February 21, 2020

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Zeljko Joksimovic, who represented Serbia & Montenegro back in 2004 with the song “Lane Moje” which finished in a very well-deserved 3rd place, is returning to this prestigious festival by representing Serbia. The song is to be presented on a special TV show on RTS on the 10th of March. And for those Eurovision fans who crave watching different selections, this show will be aired live at 21:00 CET on RTS1 and RTS Satellite so one will be able to watch the show via a provided webcast.

It seems that the Serbian delegation is working very hard in order to achieve the result that they are aiming for. Our colleagues at www.esctoday.com have learnt that the team that Zeljko has behind him and his entry are aiming for gold. Zeljko’s experience in terms of the Eurovision Song Contest is not that of just a singer but also as a songwriter. He had composed an entry in the 2005 National Final; “Jutro” by Jelena Tomasevic. He was also given the chance to compose the 2006 Bosnian Eurovision song sung by Hari Mata Hari; “Leila” where one has to note that it finished in the 3rd place. He’d also composed the 2008 Serbian entry by Jelena Tomasevic; “Oro” and this finished within the top 10 too, placing in the 6th place. Stay tuned to ESCflashmalta for more information Serbia and their entry in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest set to be held in Baku.

Source: esctoday

Thursday, 08 December 2011 14:52

Lithuania: Young Artist Submits Interest

Lithuania’s first entrant who is interested in representing this country in the Eurovision Song Contest which is to be held in Baku next May is Simona Milinytei. Milinytei has started her singing carreer at the young age of 3 where she started taking vocal lessons but she took this seriously at the age of 11 where she released her first studio album.

She has also been on the same stage where  Zilvinu Zvaguliu, Irena Starosaite, group BM and group Patruliai performed. Who’s behind Simona’s entry? The Swedes. So one should expect to that type of schlager song which usually go down well with all the Eurovision-aholics.  Her song is called ‘One of a Kind’. It’s the third attempt in a Lithuanian selection for the Swedes whose production is done by William Butt, along with songwriters Marcos Ubeda and Bobby Ljunggren who are somewhat experienced in the Eurovision Song Contest field.

They claimed "Simona can be a major international star. Only I can not answer how much it will take time", said William Butt, the producer of the song. He adds : "On the Internet by chance I saw a video clip of Simona singing a few lines. I was stunned by her voice. After a few days we talked with her mother for a cooperation". Simona’s entry can be listened via www.lrytas.lt which in turn is a good music source for the Lithuanian Music Industry. We would like to wish the young artist, the very best of luck with this upcoming endevaour.

Source: Lrystas, escXtra

The Norwegian broadcaster responsible for the nations' participation in the biggest musical event in Europe, NRK, has revealed another three (3) participants who will be competing in the Norwegian selection known as the Melodi Grand Prix with the hope of winning the ticket to Baku for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The country is hoping to rekindle the success that it achieved back in 2008 thanks to Maria Haukaas Storeng and her song 'Hold On Be Strong' which finished in fifth place and also that achieved in 2009 when Alexander Rybak and 'Fairytale' swept to victory.

The chosen acts are none other than Tooji Kesktar, Rikke Normann and Silya Nymoen. We delve into the respective names to see what their interest within the industry actually lies. Tooji Kesktar is the first one to be mentioned here. His song includes exotic rhythms. It should be noted that he is of Iranian origin so one can better understand the exotic feel to his song. He has been on the red carpet, when he was still living the teenage life ; being that of 16. He has also been a model and due to this he was referred to as Prince of Persia.

Rikke Normann is not new to the musical scene as she has already been on stage of the National Finals earlier this year with her song “Not that Easy”. The song was interpreted as a duet with Åste. She will perform as a soloist this time with a song named “Shapeshifter” which is written by Silya Nymoen. Silya which is participating as a composer for Rikke’s song, is also participating as a soloist. It should be noted that her entry “Euphoria” will be competing against one of her own musical compositions. Silya is mostly known for being a songwriter. At this point in time, there have been twenty one (21) revelations, see the list below along with their best work.

Source: NRK

The annual Melodi Grand Prix has quickly grown in popularity with these past couple of years showing it to be the true gem of the European selections which from next year will be featuring in most of the countries with the European Broadcasting Union wanting the people to have a say in the choice of the song that will ultimately represent them. The announcement of the acts competing in the year 2012 actually took a long time with some one to two acts a week being published through the official website and also leading tabloids in the country.

The Norwegian Public Broadcaster; NRK has now announced the running order for all the three (3) semi-finals of the Melodi Grand Prix actually with the first act chosen to open the selection being 'Irresistible' from the Norwegian version of the X Factor. The acts this year are various coming from theatre, reality television shows and even the modelling industry but the quality has been confirmed to be standard to other years in the hope of obtaining a better result than in 2011 when Stella Mwangi and her song 'Haba Haba' failed to get through the semi-final stage of the competition. This is the running order for the three  Melodi Grand Prix 2012 semifinals.

Semifinal 1 - Ørland, January 21st:

1. Irresistable - «Elevator»

2. Kim André Rysstad - «Så vidunderlig»

3. Reidun Sæther - «High On Love»

4. Rudi Myntevik - «You Break It, You Own It»

5. Lisa Stokke - «With Love»

6. United - «Little Bobbi»

7. Nora Foss Al-Jabri - «Somewhere Beautiful»

8. The Carburetors - «Don’t Touch The Flame


Semifinal 2 - Larvik, January 28th

1. Cocktail Slippers - «Keeps On Dancing»

2. Isabel Ødegård - «I’ve Got You»

3. Tommy Fredvang - «Make It Better»

4. Rikke Lie - «Another Heartache»

5. Malin - «Crush»

6. Plumbo - «Ola Nordmann»

7. Minnie-Oh - «You And I»

8. Rikke Normann - «Shapeshifter»


Semifinal 3 - Florø, February 4th

1. Tooji - «Stay»

2. Marthe Valle - «Si»

3. Petter Øien - «Things Change»

4. Yaseen & Julie Maria - «Sammen»

5. Håvard Lothe Band - «The Greatest Day»

6. Silya Nymoen - «Euphoria»

7. The Canoes - «Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time»

8. Lise Karlsnes - «Sailors»

Source: NRK

Thursday, 29 December 2011 14:52

Albania: Rona Nishliu Wins Ticket to Baku

After the semifinals which were held earlier this week, the Festivali i Këngës is set to be finalized tonight with the national selection taking place.Through the initial stages, twenty (20) acts made it through to the finals with the hope of choosing the best one to represent Albania in the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku,Azerbaijan. A special show was also aired yesterday in which the best songs from the showcase over the years were heard throughout. It’s also to be noted that it will be the 50th edition of Festivali i Këngës. The shows are hosted by Nik Xhelilaj, Hygerta Sako and Enkeleida Zeko.

The 20 acts which will be competing are:

• Gerta Mahmutaj - Pyete zemrën

• Bashkim Alibali - Këngën time merr me vehte

• Endri & Stefi Prifti - Mbi çdo iluzion

• Samanta Karavello - Zgjomë një tjetër ëndër

• Rudina Deliu - Më kërko

• Rona Nishliu - Suus

• Altin Goci - Kthehem prapë

• Elton Deda - Kristal

• Hersi Matmuja - Aty ku më le

• Marjeta Billo - Vlen sa një jetë

• Toni Mehmetaj - Ëndrra e parë

• Dr. Flori - Personale

• Kamela Islamaj - Mbi yje

• Frederik Ndoçi - Oh... jeta ime

• Bojken Lako & Breza - Të zakonshëm

• Mariza Ikonomi - Më lër të të dua

• Iris Hoxha - Pa ty... asnjë sekond

• Saimir Braho - Ajër

• Xhensila Myrtzaj - Lulet mbledh për hënën

• Elhaida Dani - Mijëra vjet

One may be able to watch the show which is to be starting at 20:30 CET through the official website of the broadcaster at RTSH or also through the secondary online channel which offers access to the Albanian channel. Follow ESCflashmalta throughout the day for more updates about Albania's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. This will be the ninth appearance of Albania in the music competition and despite the fact that they have managed somewhat successful results in the past, this year did not prove to be as Aurela Gace and her song 'Feel The Passion' could only manage fourteenth place in the semi-final. Their best result to date remains the one achieved back in 2004 thanks to Anjeza Shanini and her song 'The Image of You' finishing in seventh place at the end of the evening.

It has just been revealed that the winner of this years' edition of the Festivali i Këngës is none other than Rona Nishliu whose melancholic track 'Suus' will be representing the country at the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. She was the favourite heading into the show this evening and despite the length of time that it took for the respective updates on the scoreboard to be put in place, she almost managed to win all of the respective votes. Let us know what you think of the song which you can listen to just below.

Source: RTSH

Last Saturday, two of the most popular Spanish names in the music industry being Pastora Soler and Sergio Dalma joined forces in a duet to perform the song 'Yo No Te Pido La Luna' which is originally an Italian hit. The show aired on Christmas Eve through TVE1 and with both of them being representatives for Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest, they attracted different audiences for the showcase. Other famous artists joined in the show including Umberto Tozzi who represented Italy in 1987, Laura Pausini, Diana Navarro and Chenoa who backed Rosa in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest during her performance of the song 'Europe's Living a Celebration'.

Sergio Dalma is surely remembered for his astounding performance of his evergreen hit 'Bailar Pegados' which finished in fourth place back in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest ahead of Malta and the song 'Could It Be' by Paul Giordimaina and Georgina Abela. Since then, he has gone onto fame and fortune though with his compilation albums including his latest material peaking at the top position in Spain. He has come up with three albums in the past two years including 'Trece' in 2010 certified Platinum, 'Via Dalma' certified 3x Platinum also in 2010 and his latest compilation entitled 'Via Dalma II' which has just been released. This was a great publicity stunt for the Spanish representative who will be vying to succeed and get a positive result for the country, one that they have been wanting for a very long time.

Source: RTVE

Friday, 06 January 2012 16:18

Cyprus: National Final Songs Presented

Ivi Adamou, was the first artist to be revealed as in terms of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. She was chosen to represent Cyprus in this prestigious festival. 3 songs were selected to compete in the Cypriot National Final and are now available on MTN Cyprus’ official and on the official website of the Cypriot national television.

The selection is set to be on the 25th of January where the singer; Ivi Adamou will be singing the chosen songs live, with the hope that the best one gets the right to represent Cyprus. A recap of all these 3 songs may be seen through the viral videos website known as YouTube. The team of ESCflashmalta will be keeping you updated with all the news concerning Cyprus and other national finals throughout this Eurovision season.

The song titles are:

1. Call the police (Authors: Lene Dissing, Jakob Glæsner and Mikko Tamminen)

2. You don't belong here (Authors: Niklas Jarl,  Alexander Schold and Sharon Vaugh)

3. La la love (Authors: Alex Papaconstantinou, Bjorn Djupstrom, Alexandra Zakka and Viktor Svensson)

Early opinions about the tracks have been somewhat extremely positive and despite the fact, that one would like everyone to have a say it seems that the third track is particularly the favourite. The production has been done in an extremely professional way and it shows that Sony Music Greece is behind the content which is fresh, new and ready to be performed on a large platform. Considering the fact that Ivi does indeed know how to perform vocally, this might be a very good year for Cyprus.

Source: CyBC, ESCDaily

This year, PBS (Malta’s National Broadcaster) has been quite busy in terms of the Eurovision selection which is to be held on the 3rd and 4th of February in MFCC, Ta’ Qali. This is due to the promotion which each participant is getting locally; and would really boost up their popularity too.

After the revealing of the slots which are being aired everyday, right before the 8 o’clock news in which the participants sit for a short interview, PBS has now revealed that two special programmes are to be aired on Sunday 22nd and Sunday 29th of January. These two shows will cover up footage from the last 10 years. And apart from this fact, it was also revealed that the running order will also be announced in one of these 2 shows. This idea will surely be giving all the Eurovision fanatics, a one hour full of nostalgic moments. PBS, has also revealed 2 more shows in terms of the Eurovision Song Contest too.

These are the Countdown: Red Carpet Show which is to be aired on February 4th at 6:10pm and the Dopo Festival show which will be aired the day after at 8:40pm. The  Countdown: Red Carpet Show was quite successful last year when this programme was aired for the very first time right before the Final night. The Dopo Festival is not new though as this was an appointment as from earlier times. In the meanwhile, we remind you that one is able to buy the tickets for both shows online via www.ooii.com.mt. In less than 4 weeks, we would know which act has got the right to represent our country! Eurovision Fever at its best

Source: TVM

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 16:00

Austria: ORF Presents First Batch of Songs

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest all over the continent are currently being kept busy with the preparations for their nations' much-awaited selection process or rather announcement of entry in some circumstances. One of such nations is is Austria! Hitradio Ö3 has revealed the titles of eight (8) particular acts which are to be battling against each other on the 24th of February at the ORF srudios with the hope of picking the best one to represent the country.

These eight (8) songs are now uploaded in full-length online; on the Austrian radio’s website. Two (2) songs are yet to be revealed though which are added in the line-up of the other  eight (8) acts. These two (2) songs are coming from Krautschädl and Blockstar. Last night, the  eight (8) songs were also presented in Vienna, at the Volksgarten nightclub. In the meantime, our friends at Esctoday have also been given the right to exclusivity for the hosts of the show and in fact they will be none other than a dynamic trio made up of; Mirjam Weichselbraun, Robert Kratky and Andi Knoll. The eight (8) finalists are as follows:

01: !Deladap - Swing crazy

03: James Cottriall - Stand up

05: Mary Broadcast Band - How can you ask  me

06: Paper Moon - Father, father, mon père

07:  Norbert Scheneider - Medicate my blues away

08: Trackshittaz - Woki mit deim popo

09: Valerie - Comme ça

10: Conchita Wurst - That's what I am

The other two entries will surely be revealed in due course but in the meantime, why don't you listen to the ones available above and let us know of your opinion. Last year Austria returned to the Eurovision Song Contest in the best possible way actually with Nadine Beiler and her track 'The Secret Is Love' seeing to the nations' qualification for the first time ever. There were many concerns about participation from the broadcaster despite the large amount of support for the event. Stay tuned to www.escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about Austria and their participation in 2012.

Source: ORF

Saturday, 19 November 2011 17:17

Norway: Another Act Has Been Announced

Another act has been revealed today by NRK (the Norwegian Broadcaster)! It’s the Norwegian-American band; “The Canoes”. The band has gained a lot of success during the years in several different projects.  The Lead singer of this band who is Chris Barron said “it feels like we are running from 0-100 in half a second! As a songwriter, it’s an appealing contest and that it is all about original music, it gives the competition more credibility”

The title of the song which will be presented in this year’s Melodi Grand Prix is called “Seemed Like a Good Idea” which looks at the humorous aspect of the life of a Rock n Roll star which the members of this band has experienced in their musical career. This act has been the 11th one to be confirmed for the upcoming selection. The other acts which has been announced are Duo; Yaseen Asher and Julie Maria Dahl, Rudi Myntevik, Kim André Rysstad, Marthe Valle, Monica Johansen, Plumbo, Nora Foss Al-Jabri, Isabel Ødegård, Malin and Irresistible. Is Norway ready to repeat its success back in 2009 and break this year’s record of the semifinals when Stella Mwangi failed to qualify to the finals finishing 17th having just 30points? We have to wait and see and last but not least, we would like to wish The Canoes, the very best of luck in their endeavours.

Source: NRK

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