February 17, 2020

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Thursday, 14 February 2013 19:17

Italy: Third Night of Sanremo 2013 - LIVE

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RAI, the broadcaster responsible for the participation of Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest has gained worldwide recognition for hosting the annual Sanremo competition in the Ariston Theatre and this year will be no different. On Tuesday, the 63rd edition officially commenced and all of the artists competing in the 'Campioni' category, now know which song they will be performing on Friday and Saturday, where they will be taking to the stage with their setlist of original songs. Journalists and critics alike have been very respectful of the first two evenings and the song quality has been commented to be far stronger than last year. The show could be watched through RAI 1 on Satellite, although one could find it on Reception Television. Follow the show online through the official website of the competition.

The representative for the Eurovision Song Contest will be selected through the Sanremo competition but it is relatively unlikely that the chosen entry will be the same one performed during these nights which will lead up to Saturday evening. Since their return, Italy have done extremely well at the international showcase, reaching ninth place with Nina Zilli and her entry L'Amore e Femmina (Out of Love) last year as opposed to their first runner-up finish in 2011 with the track Madness of Love (Follia D'Amore) performed by Raphael Gualazzi who took to the stage last night as he is one of the artists in the category 'Campioni'. This years' Sanremo competition is being hosted by Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto, the former being none other than the producer for this years' proceedings. 

The Show

This evenings' edition of Sanremo is opening up with video footage from the past, presumably a drama series, one of the ever lasting telenovelas that have been known to dominate television throughout the years. The audience is pretty quiet as they await for this evenings' opening act will include but nevertheless it seems that because this is Saint Valentine's Day, they could be a bit romantic and suddenly a well dressed couple walk on stage and wait, seeing the outfits up close, this is not really helping because Luciana is seemingly wearing a plastic skirt as opposed to Fabio is wearing the same suit as he has worn in the past two days. In a romantic gesture, he has given her some flowers but they are too big for her to carry and she drops them. They are having a lovely conversation early on.

Running Order 

Simona Molinari e Peter Cincotti

Following their qualification from the first evening, a big band sound which sounds really good as an opening number this evening. The orchestra is really giving a good vibe to kick off things. Simona's vocals are really impressive but nevertheless, Peter is surely to be congratulated on the effort he is putting into his performance. In Malta, we have an artist who genre is quite similar, Janvil. This looks much more polished today and that is definitely a much more positive attitude to give now that they have managed to qualify with this entry.


Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni takes to the stage and performs a strong powerful ballad as portrayed in the opening night of Sanremo. The emotion of the song is definitely being portrayed through the strong vocals which seem to be much stronger than the first evening to be honest. He is clad in a maroon suit as opposed to the blue which he wore the first time round. He seems to be quite stylish as is expected from a male artist who is predominantly Italian.


Elio e le Storie Tese

Elio and the rest of his buddies make up his band and they managed to get through with this mad song last night to be honest. At the beginning, the vocals were not so strong unfortunately but nevertheless, did eventually pick up towards the middle of the song. The song in itself is quite catchy and has a ring to it. It is quite intriguing that the gorup has a signature caricature look and are all dressed in vintage suits. The main singer also surprised the audience when he seemingly showed that he had four hands, albeit fake.


Malika Ayane

Malika takes to the stage and she is still in the running to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in a couple of weeks time. She has an extremely distinct look, elegant and classy attire as has been the case even during the initial performance. The song unfortunately is not my cup of team and is relatively monotonous, doesn't really show her vocal abilities. Her emotions are definitely running hight though because she is doing her best to show that this is a good song but fails. It lacks a special climax and makes it quite boring.


Marta Sui Tubi

The song a modern rock one performed by a band, very lively engageing song , vocals quite strong, becomes more mellow towards the middle before reaching the climax. Outfits are extremely casual considering how popular this event has become during the course of history but nevertheless, as expected once more, extremely stylish. I have to say that this has improved for todays' performance and that is good to note especially because I believe that this is a candidate for last place really.



Once more, another female and one has to denote that she indeed has an extremely sultry and romantic look but nevertheless, a mediocre voice whom I never understood how the public selected her as the winner of the X Factor competition. The song does indeed lack the substance for it to stand out and towards the end, the goes off pitch because it was the winning factor require for this particular competition. I am quite surprised how this artist is seemingly one of the favourites to win this years' competition because she lacks quite a lot in terms of a final package.


Max Gazze

Max Gazze is known to the local audience having performed with the renowned Ira Losco in recent months as she planned her comeback into the local music scene. This song is actually quite intriguing because it seems to have a lot of elements of the material that Malika Ayane and Arisa both brought to the music scene. The stage is extremely colourful and this is really important for the overall outcome on television. It seems that Max is enjoying himself out there and this year, everyone seems much more relaxed knowing that they will not be eliminated.



Another potential contender for the Eurovision Song Contest is Annalisa and one to start by pointing out that this dress sense is surely mis-represented and mis-understood because I cannot udnerstood how a sheer white top is well aligned with a pink skirt. On the first night, it seemed that Annalisa was not really up to performing but that has all seemingly changed this evening because in a stage lit up by stars in the backdrop, she is giving it her all and the orchestra sounds absolutely wonderful. Another hit in the making from the renowned performer and such a strong addition to Sanremo.


Maria Nazionale

Maria Nazionale is back on the Sanremo stage and having given the best performance of the competition this year, I will not expect anything less. She is wearing a completely different dress and this one is somewhat well thought of, because there is a melanchonic feel about the whole performance.The song is absolutely beautiful and the vocals are very similar to those provided by Pastora Soler during last years' edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Maria is showing that she should indeed finish high on the scoreboard on Saturday evening although, I believe she had a much stronger performance on the first night rather than this evening. Sensual, and just beautiful in its own right. Well Done!


Simone Cristicchi

Simone Cristicchi is clad in a much more suitable suit for the evening and this seems to be an extremely emotional song because he literally pours his heart into the performance. He manages to grasp the people in the best possible way and it has to be noted that everything has worked out in the manner that he wanted. It was rather unbelievable that I barely liked the guy a couple of days ago only to love this performance. This is a much better entry than the one presented back in 2007 in my opinion and that won, so who knows!



Another one of my favourites in this years' edition of the Sanremo competition is Moda who were of course the runners-up just two years ago when they performed Arrivera with Emma Marrone who went onto win the competition last year. The lead vocalist is in smart casual attire, and he is really enjoying his time on the stage of the Ariston Theatre. The camera shots are ideal this evening and it seems that they are more sure of the song this time round. The vocals are spot on this evening, much stronger than the first time round and the music has that winning potential. I think this is competition between three including Moda, Maria Nazionale and Daniele Silvestri.


Daniele Silvestri

Daniele Silvestri has just been mentioned in my previous post and that is to be noted that the running order this evening has been quite consistent with the favourites somewhat placed right after each other.I believe that this one will be walking out of this years' competition with at least one award because it has a distinctive message offered to those who unfortunately cannot hear and have to rely on sign language. The music of this track is almost inexistant but Daniele Silvestri is indeed playing the piano. There is a violin being played by the orchestra but otherwise, relatively silent. One could easily hear a pin fall with such silence, beautiful! The public applaud towards the end, and there you are, a public favourite!



Almamegretta have somewhat been increasing their fanbase in recent years but one would have to point out that they are clearly not the typical type of the Sanremo competition and present a pop/rock genre which is infused with Italian tones. Diversity is the key to success and as a matter of fact, it is good to see that such an element is kept and given important at the respective event. I do not really like the song though and thus, I cannot see it do well.


Raphael Gualazzi

One final performance for the 'Campioni' category this evening and it comes from Raphael Gualazzi who successful represented the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest just two years ago with the track Madness of Love (Follia D'Amore), finishing in second place. This song is somewhat similar but one could say that the genre has somewhat been characterised by him. Sitting down on the piano, he seems to have still not leanred to perform in front of cameras. This is a piano ballad, very typical for Italy but his vocals give it distinction from the rest. He does not seem to be enjoying the performance if just based from facial expressions but this is beautiful just by being different.


Giovani Category

Andrea Nadinocchi

The very first performance of the evening from the 'Giovani' Category is actually a track which is very typical off the urban charts in Italy a the moment. It seems that Andrea has the same problem that Raphael Gualazzi has because he doesn't seem to want to open his eyes throughout the performance. The lighting is somewhat helping the performance and with a couple of notes thrown into the chorus, in a form of 't-t-t-t', people start singing along. The music is not that catchy and I cannot say that I like this one.

Antonio Maggio

Typically Italian looking bloke takes to the stage this time round and this is a much catchier entry than the predecessor and Antonio is clearly taking the performance in because he looks stunning, a great choice of attire going for a red suit, very modern and loving the bow-tie. In the meantime, the song might get annoying for some people towards the end but nevertheless, I quite like this one and I would not mind hearing it once more tomorrow evening if I am being honest. This was well performed vocally and should do reasonably well this evening.

Paolo Simoni

It seems that the audience in Sanremo has somewhat slept because at the end of the performance, they just forgot to clap and that is not understandable because this song was just beautiful! The vocals were just right for the track but if something was wrong, it was the weird image which the performer decided to take up for some reason. That was a typically Italian sounding ballad and still much better than the first song although I believe that the second song is the one which is safely assured a spot in the final thus far.

Ilaria Porceddu

Being the only female in this evenings' competition will surely be positive for this artist but nevertheless, I just cannot understand why she wore that black & white dress, because this just looks silly at the moment. The song is a mid-tempo ballad which evolves steadily with the aid of vocals. In the background, it seems that rather than strings, there is slight brass. The vocals are really good actually and she might actually be one of the nations' future stars. In a Malika inspired ending, she speaks to the audience and I like this. This along with song two should make it through!

Qualified: Antonio Maggio

Qualified: Ilaria Porceddu

The second  evening of the Sanremo competition comes to an end as Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto announce the first qualifiers of the 'Giovani' category prior to a commercial break and yet another sing-a-long between the hosts. Tune into escflashmalta.com for another LIVE Report from Sanremo 2013 as Marc Calleja Bayliss has a look at the show tomorrow night whilst reviewing the performances. Thanks for tuning in this evening and a hearty congratulations goes to RAI for putting up a magnificient show.

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