October 18, 2019

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Saturday, 04 February 2012 15:01

Malta: Eurovision Box featuring Stars from the Past

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There are many fans of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malta and therefore when certain programming is adapted to cover the event, it is of vital importance to make note of it and ultimately switch on the television set, sit down with a warm cup of tea and enjoy it to the best that one can. The show known as 'Eurovision Box' will be dealing with a number of interesting issues today especially by meeting with well known performers, former acts to have represented Malta on the international scene already.

In fact, today, Wayne Aquilina who presented the show meets up with 1995 representative; Mike Spiteri, 2003 representative; Lynn Chircop, and last but not least; Thea Garrett from just two years ago. The programme will also be including interviews with foreign jourbnalists who visit the local national selection every year to bring news to other countries about the showcase and how it eventually evolved. Then again, there will also a feature about the origins of the local festivals here in Malta along with comments by the Eurovision Fanatics who feature none other than ESCflashmalta Senior Editor, Emil Calleja Bayliss amongst others. Switch to ONE Television as from 15:45 CET and follow the news as it unravels throughout the show.

Source: ONE Television, PR (Wayne Micallef)

Last modified on Saturday, 04 February 2012 15:08