November 20, 2019

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Latest News - International

One of the main issues in the local music industry in the past was the developing of upcoming artists with the most prestigious events in the country comprising of artists who attracted large flocks of people leaving the newcomers in the dark but prior to the turn of the millenium, things changed and a new flock of artists were involved in leading music competition. Every couple of years, one would notice a new standout artist or even quite a couple and this is very encouraging especially when taking into account the vast improvements that the music industry has made in…
It seems that the list of guest performers during the Malta Eurovision Song Contest just keeps growing longer adding to the anticipation for the showcase which is set to take place at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre in Ta' Qali. The preparations are currently at an extremely fast pace according to our sources and that can only transcend a professional approach by the Public Broadcasting Services who will be showing the nationwide showcase through Television Malta. This years' event is being hosted by Elaine Saliba and Ron Briffa whom will be aided respectfully by none other than Frank Zammit…
The world of music has been known to calm individuals when they are overcoming troubles in their respective life and therefore, certain voices become somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Some people tend to realized that they are talented quite early in their lives following the recommendation of certain people whom be dubbed as the premier fans. There are a number of stunning voices all around the globe which are surely yet to be discovered but then again the greats of the present day industry are ones which will surely never be forgotten for their illustrious work. As icons, they…
This evening marked a very important one for the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest who got to know in which semi-final they will be performing but then again, for one particular nation, it proved to be quite the night as Cyprus have finally selected the track that Ivi Adamou will be performing once she sets out on the stage in Baku, Azerbaijan. Many people had noted that the selection process was quite useless because the fans and the critics were on the same wavelength, all wanting the track 'La La Love' to finish in the top spot ahead of…
As the festival looms closer more invites are being issued and more guests are being confirmed for this year's local contest. As we exclusively revealed earlier the guests for the final night will be last year’s Eurovision winners Ell & Nikki who managed to win the contest for Azerbaijan with the song ‘Running Scared’. Apart from last year’s winners, as expected Malta’s 2011 representative Glen Vella will also be performing on both nights. It seems that the organizing committee this year is trying to pull a number of big guests especially after last year the Maltese final attracted the popular…
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 18:55

Cyprus: A Song for Ivi - LIVE

There are two nations found within the Mediterranean Sea that compete in the Eurovision Song Contest and one of them is Cyprus whose choice of artist was made way back on the 5th August 2011 after having successfully competed in the Greek X Factor competition reaching the latter stages before being surprisingly eliminated in eighth place. Nevertheless, the Cypriot broadcaster; CyBC saw true potential with this artist and there is hope that Cyprus can achieve a very good result with the right song, which in turn will be selected through a jury and public selection this evening. Ivi Adamou is…
The 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan and the preparations have well and truly begun for the most spectacular event in the continent of Europe when it comes to music. The European Broadcasting Union confirmed the venue earlier this morning showing that things are now falling into place and in a couple of minutes, the Azeri broadcaster, Ictimai will be hosting the semi-final allocation draw which we will be updating you about through a live feed which you can also follow on the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest. There is…
There has been a lot of concern in recent weeks with regards to the venue for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest due to the fact that as the entries are now being decided, the event was still not known where it would be staged but the European Broadcasting Union can now officially confirm that it will indeed be hosted within the Baku Crystal Hall found in the capital city of Azerbaijan. This was the main proposal of the Azeri broadcaster and after careful assessment, it was proven to be suited to the requirements sought by the governing body. The Baku…
One of the most followed countries at the Eurovision Song Contest is surely the United Kingdom following a renewed interest by the British Broadcasting Corporation in recent years due to the fact that the renowned musical event has continued to grow even in terms of impact within the actual worldwide music industry. It seems that the British tabloids have been out to uncover the act that will ultimately do the honour and follow in the footsteps of Blue and have indeed come up with quite a couple of names but according to unconfirmed news, it seems that the decision will…
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 23:00

France: Anggun to Reveal Entry in January

Preparations for the next biggest event in Europe are taking place. All participants are preparing their entry with the main aim being that of winning this year’s contest. France is not an exception. Their last victory was in 1977 with the song “L’oiseau et l’enfant” interpreted by Marie Myriam and since then, they have tried hard to achieve a great result. Last year Amaury Vassili and the song ‘Sognu’ placed in fifteenth place with 82 points. Last November, the French broadcaster responsible for the nations’ participation announced that the ticket to Baku was given to the French of Indonesian origin…