January 19, 2020

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Friday, 27 January 2012 06:46

Malta: Sophie writing a song for Corina Brouder

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Many people believe that Eurovision Song Contest is not the only road to success and this has been proved by many artists across Europe but most of all in our own islands. An artist who is proving this theory is none other than our 17 year old singer Sophie. We all remember her “Extra Cute” performance back in Bucharest during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 but time flies by and Sophie hasn’t stopped working on her career. Last year, she tried her best to win the ticket to Dusseldorf with her song “Love to Love You” but last November her management informed ESCflashmalta that due to upcoming projects, Sophie did not submit a song to compete in this year’s National Final. But what is Sophie upto this time?

Thru The Mill, Sophie’s current British based music management, has just confirmed that the award winning singer Corina Brouder (America’s Got Talent) is catching a flight out of Belfast this week to record a song that Malta’s own Sophie has composed. Corina was first discovered by legendary film music composer John Barry and recently has performed around Europe as a guest on the David Hasselhoff tour. She will be making her first trip to The Maltese Islands thanks to Easy Jet.

“I thought the song was beautiful when I first heard it and would love to have the chance to record it”. Having in mind a singer blessed with unique vocal skills, Sophie wrote a sumptuous ballad which Corina is very excited to sing. Although Sophie is currently working on her own album, the 17 year old singer will be involved in the recording along with the production from her label Thru The Mill. Label manager Giles Squire expressed his feelings that this could be just the start of Sophie writing songs for others.

“We were very impressed when we first heard the song and when you consider the other tracks Corina will be recording are John Barry songs this is no mean achievement!” Squire added “due to time constraints both with studios and Corina’s commitments we have only a tiny window and we are very grateful to Easy Jet for making this happen”. ESCflashmalta will continue to keep you updated with any exclusive news in the music industry, especially those regarding Maltese artists.

Source: Thru The Mill, Totally Sophie Music

Last modified on Friday, 27 January 2012 07:02