December 12, 2019

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Thursday, 16 February 2012 18:58

Italy: Sanremo 2012 - Day 3: LIVE

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Good evening dear readers, or better, ‘Buona sera’! Welcome to the second night of one of the most  prestigious festivals around Europe, Sanremo! The 62nd edition of this festival, spread over 5 nights, is being held, as usual, in the Ariston Theatre. The first edition of the Sanremo Music Festival, held between 29 and 31 January 1951, was broadcast by Rai Radio 1 and its only two participants were Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani. Starting from 1955, all the editions of the Festival have been broadcast live by the Italian TV station Rai 1.

The festival has been used as the way of choosing the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 1966, in 1972, 1997 and 2011 (Raphael Gualazzi, Giovani winner). It has also launched the careers of many very famous Italian singers, including Andrea Bocelli, Paola e Chiara, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Gigliola Cinquetti.

Last night, we saw the elimination of 4 artists from the ‘Big’ section, namely PierDavide Carone with Lucio Dalla, Gigi d’Alessio with Loredana Berte`, Marlene Kuntz and Irene Fornaciari. Big disappoint mostly from D’Alessio, who had a potentially good song, but which was desperately put down by Berte’s bad voice.  Also yesterday, we saw the elimination of 4 artists from the giovani section, dropping them to 4 finalists, which final will take place tomorrow evening. It will be particularly interesting because most probably, one of them will be Italy’s representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We’ll see! :)

And let’s move on to tonight. So, tonight is sort of, ‘The International Gala Night’, in which all 14 artists will sing classical Italian songs with an international artist. It will be a particular night indeed. An award to the 'winner' of the night will be given. Yesterday's 'big' artists will get the chance this evening to take part in the ‘ripescaggio’, that is, two of them will get their second chance, thus, will be participating in the final night next Saturday.Tonight's special guest will be no other than Federica Pellegrini, one of the most loved Italian athletes, who was the one who actually had to co-present this year's Sanremo together with Gianni Morandi, but since this is the Olympics year, she had to concentrate on her career rather than 'starting a new one'. Most probably, she will be infact co-presenting the show next year. At least tonight we won't see any comedians

No need to tell you, dear  readers, keep yourselves tuned here, on our site for the latest updates, whilst thanking you for your infinite support, especially during this Sanremo week, which is being covered everyday on our site for the very first time and seeing those high hits is really giving us a boost! Many thanks and wish you all a good, relaxing evening in the company of the Sanremo songs!  :)

The Show (Part 1)

Classical start to tonight's evening. Orchestra playing various classics, including 'Gloria', 'Gli Uomini Non Cambiano' and 'Volare', and Gianni Morandi starts off the night ... singing these classics :) The orchestra sounds too great; the live orchestra is what I actually miss most from the Eurovision.

Shaggy and Chiara Civello

So, they entered the scene with Ennio Morricone's music ... and now, Mr.Bombastic in Sanremo ... omg! Mr.Bean is missing though ... that was just a taste actually to let us know who Shaggy actually is. And now, Shaggy is trying to sing 'Io che non vivo piu` di un ora senza te' or 'You don't have to love me' (English Translation) ... a desperate attempt. Civello sings magnificently, but Shaggy's voice is so not matching with hers. And now he is rapping ... no, I didn't like this mixture. They are too far apart muscially, sorry.

Goran Bregovic and Samuale Bersani

Singing 'Romagna Mia' with traditional 'Yugoslavian' instruments ... I love it :) It sounds very particular ... Bregovi brought over his band hehe! Great mixture and great interpretation. Keep it up Samuale, good choice! Bregovic is currently touring around the world promoting his 'Yugoslovian' folklore.

Skye Edwards and Nina Zilli

Singing one of Mina's classics, 'Grande, Grande, Grande' ... in English, 'Never, Never, Never'. Two beautiful ladies, but Nina, that dress is too short I guess for an appearance in Sanremo! Their voices are perfectly combined ... and Nina's English can be easily understood. This has been the best duet so far, beautiful.

Al Jarreau and Matia Bazar

I was eagerly waiting for this. The theme from 'Il Padrino', 'Parla piu` piano' (Speak softly Love). Enchanting. Goosebumps all over my body. Words can't describe this fantastic duet, plus, her dress is a wow! :) Obviously, Al Jarreau sings one of his RnB songs ... wuw :)

Gary Go and Emma Marone

Emma is wearing a transparent shirt tonight ... who has the figure, better flaunt it heh. They are singing 'Il Paradiso' (If Paradise is half as nice). Not bad, Emma's voice is very strong. Gary Go sings one of his famous songs ... 'We are Wonderful'. It sounds great in this Sanremo atmosphere, though Emma's English is hopeless :P

Jose` Feliciano and Arisa

I admire this man loads, he's blind, but his love for music is above eveything. Jose` is playing the guitar beautifully and Arisa's voice is everyday more perfect. He is singing in Spanish and the mix between Italian and Spanish sounds wonderful. Ahhh I'm in love with this duet and moreover, Arisa is wearing a simple white dress with a couple gems. Beautiful in every way this duet. And the live orchestra ... wow! Again, goosebumpssss! And with a surprise, Morandi is duetting with Jose`and Arisa joins in. What a spectacular show this evening! :D

> A magical interval act, Federica Pellegrini just enterd the stage and is dancing to a Waltz with Gianni Morandi whilst they do a tiny discussion. Such a sweet girl in a wonderful, long, white dress :) Such an interesting 'chat' ... interesting :) And now ... haha ... disco music :P

Sergio Dalma and Francesco Renga

Il mondo (El mondo) ... at the moment is in Spain's chart! Piano ballad ... ahhhh! Wowww, beautiful choice of song ... the best male singer in the competition for sure. God how I love this man! Great duet! Dalma is now singing one of his classics .. powerful voice indeed.

Mads Langer and Pierdavide Carone and Lucio Dalla

I still get taste of this blackish Pierdavide ... he was such a cute Italian blonde :( Lucio Dalla on the piano singing 'Aneme e core' ... a typical Napoletean song. Ahhhh, Mads Langer gives it such a modern touch with an English pronounciation. Not the best of the 'duets' but very classical and very particular. And obviously, Mads Langer needs to sing his most popular song, 'You're not Alone'. Wonderful interpretation from him together with Pierdavide Carone.

Brain May and Kerry Ellis and Irene Fornaciari

'I have nothing' (Uno dei tanti) ... very powerful! Classical start ... and off to very pop, nearly disco style. Brain May on the electric guitar, sounding great! And obviously ... where there's Brian May, there's 'We will rock you'! ;)

Patti Smith and Marlene Kuntz

...singing 'The World became the World' (Impressioni di Settembre) ... Patti Smith has a very strong voice. Beautiful rock song tonight and Marlene Kuntz seem much more comfortable. Patti Smith seems like a man though but ... ahhh the classical 'Because the night' written with Bruce Springsteen ... great music :D

Macy Gray and Loredana Berte` and Gigi d'Alessio

Loredana always impresses me with her outfits (bleh) and Macy Gray seems like she just had a shock ... but the song they chose is 'Almeno tu nell'Universo' (Flame) sung by the late Mia Martini. Gigi d'Alessio is on the piano and he starts singing. His voice is not bad, but I guess it's too 'high pitched' for him this song. Loredana seems better this evening ... but Macy Gray fails to start where she was suppose to ... don't find this song particularly her style ... but she's doing her best ... from this trio, Gigi has the 'best' voice ... not bad, though not the most thrilling performance of the night. The song is such a classical ... you have to love it no matter what. And infact, Loredana gets very emotional whislt singing this song ... she and Mia Martini were very close friends.

Noa and Eugenio Finardi

What a great woman, greeting the public with 'Shalom' and greeting Morandi with a hug. They will sing 'Torna a Surriento' ... she in Napoletean and he in English American. They are accompanied by a string quartet. Noa has just started singing ... and goosebumps already! Her Napoletean is not bad infact! And a twist in the song ... Finardi singing rock! :O ulalaaaa! Greatttttttttt! :D Finardi has a great English accent since he lived in the States earlier in his life. Noa has just launched an album with Napoletean ... 'Noapolis'. She loves this music :) And if Noa doesn't sing 'Smile' ... we can't say that she was here! Magnificient :D

Professor Green and DolceNera

Vita Spericolata ... from Vasco Rossi, readapted in English for Professor Green. DolceNera starts on the piano ... her voice is a bit 'Vasco Rossi' style infact. Splendind female rock voice. Ahhhh and at least, the rapper has a decent part in the song and the mix is brilliant! I was in doubt regarding this duet, but oh my god, I'm astonished! :O & there's a really 'good feeling' between them ... rap, and modern Italian song can go together after all and their song 'Non ho paura' is simply great! wuw! :)

Sarah Jane Morris and Noemi

Noemi seems soooo excited! They will sing 'Amarsi un po' (To feel in love) ... one of Lucio Battisti's classic ... such a deepppppp voice Sarah Jane has. The voices mix purely together ... it sounds great :)



Pierdavide Carone and Lucio Dalla - Nani (Carone, Dalla)

Sounding powerful and nice. May make it to the final I guess. I like it ... yes. Sounding beutiful today.

Gigi d'Alessio and Loredana Berte` - Respirare (d'Alessio, d'Agostino)

A big favourite to make a return. Loredana Berte` is a favourite with the Italians. Gigi's voice sounds great with this very pop and modern song. Berte's voice is sounding more familiar today, well, that's her voice, a bit outrageous and harsh. mmmm ... and no sunglasses tonight Berte`... yes, they are sounding better together tonight. They surely want to pass and make it to the final.

Irene Fornaciari - Grande Mistero (Davide Van De Sfroos)

Wearing red and black tonight ... such a powerful song, I personally love it more than the above two. It would be a pity if THIS is left out. But the Italians can be a bit conservative unfortuantely. Her voice is purely wonderful. You've got to love it.

Marlene Kuntz - Canzone per un Figlio

It's a sweetish song, but no, it doesn't merit to pass ... it has a nice climax in the 'ritornello' though ... but still ...



GIGI D'ALESSIO AND LOREDANA BERTE` (seems a pure favourite ... )

Hope you enjoyed this 3rd night together with us dear readers, meet up again tomorrow!

Goodnight and stay tuned! ;) x

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