December 09, 2019

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Friday, 17 February 2012 19:30

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Day 4: LIVE

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Good evening dear readers, or better, ‘Buona sera’! Welcome to the fourth night of one of the most prestigious festivals around Europe, Sanremo! The 62nd edition of this festival, spread over 5 nights, is being held, as usual, in the Ariston Theatre. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti. Last night, we enjoyed an evening in the company of Italian classic songs which have toured the world, and the 'big' competitors duetted with international stars, such us Professor Green and Brian May. Marlene Kuntz won the 'Sala Stampa' award yesterday after duetting with Patti Smith. Gigi d'Alessio together with Loredana Berte` and Pierdavide Carone together with Lucio Dalla have made it to tonight's semifinal after yesterday, they were 'televoted the most' by the Italian public, thus, definetely eliminating Irene Fornaciari and Marlene Kunz.   Tonight, the semifinalist will duet with Italian guests of their choice and by the end of the night, we should get to know tomorrow's 10 finalists. The 'SanremoSocial' winner, or better, the 'Giovani' winner, will be known tonight, and most probably, he or she will be the one to represent Italy in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Watch out for a tribute to Whitney Houston, who unfortunately was found dead last Saturday.

No need to tell you, dear  readers, keep yourselves tuned here, on our site for the latest updates, whilst thanking you for your infinite support, especially during this Sanremo week, which is being covered everyday on our site for the very first time and seeing those high hits is really giving us a boost! Many thanks and wish you all a good, relaxing evening in the company of the Sanremo songs! :)


> Tonight's show started off with the world-fastest violinst, David Garrett.

The 'Big' Competition

(1) Noemi with Gaetano Curreri

I still think that the song starts too low for Noemi, infact in the second part of the song, her voice boosts up. Gaetano Curreri is playing the piano, and 'trying' to reach Noemi's high voice. Not a bad duet ... not the best of voice I guess. Noemi is wearing a beautiful 'prom' style balck dress and Gaetano ... a military jacket ... guess his luggage didn't arrive ...

(2) PierDavide Carone and Lucio Dalla with Gianluca Grigniani - Nani

Grigniani doesn't have the best of voices and his voice doesn't mix up well with PierDavide's for sure. PierDavide seems in form ... I didn't hear Dalla's voice though ...

(3) DolceNera with Max Gazze` - Ci Vediamo A Casa

DolceNera has a very powerful and strong voice; she always impresses me indeed. Her voice with Gazze's is a good mix, although she's the one that 'strengthens' the song. Gazze is wearing a smart casual outfit, whilst DolceNera is wearing a short black dress. Gazze` has a very 'soft' voice being a man ... but the song has the right balance. Successful duet I must say

(4) Gigi d'Alessio and Loredana Berte` with DJ Mario Fargetta - Respirare

Wuwwwww! Dance version of the song ... !!!! :D Sounding greattttt indeed! Ahhh, to say the truth, it's better than the original actuallyyy :P I don't know what Berte` is wearing though haha, but the song sounds great ... I bet that this will make it for sure with the finalists. Just a side note, this would sound great in the ESC no? And look at the amount of people dancing ... haha ... omgggg, this was surely a surprise tonight!!! Great!

(5) Chiara Civello with Francesca Michelin - Al Posto Del Mondo

Both singers are playing the piano ... Civello starts off. Strong voice, and also Michelin, an Xfactor participant. Beautiful mixture of voices ... a soft and strong voice, although they are not the best of tonight I guess. Michelin has a bit of uncertaintities at times, she infact seems a bit uncomfortable playing the piano and singing, or perhaps, that bulky shocking pink dress is making her feel this uncomfortable. Pity, since it's a great song.

> Interval Act: Sabrina Ferrilli enters the stage ... she's good at chatting ... but bad in singing ... oh my God ...

(6) Samuele Bersani with Paolo Rossi - Un Pallone

Bersani wearing football shoes ... there's something wrong. 'Football' perhaps? hmmm ... good duet though ... the voice are perfectly combined. And some comedy is included today .. ehhh.

(7) Eugenio Finardi with Pippo Servillo and the 'Piccolo Ensemble Futuro' form the Milan Conservatory - E Tu Lo Chiami Dio

This is one of my favourites songs. This song has that particular 'angelic' melody. And Finardi puts so much emotions in this song. Servillo has a voice very similar to Finardi and the 'mix' is so perfect. Ahhh this is sounding so beautiful, 'Roberto Vecchioni' inspired for sure, but very nice.

(8) Nina Zilli with Giuliano Palma and Fabrizio Bosso - Per Sempre

Gold, long dress for Zilli tonight ... ahhhhhhhh so beautiful. The two voices are so perfect together. One of the best duets of the night. Fabrizio Bosso is playing the trumpet softly and it gives it that jazzy feeling. The 'violin' part has remained intact ... she has such a powerful voice and so 'playful'. Great 'solo' on the trumpet from Bosso.

(9) Arisa with Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi - La Notte

Piano and violin ballad tonight ... it's even more magical. Arisa is wearing a long, plain dress. Ahhhh it gives you goosebumps. Her voice is spectacular and when they sing together ... it's paradise :)

> Interval Act: Alessandro Siani takes the stage ... he's a great Italian comedian :)

(10) Emma with Alessandra Amoroso - Non E` L'Inferno

Emma wearing a green strapless dress, whilst Alessandra is all in black wearing a sort of polo-neck very long dress. Two 'Amici' winners. Two very strong voices.

(11) Mattia Bazar with Platinette - Sei Tu

That halter neck is too much :P but ... otherwise ... Platinette is doing a short monologue, that is, he is 'speaking out' the first verse of the song... rendering this song an even better 'gem' :)

(12) Francesco Renga with Scala & Kolacny Brothers - La Tua Bellezza

The choir starts singing to the piano ... magical .... and Renga's voice mixed with theirs is amazing ... ahhhh *goosebumpssss* :D It's like you're listening to the angels in Paradise ... 'troppo bella' questa canzone .... well done Francesco, great 'duet' ... it sounds even better than the original song I must say ... violins, piano ... and magical voices.


Hehe ... blue, white and red dominates here. They look like sailors :P They must sing together live ... otherwise you can't hear a single thing ... but 'What makes you beautiful' is an ever green song :)

The 'Giovani' section (Televoting + Sanremo Orchestra)

(1) Alessandro Casillo - E` Vero

The smart/casual/sporty guy ... I'm still not convinced about his voice unfortunately ... perhaps he's excited? His voice is too weak though. The song, not bad and the lyrics, heh, pure love poetry, but I don't see this song as 'winning'. But don't forget that he's a favourite with most of the Italian teen girls.

(2) IOHOSEMPREVOGLIA - Incredibile

I see them in Eurovision. Yes. I'm loving this song tonight ... his voice is not the best, but with the melody of the song, it's ok.

(3) Marco Guazzone - Guasto

Ulalaaa how glittery! The start seems like a lullaby or a nursery rhyme ... but it's sweet. His voice ... hmmm ... much much better than the first night. Yes, it's sounding much better tonight I must say ... he has a very melodious voice. I like it, yeppp :)

(4) Erica Mou - Nella vasca da bagno del tempo

THIS SHOULD BE THE WINNER! So beautiful ... her eyes speak alone. Very sweet song with very powerful lyrics with a sweet melody. Her voice is perfect ... ahhh it makes you sing ... 'voglio diventare vecchia, con le rughe tattuate sulla pelle ...' :)

> Interval Act - Anna Tatangelo, Marco del Vecchio and Bobo Vieri ... please shoot me now. They are participating in a TV programme on Rai and they came to promote hah ... and la Tatangelo ... she's supporting her 'Gigi' ... I so hate this fake promotion ... at least, you have a beautiful blue dress Anna. Oh sure ... we're gonna dance even tonight ... & Milly Carlucci had the microphone and she too is wearing a long dress ... everything programmed and planned etc ... ehhhh. & Anna Tatangelo is mentioning the disco dance ... because her Gigi tonight has a 'disco' song ;) And to ads to the show, the teachers come to show us their knowledge and everything ... it's enjoyable at least listening to the live orchestra :)














Unfortunately, Chiara Civello and Matia Bazar didn't make it to the final.

Once again, I thankyou for your infinite support dear readers, and I hope that tomorrow you will also tune to our site for the final night coverage of this prestigious festival, which final will be reported LIVE by Marc Calleja Bayliss. It was a great experience reporting this year's Sanremo ...

... and once again, MANY MANY THANKS! Hugs :) x



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