February 21, 2020

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Friday, 22 October 2010 07:17

JESC 2010: An Expert Opinion - Moldova

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One of the most popular events here in Malta is surely the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which is touted as a family event. Our nation has participated since the initial event which was held in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. We give the event some extra exposure as it gets closer and therefore, that is why, we are continuing our feature "An Expert Opinion" today. We are going to be taking up each respective entry as drawn by the European Broadcasting Union just last week.

Our four experts have given us their comments and voted but you have to vote for each entry as well because the final result will be 80% Jury and 20% Poll Voting. Today we are focusing on the debutant nation in the form of Moldova whose representative is the young blue eyed Stefan Roscovan who will be performing the song "Ali Baba".

Biography (Provided by the Junior Eurovision Official Website)

The Moldovan young star, Stefanel Roscovan was born on the 26th of March in 1999 in a family of artists. Today, he's a student who combines successfully his music and school career and has gathered an impressive collection of awards and trophies all over the world! This year has been no exception and now, he'll have the biggest task ahead - to represent his country at the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk!

The Comments

Niall Mooney: 6 from a possible 10

Maybe I am a big kid but I am now nine songs into this and have liked them all more or less. Although this song is a bit dated kind of like 80’s Light Rock . I like it. I think the structure is excellent and another good chorus. I only realised half way in he is singing in English so that is my only real complaint and will have to take a few points off for diction. However I have to say most of these kids can sing in English way better than their adult counterparts.

Ylenia Vella: 7 from a possible 10

The melody of the song is combined very well with the theme of the song – that of fairy-tales. Eventually you start to automatically sing throughout the song – especially during the first broken chord of the chorus - ‘AlliBaba’ . This made me enjoy the song!!

Donna McCaul: 7 from a possible 10

I love a good cheesy song and the Eurovision Song Contest always needs these songs :) Really like the vocals within this track and the boy is surely full of confidence. This maybe one to look out for on the 20th November 2010 because it ticks a lot of boxes.

Annabelle Debono: 7 from a possible 10

A pop-rock song with a singer that has a lot of potential. The song is good, although like all the other songs up till now, it's a usual song that we've heard a lot of times before!!!  


Apparently the second song of the evening will not be enlightening the scoreboard according to our experts but the people at home may have a different opinion at this point. The first poll result for Lithuania in the last two days might prove to be detrimental actually so we will see. In my opinion, this is a great debut for Moldova because the song is catchy and the singer has a very good live vocal. Here the song managed to get a total of 27 from a possible 40 and therefore it is an improvement from the first entry and Moldova takes the lead up till now. Vote in the poll on the main page.

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