December 13, 2019

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Sunday, 14 November 2010 01:13

JESC 2010: Nicole Lands in Belarus

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Just a week away from the final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! Nicole and her team left Frankfurt mid-morning and arrived in Minsk Airport at around 13.30pm.  At the arrivals in the Visa section, they were greeted by their personal translators Daria and Maxim.  Daria and Maxim will be looking after the needs of the team during their stay in Minsk.

As soon as the airport doors were open a good number of photographers and journalists were present to film the arrival of the Maltese contingent and to take their comments.  Journalists, photographers and camera persons from Belarus First National Channel were also present and accompanied the whole team on the specailly decorated Junior Eurovision bus to Hotel Minsk were all the other delegates are staying.  During the trip from the Airport to the Hotel, the team was escorted by a police car that led the way for the VIP's to arrive safely.

During the trip the crew from the Belarus First National Channel were filming Nicole and the team performing parts of the song as well as taking interviews.  All the press were presented with a CD and a copy of Nicole's postcard. Dimitri, the journalist for First National Channel has also taken the comments of the Maltese Team Manager Daniel d'Anastasi who said that the whole trip was very good and everything was well planned and organised. He has also given a brief description of the song and the meaning behind the title.  The video went on air on First National Channel at around 3pm today.

On their arrival at the Hotel, the team was greeted by two beautiful JESC hosts as well as Andy Mikheev (editor Nicole and the team were briefly introduced to the esckaz team. A full interview is scheduled for tomorrow during the day.

Meanwhile the team met with the Lithuanian Contingent who had just driven all the way from Lithuania by bus to  Minsk.    Later during the day Nicole and the Maltese girls met with Mariam, the Georgian representative whereby they sung both songs together.  During the late afternoon, Nicole came across Vladimir, the Armenian representative.  They both shook hands and gave each other a nice warm hug.

After dinner, Nicole gave a small performance in one of the largest shopping malls in Minsk whereby she received a huge applause from the crowd that was present.  he schedule for tomorrow includes a familiarisation visit to a local school together with a visit to the Zoo.  Early in the afternoon, Nicole will have a live phone in call on Malta's National TV station during the popular programme Hadd Ghalik. It is also expected that the team launches the much awaited club version of Knock Knock! Boom! Boom! on Sunday 14th November. We are eagerly looking forward to listen to the exciting club version.

Next update will be released on Sunday late night.

Source: Press Release (Daniel D'Anastasi)

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