January 24, 2020

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ESCflashmalta Team

ESCflashmalta Team

Friday, 30 April 2010 16:09

Malta: Thea Garrett in Belgium

The Maltese representative in this years' Eurovision Song Contest namely Thea Garrett has embarked on a trip that will take her to the city of Antwerp in Belgium where she is set to be promoting her entry My Dream composed by Jason Cassar and written by Sunny Aquilina which will be performed in the 11th position within the first semi-final to be staged on the 25th May 2010.

Apart from several media exposure through the television and also the radio stations, Thea was given an extra event to deal with yesterday having met with the Belgian Ambassador to Malta. The culmination of the trip will be taking place this evening when a party is set to be hosted. A total of seven participating countries will be making the trip as seen below:

  • Armenia - Eva Rivas - Apricot Stone
  • Belgium - Tom Dice - Me and my guitar
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina - Vukasin Brajic - Thunder and Lightning
  • Greece - Giorgios Alkaios - Opa
  • Ireland - Niamh Kavanagh - It's for you
  • Malta - Thea Garrett - My Dream
  • Serbia - Milan Stankovic - Ovo Je Balkan

After all of the participants assemble at the Ramada Plaza Hotel within Antwerp, Belgium, the media will be taking pictures. This will be followed by the introduction of the seven artists who will all be given exposure through interviews. A welcome reception is then set to be held for all the media and invited guests within the AEC Antwerp. An hour later, a speech by the host of the event namely Bram Bierkens from the organising committee of the event. The performances would kick off straight after mixed with some interesting forms of arts including a fashion show and a tribute act.

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Monday, 17 May 2010 14:21

Oslo 2010: Day 2 Press Conferences

From the other side of Europe, Marc Calleja Bayliss in collaboration with the Irishmen at the blog All Kinds of Everything, we will be bringing you a detailed report of the Press Conferences. The page will be updated every now and then so therefore you should be careful and refresh the page every once in a while because you might find something new.

There have been a number of Press Conferences and thanks to the team of ESCflashmalta and Oikotimes headed by Juergen Boernig, we are now in a position to give you the links for the respective sessions that the countries had with the press following their first performances in the Telenor Arena. One could note that Thea quite enjoyed herself within her intimate press conference continuing the great reception which she received today.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:21

ESC 2010: An Opinion for this Evening

Admittedly this year I have become a little sceptical of the entries this year. I have now grown to love them and I just wanted to share my views. There is a complete mixed bag of songs in this semi final. I can’t say I like them all but here is a review of the songs I’d love to see in the final.

The first one I have grown partial to is Slovakia, not only because the singer is beautiful she actually has a lovely voice and the song has a captivating melody.  I can’t see it being a winner, but I would love to see it getting votes on the final scoreboard. The next I would like to see in the final is Malta. I myself am not Maltese but I actually think this song has real charm and I really like how she manages to sing the high notes flawlessly. I am not sure how this will be presented on the stage, but I am certain she will do a great job.

Belarus, Butterflies is a very basic gentle ballad that I think should get them in the final, just as it is gimmick free and the promo video is actually very well put together.  The next song is Iceland. I must hand it to Iceland for a country with a population that is smaller than the average European town they have once again sent a decent song to Eurovision. Hera has proven to be bubbly and enthusiastic  as well as become loved by the fans.

There are a few songs that are a little weird. Finland seems to be something that only Finns would understand and others are full of gimmicks or like Moldova that seems very dated to say the least.

One of the leading bands in the Maltese Islands nowadays is for sure Airport Impressions.  After their outstanding performance in front of 5,000 people in Zejtun, a couple of days ago, they were confirmed as the main band at the inauguration of the most modern drag racing arena in Europe.  This will be part of the  prestigious FIA European Drag Racing championship.  The opening ceremony will feature a live and electric concert by Airport Impressions.

The Tierp Arena, which is built just 1 hour north of the Swedish capital Stockholm, will be fully booked for this 3-day racing event.  Performing in front of an audience of 20,000 people, Airport Impressions will play a full electric set on Saturday 11th June 2011.  They will also feature on Swedish television and radio stations throughout their stay. Mr. Leif Andersson, who is a three time European Championship and the man behind this new built arena, was also present during the Zejtun concert.  He was thrilled with the performance of the band.  In fact, his comments stated that the band passion during the performance was something that he had never seen for years.  He is convinced that Airport Impressions will be the best choice for the opening of this arena.

Howard Keith, the bands manager stated that they have been working very hard for their acts, and this summer will not be an exception when it comes to live shows in other foreign countries.  Although last November they signed a non exclusive deal with a tour booking agency for their acts, it’s always the cherry on the cake to be invited to such BIG shows and summer festivals.  The best way to promote an act is always live but sometimes doing the small club circuit can be a burden on the finance side.  This may lead to leave the acts with no significant results.  Obviously these kinds of offers are always tough to conclude.  Howard Keith is convinced that  Airport Impressions has developed into  a great live band and he is very confident that their journey is about to begin.

In the meantime, the band, made up of 4 members, has a very busy schedule in the coming days in the Maltese Islands.  Following the already mentioned Zejtun concert and their well received show at the Valletta Waterfront during James Blunt’s concert, Airport Impressions are set to perform on the 25th June at the Numer Uno.  They will play a live electric set.  This performance will also mark the launch of their brand new single from their debut album Minutes of Lifetime.  'Retro Star' will be launched in the coming days followed by a music video.

The front man of the band, Errol Sammut, together with the rest of the band, stated that they have always looked ahead in a positive way and after 3 years, they are determined to keep on going.  They are aware that this kind of work is very fluid, but eventually, hard work is always paid off.  Their album has exceeded the expectations and thanks to their audience and fans, they have the strength to move on. The band is extremely happy for this great experience and opportunity and they do look forward to take their music out internationally!

Source: Airport Impressions Official Website, Manic Malta

The summer season has now moved into the month of August and that only means that things are heating up even more. The number of programmes that are being showcased have somewhat been building up and another week of competition lies ahead within the show 'Don't Stop Me Now' hosted by Eileen Montesin on Television Malta every Monday after the evening news. The ten contestants continue fighting it out to see who will be deserving of the points this week. Also joining Eileen on the show through a number of features will be none other than Christine Haber who will also perform at the end of the show as she has done in previous programmes.

The theme which has been chosen this week is that of Italian songs which surely go down well with the Maltese, in fact a number of songs are available instantly on the local airwaves and the listeners frequently request such songs. Each of the acts will be then given comments based on their performances by the esteemed panel of judges made up of former Eurovision Song Contest representative, Moira Stafrace, Musical Theatre artist, Ray Mangion as well as television presenter, Catherine Mifsud. It will be up to them to see who deserves to see whose points get increased or decreased.

In the meantime, for yet another week, this years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest first runner-up, Richard Edwards will be performing a duet with one of the shows' stars, this week it's Therese who gets the opportunitu to sing with Richard Edwards. Christine takes the participants on another task, and this week they will be doing an interview with Agenzija Zghazagh and thus they surely need their character to shine through. So this evening, make sure to tune into Television Malta to watch 'Don't Stop Me Now'.

Source: Frederick Zammit

Maltese singer Fabrizio Faniello (ESC 2001/2006) returns to the local and international music scene. In the last few years a lot of efforts and work has been made to bring back totally one of the most popular Maltese singers abroad in music scene. 'I no can do' is the first result and promises to be the start of a new era in the career of Fabrizio Faniello!

The brand new single by Fabrizio Faniello has already been a huge hit for the artist "Wali" with more then 4 million downloads and more then 1 million sold CD´s and reached the top position in the charts in his home country Indonesia. Now Fabrizio is presenting the exclusive English version of this hit with lyrics by Mary Susan Applegate ("The Power of Love" -- Jennifer Rush, Celine Dion and Air Supply) and a new pop version recorded in Sweden & Germany, supported with an outstanding top video made by Jan Reiff.

The song was presented in worldpremiere during the Slovak National Final for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is now available worldwide on itunes. Several promotion visits in Maltese media is planned and already radiostations are picking up the new single of Fab, as friends are calling him largely. Also from several countries, interest in the song has been expressed, so it looks like we might a new hitsong from Malta across Europe!

You can see the video clip of the song here.


Claudia Faniello, one of Malta’s most popular female singers, has just released her new single "I Hate this Song". The song is taken from her upcoming European debut album “Convincingly Better” and will be a new step in the career of Claudia.

Born in Malta on the 25th of February 1988, with a fusion of Italian and Maltese blood, Claudia started her musical career at a very young age and has already performed on numerous European stages. She gained success with her participation in “Hotspot” a TV show in Malta, aimed at promoting new talents made in collaboration with a prestigious school of performing arts. She has already performed as a guest in Romania’s famous “Golden Stag Festival” as well as performing on stage at San Remo.

Claudia is now ready to take a new step in her career. For this she is presenting her own new style of strong & ambitious pop-rock tunes, working together with Maltese composers Philip & Sean Vella. However also Swedish and Italian authors and popular writers like Mary Susan Applegate (Celine Dion's The Power of Love) have given their support and collaboration to the album that will be released in August.

Source (Pictures): Chris Pace and Gilbert Vancell

As reported exclusively earlier this week by ESCflashmalta, yesterday was an important day for Maltese artists and this is due to the fact that three individuals were competing abroad for the main places. The artists were none other than Dominic Cini who was competing in Ukraine along with Romina Mamo and Gloriana Arpa Belli who were competing in the Universong Festival held in Tenerife, Spain.

We have just learned through Clinton Paul's page on social networking website Facebook that Romina Mamo and her song "The Final Kiss" written by the same Clinton Paul and television personality Deo Grech finishing in a very respectable second place continuing the trend of success within this musical showcase.

The top prize of the evening went to the other Maltese in the festival namely Gloriana Arpa Belli who was competing with the song 'Love Was Made of Clay' written by Doris Chetcuting along with Renato Briffa. ESCflashmalta has just been in contact with Gloriana and confirmed that the Maltese artists did the double - first and second.

ESCflashmalta would like to congratulate Gloriana Arpa Belli and Romina Mamo on their great success, they certainly made Malta proud and also to the people who aided them including Clinton Paul and Renato Briffa respectively.

Source: Maltese Artists in Tenerife

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