February 21, 2020

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Thursday, 07 October 2010 19:00

Breaking News: First Four Entries Announced

The Director General of the Swedish national selection procedure namely Christer Bjorkman and SVT, announced the first four participants that will form part of all the acts competing in the next Melodifestivalen. Just like previous years, Melodifestivalen’s concept is to cover all kinds of music genres. More names will be announced in about two weeks time.

These four entries can be found below:

Composer: - Pernilla Andersson
Artist: - Pernilla Andersson

“E de fel på mig”
Composer: - Pontus Assarsson, Thomas G son, Jörgen Ringqvist
Artist: - Linda Bengtzing

“En blick och något hander”
Composer: - Alexander Bard, Ola Håkansson, Tim Norell
Artist: - Lasse Stefanz

“Me and My Drum”
Composer: - Teron Beal, Patrik Magnusson, Johan Ramström
Artist: - Swingfly

It should be noted that three of these artists (Pernilla Andersson, Lasse Stefanz and Swingfly) are competing for the very first time whilst Linda Bengtzing is trying her luck for the fourth time. Last year Sweden was represented by Anna Bergendahl with the song “This is my life”.It failed to make it through for the final night by finishing 11th, only 5 points away from qualifying.

Source: SVT

Saturday, 23 October 2010 13:34

Turkey: Fans Petition for National Selection

A Turkish fan website which bears the name Eurovision Dream and can of course be accessed through this link here, has just launched an online petition so as Turkey can have a proper pre-selection process. This method is being hoped to replace the internal selection Turkey has been making for a decade now. They are aiming for 10.000 signatures within the short time period of two weeks.

It should be noted that Turkey has done quite well in previous years when the song was chosen internally. They even had a win back in 2003 with Every Way That I Can performed by Sertab Erener. The Turks are claiming that they are now tired of this internal system and just want to celebrate an own national final just like other European countries do. They also claim that they have been waiting quite a lot to have a decent National Final. If you would like to read and sign this petition, simply click this link here.

Source: Eurovision Dream

The official website of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which can be accessed through this link here, today presented the song for UNICEF named “A day without war” sung by Dmitry Koldun. Today, in Minsk a masterclass for all Belarusian children by UNICEF was held. “Work your magic”, the song which represented Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest way back in 2007 is sung by the same Dmitry Koldun. The song “A day without war” will be performed with all performers of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest on the final night of the event taking place on the 20th November 2010.

Dmitry Koldun, claimed that his song is not about war but its all about kids! The message behind this song is to appeal to all adults so as to protect children and not to abuse with their rights. If you want to hear this touchy and emotional ballad then simply then look for it below. UNICEF also gave the opportunity for some young directors for a masterclass film. The project organizers said that they chose a one minute film format where one can express himself very briefly and at the same time brightly. These young directors and cameraman were all gathered through the country with the oldest participants being 18.

Kristina Kersa, an artist from Estonia claimed that children can create and show something quite natural, beautiful and true.These shots were about a number of subjects including the environment, health and education which are all worrying topics. "I’m making a film about one-parent families. I suppose this topic is urgent all over the world. I hope that people, who’ll watch my work, won’t make those silly mistakes”, said one of these young participants taking part in this activity.

Source: Junior Eurovision (Official Website)

Wednesday, 04 August 2010 16:08

Israel: ESC 2011 Withdrawal Seems Likely

Yesterday, the Israeli broadcaster, IBA discussed their plan and budget with regards to next years’ programs including the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest set to take place in Germany. The general manager, Mordechai Shklar expressed his doubts on Israel’s participation for next year and actually supports a withdrawal.

One of Israel’s leading websites being none other than Ice.co.il, yesterday reported that during the IBA’s board meeting, Mordechai Shklar expressed his doubts in participating at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest held in Germany. Shklar said that when IBA didn’t have a solid plan, their Eurovision participation was quite worth it but now that they are getting stronger with regards to programming , it might not be true anymore. It should be noted that Shklar has already expressed his opinion in the past and yet the country has never left the contest.

This year’s Israeli entry for the Eurovision Song Contest was Milim , sung by one of the most popular artists in Israel namely Harel Skaat. Israel ended up in a respectable 14th place in the final which considering his vocal abilities and the overall performance was quite disappointing. ESCflashmalta.com will be keeping you posted about anything with regards to Israel and any other country that is inter-connected with the Eurovision Song Contest.

Like in the previous years, SVT is making four preview shows featuring all the 39 countries participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest which will be held on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May respectively.

These shows started on April 27th till May 18th. There are five experts reviewing the songs weekly. The show is hosted by Melodifestivalen producer Christer Björkman. Last April 27th and last night, these five experts voted for all of the 17 songs participating in the first Semi-final.

These are the results:

19 Points to Latvia
18 Points to Portugal
18 Points to Albania
16 Points to Iceland
16 Points to Moldova
16 Points to Malta
13 Points to Greece
13 Points to Slovakia
13 Points to Belgium
13 Points to Belarus
12 Points to Russia
09 Points to Bosnia & Herzegovina
09 Points to Finland
09 Points to Poland
08 Points to Serbia
04 Points to Estonia
03 Points to FYR Macedonia

The five experts are none other than: Lena Philipsson (2004 Swedish Eurovision representative), Kayo Shekoni (singer, former member of Afro-dite, 2002 Swedish representatives), Rennie Mirro (musician), Thomas Lundin (Eurovision expert, TV host ) and Marie Serneholt (singer, former member of A-Teens). You can watch the latest show here.

Note that the reviews for the second semifinal will start as from May 11th and will take up till May 18th.

Source: SVT

We Maltese are very keen on what we watch on Television and this might be because of the fact that a particular program might leave a particular impact on our lives. Usually, we all love watching dramas and so, the particular musical series “Déjà Vu” which is aired on NET Television every Sunday right after the news bulletin, has become of the most popular series.

Being a teenager is not as simple as one might think and am saying so cause right now; I’m facing the teenage-life. Déjà Vu is introducing us the lives of 6 people who are coming from different types of families, each and one of these facing different problems. Last episode, has left some uncut edges which we’d like to evolve in the coming episode. Who was the man who’d talked to Josie (Eileen Montesin) and is this person someone who she knows? Josie keeps on facing those particular visions which are caused due to her suffering from Déjà Vu and this time; being one which is familiarly involved. But the answer is: Who?

In the meantime, we are to see the headmistress of St. Louis’ College (Mary Spiteri) facing a situation which she doesn’t like. The Mayor (Mark Haber), will be taking the headmistress with him to Taormina but will it be as clear as it seems? Usually, we have to treat demanding people from a different perspective and so will do Hazel (Claire Agius) to her admirers Aleandro and Wayne. In the meantime, Sally’s parents are away and so she grabs the opportunity to take a particular someone, home.

Starring for yet another time this evening will be none other than; former Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mary Spiteri, Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 Second Runner-up; Kurt Calleja, Junior Eurosong finalist; Christine Haber and of course Former Hosts of the Malta Song for Europe, Clare Agius and Eileen Montesin. Tune into NET Television this evening at 20:30 CET, just after the news to follow the second episode of this series and you will notice when the show will be commencing as the opening theme song is none other than the song 'Déjà Vu' performed by former Eurovision Song Contest representative Olivia Lewis in the Malta Song for Europe back in 2005.

Source: Press Release

Two Young-Maltese artists; Enya Magri and Maxine Pace got the right to participate in “The World Championships of Performing Arts” in Hollywood. This competition is also known as the Artists’ Olympics. It was their very first time in this type of competition where they got satisfying results.

Enya and Maxine arrived in Hollywood, earlier this month, on the 15th of July. On the first day, they had to wear the Maltese traditional costume just like the contestants from the other forty (40) other participating countries. Then, the second day consisted of a boot camp where they attended some musical lectures from a number of high profile individuals within the music industry such as Dorian Holley. For 23 years, Holley supported the King of Pop; Michael Jackson as backing singer. They also met Seth Riggs who is considered to be the best vocal coach.

After the opening ceremony, the young artists set off to the competition where they sang in four (4) different categories. Both Enya and Maxine made it through to the semi-finals. In the stage of the competition, two categories; (5-10yrs & 11-15yrs), has been joined together, from which only five (5) made it through to the finals. One of the two local girls; Enya, was the youngest competitor; and what do you know made it as one of these five finalists! The following day, the results of every category were revealed. Maxine won two (2) gold and one (1) bronze medal whilst Enya won two (2) gold medals with one being that of a finalist, one (1) silver medal and the last one being a golden medal as she was awarded the winner of the world champion division.

They were all very happy and satisfied with the results as they should be. A round of applause should also go to their vocal coach; Kaya (Priscilla Psaila) who did her best to prepare them for the competition. The Editorial Team of ESCflashmalta would like to congratulate these young artists on their achievements.

Source: Press Release

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 18:41

Malta: Clinton Paul Launches 'Robot'

This summer seems to be quite the one for new releases with singles and albums galore with regards to the Maltese local music scene and the next artist to continue this trend is none other than Clinton Paul as he releases his brand new track “Robot”. He had also released two tracks named “Rebellion” and "RRR", meaning; “Rebellion Radar Remix” from his debut album “I know who I am now” to be released later on this year.

“Robot” was been released just last Saturday, on the 16th of July. One should also note the difference that this particular song has when compared to the rest of the tracks within his repertoire. This new song actually has somewhat of a dub-step feel according to Clinton Paul himself showing that he can be quite the versatile artist if need be. In the past couple of months, Clinton Paul has been establishing himself more and more as a performer but one should note that in local festivals, he has proven himself to be a songwriter with his last winning composition being none other than "Poison Ivy" performed by Romina Mamo during last years' edition of the Malta International Hit Song Contest. He also came third in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the song "L-Eroj" again performed by the same Romina Mamo. You can hear both songs through Clinton Paul's official website along with the brand new single entitled "Robot". We would like to wish the artist, the very best of luck in his music endeavours.

Source: Press Release

Wednesday, 13 July 2011 12:55

Malta: Lyndsay is 'Love Sick'

Written and produced by this local artist with her producers Kenny D'Ugo & Dave Calleja; is Lyndsay’s new single “Love Sick.” This single is already being played on the local airwaves such as 89.7 Bay where it has been confirmed as this weeks number #7 in the local music chart hosted every Saturday by Nathan D.

The upcoming artist, Lyndsay is also working on her image around the clock hoping to fit in well within her pop/rock princess sort of image, one which she has been aiming for quite some time. Her first appearance with this new single was back on Saturday the 2nd of July on the show “Sibtek” where she had presented a superb performance.

Over the past couple of months, she has garnered the support of the project “Aiming 4 Fame”, whose sole aim is that of promoting our local artists hoping to establish them abroad and giving them the opportunities to outreach and work with a number of different individuals, some of which have extremely strong backgrounds. In the meantime, Lyndsay has also been chosen to perform in “The Bedford” within the United Kingdom and she will be using this performance in order to promote her recently released extended play.

On behalf of the whole team at ESCflashmalta, we would like to wish Lyndsay the very best of luck with her new single hoping that success is not only achieved locally but also internationally. For more information regarding Lyndsay, one should check out her website www.lyndsaypace.com and her Myspace page on www.myspace.com/lyndsaypace. Well Done Lyndsay !

Source: Press Release

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