February 21, 2020

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Friday, 13 August 2010 06:26

JESC 2010: Latest News from All Participating Nations

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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest which will be taking place within the city of Minsk in Belarus on the 20th November 2010 will be featuring a total of fourteen nations as previously reported and all of the countries have started their procedure in choosing this years' representative.

Within this article you will see the updates with regards to each and every procedure or internal selection. When the participant is finally chosen, a respective article will be published in order to respect every country within this years' Junior Eurovision Song Contest.


Following the withdrawal of television broadcaster, TV4, the Eurovision Song Contest broadcaster SVT decided to take over the event yet again and will make amends to the way they used to run the event. The selection will be internal yet exposure will be key as they try to make the show more popular within the country.


The Public Broadcasting Services issued a call for songs at the end of July with the final twenty entries chosen at the beginning of this month. The Malta Junior Eurosong will be taking place on the 4th September 2010 with the winner set to be chosen mostly by Jury voting despite a minor say going to the public.


Following the Dutch victory and their best result ever at the event, Belgium will be trying to spruce things up this year and their annual Junior Eurosong procedure is well underway with a number of artists already selected to participate in the national selection. The final which will be deciding the winner is set to take place on the 1st October 2010.


The day of the Maltese final will also see the Georgian broadcaster GPB holding their national selection. Following a call for songs, a total of thirteen entries were selected and can be heard through this link here. Of course, the nation has already managed to scoop up the prize at the 2008 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Limassol within Cyprus.


The only debut country in this years' event and the first in quite some time will also be hosting a national selection in order to choose it's representative. The narrowing down of the artists will be taking place between the 25th and 31st August 2010 whilst the actual selection in itself will be taking place either on the 25th and 2nd October 2010.

The Netherlands

Last years' winners have come back as strong as ever with the Junior Song Festival being the selection used by Avro in order to pick this years' representative. A total of nine participants have been short-listed to take part. The semi-finals of the selection will be taking place on the 18th and the 25th September whilst the final will be taking place on the 4th October 2010.


The Serbian broadcaster, RTS has decided to take part in this years' Junior Eurovision Song Contest which is actually the fifth consecutive time that the country will participate. The rules for the national selection have already been published and they are certainly looking forward to reach another best placing following a second runner-up finish back in 2007.

FYR Macedonia

The broadcaster responsible for sending the entries at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Song Contest will be accepting songs until 20th August 2010 for the national selection which will be taking place on the 18th September 2010. The final result will be chosen thanks to 50% Jury and 50% Tele-Voting.


LTV have finally returned to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest following an absence of four years. They have decided to spend the minimal of funds on the actual participation with their selection being internal having won a leading competition for children earlier on this year. The singer will be none other than twelve year old Charlotte Lenman.


The country which is hosting this years' event is actually looking at an extremely complicated selection with their focus put on being the host. The country will surely be a favourite heading into the event actually having already won on two previous occasions. The national selection will be finalised sometime in September actually but the date is yet to be confirmed.


This was actually the second entry chosen for this years' event. Yulia Gurskaya of fifteen years of age will be performing the song "Miy Litak". Despite problems ongoing during the broadcast, she was confirmed as the winner with a reprise of the song broadcast at a later time during the evening. You can view the winning song here.


The Russian national selection took place quite early this year, in fact it was the first entry chosen for this years' Junior Eurovision Song Contest. A duo made up of Alexander and Elizaveta and having ten years of age were chosen to represent the nation with an entry which bears the name "Boy and Girl". You can hear the song here. Despite the English title, the song is actually in Russian.


The selection to pick the next Armenian representative is well underway with the broadcasting announcing a call for entries earlier on last month. This part of the process is over and the finalists have now been made available for the people to listen to through the official OGAE Website. The final in itself will be taking place on the 5th September 2010.


Also returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest following a short withdrawal period is none other than the broadcaster LRT who have decided that the festival is a great opportunity for younger artists to expose and explore their talent into greater depths. The national selection of this nation will be taking place on the 25th September. They will be hoping to emulate the result achieved back in 2008 when they had finished as the second runners-up.

Source: EBU, Several Broadcasters

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