December 09, 2019

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Latest News - International

The European continent is currently undergoing somewhat of a crisis when it comes to the economy but the arts could not be stronger and one of the nations which is set to commence the pre-selection process for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest is Iceland. The selection process has not changed much in recent years but the quality has always been on the rise and this is noticeable even in terms of results for the country with qualification every year since back in 2008 when Euroband took to the stage with the song 'This Is My Life'. They even managed to…
Saturday, 14 January 2012 18:53

Latvia: Second Set of Finalists Revealed

Last week marked the beginning of a journey for the Baltic nation of Latvia with the very first semi-final featuring ten acts out of which only five (5) remain in the competition. The system for the second semi-final will be exactly the same with yet another ten (10) entries going head to head against each other in the hope of making the final which is set to take place on the 18th February 2012. Many people noted that last week did not include the best songs this year so there is hope that a rough diamond is found. Tonight the…
Saturday, 14 January 2012 18:14

Bulgaria: Twelve Qualifiers Known

Preparations for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest have commenced all over Europe and this evening will mark the beginning of the journey for the nation of Bulgaria as they prepare to host their semi-final stage. The process of the selection had started way back in the last month of summer being August with the call for entries and then following a multitude of audition phases which took place at the end of the year, a shortlist of twenty two artists and respective entries was chosen by the 'Academy', which is a predominant class of music professional. This…
Saturday, 14 January 2012 16:39

The Critics Choice: 'Pure'

The music industry is one of the most poignant when it comes to career choosing and unfortunately for local artists, it is quite impossible to take it up completely and that is why most of the artists keep it high in their list of priorities but still not at the very top. Nevertheless, with recent success being quite relevant, there is growing importance to see what individuals with stunning vocal abilities are capable of doing. In the words of Anthony D'Angelo, 'in order to suceed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time'. These…
DR, the host broadcaster of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2001 is gearing up for yet another preselection in a couple of weeks time and it seems like they are pulling off all the stops to organize it in the best possible way including calling over a number of international judges. There has been renewed hope of Denmark doing well at the international event following their last two results noting that back in 2010 they finished in fourth place with the song 'In A Moment Like This' performed by Chanee and N'Evergreen and last year managed a fifth position…
Just a couple of days ago, it was revealed that the Turkish broadcaster responsible for presenting the artist at the Eurovision Song Contest has been quite busy getting ready to showcase the entry that will ultimately be taken to Baku, Azerbaijan representing the honour of the country following their very first non-qualification last year at the hands of Yuksek Sadakat and their entry 'Live It Up' which was very much in the vein of successful rock attempts by the country in recent years. This time round, they have decided on sending what seems to be a relatively unknown artist with…
RTP, the Portuguese broadcaster responsible for the nations' participation in the Eurovision Song Contest holds the record for having participated the most times without actually winning the competition or being somewhat close with the best result being only within the confines of the top ten. Following the disappointment endured last year, the country is looking to kick it up a notch and that is why, they are taking it extremely seriously by looking out for the best talent in the country. The submissions of candidates reached four hundred (400) with auditions taking place in two cities; Porto and Lisbon. The…
The music industry has always managed to maintain constant success due to the ever changing crop of artists with the discovery of brand new talent seeking to make the former stars work even harder for them to retain their place. Whilst some may be pushed out of the scene due to a drop in popularity in a particular genre, others may just move out at the time which best suits them noting that another life, one which would normally involve family would be the best possible route in that moment. This has also been the case in Malta actually with…
Following an open call for submissions last December from the Hungarian Television MTV and MTVA, a professional jury consisting of nine members( including musicians, radio and tv professionals) selected the 22 best songs out of more than 200 submissions , which get the chance to represent Hungary in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The channels m1 and Duna World will broadcast live the national semi finals on 28th January and 4th February and most important, the national final, which is scheduled for the 11th February where a total of 8 songs will compete for the Baku ticket. The Hungarian Television…
One of the most notable countries that participate in the Eurovision Song Contest is surely France although their results have not been that satisfactory in the past couple of years noting quite a heavy amount of disappointments including last year when Amaury Vassili was tipped for a landslide victory according to a number of polls and betting odds. Since the millennium, the French speaking nation has only made it into the top ten on a sporadic number of occasions; those coming in 2001 thanks to Natasha St-Pier and her track 'Je N'Ai Que Mon Ame'; in 2002 with Sandrine Francois…