August 22, 2019

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 20:50

Cyprus: Ivi Adamou to perform 'La La Love'

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This evening marked a very important one for the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest who got to know in which semi-final they will be performing but then again, for one particular nation, it proved to be quite the night as Cyprus have finally selected the track that Ivi Adamou will be performing once she sets out on the stage in Baku, Azerbaijan. Many people had noted that the selection process was quite useless because the fans and the critics were on the same wavelength, all wanting the track 'La La Love' to finish in the top spot ahead of the other two tracks which were of a very high quality. Nevertheless, it was a democratic system with a fifty percent stake at the hands of the judges and another fifty percent at the hands of the public and they spoke in great numbers.

The track 'La La Love' was a resounding winner amongst the public racking up almost a total of seventy percent. She did not sing any of the tracks live this evening and did not even bother to change her attire prior to each track nevertheless, the result was expected and many people have noted that this might be the best result for the small Mediterranean country of Cyprus since 2004 when Lisa Andreas and her song 'Stronger Every Minute' finished in fifth place equalling the best result that the country had ever achieved in the biggest musical event in Europe. The show was organized quite well by CyBC although it was dragged out a little bit too much at times. Nevertheless, the inclusion of past acts' opinions was interesting to say the least. There was also footage from last years' winning song 'Running Scared' and of the Cypriot entry 'San Aggelos S'agapisa'.

Source: CyBC