October 18, 2019

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Saturday, 04 February 2012 12:11

Eurovision 2012: An Evening of National Selections

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Several broadcasters are gearing up to host their respective shows to promote their prospective songs for the Eurovision Song Contest which is set to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The selections have already finished in some nations including Albania, Switzerland, Denmark and Cyprus but this evening, there will be a lot of attention on another country being Malta who will be the fifth to select both their entrant and their song. Nevertheless, there will be a number of selection rounds in Norway who will be hosting their third semi-final; Sweden who will be kicking off their annual Melodifestivalen; Lithuania who will also start their process in a semi-final stage and last but not least Hungary who hosted their first semi-final last week and will now present a second semi-final with a new set of songs.

The first country to kick off proceedings this evening will be none other than Norway with the third semi-final of the Melodi Grand Prix whereas three acts will make it through to the final round of the competition set to be staged next week. Apart from the three (3) acts from this respective semi-final, there will also be another act chosen as a wildcard by the appointed jury today in order to complete the line-up. The show which will be one more time streamed through the official website of the Norwegian broadcaster; NRK will start at 19:55 CET. The acts that will be taking to the stage for this evenings' showcase are as follows:

  1. Tooji - Stay
  2. Marthe Valle – Si
  3. Petter Øien & Bobby Bare – Things change
  4. Yaseen & Julie Maria – Sammen
  5. Håvard Lothe Band – The greatest day
  6. SiLyA – Euphoria
  7. The Canoes – Seemed like a good idea
  8. Lise Karlsnes – Sailors
The next two shows which are starting at roughly around the same time will be those in Sweden and in Lithuania who are incidentally organizing their first semi-final for their respective processes. Both nations qualified to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest last year with the former finishing in third place thanks to Eric Saade and his song 'Popular' with the latter finishing in a mid-table position thanks to Evelina Sasenko and her song 'C'Est Ma Vie'. The Swedish broadcaster, known as SVT will be hosting the annual Melodifestivalen this evening with the first semi-final featuring a total of eight acts of difference genres and styles with two (2) going through directly to the final as another two (2) go to the second chance round. In Lithuania their never ending selection has been shortened to four semi-finals and this one will see three (3) acts going through to the final in a split jury and tele-voting result. You can find the webcast and the running order for each show below:


  1. Sean Banan - Sean den förste banan
  2. Abalone Dots - På väg
  3. The Moniker - I want to be Chris Isaak
  4. Afro-Dite - The boy can dance
  5. Dead by April - Mystery
  6. Marie Serneholt - Salt & pepper
  7. Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern - Jag reser mig igen
  8. Loreen - Euphoria


  1. The Independent - Baby
  2. Multiks - Star
  3. Laisva - Nutolk
  4. Valdas Maksvytis - Dar laiko yra
  5. Chill out, have no doubt - Until the end
  6. The Artrace - Fly LT
  7. Beissoul - Why
  8. Indigo - Sugrizk
  9. Kamile Kielaite - Try
Another round of selection will be aired in Hungary with the second semi-final of the selection process known as 'A Dal' taking place tonight commencing at round about 20:15 CET. There will be a competition made up of ten acts as was the case also last week with the first three to garner support by the jury qualifying to the final stage along with the next one which got the highest amount of votes through the general public at home and not qualified with the jury making it through as a fourth finalist. The decision of the final on the 11th February 2012 will be done through a split tele-voting and jury. The running order along is found just below but the webcast will be through the official website here.
  1. Tibi Gyurcsík - Back in place
  2. Gina Kiss - Chasing dreams
  3. Péter Puskás - Csillagok
  4. Monsoon - Dance
  5. Renáta Tolvai - Élek a szemeidben
  6. Anti Fitness Club - Lesz, ami lesz
  7. Juli Fábián & Zoohacker - Like a child
  8. Mónika Veres "Nika" - This love
  9. Királys - Untried
  10. Sophistic - Yeah, OK!
The final show of the evening is the one which all of the Maltese public have been gearing up to since last night with most of the talk being about the Malta Eurovision Song Contest .Tonight, Europe will get to know another entry, the fifth thus far making the country one of the first to select and it is expected that the decision will be in the hands of an expert jury (75%) and also tele-voting (25%). Yesterday the jury included the heads of delegation from Italy, Hungary and Cyprus alongside the winners of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest being Ell & Nikki and the Head of Jury being local newscaster and two-time presenter of the national final; Keith Demicoli. The running order for the Maltese national final kicking off this evening is as follows:

01. In Your Eyes - Lawrence Gray (Philip Vella & Cher Vella)

02. You Make Me Go Uh Uh - Deborah Cft. Leila James (David Vervoort & Patrick Reiner)

03. Autobiography - Dorothy Bezzina (Magnus Kaxe & Gerard James Borg)

04. Petals On A Rose - Gianni Zammit (R. Abrahamsson, A. Aly, N. Numhauser & T. Fenech)

05. Pure - Claudia Faniello (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)

06. Seven Days - Danica Muscat (Philip Vella)

07. I Will Fight For You - Fabrizio Faniello (J. Beoerham, N.Edberger, R.Uhlmann, W.Fenech)

08. Mystifying Eyes - Corazon (Paul Giordimaina & Fleur Balzan)

09. Look At Me Now - Richard Edwards (Jan Van Dijck & Richard Micallef)

10. First Time - Kaya (Gorgi)

11. Answer With Your Eyes - Amber (Ray Agius & Alfred C Sant)

12. Time - Wayne Micallef (Wayne Micallef)

13. This is the Night - Kurt Calleja (Johann J'amtberg & Kurt Calleja)

14. You Are My Life - Janvil (George Platon)

15. No Way Back - Klinsmann (Paul Abela, Klinsmann Coleiro & Jonathan C. Spiteri)

16. Take Me Far - Francesca Borg (Marco Debono & Doris Chetcuti)

Last modified on Saturday, 04 February 2012 14:55