October 14, 2019

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Mike Spiteri, Lawrence Gray, Amber, Annabelle Debono, Miriam Christine, Ira Losco, Tarcisio Barbara, Claudette Buttigieg and Kaya could all note to have at least one thing in common and that is being winners of the elite Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza which has been organized by Media.Link Communications for a numerous number of years, noting that this years' edition will be the twenty-first in total and fifteenth consecutive one as a matter of fact. The committee behind the competition led by Mark Azzopardi and including members of the escflashmalta.com editorial team have worked hard to include a number of innovations in the past two years noting the beginning of a seating area which would definitely keep the audience at bay as well as the official preview videos for each track to help aid in terms of promotion. There is stiff competition this evening, featuring twenty acts that will be leading the way in the Established Category and another four acts who will compete in the Teenage Category as revealed last week on Indifest as shown on NET Television.

The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will be hosted on The Granaries in Floriana by Christine Haber and Ronald Briffa and will be featuring guest performances by Mike Spiteri who returns as last years' winner as well as Kurt Calleja and his band who represented Malta in this years' Eurovision Song Contest albeit never managing to make it through to the final stage of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. In the meantime, it has to be noted that there will be a number of awards that will be given out this evening including the online voting which has been ongoing through mychoice.pn, the tele-voting through the clips which have been put online and on NET Television throughout the summer and also the jury voting as chosen by Media.Link Communications. The latter two will be important for both categories with a separate award for the Established Category for each and a combined vote for the Teenage Category which will feature 60% Jury and 40% Tele-Voting. escflashmalta.com would like to wish everyone the best of luck and invite the people to attend or tune into NET Television at 20:30 CET to watch the proceedings unravel live.

Teenage Category

01. Bil-Bnadar F'Idejna - Sarah Bonnici (Miriam Christine / Joe Chircop)

02. Ħbieb ta' Veru - Maria u Justine (Kaya / Christopher Azzopardi)

03. Il-Libertà - Antoine u Kayleigh (Ray Agius / Michael Vella Haber / Evelyn Saliba La Rosa)

04. X'Qaltli L-Arzella - Antonella Rapa (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Joe Friggieri)

Established Category

01. Flimkien - Kristen Camilleri (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

02. Tagħna L-Isbaħ Żmien - Esilana (Ray Agius / Alfred C Sant)

03. Rebbiħin - Francesca Sciberras (Miriam Christine / Celestina Sciberras)

04. Id F'Id - Simone Gauci (Renato Briffa / Keith Zammit) 

05. Abjad u Iswed - Stephanie Zammit (Philip Vella / Gerard James Borg)

06. Kburin Bik - Christian Azzopardi (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop)

07. Indipendenti - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

08. Missjoni Impossibli? - Ishmael Grech (Philip Vella / Rita Pace)

09. Jekk Nużaw Moħħna - Deborah C (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Joe Chircop)

10. Kemm Xtaqt - Laura Bruno (Frederick Camilleri)

11. Se Nibda Jien - Dario u Grecia (Dario Bezzina / Rita Pace)

12. Mhux L-Ewwel Darba - Neville, Ivan u Claire (Augusto Cardinali / Giovann Attard)

13. Dan Mhux Tmiem - Corinne Caruana (Mark Scicluna / Rita Pace)

14. Mill-Bidu Nett - Francesca Scerri (Elton Zarb / Rita Pace)

15. Bl-Ikbar Serjetà - Marilena Gauci (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop)

16. Dell L-Istilel - Rachel Verzin (Dominic Cini / Stephen Baldacchino)

17. Għidli Int - Julie Pomorski (Augusto Cardinali)

18. Ħalluni - Kylie Coleiro (Philip Vella / Joe Chircop)

19. Tama u Kuraġġ - Domenique (Philip Vella / Cher Vella)

20. Id-Demm ta' Raymond - Roseann Cordina (Mark Spiteri Lucas / Paul Ellul)

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, My Choice, escflashmalta.com


The editorial board of escflashmalta.com wanted to spice up things just a tad with regards to the feature that was taken on board and thus instead of working the way through the songs in their respective order as they will be performing later on during the day, they were presented starting from the last entry and indeed, the final one will actually be the first to perform. Whenever one does not succeed, then giving up is not the option even though it might sparkle at a certain outlook. There is a certain amount of luck which each individual can utilize without even knowing when the timing is right and this could be said for the next performer, Kristen Camilleri who will be performing the track Flimkien composed by Philip Vella and penned by Cher Vella. This was one of the three entries that eventually got through to the competition following the withdrawal of three of the qualified entries by Domenique and indeed, it has been an intriguing ride noting that this track features in the top five of the tele-voting portion of the competition, having done so from the early stages. This year, each track received the same amount of promotion through official videos as posted on YouTube and also reviews as published on escflashmalta.com daily for the past couple of weeks.

Teenagers have one of the most pivotal roles in the country and it is unequivocally important that their challenges in terms of goals for the future are met with great respect, dignity and praise at times with the shaping up of the future owed to them most of the time. The country will be dealing with stern challenges but then again, together, everything can be dealt with a relative pace and thus, one has to start acting as soon as possible to make sure that things get back to normal and ultimately succeed in continue creating a positive world which the people will continue living in. Kristen Camilleri is one of the newcomers to the local music scene noting that this years' Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is well adjusted including acts which have already garnered a name for themselves and others which are looking for that shining moment which would make or break their careers. Nevertheless, Kristen has already accomplished quite a lot having studied under classical soprano, Gillian Zammit and starring in shows such as Dr.Seuss - The Musical put on by Masquerade Theatre Arts School. In recent months, she was also the backing vocalist for three entries at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and she is set to star in the upcoming edition of D.R.E.A.M.S which will be airing every Wednesday night on Television Malta.

Philip Vella is the man behind the music in this particular entry providing the competition with a total of eight compositions this time round, with three lyricists in general, those being former winner Joe Chircop, his daughter Cher Vella and singer/songwriter Rita Pace. Philip won the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza back in 2009 breaking the flow that was being set up by Mark Spiteri Lucas who had won it in the two years before and ultimately paving the way for two victories of Ray Agius, therefore being the only one in the last five years to have managed to break the domination of the most successful composers of the competition. Philip is an accomplished performer as well having taken part in the competition in 1999 with the track San Seksek Pro Nobis and in 2001 with the tracks Ġens B'Identita and Kieku u Kien whilst writing the music and lyrics to many other songs. The lyricist in this track is his daughter Cher Vella with whom he penned another two tracks and with whom he also made it through to the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with, earlier this year with Lawrence Gray as the lead vocal. Watch the official video below and stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, escflashmalta.com


Presently, the world of Disney Channel has become one of the most intriguing ways of how to create professional performers through the medium of acting and then singing in shows which would air through the same respective programming network. This could surely be the idea that has been taken up by the likes of the Public Broadcasting Services whose stalwart channel, Television Malta has been highly promoting the musical drama series D.R.E.A.M.S which will be returning this upcoming autumn/winter every Wednesday night. There is sheer quality in terms of talented stars and one of them is actually competing in this years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza in the form of Analise Mifsud who is performing with the name Esilana. The track that she will be performing is entitled Tagħna L-Isbaħ Żmien, composed by Ray Agius and penned by Alfred C Sant. It is to be noted that despite certain people not needing the publicity, it is vital to make sure that everyone is treated the same with Media.Link Communications and escflashmalta.com working together in making sure that each act is given equal representation in the press through online analysis of each track and even the shooting of a preview video for each as uploaded through YouTube. This is the second to last review noting that Esilana will be performing second this evening.

Ours is the Best Time would be the translation of the song and as opposed to the last couple of tracks which have been presented in our series, this is the one which comes out as a romantic journey between two young lovers which is further emphasized through the use of typical music instruments, especially a guitar solo which helps build up the general context of the track. Esilana speaks to her lover that being young is one of the best things that any being should help promote noting that the future is in their hands to control, with a metaphorical lyric on board, saying that they know what they want out of life and will continue to achieve that together as one. The performer is one of the youngest participants in this years' Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and she is one of the upcoming stars in the local music scene with many knowing her for promoting minority awareness through her lesbian role in the hit television musical drama series D.R.E.A.M.S alongside the likes of last years' Teenage Category runners-up Michela Dalli and Michela Galea as well as this years' Antoine Kayleigh. This is her second major point when it comes to music and she will surely be taking it all in when it comes to experience.

The name of the performer might be new to many but then again, the songwriters are definitely bringing up a lot of music history between them especially when taking into account that the composer, Ray Agius has been the most successful man in this festival, racking up a total of six victories including for the past two years, those coming with Amber and her track Trid Tapprezza as well as Mike Spiteri and his song B'Rieda tal-Azzar. It is also to be noted that this stage that Ray wrote two songs for the Eurovision Song Contest, these being 1995's Keep Me In Mind by Mike Spiteri and also 1997's Let Me Fly by Debbie Scerri. He has worked predominantly with Godwin Sant, by himself and also with Alfred C Sant throughout the past couple of years and this track has been co-written with the latter. In fact, Alfred C Sant co-wrote both of the songs that went to the Eurovision Song Contest as well as the track for Amber in this competition as well. His most recent achievement was the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the same female performer finishing in third place singing his track Answer With Your Eyes. You can watch the official video just below and also keep in touch with escflashmalta.com for the last analysis.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, escflashmalta.com


The Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza has always been one of the competitions to help not only promote upcoming artists but also the Maltese language hence forth why it is being organized for the twenty-first year so to speak with former winners including the likes of Mike Spiteri, Annabelle Debono, Miriam Christine, Claudette Pace, Nadine Axisa, Amber, Roger Tirazona, Lawrence Gray and Ira Losco amongst others. Strategy is key to success in any industry and being relatively young is a great aid to what the future would generally hold and this is surely the case as we unravel the third entry of the evening which is brought forward by Francesca Sciberras who will performing the track Rebbiħin composed by Miriam Christine and penned by Celestina Sciberras. Working your way to the top is one of the elements which makes talent more exciting because the public would be present to watch the performer grow from strength to strength. Media.Link Communications in collaboration with the Committee of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza have worked really hard to make sure that each act gets ample promotion hence the record of the official preview videos as published through YouTube and also an analysis of each track on escflashmalta.com respectively. 

Translating the title into English would be Winners and the track deals with the elements that the Maltese had to encounter in the past, striving to achieve what indeed was theirs all along and coming out on top as the winners. Nevertheless, one has to take into account that the lyrics seem to refer to a particular being who worked hard to achieve independence and sought to make sure that the future for the country would be enlightened with positivist ideas. Starting off with the lyricist of the track, Celestina Sciberras is a relatively unknown individual in the music industry noting that she is the mother of the performer and has decided to pen her first set of words in a song which is very much as patriotic as most Maltese people tend to be about their culture and history. The first time is always a milestone so to speak and being in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is a big step for any first timer. Nevertheless, she does come into the game with one of the leading singer/songwriters in the country, Miriam Christine.

The Gozitan performer who represented Malta in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest with the track In A Woman's Heart reaching tenth place at the end of the evening has continued performing but writing songs for other people as well making it to the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with a self penned entry entitled Mama in 2009 for example. Being a former winner of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, she is surely giving Francesca a lot of advice with regards to her presentation tomorrow evening whilst hoping that she will be taking in the whole experience as another one in a long chain for the young up and coming singer. Francesca Sciberras has already represented Malta on an international stage being one half of the duo that went to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2009 with the track Double Trouble finishing in eighth place. Nevertheless, this is her first senior major competition and will be doing her best to make sure that this path of success will continue. You can watch the performance of the track in the official video just below and we urge you to stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, escflashmalta.com


The 2012 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is a reference of how much the competition has achieved through the years, noting that last year, the twentieth anniversary was celebrated with former winners including the likes of Ira Losco, Claudia Faniello, Mike Spiteri, Miriam Christine, Amber, Claudette Pace, Nadine Axisa, Roger Tirazona, Kaya, and Annabelle Debono. This time round, there has been a lot of talk with regards to the fact that most of the participants are somewhat young and therefore represent the upcoming generation of talent in the local music industry. Moving onto the fourth entry to be performed on the night of the competition, it is the track Id F'Id composed by Renato Briffa and penned by Keith Zammit with the vocals being provided by Simone Gauci who won the right to take part in this years' edition of the prestigious festival thanks to a wildcard offered to the television programme Passport 2 Indifest through the programme Sas-Sitta hosted by Spiteri Lucas Entertainment. It is pivotal to note that the success of the first edition has prompted a second competition with submissions having closed just a couple of days ago. This is one of the many changes that Media.Link Communications have introduced in 2012 in order to continue in promoting upcoming talent. With regards to promotion, it is also to be noted that official videos of each competing entry was shot and have been highly promoted through a series of analysis on escflashmalta.com in order to give people more of an insight.

The fourth track in the evening, noting that our series has catapulted through all of the entries backwards, sees an easy translation to the official song title, this being Hand In Hand. Throughout the years, the competition has gone onto promote a number of tracks which deal with the positivism of being a national in one's country as that is the best means of promotion. In fact, it has to be noted down that in this track, the lyrics delve into this particular individual who takes into account that everything has to be achieved in unison through hard work and people should join forces on each respective issue in order to deal with it better and make sure not to miss anything with more minds inclined to a particular subject. The lead performer on this track is Simone Gauci, a relatively new name to the local music industry and one of the youngest prodigies. What is quite intriguing with this artist is she brings about quite a different range managing to hit the lower notes and the early section of the higher notes with relative ease. Her sweet tone makes the lyrics sound better and overall, the quality that is emitted is somewhat impressive. She has been part of several choirs and in her sixth form experience was also part of the solo soiree amongst other things. Winning the Passport 2 Indifest competition was only the first in what seems a long line of successes that will come in the months and years to come. 

Having a look at the songwriters behind this track is equivalently important because where Simone lacks in terms of experience, is brought about by them noting that Renato Briffa is one of the most notable names in the local music industry having won a large portion of awards in the foreign music scene including most recently the Universong in Canary Islands in 2010 and 2011 respectively writing the music for Come Fly With Me performed by Corazon as well as Love Was Made of Clay by Gloriana Arpa Belli, the daughter of 1972 Eurovision Song Contest representative, Helen Micallef. On the other hand, he has written tracks for the likes of Leontine and Anna Azzopardi, also making the semi-finals of last years' Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the retro track Unfaithful which was also penned by Keith Zammit, who has become his most trusted partner in lyrics in recent years. Nevertheless, the most recent success of the lyricist has come without the aid of Renato Briffa noting that last year, he finished in second place within the teenage category of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza with the track L-Istorja Tagħna composed by Dominic Cini and performed by Michela Dalli. Keith has also made it through to the finals of the Malta Eurosong on a couple of occasions including the track All I Need with the music of Andrew Zammit. Nevertheless, their collaboration will surely not go by unnoticed. You can listen to the track just below and keep on following escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news in the days, weeks and months to come.

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, escflashmalta.com


Malta has finally kicked off the campaign to find Kurt Calleja’s successor in Sweden. Kurt Calleja managed to get Malta back in the finals after a three year gap and also managed to achieve the best ever result for the country since Chiara's second participation in 2005 with her self-penned entry Angel, finishing 21st on the scoreboard on the night following a relatively mediocre performance from the lead vocalist. By virtue of doing this Malta has officially confirmed its participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest that will be taking place in Malmo which last hosted the same event back in 1992 hosting Mary Spiteri and her entry Little Child which had finished in third place behind Linda Martin for Ireland and Michael Ball for the United Kingdom. 

The songs have to reach Public Broadcasting Services by the 30th and the 31st of October; once again foreign composers and authors are eligible to take part in the selection but the main performers have to hold a Maltese citizenship. The songs submitted will be heard on a CD in front of a panel of judges where they will shortlist 24 songs that will make it to the first final stage of the festival, 16 of which will then compete in the grand finale. The final 24 songs shall be announced on the 30th of November 2012 through the official website of the Public Broadcasting Services which could be found here. The 16 entries will once again be decided by a mix of jury and a public vote, and so does the final result. The date of the festival has not been established but it would be safe to assume that this will be taking place either in January or in February.

Artists who have represent Malta between the years 2008 and 2012, namely Morena, Chiara, Thea Garrett, Glen Vella and Kurt Calleja are not eligible to try their luck this year but artists who represented Malta beforehand can do so meaning that there could be the potential return of a number of acts including Olivia Lewis who could not take in recent years due to the same regulation which omitted artists from the past five years from taking part. Although no official date has been established thus far one can safely assume that the final will be taking place either in January or in February of 2013.Those interested in acquiring a copy of the rules can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all the latest updates in regards to this years’ selection.

Source: MESC Team, www.eurovision.tv


The local music scene has been somewhat disappointing in the past noting that the material released was somewhat of amateurish status but nevertheless, things are changing and Malta is currently undergoing what seems to be a cultural birth especially when noting that recording studios are on the increase with extremely professional equipment. In fact, with such a positive outcome in recent months and years, productions are even being made in the country representing foreign artists and that is what makes things so impressive. Nevertheless, the focus here is on the artist itself, one who has taken advantage of the vast opportunities that are being made available and thus would like to showcase talent through senior competitions in the Maltese Islands as already seen in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in the past, considered to be the most notable showcase at the moment. The girl by the name of Stephanie Zammit will be performing the song Abjad u Iswed composed by Philip Vella and penned by Gerard James Borg. This track will be performed in the fifth position on the night of the 2012 edition of Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. One of the pivotal moments of success for all of the entries competing in this years' edition of the competition is the shooting of the official preview videos which have been uploaded online through viral website, YouTube with further representation of the video given on escflashmalta.com. The committee along with Media.Link Communications thought that this is the way forward in terms of promotion.

Black and White is the translation of the title and it reflects brilliant on the lyrical element within the track itself which looks at the two colours within a metaphorical context about two ideologies which do not agree yet ultimately reflect on a whole population. The idea is that diverse opinions may be found on each subject but it is important that this is the case because otherwise it would be boring. Nevertheless, the track continues to develop even further and then ends up talking about a relationship and the reasoning between two lovers and their lack of agreement which is a beneficial aspect. The mixture of subjects is what makes this track so intriguing from the start and thus it has an edge over some of the other songs who take up their theme in a manner which is either just patriotic or about love so to speak. Stephanie Zammit is quickly climbing up the ranks of the local music industry now racking up multiple entries in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with the group Baklava where she serves as the lead singer. In fact, last year, the track Moon Dance managed to finish in second place with the public before succumbing to sixth place in total because of the ninth place given by the Juries. Stephanie has been coming into her own vocal range as of late following a number of appearances on television including the show Clint on ONE where she had the opportunity to perform a number of acoustic tracks, sounding somewhat impeccable on each run.

The songwriters behind this track do not need too much of an introduction actually with Philip Vella having been analyzed before hand due to the fact that he has written a large portion of the track competing in this years' Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. He has written five tracks for the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Malta in the past including Desire by Claudette Pace in 2000, 7th Wonder by Ira Losco in 2002, On Again .. Off Again by Julie and Ludwig in 2004, Vertigo by Olivia Lewis in 2007 and also Vodka by Morena in 2008. All of the music sheets for these tracks written alongside the lyrics of Gerard James Borg who features on this track as well. They have written only a small number of songs in Maltese though including Fjamma by Deborah C last year as well as Kuluri tal-Qalb by Shirley Galea in 2004 amongst others. Their experience is somewhat important but this is going to be quite different because Stephanie Zammit is taking to the stage for the very first time as a soloist within a competition. You can listen to his entry in this years' competition just below whilst also hoping you will keep on reading escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and the analysis of which only four remain before the actual competition takes place on Tuesday, 18th September 2012. 

Lacking sheer talent has sometimes become a turbulent element within the music industry when on a foreign or a local scale but then again, there is more to that especially when an artist manages to bring forth a successful track to the table, one which is somewhat entitled to become a hit whoever gets a hand on performing that respective song. There is more to talent actually noting that the performance also plays a predominant role due to the fact that people are seriously won over through such a trait. The local music industry has been the basis for a number of artists who are extremely talented and could ultimately be successful in foreign waters should the right opportunities be given but then again, some of the upcoming talent has the likability factor and lack that certain something which would give them the edge to become successful renowned performers. One of such artists is surely the next individual to have made it to the finals of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza being, Christian Azzopardi who will be giving a rendition of the song Kburin Bik composed by Philip Vella and penned by Joe Chircop. He is performing in the sixth place and got into the competition following the fact that his sister, Domenique qualified with five songs in total, having the opportunity to give him a track and withdrawing the others completely. One of the pivotal moments of success for all of the entries competing in this years' edition of the competition is the shooting of the official preview videos which have been uploaded online through viral website, YouTube with further representation of the video given on escflashmalta.com. The committee along with Media.Link Communications thought that this is the way forward in terms of promotion.

Translating the title of the song in English virtue of our foreign readers, it would ultimately translate into We Are Proud of You and the lyrics are very generic when it comes to the competition in itself noting that it speaks about the Maltese Islands and the history that it had to encounter with several different rulers taking centre stage especially the English. Nevertheless, the faith of the country was left in foreign hands and this is something that was not boding well with the people who finally took a stance towards this and fought for independence in hope that it would be achieved. In fact, they succeeded and for the very first time, the local affairs were given to the Maltese to govern with foreign affairs left in the hands of the colonizer. Christian Azzopardi has made it into the finals of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza on two respective occasions, the first time being in 2009 with Madre Perla for which he was awarded the award of the televoting and the second time with the track Venerdi. Christian has been trying to break through in a number of other local competitions as well but has not found the right track to take him all the way into the Malta Eurovision Song Contest either with his other experiences coming on ONE Television through the Summer Hit Song Contest where he had finished in third place with the track Caruso. He will surely be doing his best to perform this track well even through it was not originally his to begin with. It is also worth noting that he is the older brother of Domenique Azzopardi who is also competing in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, albeit for the first time. It will be the third time that they will be competing against one other in a competition of such caliber.

The composer of the track is the already mentioned Philip Vella who has only won the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza on one occasion, that being in 2009 thanks to Annabelle Debono and the track 1964 which he wrote alongside Mark Amaira. Despite this though, he is one of the most successful songwriters in the history of the local music scene having been to the Eurovision Song Contest on five different occasions and achieving a runner-up finish in 2002 thanks to Ira Losco and also making it through to the finals in 2004 thanks to a duet between Julie & Ludwig. He has also submitted many tracks in foreign national finals making it through to shows in The Netherlands and Norway amongst others. On the lyrical side of this particular track, there is Joe Chircop, who is definitely a familiar name in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza having ended up as the winner on two occasions alongside the musical styling of Mark Spiteri Lucas with the victories coming in 2007 with the song Dan Hu L-Mument and also in 2008 with the track Flimkien Nistgħu Nirnexxu. It is also worth noting that he won the Teenage Category last year with the track Ejjew Nieqfu performed by Angelica Portelli ahead of Michela Dalli and Michela Galea in second and third place respectively.You can listen to his entry in this years' competition just below whilst also hoping you will keep on reading escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news about the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza.

The 2012 edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza is due to take place in just a couple of days time hoping that the weather will ultimately hold up with all of the respective festivities taking place on The Granaries in Floriana next week. In fact, the final list of participants of the competition has now finally been announced with four acts gaining a place on the prestigious stage having made it through a 60% Jury and 40% Tele-Voting phase which was transmitted weekly through the programme Indifest hosted by Christine Haber and Ronald Briffa on NET Television every Tuesday evening for the past couple of weeks. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the first special guest for the actual night of the competition would be last years' winner and 1995 Eurovision Song Contest representative; Mike Spiteri but he will also be joined by this years' Eurovision Song Contest representative being Kurt Calleja.

In yet another piece of exclusive information trusted to escflashmalta.com, we are pleased to announce that the lead singer of the track This Is The Night which found the way into the final of this years' Eurovision Song Contest has agreed to give the crowd present a couple of renditions of his tracks. Since coming back from Baku, Kurt has not been laying around idle having just put out a brand new track, in a completely different vein to his Eurovision entry with the title being Boomerang. What is remotely impressive is that the song managed to peak at number #2 in the iTunes chart over here in Malta, making the artist even more successful than he had already become in recent months. This years' edition of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza will be staged on Tuesday 18th September 2012 on The Granaries in Floriana and hosted by Ronald Briffa and Christine Haber. Stay tuned to escflashmalta.com for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available.

Source: escflashmalta.com, Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza

The last edition of the programme Indifest before the final night of the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza was quite special as the finalists of the Talent Żagħżugħ were announced. The programme presented by Christine Haber and Ronald Briffa welcomed most of the participants in the studio today and alongside the Chairman Mark Azzopardi, explained that instead of three songs, four were going to make it to the Granaries in Floriana because of a tie in third place. The final vote was decided by a 60% tele-vote and 40% jury vote as it will be during the final next week.

The judges in this phase were the formidable Julie Zahra, who represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2004 and is a renowned vocal coach now based in the UK, Gianluca Cappitta who is a member of the leading band The Crowns, Rene Mamo, an established composer and producer who wrote for various festivals during the last century. Alongside side these judges there was also Doris Chetcuti a renowned lyricist who reached a number of festivals and had numerous successes and Lyndsay Pace who has slowly worked her way up the ladder of success and managed nominations at wins at the Malta Music Awards and the Bay Music Awards in recent years.

The four finalists who will be performing on the Granaries in Floriana on the 18th September will be none other than Maria & Justine who will be performing their song Ħbieb Ta’ Veru composed by Kaya and written by Chris Azzopardi as well as Antoine & Kayleigh who will be interpreting their song Il-Libertà composed by Ray Agius to the lyrics of Michael Vella Haber and Evelyn Saliba La Rosa. The third finalist announced was Antonella Rapa who will be singing X'Qaltli L-Arzella written by Joe Friggieri to the music of Mark Spiteri Lucas whilst the last finalist announced was Sarah Bonnici who will be singing the song Bil-Bnadar F’Idejna penned by Joe Chircop to the composition of Miriam Christine Warner.

The voting lines for the four songs reopened yesterday evening and the votes they got in the first phase will be carried forward to this phase. The Committee of this years' Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza would like to thank both the Jury and the viewers for voting in this years' Talent Żagħżugħ whilst escflashmalta.com would like to congratulate all of the participants in this years' festival and hope that they continue to establish themselves within the local music scene. Stay tuned for all of the latest news as soon as it becomes available. 

Source: Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, escflashmalta.com, Emil Calleja Bayliss (image)