December 12, 2019

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Saturday, 28 January 2012 15:30

The Critics Choice: 'First Time'

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The local music industry has offered a number of opportunities to artists along the years with successful attempts at representing the country in international events serving as well adjusted platforms to boost one's careers. There has been a lot of talk about the inviduals that have been bestowed such an honour because they possess true talent and poise, given the blessing to be proud and carry out the rightful duty. The results have been very positive indeed but what is even more astounding is that some artists would have been missing from a number of prestigious events for a very long time, reviving their careers in an instant thanks to that one special opportunity. It can make a person or break him especially because this particular industry has been known to have that kind of illustrious power. One of such artists is Kaya formerly known as Priscilla Psaila whose entry is set to be divulged by the critics.

The emergence of Kaya into the music scene goes way although her very first prominent display surely came during the 2000 when as Priscilla Psaila, she made it to the finals and the second runner-up position of the Malta Song for Europe competition with the song 'Our Love' composed by Alfred Zammit and penned by Cynthia Zammit, who in turn would go onto write the song 'To Dream Again' for Lynn Chircop in 2003. This achievement was thought to be the first in a long line of successes and it was outside of this particular festival because just a couple of months later as the year went by one forward to 2001, she won the 'Għanja tal-Poplu' alongside the late Frans Baldacchino with the track 'Tisimgħu Tissaħħar' (Bedazzled When Listening to Him) which they wrote themselves. Ultimately Priscilla would remain competing in local competition noting her multiple appearances in the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza'. Some of her appearances worth noting are definitely those in 2004 with 'F'Kull Bniedem It-Tama' (Hope in Every Human Being) composed by Andrew Zahra and penned by Sunny Aquilina.

She would then return in 2006 with the track 'Se Nkun Viċin' (I Will Be Near) composed by Ray Agius and penned by Godwin finishing in second place. The following year she decided on giving it another shot and this time round alongside the musical styling of Ivan Borg, she managed to finish victory with the song 'Dan Hu L-Mument' (This is the Moment) composed by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Joe Chircop. She could have remained as the winner but then again, she was offered to do the song 'Lilek Biss' (Only You) in 2009 as Annabelle, the original singer was competing with another track. The song written by Mark Spiteri Lucas and penned by Joe Chircop reunited the winning team without Ivan. She also took part in the Malta Hit Song Contest with the song 'Love Made for Two' composed by Marco Debono and penned by Doris Chetcuti. One of her last ventures in the music came alongside Kurt Calleja on the track 'Waterfall' composed by Marco Debono and penned by Rita Pace. Nevertheless, in recent months she has launched her debut album as well as performed in the United States of America thanks to the song 'Timeless' written by William Camilleri.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest - An In-depth Analysis

Kaya has become a household name for many people although she seemed to have run out of luck when it came to this competition nevertheless, she is back for her third participation having made it to the second runner-up position twelve years ago, when her career was just about to kick off. This time round, the track that she is performing is slightly different from the previous two because despite keeping up the typical ballad style which suits her very much, it is a much more modern influenced type of track with a sound that can be described as typically Eurovision Song Contest material. The people seem to be backing her due to the lead in most online polls including the one hosted our website. The track has been written by none other than the Greek songwriter Gorgi who is already a known individual for the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The songwriter as always mentioned hails from Greece, the same nation which in 2005 beat Chiara and the song 'Angel' into second place winning the event with the song 'My Number One' by Helena Paparizou. he is a songwriter, television and radio producer and since 2004 has been competing all over Europe with his tracks. The first very track which came to prominence was in the same aforementioned year making it to the final stages of the Lithuanian selection with the song 'Be My Baby' performed by Eva. He also competed in 2005 with the track 'I'll be there' performed by  Eva and Ceslovas Gabalis finishing in eight place and then two other tracks, one in 2008 for Lithuania and the other in the year year for Ireland with Nikki Kavanagh submitting the song 'Destiny' failing to make it to the finals, missing out by just two places.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 44%

Steve Allen: Nope. We have had enough of these songs over time and I am not too fond of the vocal performance given by the singer.

Carlos Coelho: Gloomy atmosphere and mysterious song. The song grows like it should, this was thought for Eurovision, that’s for sure. I would re-work the ending of the song, though.

Sharon Vaughn: To me she sounds like she has some trouble with her pitch. The song is not bad though.

Martin Isherwood: Not really clear what the message of the song is though it does indeed have a strong chorus and hook. Nice vocals but weak in places - not really strong enough. Good solid production. Nice song idea.

Charlie Rapino: First Time? I do not think so because it sounds more like the last time! I am quite sorry but I do not believe that these type of ballads will work anymore!

Last modified on Saturday, 28 January 2012 15:57