December 11, 2019

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Saturday, 28 January 2012 18:37

Norway: Qualifiers in Norway Revealed

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The Norwegian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest has become one of most followed events for the fans of the prestigious musical event due to the sheer content which is presented live to the audience in the hall, to the people at home and those following through a webcast all over Europe. Last week marked the first semi-final showcasing eight brilliant acts out of which three made it to the final stage which will be held on the 11th February 2012 in the Oslo Spectrum which hosted the largest musical event in Europe back in 1996 following the surprise victory by Secret Garden and the song 'Nocturne' during the 1995 edition held in Dublin, Ireland.

Once more this evening, another eight acts chosen through a submission process will be performing live for the audience in Larvik which has been chosen as the second city to host a showcase this year. The hosts will be none other than Marte Stokstad & Per Sundnes and the variety in genres this week will equal to the ones last week. The webcast will be made available through the official website of the broadcaster and although it might not always work at the very best, it is surely worth watching the show. We will also be covering the event through a live report as soon as it commences. Per is now on stage dressed in a red velvet suit.

The Show (Part 1)

The show has begun and whilst last weeks' qualifiers are introduced, the acts of this week are being featured in opening clips. It will be a harsh semi-final today with many commenting that it is the toughest of the three presented for 2012. An oracle type of voice is now in the arena introducing the acts for the evening whilst at the end the host is introduced and she is clad in a stunning black/brown dress. I must say she did a very good job this week and the introduction this week is being presented in the same calm manner. Well tele-voting number are currently introduced as well.

Running Order

01. Cocktail Slippers – Keeps On Dancing

Ohh, the lead singer of Cocktail Slippers is wearing a marvelous red dress whilst her ensemble is clad in similar colours featuring white and a lot of glitters. This is glam rock at its very best and one say that Wigwam and The Ark somewhat come to mind except that female are very much predominant in this case. What one has to love about the Norwegians is that their English diction is quite good and I can understand each and every word of the track which is definitely helped by very much spot on vocals. The stage is bathed in purple and blue and the people are enjoying this track and burst out shouting when pyrotechnics are used well towards the end of the performance. A good start!

02. Isabel Ødegård – I’ve Got You

One would never believe that this is the debut of this artist at such a grand stage in the country noting the fact that the event is one of the most followed in the country. The singer is donning a beautiful sheer white gown with a brown belt fitting in with the staging of the music of the track which is a country type of ballad. She is joined on stage by a small orchestra actually featuring violins, cellos and pianos although it seems that the number of people on the stage is well exceeded. The vocal performance is somewhat good at times and strained in others but this is the very first time she is taking to the stage hence she might be a bit scared as well. Mid-way through the song she dances a bit and the people are really getting into the competition now, as they clap exceedingly.

03. Tommy Fredvang – Make It Better

Tommy is one of the favourites this evening and one could quickly understand why because he brings about charm, looks and a track to match. He is taking on the stage and mastering it noting that this is something he does for a living. He is wearing a military type jacket along with dark jeans but they work extremely well together. He is alone on stage even though the song would definitely mind some backing. The song is somewhat very current and the use of the pyrotechnics earlier on makes one want to listen to more of the track. The vocals were very good and only got dull at the end when he was out of breathe.

04. Rikke Lie – Another Heartache

Rikke Lee is pretty and she has a lot of fans who will be calling in this evening. She is dressed in an interesting white gown with a lot of ruffles. She starts her song on the piano and is joined on stage by an orchestra as well. The verses are extremely classical featuring a typical pop/ballad but in the chorus, the track quickly turns into a pop/rock type of song which is somewhat a style that she has adhered to on more than on occasion. The vocals are somewhat alittle bit girlish but that is normal from Rikke. The choreography of the violinists is actually quite funny and they add to the overall spectacle. A stunning performance and for me this is qualifying with relative ease.


Per Sundnes meets the artists backstage, those who have already performed. There is quite an interesting atmosphere as it seems that they are now very much relaxed, much more of course than they were before they performed definitely. We are back to the live performances now, therefore, continue enjoying the show!

05. Malin – Crush

The former Junior Eurovision representative is taking to the stage and what a transformation since we have last seen her as she looks like a true princess this evening with a black glittery top and a very dark pink skirt to go along with it. The vocals at the beginning are extremely off key but then again, she is joined on stage by an enormous production including six ballet dancers who are getting their groove mid-way through the performance showcasing more skills. Malin just cannot get a note in tune though this evening even though the song which is sugary type of pop is not too diffficult to perform. If people are voting based on looks though, she will win hands down.

06. Plumbo – Ola Nordmann

Well the time has come for the true favourites of the competition to take to the stage as Plumbo are ready to perform this evening. The stage is bathed in lights which were once used during the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland I believe. The group is clad in leather wear this evening and there is nothing to dismiss in this song which features a lot of folk elements in the typical genre that Ireland have known to promote in the past. The singing is very much rock influenced though with quite a harsh voice. Someone should tell the boys of personal hygene because certain things are always going to be noticeable especially when wearing sleeveless tops. Pyrotechnics are used at the end of the performance and they do wonders. This is qualifying with relative ease.

07. Minnie-Oh – You And I

One would think that the image portrayed in the picture was just for the photo-shoot but then again it seems that she does indeed represent herself in this manner which makes her look utterly creative. Her dress sense is very much Gaga influenced. The stage is bathed in extremely colourful lighting which adds to the sparkle that is being transmitted through the music actually, a mixture of techno, dance and pop. Somewhat this is sounding too noisy and therefore, I just cannot see it being performed at the Eurovision Song Contest. Once more, this is an act joined by too many people on the stage and toning it down, it would ultimately benefit. Still the backing dancers are amazing and the bridge choreography was epic. The vocals are spot on though, well done Minnie!

08. Rikke Normann – Shapeshifter

Once more another performer who is already well renowned in the country. It is quite interesting that the stage is very similar to the once used during the Eurovision Song Contest. The singing from Rikke is very good and she is joined on stage by a total of six dancers. The song is very much in the pop genre but then again the vocals are what makes it sound brilliant along with the astounding choreography. The choice of clothing was very much in sync as well with red, black and white being the predominant choice of colours. Huge applause in the arena might suggest a qualifier alert in this case. Well done to Rikke Normann on a sublime performance!

The Show (Part 2)

The performances have all come to an end already and what a show this has been. It has just been noted down that the tele-voting is open and the numbers are shown along with a short recap of the tracks. It will be interesting to see who will pass. Then again, there is a clip of the party that was held this week in between the rehearsals of the Melodi Grand Prix. The qualifiers of the evening following the break are as follows:

01. Malin - Crush

02. Tommy Fredvang - Make It Better

03. Plumbo - Ola Nordmann

Last modified on Saturday, 28 January 2012 21:29