February 20, 2020

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Thursday, 14 October 2010 21:54

JESC 2010: Running Order Finalised [Update]

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The annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest which is set to be held in the capital city of Belarus, Minsk will be taking place on the 20th November yet preparations began today with the Heads of Delegation meeting taking place between today and tomorrow. All of participating nations had to submit their material to the European Broadcasting Union for inspection.

Today, the running order for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest began. Although the actual starting positions are yet to be confirmed the first seven countries to perform are: Lithuania, followed by Moldova, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and Sweden. The final positions will be allocated by the show’s producers. The countries that will be taking places 8-13 will be Armenia, Belgium, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus and Malta. FYR Macedonia will be singing in the final 14th slot. The final positions will be revealed tomorrow and as soon as they become available, ESCflashmalta.com will bring them to you within this article. In the meantime, we will also be following closely what will happen with the songs with our special Junior Eurovision Song Contest features kicking off soon.

Final Running Order:

01. Lithuania

02. Moldova

03. The Netherlands

04. Serbia

05. Ukraine

06. Sweden

07. Russia

08. Latvia

09. Belgium

10. Armenia

11. Malta

12. Belarus

13. Georgia

14. FYR Macedonia

The Official Website of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest reported that the Delegation Heads from all over Europe were quite impressed with the building in which all of this will be taking place. The draw which took place within the arena, had a number of interesting surprises for the people present including cakes, young dancers in traditional constumes as well as a traditional windmill. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will surely be a great spectacle for all those following and we hope that this will not be the last time that this event is actually held.

Source: Junior Eurovision (Official Website)

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