December 12, 2019

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Saturday, 18 February 2012 19:17

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Emma Wins

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'Buona Sera!' and welcome to the fifth and final night of the most prestigious music competition in Italy and the rest of Europe known as Sanremo. The history of the competition has stretched a total of sixty two years thus far and it is the event which the Eurovision Song Contest was eventually based on. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti.

The main focus of the fourth evening, was surely the 'Giovani' Category noting the astounding victory of the fifteen year old Alessandro Casillo and his composition ''E` Vero' garnering the support of the orchestra, the public and also the internet voters. In second place was none other than Erica Mou, an upcoming singer/songwriter who won the radio vote last night. In the meantime, from the category known as 'Artisti', former Eurovision Song Contest representatives Matia Bazar were eliminated alongside Chiara Civello. Tonight, the final will be held which will include the announcement of the representatives in Baku, as well as a number of winners including those as decided by the press, the jury and the tele-voting.

The Show (Part 1)

Quite the opening this evening featuring a dance routine involving a lot of kissing to the track 'All You Need Is Love' which builds up well with the orchestra just after they played some of the notes of the Italian National Anthem. Indeed, the act continues as the host of the evening, singer Gianni Morandi comes onto the stage to speak to the choreographer in a dapper black suit. He introduces his co-hosts for the evening who have been helping him throughout the week. The beautiful model and the well known Italian actor. The tele-voting numbers are being introduced for each act just after the reminder that Alessandro was the winner of the 'Giovani' section last night.

Running Order

01. Nina Zilli - Per Sempre (Casalino, Zilli)

Wearing a beautiful floor length blue dress, Nina Zilli is on the Ariston stage and believe me, she does indeed own it because she commands it as if she has been born to perform. This evening, she really looks like the late Amy Winehouse and the song is clearly one of the few which will be timed as classics of the competition for many years to come. It is not easy to open the evening especially with the calibre of this festival in tow but she does it brilliantly and the vocals are spot on this evening as they have been all week. Astounding, ravishing and one of the possible winners tonight whilst there has even been some talk of her going to the Eurovision Song Contest, so we will see what happens!

02. Gigi d'Alessio/Loredana Berte` - Respirare (D'Alessio, D'Agostino)

Well this act was the one to beat when the names were announced many weeks ago but since then, they have somewhat faded despite the fact that they are extremely well known. During the first elimination on Wednesday, they were eliminated but returning to the competition the following day following a great performance. The song which was written between the Gigi's is quite beautiful and will definitely be a radio hit. This evening, Loredana, still dons black but the suit is just beautiful and suits her well although never got the gist of the sunglasses. Gigi on the other hand is looking well in his black suit and grey slim tie. The singing today is strong once more and they are outsiders for the victory though I would not be surprised if they were to walk away as the winners tonight!


Following a promotional break as an aid to the sponsors, it is important to note that once more there will be another special guest in the form of a co-host and she comes down the stairs shoe-less and Gianni Morandi is the one who has to help her wear her shoes. He goes down on his knees and does the job well and gets the opportunity to touch her legs just a bit. They engage in a long conversation between them and the co-host gets a monologue for the evening. She spends a number of minutes on the show but she was just about to leave when Gianni gabbed her arm and took her back. Together they introduce the next act.

03. Emma - Non E` l'Inferno

Emma looks extremely stylish in a tight black leather dress and it is quite interesting that the opening is very similar 'I Who Have Nothing' but it changes quite drastically after the first half minute becoming a pop/rock song which she performs very well actually. The artist has quickly grown into a well known individual in Italy having finished second in last years' edition of Sanremo. She is currently being touted as a possible artist to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest and indeed, such a song would go down very well. The vocals have to be spot on and strong for such a song and they are this evening although I am not sure about this being her best performance. Nevertheless, good enough but can she do one better than last year? We'll wait and see!

04. Samuele Bersani - Un Pallone (Samuale Bersani)

I have grown to adore Italian music in the past couple of years but this is one of the songs which I still do not understand even after having heard it each and every day in the competition. The lyrics are interesting, granted! but then again, this  is a whole package type of competition and the song just does not strike a chord of tick any of the boxes of former winners of the Sanremo competition. He is clad in a black suits, actually tails but then again, he looks smart. He is enjoying the performance though and mid-way through it goes down near the conductor and dances with him. It is a catchy beat but it is not a classic and never will be. The vocals are good but this is surely one which will not win this evening. Sorry!

05. DolceNera - Ci Vediamo A Casa (DolceNera)

DolceNera is one of the four acts being touted for the Eurovision Song Contest and she takes to the stage in a short black dress similar to the one seen above in the image. She is performing a pop/rock type of song which does goes down well in Italy normally but has there been anything typical this year. She is enjoying each second of the performance as her emotions do show a performer at her very best. The song is very catchy indeed and it is one who uses the lighting the best. She seems very nice indeed on the stage and her fame is not that old having finished as the first runner-up in the 'Giovani' category not to long ago just behind Tony Maiello.


06. PierDavide Carone ft. Lucio Dalla - Nani (Carone, Dalla)

This is the second song this evening which was initially removed from the competition but then again, a strong performance managed to get it back into the fray. The main performer is wearing a black suit although he does keep his casual look. Lucio Dalla, the renowned Italian performer is directing the orchestra as he has done throughout the week. The performance is very strong from both of the men this evening and it does look as if they are having fun out there especially PierDavide. The music does develop in the way that most of the songs by Dalla have in the past. What makes it stand out is the remarkable spark in both voices. What a performance! Well Done!

07. Noemi - Sono Solo Parole (Fabrizio Moro)

This is one of the most heartfelt performances of the competition by an artist who knows show business well despite being somewhat young. Her fiery red hair along with the beautiful floor length blue dress go down well actually and she is one who is definitely enjoying the performance full of emotion. The screens depict the word 'Parole' whe she sings it out loud and out of tune. She is having her best performance thus far this week but she is too much off key at times whilst being perfect in others. I just cannot see this winning tonight.

08. Arisa - La Notte (Giuseppe Anastasi)

Arisa was and remains my favourite for the victory. She is performing what can be described as the typical ballad of Sanremo and her song clearly identifies well with what Italian music should be. She takes to the stage in a tight black dress bubt she dons it beautifully along with high heels. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to speak about certain performances like this one before they are just perfect. Arisa could be amazing at the Eurovision Song Contest but I believe that it would be just a dream actually. Her vocals are stunning and I would be very surprised if she does not at least make it to the top three this evening.

09. Eugenio Finardi - E Tu Lo Chiamo Dio (Roberta Di Lorenzo)

The penultimate performance of the evening comes from Eugenio Finardi who seems to have enjoyed each second of his experience this week on the stage of Sanremo. The song which he has presented to the competition is definitely written in the style that the winning song by Roberto Vecchioni was written last year because it does feature poetry in terms of lyrics. The music is very simple and features a lot of violins. The vocals are strong, the best of the week but I just cannot wrap my finger around the song because it is not memorable so to speak. Nevertheless, a commanding performance from the artist this evening and could be a possible dark horse.

10. Francesco Renga - La Tua Bellezza (Renga, Mancino, Rani)

The final performance from this category for this portion of the show is now on and the former winner of the Sanremo competition is oozing with charm and charisma this evening. He kept to the same style in terms of clothing but changed the colours for this evening. The song is pop/rock track which starts out very slowly and evolves well. The orchestra is really uplifting for this particular song and the vocals for Renga are very strong this evening and I am sure that Elaine Camilleri would be extremely proud of him this evening. The chorus and the hook-line are very good and once more this is another song which can do well. Everyone seems to have upped his game this evening with the final night in tow.

The Show (Part 2)

The performances have come to an end and therefore, the voting is now open. It is quite important to note that once more, there is the idea of remembering how things went last night when it came to the 'Giovani' category. Nevertheless, things continue and Morandi following another promotional break is back on stage and in the audience, doing what he does best meaning performing. He introduces the next guest star; Adriano Celentano who was received that well during the first night of the competition for his several anti-religious remarks along with some other political remarks. A monologue commences and yet another song does come up. Once more the commentary continues but it seems that Celentano has left the building leaving Morandi on his own. He speaks about the tele-voting once more saying that lines are still open for the people to cast their vote. The winner of the 'Giovani' being Alessandro has been invited on stage to be crowned as the winner of the competition as yesterday it was after midnight when he was announced as the eventual victor. One of the female co-hosts is called back on stage and together, they close the tele-voting portion of the competition.

Interval Act

Whoa! Quite incredible to see that Sanremo have managed to get the Cranberries to perform and they indeed give an enticing rendition of their biggest hit 'Zombie'. The vocals are sublime as always, that has always been the case with them. The results are being calculated at the moment.

The Show (Part 3)

Gianni Morandi calls upon the media hall to decide their respective vote in totality and in fact, the top three were quite decisive with Gigi D'Alessio and Loredana Berte in third place, followed by Emma in second place and finally, Arisa in the top position. The same representatives of the media believe that Noemi deserves the golden share and she climbs at the top of the leader-board. Therefore the decision has been made and three females will be fighting it out to win this years' edition of Sanremo. These are none other than Arisa, Emma and Noemi who had been tipped as favourites for quite some time. Two clowns are now on stage, and one can easily note them as being last years' interval act.

Final Three - Running Order

01. Noemi - Sono Solo Parole (Fabrizio Moro)

Well the second and last performance of the song in a running order and with that fiery hair and shimmering blue dress, she takes to the stage one more time and indeed, her vocals her never impressed me that much this year. The song is a slow moving ballad which is quite interesting actually and should be appreciated for a number of things. Noemi tries to put into it the emotion that it does indeed require and she manages to transmit it well. This time round, the performance is not off key and she is most probably giving the best performance of the whole week as she tries to wrack up the votes needed to finish at the top after having been given a second chance by the media.

02. Emma - Non E` l'Inferno

Last years' runner-up is back on stage as she manages a second consecutive result in the top three of the competition. The image that the singer is portraying is one which really suits her especially the choice of outfit showing some leg whilst going sleeveless. The vocals of the song are strong as always and it is so uplifting seeing an artist grow the way that she has grown in the past couple of months. Nevertheless, the song might have been slightly stronger but the conductor, who arranged the song, Pino Perris. She is definitely enjoying the moment in the spotlight. It is quite a beautiful performance and she can definitely win of course.

03. Arisa - La Notte (Giuseppe Anastasi)

The final performance of the evening comes from none other than Arisa, the women who has not been that lucky when commencing her musical career. She came to prominence through the 2009 edition of Sanremo with the song 'Malomoreno' picking up the Critics Award known as the 'Mia Martini Prize'. This evening, clad in a black dress, she is enjoying her time on the stage of Sanremo and definitely wants to win the competition. The subject of the song is simple and to the point but the song does indeed reach the climax that is should and that is why it is so special in so many ways. The orchestration is just beautiful, what a charming song! This is the winner in my opinion!

Leading to the Result

RAI is currently promoting one of their upcoming programmes actually before the host, Gianni Morandi calls for his special co-host being Rocco to perform a song which he stops after coming down the stairs. He tells Gianni that he needed some space and ultimately removes the piano. This should be a comedic act although his voice is definitely not bad! The tele-voting is stopped just after Rocco was publicly congratulated on his performance. A break follows and now Gianni is on stage with the main conductor of the orchestra, the one appointed by RAI known as Marco Sabiu. He plays the song 'Limitless' on the piano and is joined by the Sanremo orchestra. The announcements are now being made it seems but then the co-hosts seem to have to get a word in as well. Ell and Nikki are on stage and they announce Nina Zilli as the next Italian representative at Eurovision Song Contest. The results of the competition are also on the way now!

  1. 'Premio Mia Martini' - Samuele Berani
  2. 'Premio D'Oro' - Emma

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