January 22, 2020

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Latest News - International

Just before the clock strikes one, we are in a proud position to reveal that close sources have told us that the Italian broadcaster, RAI has struck a deal with none other than Nina Zilli, and therefore selecting an artist who was somewhat a favourite to finish in the top three. There had been talks between Universal Music Italy and the committee at the broadcaster and in the end things had been arranged accordingly. Nina Zilli is not one of the most popular names in Italy having also started her career through the confines of Sanremo having participated just two…
Saturday, 18 February 2012 21:32

Latvia: Anmary Wins Final and off to Baku

Latvia has chosen a winner. Anmary has emerged victorious from the national Latvian final with her Beautiful Song, when she competed against the top three in a super-final on the same night, with the winning song chosen by 50/50 percentage between a professional jury and the Latvian televoting public. Similar to the Maltese final, Latvia had guests from Azerbaijan in attendance and the Swiss representatives, Sinplus, also performed their entry. This will be the thirteenth entry for Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest, since their debut in 2000. The country has also won the festival in 2002 with Marie N…
It seems that the current economic climate has left its impact on Croatia as for the very first time in recent years they have opted for an internal selection. Last year the host broadcaster HRT opted for a similar selection that gave Germany their first win in almost thirty years but this did not prove to be successful for the country so this year they opted for a complete internal selection. The singer Nina Badric was announced earlier on and tonight the official song presentation took place. Nina is a successful artists which boasts seven albums in her repertoire, with…
Saturday, 18 February 2012 16:56

Latvia: Eurovizija 2012 - LIVE

Welcome all to the live report of Eirodziesma 2012 live from Ventspils. Hosts of tonight are Jolanta Strikaite, Kristine Virsnite and Valters Fridenbergs. The last one represented Latvia in the 2005 Eurovision along with his buddy Kazha and the song ‘The war is not over’ ending in 5th place. As it’s the 10th participation of Latvia in Eurovision there will be a special performance of Marie N who won the competition with 'I Wanna' in 2002 beating off Ira Losco’s 7th wonder. Other guests will be Sinplus from Switzerland, Musiqq who were last years Latvian entry, Olga Rajecka and the…
The Ukrainian selection for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest set to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan has just come to an end and the representative chosen is none other than the Afro-Ukrainian artist who goes by the name Gaitana. She competed alongside another twenty-one (21) acts in a selection that was held during the late morning till the early afternoon. The various genres presented might have not really gone down well with the people but in the end, the top three were songs which many spoke positively about. The voting for the selection was based through 50%…
Saturday, 18 February 2012 12:34

Greece: National Final on the 8th March

According to reliable sources, our friends at esctoday.com, have revealed the much awaited news from Greece. It has been said that the Greek National Final will be taking place on the 8th of March 2012 where the winner will get the right to represent the country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest which is to be held in Baku. The Greek broadcaster has been kind of silent regarding the details of the Greek Selection. The event will take place at the River West Mall in Athens, Greece. Some spread rumours are that Melisses (Tried out their luck back in 2010…
The decision of the public at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest a couple of weeks ago was quite clear with Kurt Calleja and his song 'This Is The Night' being their respective choice as opposed to the Jury who put him in second place but nevertheless, the preparations to present it in Baku, Azerbaijan have already begun and the singer along with his team are already undergoing a promotional tour one which took them to the host country of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest during the selection of the artist. Next weekend, the whole team is supposedly preparing to make…
Ukraine is one of the most successful nations at the Eurovision Song Contest having garnered to achieve victory just a year following their debut and their results have been pretty much consistent. Earlier today, the national selection for this years' edition of the musical extravaganza commenced noting that a total of twenty acts will be fighting it out to get the ticket. In the beginning of the process, there were some 5,0000 applicants but then again, there had to be an internal jury who would select the best entries. Eventually, they came up with twenty-one (21) names with a wildcard…
The British Broadcasting Corporation has been quiet about their plans for the 2012 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and that has put people in a frenzy mode with each day bringing about brand new rumours about the possible representative for the fourth biggest music industry in the world featuring artists such as Jessie J and Adele amongst others. The past couple of years has seen the United Kingdom fare better in the competition with Jade Ewen singing the song 'My Time' composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and penned by Diane Warren finishing in fifth (5th) place as well as …
Just a couple of days ago, it was revealed that the Israeli entry for the Eurovision Song Contest would be entitled 'Time' and would be performed by the well known group Izabo who were interally chosen to represent the country by a committee which was appointed by IBA, the Israeli broadcaster who in the past presented acts such as Dana International, Harel Skaat, Noa & Mira Award as well as Bo'az Ma'uda amongst others. The song title has been revealed but many people have been wondering about what the track will eventually sound like and they will all get to…