February 21, 2020

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Thursday, 18 November 2010 00:04

JESC 2010: A Lookback at the Day 3 Rehearsals

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The 2010 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest taking place next Saturday within the city of Minsk, Belarus was in it's mid-week preparations today with the first seven acts taking to the stage for the second time this week following initial performances yesterday. One must add that BTRC are doing an amazing job as hosts and that all the delegations are very happy with the product being emitted on stage and on the screens as the people will see the show.

Following a look at all of the performances that took place today, I must say that the most impressive outcomes came from Sweden and Serbia who both have beautiful ballads and what is even more impressive is that both of them are actually becoming better with each passing day. Both of them came out in what seems to be the chosen attire, the young singer from Serbia is wearing this cream/silver gown which is very angel like whilst Josefine from Sweden wears a short off shoulder black dress which compliments her perfectly.. In the meantime, despite maybe being my personal opinion, I am really not a fan of the songs from Russia and Ukraine but they were surely the weakest of the day. You can find pictures from all of the week in our photo gallery which you can access through this link here.

In the meantime, as already stated beforehand, Malta has a busy day along with the other six countries within the second part of the show. Apart from the visit to the Titan Entertainment Centre, a visit to the Euro Club was also in order. The amount of coverage that Malta is getting in foreign press is quite amazing actually. It seems that they have grown to the team who have managed to develop a new motto during the week which states "Knock Knock, Boom Boom, We're a knock out! Go! Go! Girls!!!!".

Source: Junior Eurovision.tv

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