February 19, 2020

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010 09:38

JESC 2010: An Interesting Day for the Maltese Delegation

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Yesterday saw Malta take to the stage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time and one must say that the rehearsal went just brilliantly, so much so that we have won quite a number of critics and fans since then. Maybe not too much relaxation time for today because despite not having a rehearsal, Nicole and the rest of her team will be doing other teams planned for the participants who do not have a rehearsal today.

At this point in time, the Maltese Delegation are already at the Titan Entertainment Centre in Minsk where they are enjoying the sights of the beautiful shopping complex and spending a little bit here or there on some clothing. This activity will run until late in the afternoon but then at half past four their time, a rehearsal of the of the opening act which will be featuring all participants will be taking place before going back to the Euro-club as the last activity for today. It will surely be quite an enjoyable day for Nicole and the team. We will keep you posted on anything that takes place today.

Source: Daniel D'Anastasi

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