November 14, 2019

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011 01:17

KKI 2011: More Acts take to the stage on Indifest

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Dashing through time, the weeks are already passing by quickly and so is the summer season, the time in which music is given the best possible profile throughout the year especially in the Maltese Islands where these couple of months prove to be the most popular with both locals and foreigners. In the past two weeks, the first two programmes of the new series of Indifest took place under a different setting than has been seen in the last couple of years and this is because this years' edition has a very special significance keeping in mind that this will be the 20th Edition of the annual Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. This years', the local showcase which features songs in the Maltese national language is being hosted by Charles and Elaine Saliba and it is being transmitted under the hospice of Media.Link Communications every Tuesday from 20:30 CET onwards.

Following yet another successful programme last weekend, this week will prove to be as entertaining with people calling in hoping to win some nifty prizes. In fact, performing from the established category in this weeks show is none other than former Malta Eurosong finalist Audrey Marie who will be performing the song 'Ir-Ruħ tat-Tejatru' composed by Rita Pace and penned by Deo Grech as well as former Malta Eurosong second runner-up Tiziana Calleja who will be singing the song 'Kollox Mill-Qalb' composed by John David Zammit and penned by Paul Callus. This will be of course, a playback performance from these two singers with the people at home getting a chance to listen to the full songs so that the voting would take place accordingly. In the meantime, another performance from the 'Teenage Category' will be taking place later on this evening with Michela Galea getting the chance to perform the song 'Kważi Qatt' composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas who was last weeks' special guest and penned by Keith Zammit. This weeks' special guest will be a duet, one which has gained a lot of popularity over the years, I am speaking about Ivan Borg and Priscilla Psaila now known as Kaya. For more information about the showcase and just for some pure entertainment, make sure to tune in to NET Television every Tuesday from 20:30 CET onwards.

Source: KKI Committee, NET Television

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