December 13, 2019

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Saturday, 13 November 2010 13:54

JESC 2010: An Expert Opinion - FYR Macedonia

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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is surely a very popular family event here in Malta and also a showcase in which our younger generation of stars can express themselves through the medium of song. Our nation has participated since the initial event which was held in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. We give the event some extra exposure as it gets closer and therefore, that is why, we are continuing our feature "An Expert Opinion" today. We are going to be taking up each respective entry as drawn by the European Broadcasting Union just three weeks ago.

Our four experts have given us their comments and voted but you have to vote for each entry as well because the final result will be 80% Jury and 20% Poll Voting. Today, we are set to discuss the Final entry for this years' edition and that is from none other than the FYR Macedonia who are presenting the song "Eooo, Eooo" sung by the beautiful Anja Veterova.

Biography (As Published by Junior

Anja Veterova was born on the 13th of August, 1999, in Skopje. She's a fifth grader in Skopje and fourth year student in a music school where she plays the piano. "I wanted to sing, dance and act since I was a small child. I sang my first song Stork" when I was only four," she says. She's participated in numerous festivals in Serbia, Ukraine and Italy. In 2006 Andja was dancing in the ballet performance Esmeralda where she played the role of the little Esmeralda.

"My biggest wish was to present my country on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and my dream came true with the victory of the national selection of a song for the contest," Anja says. Her song EOOO, EOOO (Magic Song) is an autobiographical song where she sings about her voyages around the world with a song. "I travel around the world with my song, the world gets to know me and I get to know the world," the young singer explains.

She spends her free time with her piano, bike, Nintendo and she also learns English and plays with her friends. "Singing makes me happy because I love make new friends around the world," the FYR Macedonian young star adds.

The Comments

Niall Mooney: 8 from a possible 10

Very good intro and another fab singer. I am getting seriously impressed with this contest. Most of these songs have strong hooks in the chorus and the structure is very good in all the songs including this. I have to say this is another potential winner with a excellent break down before the last choruses

Ylenia Vella: 8 from a possible 10

I really love her voice in the slow parts of the song. I also like the change from the bridge to the slow chorus and then to the fast beat chorus which made the song alive again!

Donna McCaul: 6 from a possible 10

Wow her voice is very mature. People may not expect this voice from such a young girl. The only thing is the song doesn't grab me on the first time I listen to it which is not a good thing as any Eurovision song needs to grab you straight away or even on the first chorus.

Annabelle Debono: 8 from a possible 10

A beauty Helena Paparizou kind of song, which although not original in any way, it sounds good and surely has a catchy melody. The singer sounds good and suits the song well. 8


Double Trouble for today because this is the final review of this years' Junior Eurovision Song Contest and we decided to publish it on the same day of the thirteenth entry. The song from FYR Macedonia is one of those to look out for and the experts have pointed this out giving it a very credible 30 points from a possible 40 points receiving high points across the board except from one measly 6 points. The ballad might be a little too much for the event but let's see what you think about this. Vote in the poll on the left hand side.

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