December 09, 2019

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Sunday, 12 February 2012 16:23

Italy: Sanremo Kicks Off Tuesday Evening

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The 62nd edition of Sanremo is just two days away, and like every year, it will be held at the Ariston Theatre, one of the most prestigious theatres in Italy. The festival’s first night will be next Tuesday, on the 14th February, followed by 4 others, leading to the final night, on Saturday 18th February. The last press conference held on the 1st February, revealed all the special guests and also, each night’s programme. This year’s presenter is once again Gianni Morandi, with the help of Rocco Papaleo and the top model, Ivana Mrazova. With the anticipation of seeing this new edition of this year’s festival, here’s a taste of this year’s scheduled nights, which surely, each viewer is interested in!

So, there will be 5 nights, which Morandi started last year and which have proved to be a great success. Last year’s co-presenters, ex-Le Iene, Luca and Paolo, will infact open the first night, introducing the ‘super presenter’, who in turn, will present the actor, Rocco Papleo and the 19- year old top model, Ivana Mrazova, who Morandi is introducing her to the Italian public as ‘’ a surprise’’. And if many of you are questioning why an international model was chosen and not, at least, an Italian one … well, please don’t start complaining again because the Italians wanted her to be pure Italian, but they were disappointed, and you can imagine the fuss they have made … and moreover, the questions arose even on Rocco Papleo, because they wanted two ladies … ehhh, these Italians, you have to understand them! ;) The presence of one of the most loved artist by the Italians, Adriano Celentano, from the first night, is still uncertain. The artist will be free to choose to participate in more than one nights or on one night only. We’ll see, but at least, his presence in the festival per se`, is certain. The 14 big artists will interpret their songs, of which two will be eliminated by a very professional jury, thus, leaving 12 songs to participate the following day.

In Wednesday’s second part of the night, there will be the presence of Belen Rodriguez and Elisabetta Canalis, who will pass on officially, the ‘vallette’ title to Ivana Mrazova. And now, the most important part of the festival … ‘la gara canora’. The 12 artists who passed from Tuesday night will interpret their songs, of which, only 10 will pass for the 4th night. In the second part of the night, ‘la gara dei Giovani di SanremoSocial’ will start with the first two ‘sfide dirette’, which will lead to an immediate elimation.

Thursday night is dedicated to the Italian music around the world, in which each and every artist, even those temporarily eliminated by the jury, will have the opportunity to duet with 14 international artists. ‘’La madrina’’ of this year’s event will be Federica Pellegrini, who will make her presence on this night. Through televoting, the winner of the night will be announced (the artists + international singers), and 2 out of the four eliminated songs will have the opportunity to take part again in the last round of the competition. At the same time, the Sanremo Social competition will be taking place, always with 2 artists competing against each other, with an immediate and definite elimination. Friday night will open with an exhibition from David Garrett, a professional english/german violinist, on the musical notes of Nirvana, together with the dancer, Simona Atzori, on the professional choreography of Daniel Ezralow.

Popular actors will be present on this night, Alessandro Siani and Sabrina Ferilli. Which regards to the actual competition, the 12 finalists will have the opportunity to sing their song ‘’liberamente riadatta’’ by duetting with another artist/artists of their choice. We are expected to see Alessandra Amoroso duet with Emma, Gianluca Grignani with Pierdavide Carone and Lucio Dalla, Scala & Kolacny Brothers with Francesco Renga and Davide Van De Sfroos with Irene Fornaciari. At this point, the most 10voted artists will proceed to the final night, whilst on this night, the SanremoSocial winner will be announced. We have to wait and see if once again, the winner from this category will be given the opportunity to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

‘’Il gran finale’’ o televoting will then play an important role, thus revealing this year’s winner, who will have the opportunity to sing the winning song once again Saturday 18th February will see the participation of Geppi Cucciari and the Cranberries. The popular jury and the Sanremo Festival Orchestra will vote for the best songs and the most three voted songs will sing their song for the last time and then whilst another selective panel will reveal the song for the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

During this week, make sure to keep yourself tuned to to get the latest updates on this year’s Sanremo, and moreover, we encourage you to go through our daily live reports. Enjoy this prestigious European festival through our site, and many thanks for your continuous support!

Source: RAI, ESCflashmalta

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