December 08, 2019

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Sunday, 14 November 2010 23:38

JESC 2010: An Expert Opinion - Result

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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most entertaining events of the year here in Malta with a number of familiies sitting down to watch the event when it takes place. This year should not be any different and with this being said to be the final edition of the annual event, BTRC, the Belarussian broadcaster, is taking it extremely seriously and organising it on a grand scale. In the meantime, ESCflashmalta initiated a feature in which each entry has been reviewed by four experts whilst you, the people at home had the chance to rank the entries as well.

The experts consisting of Maltese singers, Annabelle Debono and Ylenia Vella were joined by the Irish composer Niall Mooney and singer Donna McCaul were given a total of 80% of the final share whilst the people voted in a respective poll from which ranged from 1 point to 10 points with the average number taken. Now a winner was clearly identified from the beginning yet the people's choice made the final results a little bit tricky.

Jury Vote:

01. Belgium
02. Sweden
03. Malta
04. Serbia
05. FYR Macedonia
06. Armenia
07. Latvia
08. Georgia
09. Ukraine
10. Moldova
11. The Netherlands
12. Lithuania
13. Russia
14. Belarus

Within the Jury Vote, Belgium was the slight winner managing to attract 34 points from a total of 40 points actually whilst second placed Sweden was slightly behind with just 33 points from a total of 40 points. This comes to show that the Vote between our experts was quite close indeed and that their opinion was not that different from one another. In the meantime, the Public vote was slightly different that this one as you can see below:

Public Vote:

01. Malta
02. Latvia
03. Belgium
04. Sweden
05. Armenia
06. Lithuania
07. Serbia
08. FYR Macedonia
09. The Netherlands
10. Moldova
11. Georgia
12. Ukraine
13. Russia
14. Belarus

As you can easily see, the vote here was quite similar to the first one with some places combining perfectly but others were quite different. It is also interesting to note that Malta was a shoe in to finish number 1 and it actually received well over 60 votes on it's own therefore marking a high number to the average range of 30 votes recorded by other countries. Below you can see the combined vote from both the Public and the Jury.

Combined Result:

01. Belgium
02. Sweden
03. Malta
04. Serbia
05. Latvia
06. FYR Macedonia
07. Armenia
08. The Netherlands
09. Lithuania
10. Georgia
11. Ukraine
12. Moldova
13. Russia
14. Belarus

It will be quite interesting to see whether the combined result will actually be similar to the one that will be achieved by each respective nation next Saturday, 20th November 2010 when the Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Minsk, Belarus. We would like to wish everyone a big good luck ! :)

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