October 14, 2019

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Thursday, 02 February 2012 05:32

The Critics Choice: 'Time'

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There are many elements in the music industry, some of which have been covered intently to express the professionalism of the local artists but when it comes to the last entry in the field, one will note that an artist comes to do his best work when he understands the field quite intently. Producers tend to work at quite a pace when the artistic direction lies deeply within the confines of the singer himself because understanding music is part of the process and will be well respected along the way. Nevertheless, when one becomes a double threat and takes up both roles, there is double the work involved although this does not really bother the artist who feels relatively at home carrying out the task which he loves doing. A singer/songwriter becomes one with the music and the lyrics, owning the track completely. The next act which will be analysed thoroughly by our professional panel of critics will be none other than Wayne Micallef.

Wayne Micallef is the younger sibling of Richard Edwards and he has been working on music since he was relatively young, starting out in his teenage years which in my opinion has developed into an asset in the long term. He started his musical training in Malta at the Johann Strauss School of Music in Valletta but when the moved to the United Kingdom, he followed the programme at The London School of Music. His music is quite relaxing and his tracks can easily be related to because they send that special message based on tranquility and perfection. He is also part of a family of musicians noting that Michelle is a singer, as is Richard of course, but his other brother Daniel is a bassist and his father is a well known performer with his song 'Il-Kuġin Ġiljan' (Cousin Julian) being an iconic folk track. His career has continued to gain ground competing in a number of local and foreign competitions as most artists have come to do in recent years.

Despite still being very much in The Mics, which was the band that cracked the Malta Song for Europe on two occasions, being in 2003 and 2005, Wayne boasts a history in this evening as he makes it to the final stages for the fourth year in a row having started with the song 'Where You Belong' in 2009, moving onto 'Save a Life' in 2010 before coming up with 'Everybody Sing' in 2011 and now this year. It is quite interesting, that he has always left his mark in the top ten receiving ample points from the judges though not setting the score alight with the people so it seems he needs to continue getting your support in the long term. Things do not seem to be waning down for Wayne and of course, noting that he is one of the leading male artists in the country at the moment alongside his brother Richard. Following success on the local charts, he has also been abroad to perform in a number of showcases and the reviews he got were exceptionally good.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 - An In-Depth Analysis

Wayne Micallef comes into this competition with his fourth song and the third one which he has written on his own pointing out that the lyrics of the first track he presented in this competition were those of Luke Ambrogio, one of the first time songwriters in the competition who has mysteriously disappeared from the music scene as instantly as he made a name for himself with this respective track above. The song which he is presenting to the competition is entitled 'Time' and in my opinion, it is his second best song to be released into this competition. It has a certain aura around it that literally keeps you calm and grounded and the genre feels very mellow. There is a sort of Michael Buble feel to the track and that could easily be felt.

The songwriter is none other than the singer himself making himself the only one to have written the song completely on his own giving himself the opportunity to interpret the track or rather present in the best possible way as per his decision. The song speaks out a message which is quite clear aiming to cope with life in everyday situations. Sometimes it does not make sense and the only thing you can do is draw back on past memories and try to experience them once more. The idea is to keep aiming high, fight for what you strive to achieve through a waiting game. One day, that success will be achievable and when it is, life will be whole and complete.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 64%

Steve Allen: Nice song and performance from Wayne, strong enough to have an impact and be remembered? Not sure

Carlos Coelho: It’s not bad and the singer looks very passionate about the song, since he also wrote and composed it. It sounds like an album track, so it sounds a bit out of place in Eurovision.

Sharon Vaughn: This man could be a star. Simply Great!

Martin Isherwood: Starts well. Nice ideas musically. Contradictory lyric, makes it difficult to engage with. First chorus feels a little lame. Good voice, doesn't quite pull off the falsetto. Strange mixture of feels and beats. Nice tune, but doesn't really speak to an audience. Queen like moments strangely enough

Charlie Rapino: Song is good but just not enough to be a winner unfortunately.

Source of Audio Visual Material: PBS, Fotoclassic

Last modified on Thursday, 02 February 2012 06:02