December 12, 2019

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Sunday, 15 January 2012 18:41

Italy: Sanremo’s Big Names Revealed

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After weeks of speculation and “small leakages” thanks to yesterday’s edition of ‘La Stampa’, here are the OFFICIAL big names of this year’s edition which seems to be already criticized … but this is surely typical of the Italians, who are too keen and too, let’s say, ‘proud’ of their fame as ‘the country where real music lives’. So, here’s the official list:

  1. NINA ZILLI - Per sempre
  2. SAMUELE BERSANI - Un pallone
  3. DOLCENERA - Ci vediamo a casa
  5. IRENE FORNACIARI - Il mio grande mistero
  6. EMMA MARRONE - Non è l'inferno
  7. MATIA BAZAR - Sei tu
  8. NOEMI - Sono solo parole
  9. FRANCESCO RENGA - La tua bellezza
  10. ARISA - La notte
  11. CHIARA CIVELLO - Al posto del mondo
  13. EUGENIO FINARDI - E tu lo chiami Dio
  14. MARLENE KUNTZ - Canzone per un figlio

First thing to notice in this list? Surely, some non-popular artists, such as a rock band, namely Marlene Kuntz, although they emerged in the Italian music scene way back in 1987 and let me say the truth … I just listened to this group for the first time whilst writing this article, and although rock is not really my style, I have to admit that their songs are very particular and their type of rock is mixed with the modern pop. Samuale Bersani … first of all, ladies watch out, he’s gorgeous, a real Italian man, with a very particular voice, again, not very popular, but could emerge as a favourite, depending on the type os song he’s singing. Maybe one of his’s most popular song is ‘Spaccacuore’, from his second albm way back in 1995, ‘Freak’. Perhaps the most-discussed artist in this list will be her; Chiara Civello, who is currently based in New York and a graduate from Berklee College of Music. Critics have already started to say that she’s not 100% Italian, since she didn’t even graduate from an Italian music college, and more over, since she doesn’t live in Italy. She specializes in jazz music … like Raphael Gualizzi after all, last year’s ‘Giovani’ winner, who eventually participated in the Eurovision Song Contest placing in 2nd position. Perhaps people will relate her to their jazz Raphael, thus, making the Italians love her? Who knows … again, it depends on the kind of song she will be participating with and if it instantly catched the Italian’s ears, well, she can say to herself that she passed the ‘test’. On a personal note, her songs are a pure delight and her voice is just beautiful. The other singers, I guess they are all well known, or through the years, or otherwise, thanks to tv shows.

This year’s edition, who sees some famous artists, like Lucio Dalla and Gigi d’Alessio in duets, limiting the risk of not doing well, thus having a so-called ‘downfall’ in their career, although last year’s winner, Roberto Vecchioni, should have given these popular artists a bit more encouragement, since this festival is being dominated by either non-popular singers with the public, or emerging ‘popular’ singers thanks to TV reality shows such as ‘Amici’, or in the case of this year, even shows featuring youngsters and teens, namely ‘Io Canto’, transmitted on Canale 5. This type of criticism emerges from year to year, since Italians are keen on the traditional Italian music, that is, a simple ballad, with strong lyrics, thus, the lyrics and the music combined perfectly together producing not just a simple song, but an ‘opera’. And well, personally, I see last year’s winning song as the perfect example for this definition, and yes, last year the Italians were happy, more than that, super happy. The feeling this year? Well, as said before, criticism already arose since no very popular artists are participating alone, except for a very unexpected band, Matia Bazar, which surely, starts as a top favourite … although as always, singers such as Pier Davide Carone, Noemi and Emma Marone, who come from popular tv shows, namely X Factor and Amici, start as ‘favourites’ with the young generation  more likely to watch the show due to these kind of artists.

On Thursday the 16th of February, the second night of the festival, the participants will duet with international artists and here’s they are, together with the song they will be singing together:

NINA ZILLI will sing with Skye of Morcheeba,  Quando, quando, quando (Never, never, never). British band, which personally, I don’t even knew it exists, but should be interesting to see the outcome.

SAMUELE BERSANI will sing with Goran Bregovic, Romangna mia (My sweet Romagna) Bregovic describes himself as a contemporary composer and 99%, he will be accompanied by his Wedding and Funeral orchestra and since Bregovic has very particular tastes, which are also evident in his band, and yes, this may be a very good duet.

DOLCENERA will sing with rapper Professor Green, La vita spericolata (My life is mine). Pop with rap, seems like Enrique Iglesias with Pitbull …

PIERDAVIDE CARONE & LUCIO DALLA will sing with Mads Langer,  Anema e core. Should be a wonderful masterpiece. Lucio Dalla is surely behind this choice. Listen to their single ‘You’re not alone’ … it speaks alone what kind of mixture we should expect from these artists.

IRENE FORNACIARI will sing with Brian May, Uno dei tanti (Who have nothing). Sanremo’s guitar solo moment … should be a different kind of duet to look out. Interesting  choice indeed from Irene Fornaciari.

EMMA MARRONE will sing with Gary Go, Il paradiso (If paradise is half as nice). Young artists duetting together. They have the same kind of style, thus making the duet easier. Though Emma may miss Moda` this year …

MATIA BAZAR will duet with Al Jarreau,  Speak softly love (Godfather theme). The OH MY GOD duet. Yes, I can already anticipate the beautiful melody this duet will produce. Seven times Grammy-Award winning jazz singer. Guess, enough said.

NOEMI will sing with Sarah Jane Morris, Amarsi un po´(To feel in love). Will be interesting what ‘touch’ Sarah Jane Morris will give to this song … jazzy, pop, or maybe rock knowing Noemi’s style?

FRANCESCO RENGA will sing with Sergio Dalma, Il mondo (El mundo). A classic duet with two classical and yes, why not, handsome man. A mixture of Italian and Spanish. Should sound great.

ARISA will duet with José Feliciano, Che sarà (Que sera). Yes, Arisa and Jose` should go well together and the choice of song, should be good, considering Feliciano’s ability of playing ‘virtuosamente la chitarra’.

CHIARA CIVELLO will duet with Shaggy, Io che non vivo senza te (You don't have to say you love me). This is an interesting duet indeed, with many speculating how come a jazz artist has chosen to sing such a powerful, romantic song with a ‘rapper’ kind of artist.

GIGI D'ALESSIO & LOREDANA BERTE will sing Piccolo uomo (Auf der Welt) with Nina Hagen. Germany and Italy ... that should make war. Gigi and Loredana are already a criticised duet, let alone duetting with a German singer.

EUGENIO FINARDI will sing Torna a Surriento (Surrender) with Noa. Great Isreali choice! In June 2006, the Italian Ambassador to Israel notified Noa that the President of the Italian Republic, President Napolitano, has decided to award her the prestigious"Stella de la Republica "(the "Star of the Republic) with the status of "Cavalliere(knight). This is the highest honor Italy has to give. In 2009, Noa together with Palestinian singer songwriter Mira Awad, represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. Noa and Mira’s bold statement of unity in troubled times was widely perceived as the Eurovision’s most dramatic and profound performance.

MARLENE KUNTZ will sing Impressioni di Settembre (The world became the world) with Patti Smith. Punk rock in Sanremo … not quite sure about this duet, although the rock band and her should go quite well together …

Finally, it’s a competition. Anyone can win and anyone can loose. If in previous years, one has ranked in a high position, he can easily not make it this year, so on and so forth. It will be interesting seeing artists like Lucio Dalla duetting with a young artist, and moreover, in competition with young participants, and like previous years, surprises will dominate the forever popular festival, because after all, “Sanremo e` Sanremo!” ;)

Source: RAI

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