juries gave their vote and he got 2 times yes and 2 times no.

02. Nelza - Be my friend

She starts singing but her voice is not 100%. The outfits match so that's a plus. The lighting is awesome and her singing improved a little. Maybe it were the nerves? Their voices match just like their outfits. I also like the violin in the song very much. And this is a favourite if I might add. Of to the jury: no, yes, yes, yes. So they've got one vote more than Steve.

03. Sarina - Rien en apparence

Another favourite and another french song. She begins to play the piano and her golden voice sounds through the hall. The crowd starts to clap along. The lighting fits the beautiful ballad. And to say this girl is blind, she is very talented! I don't have much to say, I'm enjoying this beautiful song! And the crowd goes wild! The jury says: no, no, yes and yes. Sandra Kim thinks this is a beautiful song but not suitable for Eurovision.

04. Thayss N' Bau - Somewhere with you

They start to sing and I think their voices aren't 100% and the English of the male singer needs a little practice. The female singer is doing better than her male counterpart. The lighting is slightly the same as the song before but it also fits this song. The jury is giving them a no! And I think the people at home will take this into consideration when they vote.

05. Clac et Les Portes - Claquer les portes

Another violin with another french song. The singer has a nice voice but the song isn't my style. The lighting is yellow and fits the happiness of the song. The outfits match and that's an advantage. I don't know if this will get the ticket. The crowd is booing! The jury is giving it a yes, no, yes and a no. I think if Belgium sends this, we'll get the last place or so in the semi-final, sorry guys.

06. Chloé - Just one chance

Now it's time for a Junior Eurosong candidate, she ended up 2nd in the Belgian preselection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This is a hot favourite. Her English is great just like the lighting and her glitter dress. It all suits this nice dance song. Her voice is really amazing. The backing vocals and her dancers are wearing black with a hint of light blue. What is the jury going to say? Four times a no and the crowd starts to boo! We'll see what the public will do.

07. J Cool - Dans ma chanson

I like this jazzy song. His voice is great and the trumpets on stage look really nice. The lighting is pink with blue which I think suits the jazziness. The jury is again giving this song 4 no's. I don't know what type of song this jury wants but nothing pleases them.


08. Gautier Reyz - Addiction

Nice choreography to start this rock song with. His looks suit the song very much. He has a great voice but he looks like he has to force the high notes to come out. The lighting surely is awesome and goes great with the song. At the end of the song he looks tired and his voice couldn't follow. The jury gave him 2 times yes and 2 times no.

09. .fen - Yes I know

A lot of pink lights for this song. His English could be a little better but his voice is very nice to listen to. The song keeps building until near the end it slows down again just to shoot up again. I got the feeling that this song was a little boring. The jury votes: 3 times yes and one no. The jury who voted no says the she wants to see more action on stage.

10. Witloof Bay - With love baby

A completely vocal group now. I remember Latvia doing the exact same thing in 2006. This ended up very low. Just a little information Belgium! The beatboxer is actually really great. Their voices go great together but I don't see this scoring at Eurovison, sorry! The jury is saying a big YES. But I don't see this qualifying.

11. Alexandre Deschamps - Elle merveille

The last french song of this evening. Again pink lighting is being used along with yellow. Their is an accordion on stage. His voice is nice but the song doesn't appeal to me. The jury is saying a big no. The jury also says it's not going to reach to other people.

12. Syla K. - Simple love

Now it's time for the only Flemish participant tonight. She's looking great tonight in a beautiful red dress. She singing with an amazing voice. Again pink and yellow lighting. The backing vocals are doing a great job too. Her English is perfect. Now it's time for the jury to cast their votes. It's 50/50.

13. Kaptain Oats - Reset

Red lighting with a white and black background. I like the beginning of the song but that's all. He's got a great voice but this song is just not my style sorry guys. The fact that there is a band on stage is a plus for me. What about the jury verdict? Two positive and two negative votes.

14. The Blazing - Our way

It's time for the last song this evening. The women have great voices, the man his voice is rather low. When they start singing together it's out of tune. When they sing separately they're great, but together it's a little disaster. Their English is great though. The jury is saying a big NO. I'm for once agreeing with them.

Time for a recap.


The Show (Part 2):

Time for another recap.

Sandra Kim will now perform 'Anywhere the wind blows'. It is not live though.

Voting has ended!

They showed a clip when Sandra Kim won the contest back in 1986 because it's been 25 years since she won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Time for the voting in style of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The winner is Witloof Bay.

They will perform the Belgian entry again. I don't like it sorry Wallonia!

Thanks to the RTBF for this magnificent show and for all the artists to give the performances of their lives.

Friday, 18 February 2011 18:56

Germany: Unser song für Deutschland - LIVE

Today is quite an important day for many fans of the Eurovision Song Contest as two entries for the annual event will be selected. The first to kick star their selection this evening is none other than the host nation, Germany who have decided to go for last years' winning entrant Lena Meyer-Landrut hoping she could defend her title and take it back to the nation. This decision might not have been taken well by fans but in the end the broadcaster has the final choice and the choice of songs has been quite impressive in my opinion.

Over the past two weeks, people at home and through the television have been watching the semi-finals that have aired on Pro Sieben to average viewership. In each semi-final there were a total of six songs featuring songwriters from all over the globe including the United States, Ireland, United Kingdom and of course Germany but the interest in the selection has been predominantly high actually. From each show, three entries made it through and therefore this evening, another six entries are being showcased and in fact, we are set to begin so Glück Deutschland.

The Show (Part 1)

The hosts are welcoming everyone to the final of 'unser Song für Deutschland' and then they showed a flashback of some Eurovision participants of the past.

Now the are showing us how Lena won the German final and the Eurovision Song Contest and in between clips Lena is commenting.

Running Order

Maybe (Daniel Schaub, Pär Lammers)

She's wearing a cute dress and her hair is pulled back. I like her appearance for this song. But I get a boring feeling with this song already. Could it be because she's not giving 100%. I also hear that she's heaving a little trouble to hit the right notes. Not for Eurovision is my opinion. The jury is saying no because it's too normal and it doesn't stand out.

What happened to me (Lena Meyer-Landrut, Stefan Raab)

She's wearing an outfit very similar to the outfit she wore at the ESC last year. I like this song a little more than the previous because it has a little more beat in it. Still she's not singing at full potential. I like the background by the way, it's very bright and happy. The jury said that they liked this one more than the previous one.

Push forward (Daniel Schaub, Pär Lammers)

Now it's time for one of my two favourites. She's looking quite nice in that dark blue dress. The background is really beautiful and fits the song perfectly. Her voice is better with song than the previous 2 songs. It's still not 100% but we're making progress. I think this is a moment to light up a thousand little lights in the public. The public is loving this song. The jury has a mixed feeling about this song. One says he loves it but not to send it to Eurovision because a lot of ballads will be picked. The other says to just send it.

Mama told me (Lena Meyer-Landrut, Stefan Raab)

This is the first song Lena is accompanied by dancers. This song gives me a happy feeling, probably due to the trumpets in this song. I like the song and I like the action on stage. I think it's the best out of the songs with some beat in it at the moment. The woman in the jury says that this song can reach the whole of Europe, while the black man in the jury says that this song is his favourite.

A million and one (Errol Rennalls, Stavros Ioannou)

The second song with dancers on stage. Lena is again looking great just like the background. Her voice has made progress during the show. I like the chorus but the strophes don't appeal to me. The crowd seemed to love this song too. The black man in the jury is saying that Europe might not like this song because it's very similar to the style of 'Satellite' and Europe wants to see something new. The woman is saying she likes it because it's so mysterious but she would change the choreography and the dancers' clothes.

Taken by a Stranger (Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier, Monica Birkenes)

Time for my second favourite song. I like the background, it fits the song perfectly. The dancers are dressed in silver jumpsuits while Lena is wearing a black one. This has something mysterious and that's what I like about. Her voice is perfect for this song. The crowd is also loving song a lot. This was also Stefan Raab's favourite song. He says the song has it all. The jury is saying the same thing: this song is perfect to send to Düsseldorf!

The Show (Part 2)

Now it's time for a recap and the lines to vote have been opened to the German public.

At the moment they are showing that Stefan Raab & Lena flew to Düsseldorf with a helicopter. They even visited the Esprit Arena.

Time for another recap.

Time to interview some people from TV, radio and newspapers in Germany.

Tele-voting is over!

Two songs will go to a super final, some sort of sing off. Those songs are 'Push forward' & 'Taken by a stranger'.

Now we're getting a look at the competition for this year.

It's time to hear the 2 final songs again.

Push forward (Daniel Schaub, Pär Lammers)

I have to say that this is a beautiful ballad and her voice is perfect for this song just like the next song.

We're gonna have a look backstage where Lena changes clothes and where they do her hair and make up.

Taken by a Stranger (Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier, Monica Birkenes)

Time to get mysterious again.

It's time for the German public to cast their votes for the last time this evening.

Time for an interval act while the Germans decide. Luckily this song isn't in the running for Eurovision because it sucks a little.

While the votes are being counted the hosts are talking a little with Lena.

The German song for the Eurovision Song Contest is 'Taken by a Stranger'! And because it's not a song of Stefan Raab, he can host the Eurovision Song Contest without any consequences.

And here is yet again the winner 'Taken by a Stranger'!

Thank you for ARD to give such a wonderful show and of course thank you Lena for giving amazing performances this evening.

Saturday, 26 February 2011 18:43

Ukraine: National Final - LIVE

Months ago, the Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest started and with so many songs in contention at the beginning of the competition, it is still quite a long evening to go through noting the twenty one songs that are currently vying for that illustrious ticket to represent the nation at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest set to take place within the city of Dusseldorg in Germany.

A number of acts are already being touted as possible representative of the nation which has failed to reach a disappointing placing in the last couple fo years. The show which is being broadcaster on NTU and also through the web-cast on the official site of the Eurovision Song Contest sees a mixture of English and Ukrainian, but you will be the ones to choose your favourite. Dobry vechir and enjoy the show.



Alexey Matias - Myself

Mika Newton - Angely

Jamala - Smile

Neksi - Sever-jug

El Kravchuck - Moja nadejda

Eduard Romanyuta - Berega

Armyia - Alo, alo

Vitalj Galaj - My expression

Anastasiya Prikhodko - Action

Bahroma - Cernoe more

Vladislav Levitsky - Love

Denys Povaly - Aces high

Shanis - Ya tvoja

Jemchug - Hero

Ivan Berezovskiy - Ave Maria

Tanya Vorzeva - Vsyo reseno

Elena Korneeva - Why did I say goodbye

Zaklyopki - Superhero (Uh-la-la)

Mila Nitich - Goodbye

Part 1:

Running Order:

Song 1: Zlata Ognevich - The Kukushka

One has to note that Zlata has made massive improvement coming in this evenings' show with the English being well sung. The music is quite modern actually and it is the type of genre which will surely be noted at the Eurovision Song Contest. The choreography is slick, impressive and works well on the screen although I don't know what the people think yet I believe that this is a contender for the victory this evening. A great opener to the show.

Song 2: Darya Medova - Infinity

The second song of the evening is a big ballad actually with the singer taking to the stage in a fantastic white dress reminiscent of attire that people would wear to huge award shows actually. The vocal performance is stunning and the backing vocal does a great job with the harmonies. The problem with ballads is that they might sound generic but this one oozes charm and emotion. A very good entry once more and it seems that NTU have put in a lot of effort this year.


Song 3: Jemchug - Hero

Nice dresses to go with this ballad. Their English is not so good but they sing very well apart and together. I think the background is a little too dark for this song, it has a lot of energy so a little more light should be appropriate.

Song 4: Bahroma - Cernoe more

The lighting fits the stage. I think that the song is a little boring. The camera only shows the lead singer and I think that they should show the whole band. Another point are the microphones. The sound is too low you can barely understand what the artists are singing.

Song 5: Alexey Matias - Myself

Nice song but not for Eurovision. The fireworks don't fit the song. He has a great voice. The outfits all match because they're all in tuxedo's. The lighting is lighter than before but it's still darkish.

Song 6: Jamala - Smile

The hot favourite of this year. You definitely wanna smile :-). She's wearing an orange poofy dress. Her backing vocals are wearing 50's dresses, which match. I like the different styles in this song. She has an amazing voice :-). Smile!


Amazing song interval act

Song 7: Mila Nitich - Goodbye

She has an amazing voice and an amazing dress too. Her voice reminds me a little of Céline Dion. The lighting fits this beautiful ballad perfectly. Her English is very good.

Song 8: Elena Korneeva - Why did I say goodbye

A powerful voice this singer has. Her English is average but you forget that because it's a nice pop song.

Song 9: Denys Povaly - Aces high

This singer has a nice voice and his English is nice. The lighting for the sing is a little dark, the dancers don't get good lighting, they look great though, they match the singer.

Song 10: El Kravchuck - My hope

This is a very talented artist they just said, he has a great voice with a great song. The lighting fits the song, but again some memebers of the band are in the dark at some times. But this was a very great entry.

Song 11: Shanis - Ya tvoja

She has really nice dancers. This is another ballad and I like it too, I like ballads and this is one of them. She has a great voice. The lighting fits the song perfectly again. And a very powerful end.

Song 12: Vitalj Galaj - My expression

Very up-tempo and energetic song. His English could be better. The outfits from the dancers are weird. He has some difficulties with the notes. And it doesn't kill him to dance along with the dancers. Scandal! He can't go to Düsseldorf because he uses vocals in his backing track and this is against the rules! It was a nice song if he worked on the points I wrote down.

Piano interval act

Song 13: Mika Newton - Angely

It's a very nice ballad but her English is not the best, I can't understand what she's singing, a pity it's a nice song, but she has an amazing voice. She's wearing a white dress. The dancers are using mirrors which is really nice. They look like angles which fits the song of course. A really big ending. I like it.

Song 14: Eduard Romanyuta - Berega

His voice sounds young but great. He is the youngest participant. I like the song it's a pop-rock song the outfits match the song and each other. It's very energetic. The fireworks coming out the guitar suit the song really nice.

Song 15: Tatyana Vorzheva - Vse resheno

She has a nice choreography. She is born in Germany but looks very Ukrainian. Her song is quite ordinary nothing special, just like her voice. Her English can be better. Scandals are flying around. She has a dancer too many and the head of the jury wants to disqualify this entry too but Ruslana sticks up for Tatyana. This entry is disqualified too because there were 7 people on stage instead of 6.

Song 16: Ivan Berezovskiy - Ave Maria

He has a nice voice. This is a nice ballad, his voice suits the song. His backing vocals are amazingly good. They all match perfectly: outfits and voice. I really like this song, it's a really classical song.


Song 17: Zaklyopki - Superhero (Uh-la-la)

I really the gowns of these singers, they are dressed in bright pink, blue & green. Their English could be better, it's a nice pop song though. In the middle of the songs their gowns become cocktail dresses. It was very energetic but nothing special.

Song 18: Vladislav Levitsky - Love

Again an amazing voice and again bad English. This song is not appealing to me, I would personally switch to something else but that's my taste. I don't know about this song.

Song 19: Anastasiya Prikhodko - Action

A familiar face now. The 2009 representative for Russia. Her outfit is lady gagaish. This is an electro pop song. She has an amazing voice and this is an amazing song. This could do well actually.

Part 2:

Interval act from a former participant from this year's Ukrainian selection.


Interval act.

Recap of all the songs. And again.

The tele-voting lines have been closed.

Results are ready to be made public.

The winner is Mika Newton with 'Angels'! Second is Zlata Ognevich with 'The Kukushka' and third is Jamala with 'Smile'.

Mika Newton won the Ukrainian national selection after a really interesting show. She placed first with all three juries (public, internet and professional jury). ‘Angels’is a beautiful ballad which I think will surely pass to the final and give a good result in Düsseldorf. Zlata Ognevich placed second with her song ‘The Kukushka’ before favourite number one Jamala, she sung her ‘Smile’ into a third place. The other favourite of the evening Anastasia Prikhodko got an average result. She sung ‘Action’ to an 8th place.

It is quite important to note that the favourites did lose out in the long run gaining spots which were yes quite respectable but nothing impressive. Alas, the third day in which a ballad has been chosen to represent the country. This is the first modern ballad at this years' Eurovision Song Contest with one of the three dealing with musical like qualities and the other being just a pure classic. We hope the best for Ukraine. Tell us what you think about the song below.

Source: NTU


BTRC, the Belarusian public broadcaster has called for songs. It doesn’t matter if you’re born in Belgium or live Hungary, anyone that wants to represent this nation Alexander Rybak was born in, has time to apply until February 21st.

After this deadline an expert jury will listen to all the songs submitted in Belarussian, Russian & English and finally come to a decision on March 1st. Remember that if you decide to enter a song, it’s limited to only one per artist. The winning artist will then perform for Belarus in the second semi-final held on May 12th. It is highly probable that Dmitry Koldun will be submitting a song within the field.

Source: BTRC

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 20:45

Israel: Return of a Diva?

On March 8th Israel will hold its national selection called KDAM. They decided to select a few Israeli artists to perform in the final of KDAM. And one of those artists might be Dana International. Her manager revealed that they got an invitation for KDAM 2011 and they are considering taking part.

Dana International was the woman that brought victory to Israel for the 3rd and to date last time. That time was 1998 and with her song Diva she managed to win the hearts of Europe. It was also the first victory by tele-voting managing a last minute run beating Malta’s Chiara and the song “The One that I Love”.

Then in 2008 Dana returned to Eurovision, not as an artist but as the composer of the Israeli entry “The fire in your eyes (Ke’ilu kan)” sung by Boaz Mauda. The Israeli people believe that if she will represent their country she has a high chance of bringing home the gold for a fourth time.

Source: Israeli Media

Returning country Italy will be represented by one of the artists performing at the San Remo festival, the mother of the Eurovision Song Contest. RAI has officially stated this on February 1st.

But if you thought that the winner will represent Italy, you're wrong. The judges will have to decide which participant is best suited to represent Italy in Düsseldorf. There has been no further explanation yet, but everything will be explained into detail at the start of the festival to the audience and the jury. This is due to the secrecy that the songs are heard for the first time on the 1st day of the festival. A complete list with participants can be viewed here and among others are some previous Eurovision participants:

  • Patty Pravo
  • Moda'
  • Luca Madonia & Franco Battiato (ESC 1984)
  • Giusy Ferreri
  • La Crus
  • Anna Oxa (ESC 1989)
  • Tricarico
  • Nathalie
  • Al Bano (ESC 1976 & 1985)
  • Luca Barbarossa (ESC 1988) & Raquel del Rosario
  • Roberto Vecchioni
  • Max Pezzali
  • Davide Van De Sfroos

The Festival of San Remo takes place between February 15th & February 19th and will be broadcast on RAI UNO & RAI International. Italy last participated in 1997 with the winners of Sanremo, Jalisse and their song "Fiumi Di Parole" which ended up 4th.

Source: Eurovision.tv, RAI

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