December 06, 2019

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Thursday, 26 January 2012 03:59

The Critics Choice: 'You Are My Life'

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One of the main issues in the local music industry in the past was the developing of upcoming artists with the most prestigious events in the country comprising of artists who attracted large flocks of people leaving the newcomers in the dark but prior to the turn of the millenium, things changed and a new flock of artists were involved in leading music competition. Every couple of years, one would notice a new standout artist or even quite a couple and this is very encouraging especially when taking into account the vast improvements that the music industry has made in the past couple of years. Many peopel tend to grow and like artists as they make appearances on television basing their opinions through the character which is being depicted. In fact, this could be a deceiving factor but it is one which is very much used throughout the world. The next possible Maltese representative to face our panel is Janvil.

Ian James Vella is his name and it is also the same one used for his very first musical competition in Malta as he entered the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' way back in 2004 with the song 'Nissielet Għat-Tama' (Fighting for Hope) written by none other than Augusto Cardinali, the very same man who took care of him as a performer for quite sometime collaborating with him on a number of showcases. He did not end up as the winner but it actually laid some great background for him as he submitted his very first track to the Malta Song for Europe in 2005 entitled 'You' composed by Augusto Cardinali and penned by Giovann Attard. Not only would it make a very difficult selection process but it would finish in third place behind Chiara and Olivia Lewis who could have been touted as veterans of Maltese music. Eventually he would return to the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' with the track 'Int u Jien' (Me and You) written by the same people and once more, he did not have an effect on the jury. He would give the competition another try in 2006 alongside Isabelle & Claire Caruana for the song 'Għanjet il-Malti' (Maltese Hymn).

Ultimately he decided against participating as a soloist within the event and joined forces with Animae performer Leontine on the track 'Ġrajjiet Warda' (Rose Tales) in 2007 and another song entitled 'Solo Bejn Tnejn' (Solo between Two) but did not manage to end up victorious despite during the same time winning a local competition held during Showtime on Television Malta with the song 'Fusion' once more with Leontine and also 'L-Għanja tal-Poplu' with another track bearing the title 'Kyrie Eleyson' once more written by Augusto Cardinali and penned by Giovann Attard. He continued establishing a name for himself by virtue of a stage name being Janvil. He would return to the Malta Eurosong in 2006 with the song 'You Too' composed by Augusto Cardinali and penned by Giovann, in 2009 with 'Choose Your Number' written by the same team and 2011 with 'Topsy Turvy' written by a host of songwriters including Deo Grech, Andrew Zahra, Jonas Gladnikoff, Niall Mooney and Natasha Turner.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 - An In-Depth Analysis

Janvil returns to the latter stages of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest for the fifth time and following the use of the same genre for the first three tries, he has decided to alter his style for his final two participations and this time round brings a country themed track which suits his vocal range undeniable well. There have been many people who have called the change a breathe of fresh air as it is completely different to what people have become accustomed to from the artist. The track which bears the name 'You Are My Life' is written by British composer George Platon. This is one of the few tracks which is completely written by a foreign team.

There has been a lot of discussion about letting foreign teams compete with tracks in Malta if there isn't the possibility to do the same otherwise but it seems that the entrance of foreign in territorial waters has only meant positive things as the quality has improved because the local songwriters are working hard to have a better quality product. The Briton is virtually unknown but that does not mean that he is not talented. He is a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and will surely be supporting his act in trying to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 56%

Steve Allen: Quite likeable and a little different from the rest, key change always good in Eurovision! It's light but it's friendly and upbeat, positive, people need that right now so.

Carlos Coelho: It’s a feel good song! You just have to clap along through this, simple message, melody and lyrics match very good. It reminds me of Iceland 2011. Since it’s the only one in this genre, it can be a winner if Maltese are going for the simple feel good feeling.

Sharon Vaughn: Pleasant voice. Needs a better song. Wanders a bit.

Martin Isherwood: Not very interesting at all. Lyrics cliché and throw away. Nice title but it's very weak in the context. There is little distinction between verse and chorus. Very basic Not great at all

Charlie Rapino: Country song from Malta? mmmh don't think so... It just does not fit into the context of the nation.

Source of Audio Visual Material: PBS, Fotoclassic

Last modified on Thursday, 26 January 2012 05:23