December 06, 2019

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Saturday, 03 December 2011 19:05

JESC 2011: Georgia Triumph

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Despite the fact that Malta has decided to withdraw from this years' edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, we have still decided to cover the event for all those followers from all over the nation who still enjoy watching the show. The 9th edition of the event is taking place within the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia and competing are none other than thirteen (13) countries whose winner will then be decided through a mixture of Jury and Tele-Voting each amounting to 50% each in order to have a fair assessment. Due to the fact that the Public Broadcasting Services is not showing the event, you can watch it through a live stream here.

ESCflashmalta has been in contact with former Junior Eurovision Song Contest representative Daniel Testa and also former Malta Eurovision Song Contest runner-up, Kaya otherwise known as Priscilla Psaila to hear the songs prior to the event in order to see what their opinions about the entries are especially noting the fact that they have learned from this environment in the past. We would like to thank them for their time in hearing the tracks and in the meantime, wish them the best of luck with their upcoming projects. In general, the quality of the entries this year has gone up because the European Broadcasting Union has been putting pressure on organizing a sublime event which should appeal to more nations in the coming years possibly event Malta.

Russia: Katya Ryabova - Romeo and Juliet

Daniel Testa: A Great start to the show. An excellent strong voice, a great chance of winning the festival. One of my favourties.

Kaya: I must say that this song is a very good start as it is well compiled with a very good voice carrying it through.

Latvia: Amanda Bashmakova - Moondog

Daniel Testa: A lovely mellow voice. A good choreography will definately help this song.

Kaya: A very relaxing entry ..... but I don't think it will do well for the Junior Eurovision. although I like the melody of the song..... This song will be good delivered only if she does a very good interpretation and and alot of facial expressions.

Moldova: Lerika - No, no

Daniel Testa: A very powerful voice with a lovely melody. Some dancers would help this performance.

Kaya: This sounds quite sweet and different, in fact even her voice has a very nice feel and it sounds beautiful with the song and she use it very well especially at the last seconds of the song.

Armenia: Dalita - Welcome to Armenia

Daniel Testa: What a pleasant song, lovely choreography and costumes. One of my favourites, I think it will rank high.

Kaya: It's a very good upbeat song, I really like the bridge but it reminds me of the England entry "Flying the Flag" Eurovision 2007.

Bulgaria: Ivan Ivanov - Superhero

Daniel Testa: Great personality and sure of himself. Will definately do well.

Kaya: hehe The intro reminds me of Michael jackson song Thriller but it changes immediately ..... such a lovely boy and for such a young boy he has a very powerful voice.

Lithuania: Paulina Skrabyte - Debesys

Daniel Testa: Nice voice however, the song is weak because it has no climax.

Kaya: Good voice and it's a song that you will like it more after you listen to it more than one. Don't think it will make it with the first 5

Ukraine: Kristall - Europe

Daniel Testa: An uptempo song however, I do not think that this will do well and will not rank top ten.

Kaya: It's a very catchy song ....... when you hear the chorus for the 2nd time you will sing along. It will go well with children simple beat and catchy lyrics in the chorus whilst the singer has a simple voice but nice, very confident. Pop songs suits well with her voice.

FYR Macedonia: Dorijan Dlaka - Zimi ovoj frak

Daniel Testa: A different type of song, I hope it will have a nice choreography to uplift it.

Kaya: Good music and the singer handle it very well ....... it can do well too

The Netherlands: Rachel - Teenager

Daniel Testa: A cool song with some nice clothes and a catchy tune! Will do well.

Kaya: A very cute girl and i like the song but it reminds me of alexandra burkee's song broken heels

Belarus: Lidiya Zablotskaya - Angely dobra

Daniel Testa: Amazing voice, so pleasant to hear, will do well!

Kaya: Very emotional intro and good voice ...... i like the part with the violin ...... one of my favourites too

Sweden: Erik Rapp - Faller

Daniel Testa: Strong beat! Very professional song, sounds like a typical Eurovision song. One of my favourites!

Kaya: Good production. It's also a good song and I also can sing with it funland oh oh oh oh oh ...... it can do very well during the event!

Georgia: Candy - Candy music

Daniel Testa: An ideal song for Junior Eurovision! A great chance of winning. All have great voices especially one in particular.

Kaya: A typical cool, simple & catchy song and it gives me a good vibe ....... I like it .....

Belgium: Femke - Een kusje meer

Daniel Testa: A cute, feel good song with great vocals! This song will also do pretty well.

Kaya: l absolutely love this entry ......... it's my favourite of the evening!

We are keeping tabs on the event which will also be including some amazing guest performances from former Eurovision Song Contest participant; Sirusho who will be performing a remix of her track 'Qele Qele' and also former Junior Eurovision Song Contest participant and Melodifestivalen 2009 contestant; Molly Sanden who will be performing her latest track. This will serve them as great promotion especially for the Swede who has also won a place in this years' edition of the annual Melodifestivalen. Following a very close voting, one could easily see Georgia doing well throughout the night with The Netherlands finishing in second place ahead of Belarus who lead throughout most of the evening.

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