December 12, 2019

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Thursday, 02 February 2012 21:01

Malta Eurovision 2012: Dress Rehearsal Held This Evening

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The last rehearsals and preparations for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest have just finished at the Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre at Ta’ Qali. Although they are taking place behind closed doors, the team of ESCflashmalta dedicated itself to provide all the latest and exclusive news to its readers in regards to the Eurovision Song Contest and the process for the selection of the 25th Maltese entrant. As we all know, the winner of the Maltese final will be decided by a panel of six judges and the public vote which is equivalent to a two-member jury.

Close sources revealed that the three of the six juries are: the head of French delegation, Bruno Berberes; head of Cypriot delegation, Evi Papamicheal and the TVM newscaster who hosted the previous two editions of the Maltese selection, Keith Demicoli. Both head of delegations own a lot of experience and Berberes is also part of the reference group of the EBU. Today marked the final preparations for tomorrows' semi-final actually with a full on dress rehearsal organized once more behind closed doors although we have good sources keeping us informed that the members of the voting panel were actually present this evening accounting their first opinion of the respective acts.

It is important to note that the dress rehearsal was followed closely by ESCflashmalta was a vantage point outside the venue where the acoustics and the music was at the maximum best. The first part (after 12 songs) of the show went on at a very smooth pace actually with one of the acts particularly stepping it up amongst the rest to shine but the problems crept in the show mid-way when there was an issue before the song 'Pure' by Claudia Faniello, hence noting an extremely long pause. When she ultimately got to performing, her song was stopped mid-way through the session and was asked to sing again due to the issue. The evening went on without any problems though and it seems that everything is ready for tomorrow evening.

There were a total of three songs which seem to have stepped up to the competition with their live vocal rendition but one of them has a clear winner written all over it at least in terms of a vocal performance. For the confines of the song festival, we will not make a revelation as we do not wish to influence our readers although the song which comes towards the second part (last 12 songs) of the competition will definitely be one of the contenders on Saturday with the right starting position. The hosts being Elaine Saliba and Ronald Briffa seem well prepared with the script being quite enchanting and funny whilst the clips seem to be simple with each artist presenting himself in a traditional and formal way.

ESCflashmalta would like to take this opportunity to wish all the best of luck to all the participants and do not forget to vote for your favourite song in our poll noting that it will ultimately close just hours before the semi-final will take place. There will be eight entries eliminated tomorrow night and we will be vying to keep you posted with all the latest news as our man of the hour, Andy Muscat takes the reins and comments on the songs in the competition tomorrow evening.

Source: ESCflashmalta

Last modified on Thursday, 02 February 2012 22:22