December 12, 2019

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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 21:56

JESC 2010: An Expert Opinion - Latvia

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The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is surely a very popular family event here in Malta and also a showcase in which our younger generation of stars can express themselves through the medium of song. Our nation has participated since the initial event which was held in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. We give the event some extra exposure as it gets closer and therefore, that is why, we are continuing our feature "An Expert Opinion" today. We are going to be taking up each respective entry as drawn by the European Broadcasting Union just two weeks ago.

Our four experts have given us their comments and voted but you have to vote for each entry as well because the final result will be 80% Jury and 20% Poll Voting. Today, we will be heading into the country of Latvia as we hear from they have to say about the song Viva La Dance which is a schlager type of songs.

Biography (As Published by Junior

Sarlote Lenmane, who will represent Latvia at the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, is 12 years old and she comes from Riga. She studies singing from the age of 9 at the vocal studio Rigas Akmentini, taught by Liva Bondare. Sarlote is the winner of the music festival Majowa Nutka in Poland and Euro Pop contest Berliner Perle in Germany.

Laura Luse, Emils Kalenda, Liva Zvirgzdina, Elvis Liede will help her with the backing vocals in Minsk. They are from the pop group Juras Akmentini (Sea Stones) from the city of Ventspils. This year the vocal studio celebrates their 15th birthday. There are more than 50 participants at the age from 3 to 20.

The Comments

Niall Mooney: 8 from a possible 10

Ok a very sweet song full of top line hooks nice backing vocals. Traditional Eurovision pop song but hey I love it. I would get goose bumps if this was my daughter singing this. Again it is kids doing what they do best. Kind of like Abba and very good. The break is pretty good and overall a good solid entry and I like it a lot.

Ylenia Vella: 8 from a possible 10

It is pleasurable to listen and it automatically makes you want to dance along with the music.  Nevertheless it is called ‘Viva la Dance’. However, the chorus sounds quite familiar - it’s like I’ve already heard its melody from another song! Loved the ‘na,na,na’ parts  which build up the bridge.

Donna McCaul: 6 from a possible 10

This is completely in the typical style of Eurovision, very Swedish and very Abba which I like a lot. These type of songs always do well in Eurovision :)

Annabelle Debono: 7 from a possible 10

A song that is typically associated with Eurovision, with a beat and a catchy chorus. Although not "original" in any way, it surely sounds very good, both vocally and musically.


I am going to be very honest that I really like this song and two of the four judges were in agreement with me because I would have given it the same amount of points but the two former Eurovision Song Contest participants think otherwise actually. The total that the song scored is that of 29 points from a possible 40 points which is not bad but still that puts it within the top three at the moment as you will soon learn. When we release the results, we will release the results combined meaning Jury and Poll Voting as well as separately so do not worry, you will see how choices differ.

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