February 19, 2020

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Sunday, 24 October 2010 18:32

JESC 2010: Dmitry Koldun Presents Unicef Song

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The official website of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which can be accessed through this link here, today presented the song for UNICEF named “A day without war” sung by Dmitry Koldun. Today, in Minsk a masterclass for all Belarusian children by UNICEF was held. “Work your magic”, the song which represented Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest way back in 2007 is sung by the same Dmitry Koldun. The song “A day without war” will be performed with all performers of this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest on the final night of the event taking place on the 20th November 2010.

Dmitry Koldun, claimed that his song is not about war but its all about kids! The message behind this song is to appeal to all adults so as to protect children and not to abuse with their rights. If you want to hear this touchy and emotional ballad then simply then look for it below. UNICEF also gave the opportunity for some young directors for a masterclass film. The project organizers said that they chose a one minute film format where one can express himself very briefly and at the same time brightly. These young directors and cameraman were all gathered through the country with the oldest participants being 18.

Kristina Kersa, an artist from Estonia claimed that children can create and show something quite natural, beautiful and true.These shots were about a number of subjects including the environment, health and education which are all worrying topics. "I’m making a film about one-parent families. I suppose this topic is urgent all over the world. I hope that people, who’ll watch my work, won’t make those silly mistakes”, said one of these young participants taking part in this activity.

Source: Junior Eurovision (Official Website)

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