January 23, 2020

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ESCflashmalta Team

ESCflashmalta Team

Following the great result of Chanée and Nevergreen in Oslo, who got a 4th in the final with 'In a moment like this', the Danish National broadcaster, DR received a total of 663 entries for the Danish National final known as the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. This is an increase of no other than 101 songs when compared to the number of submissions that were received last year.

A jury will now select a total of six (6) songs which will be going through the final round. Apart from that the executives in chartge of the selection will invite a total of four (4) well known authors and singers to also submit their respective entries. Therefore, the final stage of the competition taking place in February will be featuring ten (10) songs out of which the next representative is picked. Amongst the submitted songs, there are entries from Christina Schilling ('Someday', the 2009 entry from Hera Björk), Euren Gustav ('Kom', the Melodifestivalen entry from Timoteij) and Claus Christensen, who wrote the Danish 2007 Eurovision Entry.

Keep following ESCflashmalta.com as more details will be revealed in due time.

Source: DR

Monday, 11 October 2010 21:19

Exclusive: Rosman Pace in Swiss Selection

Maltese singer Rosman Pace has revealed he has entered a song for the Swiss National Selection of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 which is going to be held in Germany next May. The emotional and intense ballad 'We can change the world' has been composed and written by Rosman and with this song he aims to represent Switzerland in Eurovision.

The Swiss television is most likely the most open television station when it concerns the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. All remember the victory of Canadian singer Celine Dion back in 1988 with 'Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi'. After a period of less successful entries, the National Television is holding again an open selection which is accessible to singers and composers from all over the world. Their aim is to find an international song that could be giving back the great results the country once had. Maltese singer Rosman Pace decided to give it a go and is convinced that 'We can change the world' could do very well at the Eurovision Song Contest.

'I would be honoured to represent Switzerland. It would not only be me representing the country in Germany but I'm sure also the Maltese audience would be feeling I'm giving all my best to make them proud', according to the singer. The song was recorded and mastered in the Silver Studio's in London while the beautiful video-clip was shot in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. So it has truly become an international product.

The first phase will start on 1st November when the internet voting will start until 10th, which will count for 50% of the voting. The other part will come from a professional jury. After that it should be clear if Rosman makes it to the final which will be held on 11th December. ESCflashmalta would like to give Rosman full support on this decision and he hope that you will be voting for him in large numbers so that he makes it to the final stages.

Source: Press Release

Thursday, 14 October 2010 21:54

JESC 2010: Running Order Finalised [Update]

The annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest which is set to be held in the capital city of Belarus, Minsk will be taking place on the 20th November yet preparations began today with the Heads of Delegation meeting taking place between today and tomorrow. All of participating nations had to submit their material to the European Broadcasting Union for inspection.

Today, the running order for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest began. Although the actual starting positions are yet to be confirmed the first seven countries to perform are: Lithuania, followed by Moldova, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Sweden. The final positions will be allocated by the show’s producers. The countries that will be taking places 8-13 will be Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus and Malta. FYR Macedonia will be singing in the final 14th slot. The final positions will be revealed tomorrow and as soon as they become available, ESCflashmalta.com will bring them to you within this article. In the meantime, we will also be following closely what will happen with the songs with our special Junior Eurovision Song Contest features kicking off soon.

Final Running Order:

01. Lithuania

02. Moldova

03. The Netherlands

04. Serbia

05. Ukraine

06. Sweden

07. Russia

08. Latvia

09. Belgium

10. Armenia

11. Malta

12. Belarus

13. Georgia

14. FYR Macedonia

The Official Website of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest reported that the Delegation Heads from all over Europe were quite impressed with the building in which all of this will be taking place. The draw which took place within the arena, had a number of interesting surprises for the people present including cakes, young dancers in traditional constumes as well as a traditional windmill. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will surely be a great spectacle for all those following and we hope that this will not be the last time that this event is actually held.

Source: Junior Eurovision (Official Website)

Malta seems to be very well represented in this year's Swiss selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Initially Rosman Pace who had actually entered the first song from the Maltese Islands, he was then followed by Jason Scerri, David Muscat and Romina Mamo. Now a fifth Maltese entry has been uploaded and it's no less than the popular veteran singer/songwriter Rita Pace!

Rita Pace is a well known singer but she has proven herself also as a composer for several Maltese artists. She participated in a duet or a solo artist within the Malta song for Europe on no more than five occasions 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 and came 3rd as a Songwriter in the Malta Song for Europe in 2008 with the song "She Gives Me Wings" performed by Klinsmann and composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas. Her song 'Indian summer' written by Clinton Paul is an uptempo entry which special sounds and influences and totally different than the other Maltese entries in the Swiss selection. We do wish also Rita the best of luck in the selection and cross our fingers for the best possible result. The song can be watched and heard through this link here.

ESCflashmalta has contacted the composer of the song Clinton Paul and this is what he had to say about this entry and it's submission "Well about two weeks ago Rita and myself were talking on the phone about submitting "Indian Summer" abroad. It is very particular in its style and it is an experiment to see how it goes down with the Eurovision fans. We are very excited about the Swiss selection. Fingers Crossed!"

Source: Clinton Paul, SF

It has just been revealed that South African popsinger Nádine has entered a song in the Swiss selection for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be held next year in Düsseldorf, Germany. Nádine’s song for Eurovision is called ‘Perfect time’ and was written by Romanian singer Paula Seling. With the participation of South African popsinger Nádine, the Swiss selection is undoubtably getting a boost in attention. 'Perfect time', Nadine's song for Eurovision, was written by Romanian singer Paula Seling who ended herself third in the last Eurovision.

The song was recorded and produced in Sweden while her management is Belgian who is also behind popular Belgian singers like Dana Winner and Belle Perez (Belgian National selection 1999/2006). So it's clear there is a strong preparation to make the Swiss people proud in case of winning the National Final on 11th December. The singer started her music career as a teenager and for the past 15 years Nádine has won the the hearts of Afrikaans music fans, selling an astonishing 500 000 albums along the way. Her first international album 'This time i know' was an instant hit and after a tour in New Zealand, the album was also released in Germany through EMI Germany.

A release in other countries such a the Benelux is expected soon. Nádine performed last summer in several tv and radio-shows both in Germany and the Netherlands and got great reactions from both press and audience! Along with the release of the album, EMI South Africa also released a DVD ‘Nádine live in Europe’ which shows great images of her appearances and work on the album. You can hear her song here.

Source: Nadine's Official Website

Saturday, 29 May 2010 14:39

ESC 2010: Our Thoughts for Tonight

Safura from Azerbaijan who opens the competition is said to be the hot favourite, but i remain with my opinion the song and choreography is overrated, so i don't believe we will head for Baku next year.

I have no idea where Spain will end, but i think either very high or very low. The Norwegian has definitely a great song in the competition and they will be getting many points but a second victory in a row will likely not happen i think. Many think Moldova is not strong enough but the song is very catchy and makes you wanna dance. However not a hot favourite. Jon Lillygreen however is growing with every rehearsal. Will he ruin the chances of Belgian singer Tom Dice who is mentioned to be one of the big favourites tonight. We will see but it is a fact the Flemish entry in eurovision never stood such good chances to end up very high. Vukasin Brajic from Bosnia & Herzegovina might therefore be totally forgotten as he’s performing between Cyprus and Belgium.

Milan Stankovic from Serbia will definitely be going also for many votes from all over Europe, he is definitely in my top 5 for the moment. The butterflies from Belarus are over the top and I don’t believe they will end up in top 10. Ireland on the other hand might surprise. Niamh seemed to have some problems with the voice, but I’m convinced she will give a great performance tonight and might surprise many again. But in my opinion one of the biggest favourites is Greece with Opa. Giorgos Alkaios & Friends show so much energy and enthusiasm so you can’t sit still and wanna dance all along. The song is also set to be a big hit throughout the summer. Josh from the UK will therefore totally be forgotten, I even fear for one of the last places. Also Georgia will not to so well I believe as many people think. Manga from Turkey will be in top 10 for sure thanks to the Turkish diaspora but also since it’s a very decent poprocksong. The Albanian singer will be heading for place 10-15 I think, not too bad I believe.  Lovely Hera Björk from Iceland on the other hand will be getting quiet some votes also. She is currently the best selling Eurovision song in Belgium next to Tom and that’s for sure a sign for tonight.

Alyosha from Ukraine is a great performer, I just don’t know how the general public will react to the song. Jessy matador from France however will make people dance for sure, if this won’t be a big summerhit I don’t know anymore. The song is not very original, but it gives you a very good feeling and that’s what eurovision is all about, isn’t it. Playing with fire from Paula Seling and Ovi from Romania is a very typical Eurovision tune too I believe but they bring it very very strong and I see this ending for sure in top 10. The Russian song however should not even have been in the final. A very boring song, annoying voice of the singer with all respect to him as an artist. Although one should say the melody keeps in the head. Armenia has a very catchy tune with without the most beautiful female singer in this contest, Eva Rivas. This could be a dark horse for the victory I believe. This I cannot say personally from Germany which is said to be another hot favourite. I just don’t like the singer and the way she performs, but we’ll see if I’m right or wrong tonight.  Portugal has a very sweet girl on stage and the song is not that bad, but I believe in this position should have been Thea with My dream. No top 10 for Portugal I’m sure. Harel Skaat from Israel on the other hand is totally something different. An amazing voice and singer, an emotional song and a great starting order. All ingredients for a top ranking and I wouldn’t even be surprised if we are heading for Israel in 2011. But that even might also be the case for Denmark who is singing in last position. A typical eurovision tune, two great singers and a great stage act.

So as you can see it’s totally unpredictable who will run away with the trophy unlike last year when it was obvious Norway would make it. My top countries in random order are:

  • Cyprus
  • Belgium
  • Serbia
  • Ireland
  • Greece
  • Armenia
  • Israel
  • Denmark

Let the show begin! Have fun tonight!

Lauris Reiniks’ song “Es skrienu” (I’m Running) was released less than two weeks ago, played simultaneously on several popular radio stations as a premiere, and presented in a video clip only recently, but it has already demonstrated surprising results. During the course of the first day, it was among the top three songs to be downloaded from Doremi.lv, and by week’s end, it was in top spot. Indeed, the song has set a record as this year’s most often purchased song during the course of a week.

The musician received particularly joyous news from the world’s most popular Internet video site, YouTube where the video clip, presented as an Official Music Video, was among the most watched videos in a single day, rising to 16th place. During the course of the week, it rose to 82nd place among the world’s most often watched videos. The statistics show that during the course of a single day, the video has been watched, on average, between 8,000 and 10,000 times.

Lauris composed the music for the song and wrote the lyrics together with Mārtiņš Freimanis, who was together with Lauris and Yana Kay the Latvian entry in Eurovision 2003 with the song 'Hello from Mars' Midis was the producer.

The video, as has been reported in the past, was filmed over the course of three days in Lauris Reiniks’ home town of Tērvete, Latvia. It is the most detailed clip that he’s ever appeared in. Some 100 people were involved in all. It’s a romantic and comical story with action elements. It’s set in mid-summer in a Latvian small town, with a girl giving a boy the last chance to save their relationship. The video is being positioned as a short film. The cameraman was Uvis Burjāns, and the screenplay was written by Lauris and his director, Aija Strazdiņa. The MP3 of the song can be legally downloaded on the portal Doremi.lv!

Lauris Reiniks took part earlier this year in Eirodziesma 2010 with the song 'Your morning lullaby' but just didn't make it to the super-final of the Latvian selection for eurovision, but it's very clear that latvian audience still love the singer/presenter hugely with this big success as a result! The official clip can be watched here whilst the clip with the English subtitles can be seen here.

Alexander Rybak, last year's Eurovision winner has recently a new album 'New Boundaries'. It will be very interesting to see if the singer will remain on the European music scene after his victory in the Eurovision Song Contest last year. One of the songs on the album is a cover of a big hit song of no less than Fabrizio Faniello, Maltese entry in 2001 and 2006.

The original version sung by Fabrizio, which can be seen here, was a big hit in Scandinavia (Sweden Top 10 for several weeks, Finland Top 20) and the German speaking countries plus also a major radio hit in Belgium back in 2004. If the song will also be released as a single later is still to be seen, but it's a very interesting choice and obviously an honour that Alexander and his record chose for the song that gave Fabrizio of his biggest European hits as well as making him popular in many Asian countries. The version of Alexander can be heard here.

In the meanwhile, Fabrizio's latest single 'I No Can Do' is doing very well on the internet with over 50.000 views in only a couple weeks time. Several countries have expressed interest in the song so we'll probably be seeing and hearing much more of the Maltese singer.

Source: Press Release

Monday, 12 July 2010 08:01

South Africa: Chiara Covered Again

Chiara, who still holds the best Maltese results in the last 5 years, seem to have impressed once again the music scene in South Africa. After Angel in 2005, her entry from last year 'What if we' has been covered now by South African Singer Lee Scott.

22-year old South African singer Lee Scott is a very promising in his home country. Before he was a member of the boyband Hi-5 but now has released his debut album which is called 'Die Enigste Manier' (The Only Way). Scott who also attended the latest Eurovision Song Contest has covered some eurovision song for this album. First track is no less than Chiara's What if we which reached the final in last years Eurovision Song Contest. An extract of Lee Scott's version can be heard here

It's not the first time that Chiara is covered by South African artists. 'Angel', her 2005 entry was covered amongst by Tobi Jooste. That version can be heard here.

Next to 'What if we', also 'Fairytale' from Alexander and 'Is it you' from Joanna are featured on Lee's album. The titles in Afrikaan are called then respectively 'Wonderland' and 'Wens Ek Kon'. The album is available now worldwide on Itunes and can be ordered through Lee Scott's website which can be seen here.

Source: Lee Scott (Website)

The Queen of the Maltese Ballads namely Chiara seems to be making more headlines each day as her international career has kicked off with success just around the corner. As covered by ESCflashmalta in recent weeks, she gave some performances in Sweden and within the next couple of weeks mainly in October she will heading to Brussels in Belgium for a European Union related activity as well as a tour in Australia for the Maltese Community there. In the meantime, it has just been exclusively revealed to Escflashmalta, partner website Eurosong.be and Radio International that she will also be performing at the Euro-Mamaia in Romania on Sunday 29th August.

At the sea resort Mamaia in Romania, a yearly pop festival and competition is going to be organised for the 40th edition this year. Last year, the festival was won by no less than Paula Seling, who represented Romania in third year's Eurovision Songcontest together with Ovi. They got a splendid third place in Oslo. The winning song from Paula Seling in last year's Mamaia Pop Festival can be viewed by clicking here. The song was composed by Christian Faur, the man behind 'Let me try', the 2005 Eurovision entry from Luminita Anghel and Sistem.

As a celebration for the 40th edition, TVR decided to organise a gala-evening called Euro-Mamaia which will include some very interesting Eurovision Artists. Next to Chiara, who was praised Romania for her magnificent vocals, there will also be Sandra Kim who has accepted to attend also the event. The only Belgian Eurovision winner will perform obviously her winning song J'aime la vie which can be seen here. The artist who is currently making a return to the musical scene will be revealing her premier single by performing it during the evening. Other participants in the gala-show will be of course Paula Seling and Ovi, Next (Macedonia 2009) and Olia Tira (Moldova 2010). TVR will broadcast the show live through TVR1 and TVR International.

In the meantime ESCflashmalta will be present in Romania and will be bringing you latest videos and pictures from the event therefore stay tuned !!

Source: Olivier Vanhoutte

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