December 08, 2019

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Thursday, 26 January 2012 02:30

The Critics Choice: 'While Her Eyes Still Glow'

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The world of music has been known to calm individuals when they are overcoming troubles in their respective life and therefore, certain voices become somewhat of a blessing in disguise. Some people tend to realized that they are talented quite early in their lives following the recommendation of certain people whom be dubbed as the premier fans. There are a number of stunning voices all around the globe which are surely yet to be discovered but then again the greats of the present day industry are ones which will surely never be forgotten for their illustrious work. As icons, they have a tendency to set the best examples and end up inspiring people to reach further as the possibilities are endless especially when it comes to the art of vocal performing. Such a gift is blessed on someone in order for it to be shared. The next artist to face the critics is one with an astounding set of lungs, being Janice Mangion.

The singer has not been in the music scene for a very long having entered through the popular local television show 'L-Isfida' which aims to find individuals with triple threat talent but still declaring a speciality which in this case was surely singing. Throughout the competition she was mentored by none other than three time Eurovision Song Contest participant; Chiara and when the elimination came, there was a huge uproar especially having just performed the song 'Listen' by Beyonce, nailing it in the best possible way. Nevertheless, Janice did not give up and in 2008 saw to her first competition being the Malta Hit Song Contest where she performed a beautiful rendition of the song 'Turn Back Time' composed by Ray Agius and penned by Rita Pace. She would return for a second participation in 2010 with another track bearing the title 'Before You Leave' written by Mark Scicluna. Both participants gained her valuable exposure.

She moved away from the English language and submitted a track to the 'Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza' entitled 'Intlaqt Mal-Mewġ' (Laid against the Waves) composed by Mark Scicluna and penned by Rita Pace making it to the final stages of the competition prior to returning to yet another edition of the revamped Malta Summer Hit Song Contest with a track entitled 'Ain't My Kind of Love' written by Mark Scicluna'. Nevertheless, her performances were going unnoticed by the judges or were they in reality as another participation in the Maltese festival with the song 'Eternità' (Eternità) proved otherwise as the track composed by Mark Scicluna and penned by Rita Pace finished in third place gaining her very first trophy since joining the industry. Ultimately, she would see that things were going well and by virtue of working on two tracks for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, there was success at long last.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – An In-depth Analysis

This is the debut of Janice Mangion in this competition despite as already noted down racking up a multitude of competition in the past couple of years. The track that she is presenting to the nationwide audience of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is a soft melanchonic ballad with a lot of drama etching towards the end. It bears the name 'While Her Eyes Still Glow' composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Rita Pace. The beautiful voice relies heavily on the vocals of the artist and this is because the music is kept to a sheer minimum for a reason. The general idea is kept though because through emotion and prowess, Janice manages to deliver and that was surely one of the main points that ultimately got her through to this stage of the competition. The singer seems to be quite excited to be amongst such great talent for the very first time and hopefully we will be seeing more of her in the years to come.

One of the leading producers in Malta is surely Elton Zarb and that is why he does not require too much of an introduction. He is the owner of Freetime studious and has worked with all of the leading acts in the industry at some point or another. This is not the first time that he is competing in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in recent years having managed to reach the semi-final stage last year with the songs 'Love to Love You' performed by Sophie and also 'Unintentional' performed by Petra Zammit. Nevertheless, he comes into this competition working with Rita Pace, who herself foes not require a lot of introduction having been performing and writing songs for quite some time now. Her most successful attempt came in 2007 when she penned the lyrics for the song 'She Gives Me Wings' by Klinsmann finishing in third place. She is also currently competing as a songwriter in the Bulgarian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The Opinion of the Critics

Rating: 52%

Steve Allen: Old Motown ballad type melody in verse quite nice but lost me after that - nah a bit cabaret vocally even though strong voice, screams a bit at end, heard it before kind of.

Carlos Coelho: I was expecting the song to grow, either in tempo or with growing backing vocals... but no.. it’s a very slow and monotonous song. Not for Eurovision.

Sharon Vaughn: This is quite a nice song and the vocal is very good though sometimes a bit too oversung.

Martin Isherwood: interesting chords Some good lines "While her eyes still glow" - sounds like before she dies.  Not sure it gets the point across subtly or poetically enough. Very strong R'n'B style voice. Doesn’t really go anywhere - just ends. Nice idea - but not realised "Air that I breathe / Creep" Hollies / Radiohead" In the living years" Mike & Mechanics

Charlie Rapino: Once again, there is a tendency for screaming at times and the Mediterraneans seems to like these kind of melodramatic ballads but it is surely not my cup of tea.

Source of Audio Visual Material: PBS, Fotoclassic

Last modified on Thursday, 26 January 2012 05:13