February 21, 2020

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Sunday, 31 October 2010 18:05

JESC 2010: An Expert Opinion - Sweden

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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is surely a very popular family event here in Malta and also a showcase in which our younger generation of stars can express themselves through the medium of song. Our nation has participated since the initial event which was held in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. We give the event some extra exposure as it gets closer and therefore, that is why, we are continuing our feature "An Expert Opinion" today. We are going to be taking up each respective entry as drawn by the European Broadcasting Union just two weeks ago.

Our four experts have given us their comments and voted but you have to vote for each entry as well because the final result will be 80% Jury and 20% Poll Voting. Today, we will be bringing you the detailed review and biography of the amazingly beautiful Josefine Ridell who will be singing the very interesting song "Allt Jag Vill Ha".

Biography (As Published by Junior Eurovision.tv)

"Josefine is an accomplished artist, despite her young age. And together with Arash and Thomas G:son, she has created an exciting and a great contribution, which I think could have great success in Europe," said Christer Björkman, Head of the Swedish delegation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Josefine Ridell comes from Oxievångskolan, located in Oxie, just outside Malmö in the Southernmost region of Sweden. She has been singing as long as she can remember and started playing keyboards when she was eight years old. For nearly a year, she has been writing her own music.

"It will be so incredibly fun to be part of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! And it is an honour to represent Sweden. Arash and the guys are so wonderful and so professional. We have really super fun in the studio!" the young singer says. When reflecting on the upcoming event, Josefine states that it is obviously a competition where she will represent Sweden and will really do her best, but first of all she's looking forward to meeting young artists from all over Europe. "To be able to share this musical experience with others from all over Europe is what I am really most excited about," she says.

"I was really impressed when Josefine came to us in the studio and really showed she could sing! We had fun when we worked on this song and I think she will have the adventure of a lifetime as she travels to Minsk. A few tips I can certainly give her, based on my own experience of the Eurovision Song Contest two years ago," said Arash, who competed with the song Always in 2009 in Moscow where he was representing Azerbaijan and a came in at an honourable 3rd place.

The Comments

Niall Mooney: 8 from a possible 10

You always know the Swedish song. The production values are amazing. Abba technology can be heard in the vocal mix and this is no different. The singer has a lovely vulnerable quality in her vocal. I love this song and I would reckon this girl will be back in the adult part of the Eurovision in a few years. I could find myself going back to listen to this song many times but for this competition the chorus may not be big or instant enough for a one off listen. Not a winner in my opinion but one of my favourites

Ylenia Vella: 9 from a possible 10

Yet another song featuring the piano instrument but it is absolutely incredible. How can one not enjoy the clapping beats?  - They are very pleasurable to the ear. As from the beginning, I really took pleasure in listening the song. Cannot wait to see her performance on stage.

Donna McCaul: 9 from a possible 10

This song really touched me when i heard it. I love a real song and this is so beautiful. Such an amazing voice. This is definatly my favoourite and think this is in with a good chance of winning. Good luck :)

Annabelle Debono: 7 from a possible 10

A well-produced modern ballad with a catchy chorus. The artist looks quite mature, and this shows in her performance. Although different from all the rest, it may look too mature on the night.


Well, Sweden has just taken over the lead actually because the song scored well with all of our four experts but it managed to mix up scores from 7 till 9. This is a very beautiful song true but one might say that it is not really made for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and that it might sound a little too mature as what happened in recent years from the nation.

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